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Cynthia the h0ttest babe Episode 41 & 44

EPISODES 41 & 42
Cynthia and her friends got back home in Ebonyi state and dropped Junior in the be-d.
Mary: His no longer safe here
Alice: Yes, He has really suffered.
Cynthia: I will bath him and rush him to the hospital cause he has many injuries.
Monica: Those girls are heartless.
Cynthia: I will think about that one later, for now let me treat him first.
She carried him into the bath room and bath him before she took him into the car and dropped him there, and all this while Junior have been in Coma, She entered the car and Tracy also entered and drove him to the hospital while her friends stayed behind.
They got the Medical Teaching Hospital In Abakaliki and he was rushed into the Emergency ward and the Doctor pres£nt started treatment on him.
Hours Later, The Doctor [email protected]£ out of the Theater while Tracy and Cynthia went and met him.
Doctor: Which among you is his Sister?
Cynthia: Is me
Doctor: I would nee-d to discuss with you pri-vately.
Cynthia: Tracy here is also my sister so don’t bother, just tell us
Doctor: Ok if you insist, Your brother have suffered alot of blood lose and many injuries and his spinal Cord problem has multi-plied due to the heavy weapons used on him.
Tracy: So what should we do now Doc?
Doctor: You will have to deposit 120K to the Hospital while we move him for a quic-k surgery on him.
Cynthia: Oh No, so his condition is this bad.
Doctor: Yes, you have to deposit the money as soon as possible.
Tracy: Don’t worry, Doc, what’s the Hospital Account details?
Doctor: You should go and meet the Nurses at the reception, They will direct you on that.
Tracy: Ok
They walked to the Reception and collected the account details from the Nurse.
They drove back home and Tracy tabled the matter to others.
Mary: I will give 20K
Blessing: Same with me
Jane: Am always in, the same
Monica: Count me in for the 20K
Alice: Nna eeh, I dey game for the 20K
Tracy: I will give 20K too
Cynthia was really t©uçhed cause the money has complete.
Cynthia: Am so speechless.
Mary: Don’t be there.
Tracy: Ok, girls, you will transfer the money to my account then I will transfer it to the Hospital Account,
They Allan agreed and s£nt the money to Tracy and she then paid it to the hospital before Cynthia and Tracy went back to the Hospital and showed the Alert to the Doc before Junior was moved back to the Theater for Surgery.
2 Hours Later, The Doctor [email protected]£ out and by now Tracy has sle-pt off in the Reception hall.
When Cynthia saw the Doctor, she woke Tracy up and they went over and met the Doctor.
Doctor: Congratulations, Your Brother made it.
Cynthia: Wow, can I see him now
Doctor: Yes sure, but you will have to wait for the Nurses to clean him up before you can go in.
Cynthia thanked the Doc before he walked back to his Office and Cynthia hvgged Tracy.
Few Minutes Later, The Nurses were done and Cynthia went and saw her brother lying down on the hospital be-d slee-ping. Cynthia was filled with Joy seeing her brother slee-ping peacefully.
Tracy held Cynthia ti-ght while Cynthia continued smiling.
Cynthia and Tracy later went back and told others on the development of things.
They were all happy and Mary proposed for them to [email protected] it and they surely did.
Sparkling was surprised to see the boy he normally crush on so Dull, she was tem-pted to go and ask him what’s wrong cause she [email protected]£ worried.
The Boy wasn’t even re-ading, he just bent down his head on the table.
Sparkling couldn’t hold herself back any longer, she walked over to where the boy is and tapped him.
Sparkling: Hello Good day
Boy: Yes, Good day.
Sparkling: Ermm, Just worried, cause I saw you are sad today unlike other days you come here to re-ad. So just bothered to know what’s wrong.
Boy: Thanks for your care, but don’t worry am ok, Excuse me
He stood up and left the Lab while Sparkling was seriously worried cause he saw that the boy eye was pure red.
She then called on one of the girls there.
Sparkling: plea-se do you know that boy?
Girl1: Not that much.
Sparkling: What’s his name?
Girl1: Don’t really know just know that his studying Medicine and Surge and his in 100level.
Sparkling: Wow, Thanks alot.
Girl: No problem
Sparkling stood up from the chair she was sitting down. She started walking out of the Lab smiling cause she has gotten some Vital Information that would help her get to know the boy that much.
She decided to see Gallant first before she could do any other thing.
