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Cynthia the h0ttest babe Episode 20 to 24

The ANGELS has alre-ady started their initiation of their newbies, and the total number of girls they are initiating is 104, the Leader of the Angels [email protected]£ and started doing their Incantations, she brou-ght out a native pot containing their blood that all of them have cut themselves and pas-sed it to one of the newbies
Queen; Drink a bit and pas-s it round for others to drink too (the new girl took it from her with a shaky hand, she drank small and pas-sed it on)
After they are down with the blood covenant.
Queen; For you people to join us, you have taken an Oath with us to remain with us and to fight till the day you die, to protect this fraternity with the last drop of your blood, any attempt, I repeat, Any attempt of any of you to betray this Fraternity, will result to your death. I have spoken
One of the Angels [email protected]£ forward and started doing some Incantation. She stormed after a while and now asked them to re-move their cloths which they did while 50 Black Angels [email protected]£ out from nowhere.
Girl; There will have to sleep you with you all to complete the initiation. Some of the girls murmured a little.
Girl; Enough!!! You have no other choice, I personally informed you all about this [email protected], I don’t see why you people are still murmuring. (there all kept quiet. The girl gave the Black ANGELS SIGN and they bounced on the girls and had Marathon S-x with them, most of them cried at that sp©t while some was [email protected] enough not to cry)
Girl; The Initiation is complete,
Queen; Let me be the first to wish you goodluck since am the number one in this fraternity? You all are welcome to the sisterhood
All; Congratulations our blood sister.
Newbies; Thanks very much our Blood sister.
The Black Angels went away from there while the Newbies wore back their cloths.
Queen; We would [email protected] it at the venue that would be s£nt to every one of you, make sure you are there.
They all dismissed.
Thun-der, Scale and 6 other Vikings broke into Cynthia’s Lodge but couldn’t see them there.
Thun-der; Check very well, am sure there are inside this house and I also heard their voice before opening the door.
After few seconds of searching.
Scale; Boss, no b©dy is inside here, maybe there escape throu-gh the window cause it is open.
Thun-der; $h!t! She’s just lucky that I didt get her myself, by now her b©dy would have tell her the kind of person I am.
They left the Lodge, After few minutes Cynthia jumped down from the roof that she had hide herself and Also Tracy.
Cynthia; Oh, God, his out for me, but what Have I done to deserve all this?
Tracy; Is ok dear, We should figure out a way and deal with this matter
Cynthia; But how? I can’t deal it alone and more over his a deadly person.
Tracy; Am also confused but you will have to calm down now
Cynthia; I can’t even think straight now
Tracy; Don’t worry, you will be staying with me in the Hostel for now till we figure out what to do
Cynthia; Am not going to sleep here oo
Tracy; We have to
Cynthia; What if they break in here again?
Tracy; And what if we jam them on the way out from here, look at the time is alre-ady past 10 and you know this area is a bad area.
Cynthia; Ok, let me see if I can lock this door with the second log since there have spoilt the main lock
She went over to the door and used the second lock and locked it.
Cynthia; I will be slee-ping on the roof till the next day
Tracy; Hahaha, This girl can fear eeh, are you the one that said that you are not scared and you can face anything that comes your way? Why are this fear of a thing nah?
Cynthia didt even listen to her or answer her, rather she climbe-d the roof and remain there while Tracy fell on the Large be-d in Laughter and later sle-pt off.
Cynthia didt sleep the whole Night till the next day, she quic-kly [email protected]£ down from the roof and woke Tracy up.
Cynthia; Stand up, is alre-ady morning
Tracy; Oh God, who is disturbing my sweet sleep (she said yawning, she took her phone that’s beside the be-d and checked the time)
Tracy; Ah ah, babe is still 4:16am, abeg go back to your be-d lemme be slee-ping joor
Cynthia didt find anything her friend is saying funny, rather she sat on the be-d there still watching time.
Scale; So boss what would we do?
Thun-der; Am certain that they are around that house.
Scale; Ok boss, let me go and check her out this morning
Thun-der; Ok that’s my guy, I will be waiting.
Scale; Ok let me carry my pistol with me incase anyone [email protected]
Thun-der; That’s good, and remember our Arrangements this week to kick the Red Devils out of the way and regain our Vikings honor
Scale; I can’t wait dear.
Scale went out from Thun-der Lodge and walked towards Cynthia lodge, he saw them coming towards his direction, he quic-kly hide himself. Cynthia and Tracy pas-sed the place he hide himself without noticing him.
