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Cynthia the h0ttest babe Episode 25 to 28

Cynthia went over to her Lodge with Tracy and her roomies which are now Cynthia new friends.
They went to the lodge to look around it since there haven’t been to her lodge except Tracy.
Cynthia unlocked the room for them and they all went inside
Mary: Wow, you got a nice place here
Jane: Well furnished oo
Blessing: MeHn! And you no even tell us on time
Monica: Am not going back again oo
Alice: Is even Self corn with this large form. Me no go go back oo (she said and jumped on the be-d and they all jumped on the be-d except Cynthia and Tracy that were busy laughing at them.
Tracy: You girls are very funny oo
Cynthia: You girls should not forget that when Thun-der and the rest come, you should make use of the roof (she said pointing to the roof she and Tracy hide themselves when Thun-der and her friends broke into their room that night, Tracy and Cynthia bur-st out laughing again)
Mary: But this place is superb
Tracy: You can say that again
Alice: No wonder Tracy don’t usually come back to the hostel when ever she comes here
Monica: Is true oo
Blessing: So she has been cheating us all this while
Jane: ATTACK!! (She screamed and they bounced on Tracy and dragged her to the be-d and they started doing pillow fight.
They were still on it when they heard a loud knock on the door, all their eyes went to the door immediately.
The Devils Boss man called their Carpon and he picked it at once.
Boss: What Am I hearing?
Carpon: Sorry boss, we we…..
Boss: Don’t give me such cap, do you know how much I spent for you guys to win that battle?
Carpon: Sorry boss
Boss: Sorry for yourself, how many men are down?
Carpon: 31
Boss: What!!! 31? Are you serious?
Carpon: Yes boss
Boss: Oh No, why why why, why did you allow this to happen?
Carpon: The Army captured 9 of our men
Boss: Nons-en-se (he hung up the call)
Carpon: Hello? Hello? Boss?
Carpon: Demn, he ended the call
Guy1: His very angry
Carpon: Yea, he really tried, but our strategy didn’t work for us
Guy2: We tried
Carpon: This means we are doomed in this school cause for us to rise again will take us up to 2 years.
Guy1: This is a bad omen
The Viking Carpon s£nt 500k to Gallant and she called him when she received the alert.
Gallant: Gee, I don see am
Carpon: That’s good, so how far today parole?
Gallant: Level dey clear
Carpon: Make sure girls full the place
Gallant: Trust me on that, you know what I can do
Carpon: I trust you
Gallant: What of Thun-der?
Carpon: Im dey here the smoke
Gallant: Greet am for me
Carpon: Ok, later nah
The call ended
Carpon: Thun-der
Thun-der: Baba
Carpon: Gallant say make I halla you for am
Thun-der: Haaa, That girl na correct girl, she balance wella oo
Carpon: Hope say you never start the eye am?
Thun-der: No be bad thing nah
They all laughed
Cynthia: Who is there?
(No response)
Cynthia: I said, who is there?
(Still no Response)
Tracy: Wait here let me check myself
She walked to the door and pushed it open then a gun was pointed to her head and she was asked to walk slowly back to where others where.
Tracy raised her hands up and walked to where Cynthia and other girls were. Fear caught all of them and they all started shaking in fear while 3 girls were pointing gun at them
Sparkling walked inside the room with a dangerous face.
When Cynthia saw her, she sighed and looked back at her in anger
Sparkling: Hey you come here (she said referring to Cynthia)
But Cynthia didt move an inch.
Sparkling gave one of the girls sign and they dragged Cynthia Forward
Cynthia: What do you even want?
Sparkling: You know what I want, and what doing as if you don’t
Cynthia: Na you know what you are talking about
Sparkling: So you don’t know what am talking about right?
Cynthia: Yes I don’t know
Sparkling gave one of her girls sign and they gave Cynthia a h0t dirty [email protected] which s£nt her to the ground immediately and her mouth started coughing out blood.
Tracy: Jesus!!
Jane. Cynthia!!
Blessing: plea-se leave her alone
Girl1: Shut up
Cynthia got up from where she fell, she faced Sparkling
Cynthia: No matter what you do or say I won’t and will never accept Thun-der to be my b©yfri£nd. Over my dead b©dy
Sparkling: I can see you want to die right?
Cynthia: And who is going to kill me?
Sparkling: I will
Cynthia: Taaa, them never born you
The same girl made a step to [email protected] her again when Cynthia caught her hand on the air and s£nt a heavy [email protected] to her face which also s£nt her to the ground.