During the next day, Cynthia and her friends went over to the hospital and the Doctor Discharged Junior, Cynthia thanked the Doctor before she and her friends took Junior back to school.
Tracy and her friends went back to Hostel while Cynthia went back to her lodge and dusted everywhere before she la-id Junior down on the be-d. He was fast asleep before Cynthia went over to the small market near the lodge and bought some fruits and food stuffs.
Sparkling was inside her room when she started hearing noise outside the female hostel and she asked one of her girls to go and find out what is causing the noise.
The girl [email protected]£ back few minutes later
Sparkling: So what is going on outside?
Girl: Na those Cynthia friends oo
Sparkling: Do you mean it? So they are finally back
Girl: Yes, but I didt see Cynthia with them
Sparkling: For them to be back means that Cynthia is also back, let me call Gallant.
Sparkling put a call throu-gh to Gallant and she picked at once.
Gallant: Hello babe, we-tin the xup?
Sparkling: I dey o, Guess what?
Gallant: You are finally pregnant
Sparkling: Na you give me the belle nah, abeg guess joor
Gallant: Your crush finally notice you
Sparkling: This girl be mumu oo, see no guess again, Cynthia Friends are back
Gallant: When?
Sparkling: Just now, but Cynthia is not with them
Gallant: She must be within since her friends is back that means she is also back
Sparkling: That’s the exact thing am thinking, so what would we do now?
Gallant: Get someone that can get information from them, where they went to and where Cynthia is
Sparkling: Ok, I will do that right away.
The call ended, and Sparkling called one of her trusted and smart girl
Sparkling: I have something that you should do for me
Girl: Ok, am all ears
Sparkling: You will have to find out where those girls are coming back from, I mean Cynthia friends and also find out where Cynthia is right now.
Girl: Ok, I will do that
She said and left to carry out her as-signment.
Cynthia went back home and met her brother alre-ady awake but feeling very weak.
Cynthia: Hello dear
Junior: Good day sis
Cynthia: How are you dear
Junior: Am fine, just having some slight headache
Cynthia: It will be alright. Take this fruit and eat cause I know you must be hungry now
She said and handed over the fruits to him.
Cynthia: Let me start preparing food now
Junior: Ok sis
Cynthia went inside the kitchen with the food stuffs and started cooking rice.
The girl that Sparkling s£nt to spy on Tracy and her friends got to the door to Tracy room and met many students there asking them questions on their way about.
Tracy: Well we just went on a vacation to enjoy life a little. You all know school is always stressful nah
Girl1: But una stay long nah and una don miss many lectures
Mary: We know about that but we will take care of that
Girl2: But where is That other girl
Jane: Oh you mean Cynthia?
Girl2: Yes
Jane: Well, she went back to her house since her mum was murdered so she’s there for the main time since they just finished the burial.
All of them felt pity for her.
Blessing: But she will be coming back soon
Girl3: We just pray so oo
The girl that Sparkling s£nt, quietly left that sp©t she was standing back to Sparkling Lodge and told her everything that she heard.
Sparkling: Hmm, then we will be waiting for that bit-ch to come back
Girl: From how she was saying about her return means it will be sooner than expected.
Sparkling: That would even be better.
Sparkling took her phone and [email protected]£d Gallant on what she just heard. And Gallant asked her to come over.
Sparkling took her hand bag and stepped out from the female hostel. She was still heading to the second gate when she saw her crush been haras-sed by 4 guys behind one hidden corner.
She looked carefully to confirm what she’s seeing and she saw it clearly. She quic-kly started walking towards that direction and when those 4 guys saw her coming, they quic-kly took to their heels.
The boy was surprised to see they just ran away just like that, he looked up and saw that same girl he normally see in the Lab standing infront of him.
Sparkling: Are you ok?
Boy: What just happened?
Sparkling: How?
Boy: They saw you and ran away
Sparkling: maybe because they saw another person
Boy: Am sure is you.
The Boy [email protected]£ scared and took to his heels for Sparkling not to t©uçh him.
Sparkling [email protected]£ angry at herself for showing up just like that and that it scared her crush.
She [email protected] up and started her journey to Gallant Lodge.
Few Minutes later. She arrived Gallant Lodge. They discussed on Cynthia matter.
Sparkling: So what would we do when we see her?
Gallant drew close to her and started whispering her plans to her hearing while Sparkling brightened and deemed with Smile.
EPISODES 43 & 44
Blessing got dressed and met Tracy with
other girls infront of their hostel.