Scale; Chai, this 2 babes package wella oo, but wait oo, no be her lodge them the come from? Or they just [email protected]£ this morning? Infact let me try and trail from behind.
He quietly followed them from behind without their knowledge.
Tracy and Cynthia walked into the hostel and walked towards the Female Hostel while Scale st©pped at the entrance, he nodded his head and went back to report to Thun-der on what he saw.
Scale knocked at Thun-der door and he asked him to come in.
Scale; Boss, i don land
Thun-der; we-tin sup?
Scale; Nothing much, i saw them this morning
Thun-der; Which them?
Scale; The girl and that her friend we saw both of them that first day.
Thun-der; Oh, You saw them in her [email protected]?
Scale; No, It was on the way that leads to the lodge that I saw them so I quic-kly hide myself and when they pas-sed me, I decided to follow them to know where they are going only to see them walk into the female Hostel.
Thun-der; Oh, she now live in the hostel
Scale; Yes
Thun-der; $h!t! Well, we will use the Viqueens and disturb her very well in that Female Hostel.
Scale; You are right
Thun-der; Let me even call Gallant
Scale; Ok (he said and brou-ght out his own phone and started pla-ying some music)
Thun-der placed a Call to Gallant and she picked it.
Gallant; Hello Thun-der
Thun-der; Gallant babe, how far you?
Gallant; Udo(peace)
Thun-der; I wan make you run some parole for me
Gallant; Ok we-tin be that?
Cynthia and Tracy got to Tracy Hostel and met her Roomies pla-ying with their phones.
Tracy; Babes, I want to tell you girls something
Girl1; Ok no p, we-tin be that?
Tracy; Cynthia lodge was attacked last night we sle-pt there but luckily for us, we manage to escape, and now, she can’t go back to her lodge so I have brou-ght her here to stay with us for the main time
Girl2; Aww so sorry dear, don’t worry you are welcome
Girl3; Welcome sweetie
Tracy; You can stay with us dear don’t worry I will see what I can do to help you out.
Cynthia; Thanks dear
They shared her up and she joined them in pla-ying, they later brou-ght out food which they all ate in happiness.
Cynthia was going to school alone since she’s rushing to meet up with other coursemate for a make up test that she missed, Tracy and other girls was still in the hostel.
Cynthia heard her name from a familiar voice and she st©pped and looked back, it was no other person that Prince, she sighed in frustration.
Prince; Good Morning dear (he said when he got to where she was standing)
Cynthia; Morning
Prince; This one you are rushing like this hope there is no problem?
Cynthia; None, plea-se you are delaying my time, I want to meet up with something urgent
Prince; Ok see babe (he held her hands) I love you so much and I would like to make you my girl, plea-se just give me a chance in your life and I will make you the happiest girl in this school.
Cynthia; Thanks very much for your Love but seriously am not interested
Prince; Do you have a b©yfri£ndalre-ady?
Cynthia; No I don’t have and I don’t want to have
Prince; plea-se just consider my Love for you plea-se am pleading.
And what is going on here? A female voice said beside them.
Prince looked beside him and saw is Vicky his Girlfriend.
Vicky; I asked a question, what is going on here?
Prince gently left the hands of Cynthia.
Prince; Baby I can explain
Vicky; Hold it there and you (she faced Cynthia) This will be the first and last time I will ever see you with my Boy? un-derstood?
Cynthia didt even say anything cause she’s still confused on what is going on, she just over looked everything and tried to walk away while Vicky drew her back.
Vicky; Am talking to you and you are walking away, are you mad?
Cynthia; Is ok, I have heard you (she tried to walk away again when Vicky tried to [email protected] her but she held her hand on the air)
Cynthia; Don’t ever try this again, hold your girlfriend Mr Man (she said and walked away)
Vicky; Oh you have powers baa? We shall see and you, don’t worry I will deal with you (she said and started walking while Prince trailed her from behind begging her)
Cynthia got to her Clas-s and joined other students in the make up test.
When she was done, she [email protected]£ outside and met Tracy waiting for her.
Cynthia told her what happened earlier before the makeup test
Tracy; Babe, we have to visit someone that can predict the future, cause it seems yours has a lot of troubles coming
Cynthia; Hope is not devilish?
Tracy; No is not, is just vision.
Cynthia; Ok lets go.
Tracy took Cynthia out of the school
premises, they st©pped a Taxi and Tracy told
the Taxi man where to st©p there.