Sparkling [email protected] Cynthia and Cynthia returned the [email protected] immediately while a gun sh0t was fired.
When the Gun sh0t was fired, everyone in the room stood still and watched the door quietly.
Cynthia LandLord [email protected]£ in with a Gun while Cynthia sighed sign of relief, she asked her friends to follow him and they did, Cynthia and her friends went and stood at the back of her Landlord.
Landlord: Who are you people and what are you people doing here?
The Viqueens also pointed their own gun at him.
Sparkling: Girls lets go
They walked pas-s the Landlord when Sparkling got to where Cynthia was, she said;
Sparkling: I promise you one thing, You will regret the day you raised this your dirty hands on me, I promise you
She said and left with her girls.
Landlord: Who was those people and why are they here?
Cynthia: Sir, is a long story but let me brief it for you, She’s a cultist, she has been disturbing me to accept one of their Leader to be my b©yfri£ndand I refused, They even batch into this room with f0rç£ and sh0t at the door, but luckily for me and my friends we hide ourselves at the roof that night till the next day.
Landlord: So all this has been happening and you never told me
Cynthia: I did informed the Care taker and she promised to inform you, I thought she did and you never cared that’s why i have been staying with this my friends in the hostel.
Landlord: Ok, I will have to keep security men in this compound to protect everyone, not only you but other tenants cause I can see this girls will definitely come back here.
Cynthia: I won’t even be staying here for now till am sure everything has gone down but I will still be paying up my rents
Landlord: No problem
Tracy: Thank You sir for coming for our rescue
All: Thank You sir
Landlord: You all are welcome
He left them there.
Blessing: Chai Cynthia, you have finally put yourself in serious trouble
Cynthia: How?
Jane: You still the ask how?
Cynthia: Yes nah, I want to know
Mary: You [email protected] those girls even their Leader and you are here asking us silly questions
Monica: Babe, you don buy market
Alice: Big Market as that, chai even at Gun point, you no fear oo
Tracy: Girls, calm down, if she is in trouble we shouldn’t make it worse for her, is not her fault ok? We should try and figure out a way to be helping her until this storm is over and she will also rest same as we
Blessing: You are right, but she’s a [email protected] girl, am impressed
Alice: Hmmm, am just speechless
Monica: Lets leave here plea-se, am no more comfortable at all.
They left the Lodge and went back to the Hostel.
Sparkling and 3 other girls went over to Gallant Lodge in anger.
Gallant: Babe, we-tin happen this one your left cheek the shine red? Even you too! (she said tou-ching Sparkling and that other girl cheek)
Girl1: Is it not that Cynthia of a girl
Gallant: What? How? Where? Just tell me what really happen?
Sparkling: That Idiot has the guts to [email protected] hands on me and my girl, I will deal with her
Gallant: Calm down, what exactly happened
Sparkling told her how it all happened without skipping any thing
Gallant: That girl has eaten more that she can chew
Sparkling: Just call Thun-der and tell him oo, cause My Blood the h0t as you see me so
Gallant: Don’t worry, we don’t nee-d to involve him so soon. I will even like to see this Cynthia of a girl.
Sparkling: You really nee-d to do, and see the fool that Thun-der want, even if he finally get her, me and her will forever remain enemies.
Gallant: I can feel your pain, Blood for blood
Girl2: Na so
Gallant: You will take me to her this evening
Girl3: That means it will be in the hostel cause that’s where she will be with her useless friends
Sparkling: Talking about her friends, they will think that they are also left out not knowing that they are all in h0t soup.
Mary: Nothing dey this room eeh, person the H oo
Monica: haaa, Alice go and wear your cloths joor, just the do like Eve.
Blessing: Na so she like to the do
Alice: Make nna leave me joor, see heat wan kill me for here
Tracy: Make una no the make Noise nah
They were still talking when 6 Girls [email protected]£ into their room.
Tracy: What’s going on here
Girl1: Shut up, where is Cynthia
Tracy: Why are you…….(she was interrupted with a thun-derous [email protected] which s£nt her to the floor and Cynthia instantly woke up from the sleep she was slee-ping because of the sound of the [email protected])
Girl2: Everyb©dy [email protected]
The 5 girls [email protected] flat except Cynthia who haven’t un-derstand what is going on.
Gallant walked inside the room with 3 other girls.
Cynthia looked up to see who just walked in and she was shocked to the bone.