Mary: Babe, where you the go?
Blessing: Monitoring spirit
Mary: Ah ah, na ask I just the ask nah
Blessing: I just the go see my guy, abi na
bad thing?
Jane: So as you dey now, you still the
remember say you get boo?
Blessing: Wait oo, Them swear for you? I be
Jane: Lol, No offense ooo
Alice: Me no get any problem with you going
out oo,, my own problem is that you must
bring something back
Monica: Alice I support you for this one
Tracy: Monica since I know you and Alice na
both of you the support each other
Alice: Is it your support
Blessing: Girls una just the kill my time, I don
tell am alre-ady say I the come so una bye
She said and left them there. She [email protected]£ out
from the female hostel heading towards the
Gate meanwhile 2 Viqueens started
following her from behind.
Blessing got out the gate and started
walking towards off camp when she
noticed 2 girls following her, she was afraid
at first but when she remembered that she’s
now invisible she [email protected] up and started
walking majestically.
She got to a lonely [email protected] and the 2 Viqueens
[email protected]£ and blocked her way.
Girl1: Come with us now
Blessing: And what does that suppose to
Girl2: You no the hear word?
Blessing: I will give you girls just this last
chance to leave my way before I deal with
both of you
Girl1: Na we this girl the threaten, Make we
show her pepper
They pointed their gun in her leg and sh0t
at her but the bullet didt pene-trate.
Girl2: we-tin the happen, make we waste her
at once.
They now pointed it at her head and sh0t at
her but it didt pene-trate, fear held both girls
and they started shaking seriously.
Blessing: You girls are lucky that am in good
mode today, and if I should hear what
happened here outside this place, I will
personally come and kill you both now get
the hell out from this place.
Both of them ran away instantly and
Blessing quic-kly left that sp©t so that people
won’t come around there because of the
gun sound.
The girls ran to where Sparkling was
waiting for them and started breathing
Sparkling: What’s wrong?
Girl1: We were attacked
Sparkling: By who?
Girl2: We don’t know them, they chased us
away and we lost her
Sparkling: Girls or boys?
Girl1: We don’t really know
Sparkling: And what do you mean that you
don’t really know, is this a joke or what?
Girl2: They didt give us chance to see them
clearly when they attacked us and we have
no option than to run since they have
outnumbered us.
Sparkling: Hmm, I must get to the rout to all
this attack of a thing.
Sparkling left them there. The girls waited
for her to go a little further before they
started talking.
Girl1: Thank God oo,, she didt harm us
Girl2: As for me am not going after any of
them again
Girl1: Yes oo,, they are now powerful,
imagine this same girl that was really scared
that time is now warning us.
Girl2: She’s just a friend to Cynthia, am just
imagining how powerful Cynthia herself will
Girl1: Is true oo, and am suspecting they are
the ones that [email protected]£ and rescued that boy
that day.
Girl2: Yes oo, You have a great point there
but we have to keep all this to ourselves if
not, you heard her nah and from the look of
this she really mean it.
Girl1: Yes you are right, lets go and meet
Sparkling shaa
They left that sp©t and trailed Sparkling from
Tracy has been calling her b©yfri£ndever
since she [email protected]£ back but he didt pick up and
this got her worried.
She dialed the number again and it was
picked up.
Tracy: Hello dear, Why haven’t you been
picking up my calls?
James: plea-se am his junior brother.
Tracy: Oh James right?
James: Yes Aunty Tracy
Tracy: Where is your brother?
James: His, His His (he was stammering)
Tracy: His what?
James: His dead, he was killed
the phone fell off from Tracy hand.
Mary: What’s wrong?
Jane picked up the phone and spoke with
James before she ended the call.
Tracy: He said my b©yfri£ndis dead, and that
he was killed, by who? Who? Who?
Jane: Is better we meet up with James first
to tell us all we nee-d to know first.
Mary: Where is he?
Jane: I spoke with him and he told me, his at
home so we will pay him a visit and to also
pay our condolences.
Tracy didt even get herself but her friends
tried sharing her up while they prepared to
visit James Family.
They finished preparing and entered their
car parked outside and drove down to
James Family house to see them and to also
sympathize with them on what that befell
them, to also know what caused the sudden
Throu-ghout the journey Tracy wasn’t
Alice: Should we call Cynthia?
Mary: Not now shaa, that would be later
They resolved in calling her later, they finally
got there.