They st©pped infront of a well furnished
Tracy asked Cynthia to come down, they
paid the Taxi man and he drove off.
Cynthia; Is this the place?
Tracy; Yes, follow me
They walked up to the entrance door and
knocked on the door and a voice asked
them to come in.
Tracy pushed the door open while they
walked inside.
Woman; You both are all Welcome, you can
seat down.
They sat down at the Long couch in the
sitting room.
Tracy; Ma’am, my friend here……(she was cut
short by the woman)
Woman; Has been having series of
misfortune starting from Secondary school
Cynthia; Jesus, how did you get to know?
Woman; You are Cynthia by name, and you
attended Sir Ibiam Grammar school, you
were their Head girl. Something happened
in your SS clas-s that made you vow never to
[email protected]£ or mingle with people.
Cynthia; This is too much, am just speechless
Tracy; But ma’am, why is all this happening
to her?
Cynthia; Yes, plea-se tell me
Woman; Am not allowed to disclose
anything to you now
Cynthia; But why?
Woman; You are not complete now to hear
Cynthia; Complete? How? Am just confused
Tracy; Yes, you are confusing us
Woman; When you are complete, you will
know, only then everything will be reviewed
to you. Don’t worry.
Tracy; So how will she be complete?
Woman; She’s still on the right path to be
Cynthia; Am totally confused, lost and scared
Woman; You are lucky that you have spirit of
forgiveness, which is very rare to find.
Cynthia; Thanks alot
Tracy; We would be going now
Cynthia; Just like that? (she said and started
searching her hand bag)
Woman; No, you don’t nee-d to give me
anything, am not a habalist, am just doing
the work of my God. You will soon be
nee-ding this money.
Cynthia; Thanks alot ma
Woman; Ok you can go now
They stood up and left the house.
On Their way home, Cynthia has been silent,
Tracy noticed her mood but kept mute
cause she perfectly un-derstand the type of
confusion that she’s going throu-gh.
Tracy st©pped another Taxi and asked him
to take back to school. They entered inside
while the Taxi man drove off.
Gallant called Sparkling to come over to her
lodge that they is an Emergency.
Sparkling rushed to see her, she got to her
lodge and Gallant asked her to come inside.
Sparkling; we-tin sup?
Gallant; E get parole, I wan make you run for
Sparkling; There is this girl in Medical
[email protected] I wan make you run for me
Sparkling; Which Level?
Gallant; Na all this 100L, Actually Na Thun-der
say make I give am wahala for hostel till she
go run, and you know say i dey busy now
with all this initiation things and you are the
only one close to me, you also stay in the
hostel for now just run am for me
Sparkling; You no get problem for that side,
so give me her full details, like her name and
other stuff.
Gallant; Thun-der said that she’s Cynthia and
that she’s fair, she’s not too fat but cuvy and
all that, that she normally stay in the lodge
but moved in to the hostel, she’s in room 75
female Hostel.
Sparkling; That’s good, I will track her this
Evening self
Gallant; See babe, no kill her? Cause Thun-der
wan make her his babe
Sparkling; No p, that one no go be issue.
Gallant; So how this coming weekend go
Sparkling; Me never know, and how the
preparation so far?
Gallant; Babe, is very stressful and e don the
reach oo
Sparkling; easy oo, infact, you go come with
me, make I flex you small
Gallant; Where will you flex me?
Sparkling; Anywhere, just the prepare cause
I will come back for you, let me go and
prepare for you.
She said in laughter while Gallant threw her
her pillow and Sparkling caught it on the air
and threw it back to her and ran outside,
she got to the main road and st©pped a bike
that took her back to school.
Meanwhile The ANGELS has fixed their the
[email protected] of the initiation at Munchies
h0tel by 8 that night till Day break if only you
can stand it.
The ANGELS has alre-ady started their [email protected]
there in the [email protected] hall.
Gallant and Sparkling [email protected]£ into the same
h0tel not knowing that the Angels are
having a [email protected] there, They walked up to the
refreshment Hall and ordered for their meal,
they sat down and started eating and
gisting when 4 ANGELS walked towards the
Attendants that are serving there and gave
them list of things that is nee-ded on the
[email protected] Hall right away.
The 4 ANGELS looked round and saw Gallant
and Sparkling, Their eyes met, They all frown
their faces to each other while the Angels
left there immediately back to the [email protected] Hall.
Gallant; We have to leave now
Sparkling; Why?
Gallant; We aren’t prepared for anything
now, they will out number us and you know
what that means
Sparkling; Your right lets leave now.