Cynthia: L…A…B…O…U…R (She managed to say within her shock mood)
Episode 27
Sparkling and 2 of her girls were heading to the school [email protected] when there met Thun-der and his boys.
Thun-der: Babe how far nah
Sparkling: I dey oo
Thun-der: You just scarce this days oo
Sparkling: Not me oo, na you wey the dey scarce oo
Thun-der: Forget that thing, you just the fine the go, nawa oo, your guy the try oo
Sparkling: Hahaha, Abi oo
Thun-der: So how far for that girl
Sparkling: Which girl?
Thun-der: That Cynthia of a girl
Sparkling: Oh that winch?
Thun-der: Haba, why calling her a winch?
Sparkling: See one dirty [email protected] she gave me and one of my girl, you will pity us, na just because of you wey make me never s£nd her 6 feet.
Thun-der: Haaa, so e don reach this level and nob©dy tell me
Sparkling: I been wan tell you but Gallant st©pped and said that we should handle it ourselves
Thun-der: Where is Gallant now?
Sparkling: I don’t know, maybe in your Lodge or wait let me call her.
She brou-ght her phone from her hand bag and dialed Gallant number, it rang for a while without her picking it up, she tried it 3 times and she didt pick.
Sparkling: She’s not picking up, maybe she’s busy
Thun-der: Busy fv¢king?
Sparkling: Hahaha, not that thing joor
Thun-der: She just the do like say she no the fv¢k, even you self
Sparkling: We don hear.
Thun-der: Later now, when she come around tell her that I want to see her in my place this evening
Sparkling: No problem, bye
They went theory separate ways.
Gallant stirred at Cynthia for over 5 minutes and the tension in the room increa-sed with Cynthia breathing very fast.
Gallant walked over to where Cynthia was standing and bent her head towards her ears and whispered.
Gallant: I told you that our path will cross again and I will pay you back dearly.
When she said those words, an Electric shock went throu-gh Cynthia b©dy and she started shaking in Fear.
Gallant: I only [email protected]£ to see the girl that [email protected] my Friend and her girl and end up seeing whom I have been searching for, hmm, I just give you 1 hour to accept Thun-der or I will come back for you, I don’t nee-d to tell you what I can do cause you alre-ady know me before now, so be wise.
Gallant left while her girls followed her.
Tracy was the first to stand up still holding her cheek in pains before the other girls stood up also.
Blessing: Babe, accept him oo
Monica: Omor babe, make them no kill person for here one day oo
Alice: Chai, just accept am make everyb©dy rest
Jane: Am just speechless
Mary: Nna eeh, see dirty [email protected]
Tracy: Mary you the craze, see girls I will advise her not to accept him, who knows what will become of her if she does, they will just use and dump her.
Cynthia: Is better and not to suffer you girls.
Blessing: Babe, forget what I said, don’t accept him.
Mary: We are into this together
Alice: Yes, we should find a way to be protecting ourselves from all this
Monica: Yes you are right cause this thing is now getting out of hand
Jane: But babe, whatsup with what she was saying about you knowing her cause it seems you both know una selves
Cynthia: Yes we do, she was my s£nior in Secondary school.
Blessing: From what she was saying it means you both weren’t in good terms
Mary: Yes nah, s£nior and Juniors are not usually in good terms nah
Cynthia: You are right but this one is different.
All: How?
Cynthia: plea-se you people should wait till the right time I will tell you girls plea-se.
Tracy: Ok no problem
Gallant saw missed calls from Sparkling and she called her back while she picked after the second ring.
Gallant: Babe how far nah
Sparkling: I just dey oo, where you even keep your phone and person the call you and you no the pick at all.
Gallant: No vex, where you dey?
Sparkling: I dey Lab
Gallant: Ha, you and Lab, we-tin carry you go there
Sparkling: Na that handsome guy wey I tell you about dey there oo
Gallant: Haha, you won’t kill me oo, approach him nah since you know that he won’t notice you that much.
Sparkling: See how you the talk am as if is easy to.
Gallant: Abeg do and come my Lodge, I get better gist for you.
Sparkling: Ok oo, later, is like his leaving now
Gallant: Haha, Take care joor
Gallant ended the call still laughing, she was visibly happy that she has finally found Cynthia Again and still on her net.
The Black Angels Organised a meeting with the Angels.
The Carpon of the Black Angels [email protected]£ and addressed others.
Carpon: Guys there is a problem, we are lacking behind because the Vikings has conquered the Devils and you know what? From the information I got, we are the Next, and there are preparing for us, so what should we do? this is an open parliament.