Tracy and her friends [email protected]£ down from the
car when they have drove into the
compound. The gateman [email protected]£ and met
Gateman: Haa, Small madam e don tey oo
Tracy: Where is James?
Gateman: Im dey am for inside
Tracy and her friends walked to the
entrance door and knocked at the door
while James opened the house and paved
way for them to come in and they [email protected]£ in
before he closed back the door.
James: Wait let me go and call my parents
Mary: Ok
He went upstairs and called his parents,
within few minutes they [email protected]£ down and sat
down in the same sitting room Tracy and
her friends are, James also [email protected]£ and sat
down. Tracy and her friends greeted them.
Tracy: Mum, I was calling my Hobby today
but James here picked it and said something
I don’t un-derstand
Mum: What you heard James say is the truth
that’s how We saw it, they killed my Son (she
started crying while her husband petted her
on the back)
Dad: My son who happens to be your Fiance
died in your school and when we tried
reaching you, your line wasn’t available and
we learnt that you were anywhere around
the school.
Tracy: Yes sir, i traveled with my friends with
the car your son gave me which am still
using now.
Dad: Hmm, He was murdered in cool blood
by unknown people.
Tracy: Oh God,
Tracy broke down in tears and started
crying, she was also rolling on the floor
while her friends tried to console her.
She has finally calmed down.
Tracy: Wish, I was there to help him
Mum: Is ok my Daughter.
Tracy: Mum, Dad, I also [email protected]£ to return the
Dad: Don’t bother about that, his the one
that gave it to you so he should have been
the one to take it back, lets just say is his last
gift to you cause that’s the car i bought for
him during his birthday.
Tracy: But…….
Mum: Don’t worry dear, is all yours.
Dad: James!
James: Yes sir
Dad: Get me the papers
James went upstairs and got the papers of
the car and gave it to his Dad.
Dad: My Daughter, here is the papers to the
car, I still take you as my Daughter, do feel
free and visit whenever you want, you are
always welcomed dear
She hesitated before she collected the
Tracy: Thanks very much dad and mum, Am
really grateful.
They discussed for a while before Tracy and
her friends went back to the hostel and by
now Cynthia and Blessing is alre-ady at the
hostel waiting for their return.
They got inside the room of their hostel and
Cynthia saw that they are moody.
Blessing: This one una face dey like this
we-tin happen?
Jane: Babe na long story
Blessing: Make it brief
Mary: That would be later
Cynthia used her powers to know what’s
wrong and she got all the full details.
Cynthia: Babe, am sorry for your lose
she said to Tracy whom was bending her
Alice: How come you know?
Cynthia: Hmm, since una no wan tell us now
Monica: She used her inner mind shaa
Tracy: Cynthia!
Cynthia: Yes dear
Tracy: Find out for me who killed him?
Cynthia: Let me see
Cynthia held Tracy hand and shut her eyes,
within few seconds she opened up her eyes.
Cynthia: The Vikings
Tracy: Hahaha, They have just woken me up,
I must show them the type of person I am,
They must pay with their blood
She said with so much seriousness.
They started hearing gun sh0t around the
male hostel.
Mary: What’s going on there?
Cynthia: Is the Angels and the Vikings, they
are fighting.
Alice: Hmm, what should we do?
Cynthia: we should [email protected] for now, we
shouldn’t let people know about our
Monica: For them not to be suspecting us on
any activities by this fools.
Cynthia: Your right, like you Blessing that
showed your powers to those girls today
Blessing: What should I have done?
Cynthia: You had your chance to avoid them
but you didt, plea-se for now, lets avoid
Jane: Till When?
Cynthia: Till time is due
They saw the Police hilux drove into the
scene of the fight, within few minutes the
gun sh0t st©pped and every student started
coming out from their hidden place.
Ambulance was called since some of the
innocent students were sh0t. The
Ambulance [email protected]£ abduction picked them up
before heading to the hospital.
Cynthia: Hmm, something bad has happened
to 2 people here
Mary: We don’t un-derstand
Cynthia: I can’t place my mind where the
problem is coming from but something bad
has happened to 2 girls among us now.
Everyone of them now looked at each other
praying they are not among the 2 girls and
Cynthia in the other hand has been trying to
know what actually happened but couldn’t
since is not everything that she sees and she
haven’t fully mastered her powers.
Her friends were totally scared this time
except Tracy whom was seriously
emotionally Down.

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