Gallant and Sparkling stood up to leave the h0tel, they saw the ANGELS approaching their side.
Gallant: follow me
Sparkling: Ok
they pas-sed throu-gh the back door and left the h0tel immediately.
The Angels got to the sp©t that Gallant and Sparkling was sitting and didn’t see them again
Girl1: Haba, this girls the fear like this
Girl2: As if we are trouble makers, just wanted to invite their silly as-s.
Girl3: Haha, you girls are really funny, lets go back joor since they have escaped.
The all laughed and went back to their [email protected] hall.
Gallant and Sparkling got to Gallant Lodge and went inside
Sparkling: babe see humiliation
Gallant didn’t say anything
Sparkling: This is the first time am running away from those bit-ches
Gallant: babe is ok, i did want to create any scene there and we were not even prepared so no reason am.
Sparkling: Ok Nah
Gallant: so how far that girl wey i tell you make you halla for hostel
Sparkling: I haven’t forgotten her, just made some research on her, her matter no be issue at all, she na Jew.
Gallant: That’s good, just give am better wahala I trust you nah
Sparkling: Thank God you know what I can do
Gallant: Bahd girl
Sparkling: I no reach you nah
Cynthia, Tracy and her roommates were heading to fetch water when 4 girls blocked their way.
Tracy: Excuse us, lets pas-s
Girl1: Pas-s to where?
Tracy: You girls are blocking us and you are still asking me pas-s to where?
Girl2: Close that mouth, hey you Cynthia follow us now
Tracy: Taaah, say we-tin happen?
One of the girls displa-yed a hidden gun to Tracy and she instantly kept quiet.
Girl3: Make I hear your mouth again
They dragged Cynthia along with them to Sparkling Hostel.
When they got there, Sparkling asked them to come inside and they did.
Sparkling: Oh, you are the bit-ch proving stubborn right?
Cynthia: I don’t un-derstand
Sparkling: You will soon un-derstand better (she gave one of the girls sign and she matched Cynthia on her back while she staggered to fall down but she quic-kly regain stamina and she faced the girl that matched her.
Cynthia: Don’t ever try such nons-en-se again
Sparkling: Do you know where you are
Cynthia: I don’t know and I don’t care to know, all I know is that she should not match me ever again or else
Girl2: Or what will happen?
Cynthia: Try it again
The girls made move to beat Cynthia up but Sparkling asked them to st©p.
Sparkling stood up from the be-d she was sitting on and walked over to where Cynthia was standing
Sparkling: I can have you killed with just the snap of my hand and no b©dy will say anything, I just give you 24 hours to accept Thun-der as your b©yfri£ndor face my wrath
Cynthia: Is my life and no b©dy has right over me not even you
Sparkling: We would see about that
Cynthia didn’t say any other thing, she walked outside in anger and fear also.
Girl1: Boss, you for leave us make we show her pepper nah
Sparkling: Allow her, she’s claiming to be [email protected] when she’s just a Jew, make una no too the think am shaa, na small thing.
Girl2: I can’t wait for that 24 hours to [email protected] cause i know she won’t accept him so easily.
Sparkling: Yes I know
Cynthia got to where Tracy and her 5 other Roomies were standing waiting for her
Tracy: babe hope say them no hurt you?
Cynthia: No there didn’t, lets just go and fetch the water, we are almost running late to school.
They agreed, they went and fetch the water.
Thun-der placed a call to Gallant and she picked it.
Thun-der: Babe xup you
Gallant: Udo di (peace)
Thun-der: How far for that babe, cause me i never hear anything from you
Gallant: Thun-der, na Sparkling I handed over the matter to, you know say me no the dey hostel, na im i come give am Sparkling and she don the give her headache for your matter.
Thun-der: That’s good, s£nd me Sparkling number, make I follow her reason.
Gallant: Ok nah, issue no much
The call ended and Gallant s£nt the number to him and he called Sparkling while she also picked the call.
Sparkling: No who the call?
Thun-der: Na Thun-der the yan
Sparkling: Haa, boss mi, how nah
Thun-der: No probs, I wan know how parole you and that Cynthia of a girl
Sparkling: That one no be issue at all, just give me 2 days, she is alre-ady yours
Thun-der: I trust you nah, abeg make she do gree cause cold the catch me wella for here
Sparkling: haba, make I s£nd you one of my girls nah
Thun-der: Udo, do am fast make I use am brush up today
Sparkling: Bad guy. Just give am 20minutes, she go come
Thun-der: Ok, later nah
They ended the call
Sparkling called one of her girls and asked her to visit Thun-der within 20 minutes and she accepted immediately.