The house [email protected]£ very quiet with everyone thinking on the matter on ground.
Purity: I have a suggestion, which is, we should strengthen ourselves always and ti-ght£ñ ourselves cause we don’t know when there will strike, we are know that they are very tricky.
Carpon: You are right, I know the Vikings very well, when we kicked them out from the school last 2 years we know what we pas-sed throu-gh too, and now there are waxing stronger by the day, they have kicked the Devils out and we are their only threat now.
Purity: You the Black Angels should start watching every movement made by them and it will help us not to be thrown out from the school and we the Angels we will always be your guys back bone like we are always.
Carpon: Ok, the East Boarder will be strictly guided and we will now Guide the South Boarder since the Devils are no more, I know the North and West Boarder are now in the hands of the Vikings and Viqueens.
Purity: Ok that will be Good
They all agreed and the Carpon dismissed them but asked Purity to wait behind together with Linda.
Carpon: You both know, your the Leader of the Angels
Purity: Yes we do
Carpon: You will also be careful and check if there is a spy among you girls cause There is something I didt say when others were here
Linda: What’s that?
Carpon: The Vikings now know about our Hideouts and where our weapons are
Purity: What? How? When did this happen?
Carpon: Am just surprised
Linda: Gush! What would we do now?
Carpon: Don’t even know, for now we won’t be informing others on this since we have spy in our Fraternity and we don’t know the people behind it
Purity: True to God, If I should find out who the spy it, I will kill her myself.
Linda: My blood is even pumping fast now, How I wish I will [email protected] hand on the stupid spy.
Purity: So how did you find out about all this?
Carpon: You remember our Spy is on their own Fraternity, he has been [email protected]!ngme.
Linda: He should be careful before there find him
Carpon: Yes I know, that’s why I don’t usually Meet him in public cause I know is dangerous.
Purity: So what Are we going to do now?
The Carpon drew them closer and started telling them his plans.
Gallant called Thun-der and he picked up at once.
Thun-der: Babe nawa for you oo
Gallant: we-tin I do?
Thun-der: I was with Sparkling when she was calling you but you didt pick up nah
Gallant: Make una no vex, I was busy on something
Thun-der: I hear, so how far nah for Cynthia nah
Gallant: Don’t worry am now on it full ground
Thun-der: Sparkling told me that she [email protected] her and her girl
Gallant: Na so I see am oo, that’s why I took over the matter, don’t worry am on it now
Thun-der: But abeg make una no hurt am for me oo
Gallant: Haha, Nothing of such, if we wanted to do so, we would have done that since but because of you we didt again
Thun-der: Thank You jaree
Gallant: Your welcome, speak to you later nah
Thun-der: Ok bye
The Call ended and Gallant dialed Cynthia line.
Cynthia was still thinking on how to go about Gallant matter and her phone started ringing on her be-d, she looked at the caller and saw is a new number, she didt want to pick it at first but when it started ringing the second time she picked it.
Cynthia: Hello, who is this?
Gallant: Your worst nightmare
Cynthia: And who is that?
Gallant: Is me gallant, your former [email protected]
Cynthia: I don’t know what you are talking about
Gallant: Oh, I have forgotten that you only use Labour to identify me
Cynthia: What do you even want?
Gallant: I have told you, The one hour I gave you have pas-sed and you haven’t done anything yet, you are getting me annoyed and you know what it means
Cynthia: St©p disturbing my life, leave me alone!!!
Gallant: It doesn’t cause for you to be shouting cause your roomies will then ask you to explain why you are shouting at me like this and I know you won’t tell them your S-xcapades with me.
Cynthia: You are a beast.
Gallant: The next time you call me names again, I will have you buried alive.
Cynthia: Leave me alone!!
Gallant: Shut up and listen, 2 of my girls will come this Night and pick you up and drop you at Thun-der place, and let me tell you, if you refuse them, I will so deal with you and your miserable Roomies. Don’t even [email protected] with me.
The call ended and Cynthia looked frustrated.
Tracy: Who was that?
Cynthia: Gallant, the girl that [email protected]£ here one hour ago
Tracy: Hmmm
Other girls wanted to ask more questions but Tracy gave them sign and they didt ask again.
Cynthia quietly [email protected] on her be-d in tears. She was confused on how to handle everything by herself. She felt helpless at that main time. Her roomies un-derstood her mood and they allowed her to have a pri-vate time. They later prepared food and begged her to eat with them and she f0rç£d herself to eat.

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