Cynthia, Tracy and her roomies [email protected]£ back from the water they went to fetch, they took their bath and was preparing to go to school.
Jane: Cynthia dear
Cynthia: Yes dear
Jane: We will discuss on what happened this morning when we all come back from school
Blessing: Yes, am even worried cause I know those girls very well
Mary: Am just s-en-sing danger self
Alice: You girls are just putting fear on me oo
Monica: The fear nah, we just said the truth
Tracy: Girls e don do, make we go school come back first, then we will deliberate on it.
They all agreed and went out from their room to their various [email protected]
Cynthia and Tracy went to their [email protected] and submitted their previous as-signment when gun sh0t started at the school front gate, the whole school [email protected]£ panicked and started running helta scatter.
Cynthia and Tracy with other students remained in their [email protected] for safety.
The Devils and Vikings were the ones exchanging gun sh0t.
Gallant dialed Thun-der line and it wasn’t reachable. She was still trying to call it again when Sparkling call [email protected]£ into her phone and she picked it at once
Sparkling: Babe where you dey?
Gallant: I dey my Lodge, we-tin the happen for school?
Sparkling: Na Vikings and Devils oo
Gallant: That’s good, so finally our glory will be restored today
Sparkling: Yes oo, I pray so
Gallant: Prepare the girls, we gonna storm there and help our guys out, they may be nee-ding us
Sparkling: Good idea
Gallant: You all should come my lodge for the ammunitions
Sparkling: Udo Di
The Call ended
Sparkling organised 12 of her girls and they wore their red and black colour and stormed towards offcamp, They got to Gallant Lodge and Gallant gave them the ammunition and they also wore mask to cover their faces, They entered their bus parked infront of Gallant Lodge and drove off to school.
The Vikings were now losing cause they have run out of bullets and was planning on how to escape. The Devils saw that the Vikings have run out of bullets, they started firing much gun sh0t towards where the Vikings were hiding and they were also coming close to kill them when another gun sh0t were heard from behind, The Devils were taken unaware cause the Viqueens has taken down most of the Devils.
The remaining Devils surrendered when there saw that they won’t win.
The Vikings [email protected]£ out from their hiding place, they quic-kly took the guns of the Devils and sh0t the once that surrendered.
Gallant: Lets get out of here now before the Military arrive here, our boss has delayed them alot.
The Vikings and Viqueens entered the bus and drove off.
14minutes later, all the students started coming out from their hidden place, the Police Hilux arrived at the scene while the students started stoning them for coming late. The police re-leased tear [email protected] while all the students run back to the Hostel.
The Vikings and Viqueens st©pped the bus infront of their mansion somewhere inside Enugu state, The went inside the mansion and met their Lord smiling at them.
Lord: Welldone guys, just listening to the news “he said and pointed to the big plasma TV placed on the wall at one side of the sitting room”
(it was showing much dead bodies manly the Devils)
Lord: You people made me proud
Carpon: Thanks boss
Lord: So how many boys did we lose?
Carpon: 3 of them
Lord: Ok, so Gallant, i don’t know you are this smart
Gallant: Thanks lord
Lord: I will call your Queen Mother for her to reward you girls very well
Thun-der: They really tried for us cause we almost lost cause of our bullets finished but they [email protected]£ at the right time
Lord: That’s good, this calls for [email protected] “he called on his Guards and asked them to bring out all the drinks in the Bar for them to do some [email protected]
The Guards did as they were instructed and they also started pla-ying music.
The Lord called the Carpon and Gallant to his Inner room.
Lord: Am so proud of you both, here is the cheque of 1 million Naira, “he gave it to the Carpon”
Lord: Give Gallant 500K and take 500k
Carpon & Gallant: Thanks very much Lord
Lord: You can go back to the [email protected], but Gallant, get me 2 of your girls, let me enjoy myself
Gallant: You don’t have problem with that
Carpon and Gallant got to the sitting room, Gallant quic-kly dragged Sparkling to one side
Sparkling: Babe we-tin xup
Gallant: The Lord wants 2 girls to come to his room now
Sparkling: Am in
Gallant: Take one other girl and go
Sparkling took one other girl and Gallant directed them to his room before she went back to the sitting room to join the [email protected]
The Carpon [email protected]£ and dragged Gallant to the dancing floor and they started dancing while Gallant was rocking him ha-rd .
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