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Billionaire’s baby mama batch 3

Dennis stared in irritation at the man across from him
Josh [email protected] had walked into his office that morning with a smile and a smugness that irritated the hell outta him and continued to
“Forgive my misbehavior the other night,Mr overton”Josh said”I must say I was overwhelmed then.I’m perfectly eager to work with miss Kent on this project”
“She doesn’t want to”
“Well miss Kent accepted the contract this morning Mr overton”Josh continued”are you unaware?”
Dennis swore silently
Why the bloody hell did she go ahead and accept the contract after refusing to?
He glanced at the other man who was still talking
“I’m sure you must know about us”he was saying”alison was well…she was my fiancée”
He waited for this information go sink then continued as there seem to be no response from his opponent
“I loved her but we kinda had a falling out recently”he said”but I’m willing for to get back with her”
“oh really?”Dennis asked skeptically
“Yes”josh affirmed”so I really wish to work with her on this project and perhaps win her back”
This was all the more reason why he didn’t want them to work together, dennis thought as he glared at Josh wishing he could transfer him to space
Suddenly He started laughing
“Alright,Mr [email protected]”he said coldly”you may work with her but keep in mind I also have a vested interest in miss Kent as we speak.Are you willing to compete with me?”
Josh flin-ched
“Alison is my fiancée”
“Not anymore”dennis uttered”She’s mine now and I do not really like sharing my belongings”
Josh throat worked as he stood up and straightened his suit
“I believe I won’t be seeing you at the gala tonight”dennis voice st©pped him and josh sm-irked
Now here was something he could use
“Of course Mr overton”he said sarcastically before walking out the door
Dennis may think Alison loves him but in reality she loves him more
He couldn’t wait to see the arrogant bastard choke on his words when he claims Alison in front of the entire town tonight
Alison stood in front of the mirror and admired the image that stared back at her
She was dressed in a long blue go-wn that hvgged her figure perfectly
Her n£¢k and ears were decorated with matching accessories and she nodded in satisfaction at her reflection
She ran her hands down the go-wn,st©pping momentarily on her stomach
Was it her imagination or was it beginning to bulge?
She felt a rush of happiness at the thought of having a full stomach then st©pped smiling as she remembered Dennis
He had been extremely kind and nice these past few weeks s£nding her flowers and chocolates and even jewellery
The elaborate dinners at posh restaurants were heavenly and she had to admit she had fallen for him
Will it all change if he finds out about the pregnancy?
She shook her head to Clear the thoughts
She shook her head to clear the thoughts
She would not think about that now
But not now
She [email protected]£d her purse and walked to the door,st©pping when she heard the bell
She was not very surprised on opening the door and finding dennis on the other side
A gleaming Lamborghini stood in the background awaiting them
“Dennis”she began,exasperated”I told you I would come myself”
“And I told you I won’t let you do that”he answered and smiled at her but she rolled her eyes
“So we waltz into town together”she said”what would people think?”
“Whatever they want”he replied and walked towards her and she stilled the urge to step back
“They are going to have a lot to think about after today”he said and planted a single k!sson her ba-re n£¢k
A k!ssthat left her toes tingling
Alison was still feeling the s-en-sation as she allowed him to lead her to the car
Now she was in trouble
This is such a lovely affair”Mitchell cooed to josh as the latter fumed in silence
Mitchell had insisted on coming too to his anger and chagrin
And he can’t get rid of her
He just hoped she wouldn’t stand in the way of his plans tonight
The gala was marvellous.Alison enjoyed herself tremendously and was grateful to Dennis who stood by her all along
He didn’t say anything but now everyone in town as-sumed they had something going
Soon she felt lightheaded
Probably from all that dancing,she thought as she made her way outta the hall to the gardens to try to clear her dizziness
Dennis was nowhere to be found probably with His directors
She was about sitting down on a bench when her phone rang
It was Tonia
“Hi baby mama!”Tonia squealed,ma-king alison pu-ll the phone from her ears”how you doing?”
“I’m fine”alison replied”just a little dizzy”
“Dizzy?”Tonia asked immediately concerned”are you OK?should I come over?”
“What?no,I’m fine”Alison said”don’t worry about me”
“Whoever said I was worried about you?”Tonia said”I am worried about the little angel in your stomach”
Alison laughed
“You wicked bit-ch”she said in mock anger”are you only worried about my baby?I never knew you were such a wicked friend”
“Only when it comes to the little angel you are carrying dear”Tonia said,laughing
“Whatever”alison said,pretending to cry”my baby does not nee-d your care”
“What baby?”a voice asked,startling her and she turned to stare at josh
“What are you doing here?”Alison asked then realized what a stupid question it was
Of course he would be here
He was a staff of overton but that did not st©p her from staring at him in disgust
“Did you follow me here?”she asked again and josh nodded to her consternation
“Yep and I heard every word of your conversation”he said then laughed as though he was in shock”are you pregnant ally?”
“I have no reason to answer you foolish question”Alison retorted and started to walk past him but he [email protected]£d her arm and pu-ll-ed her r0ûghly against him
She [email protected] him ha-rd
“Take your filthy hands off me!”
“You are pregnant”
“I said let me go!”
“I suggest you do as the Lady says,[email protected]”a voice boomed and alison was relieved to see dennis coming towards them
A single push from Dennis made josh to drop his hand from Alison’s arm
He laughed harshly as Dennis placed an arm protectively around her
“You are barking up the wrong tree,overton”he said”the woman’s taking and you re a so-re loser.That bit-ch ain’t gonna get away with this too”
“That does it”Dennis said calmly and he drove his fist into Josh’s stomach and the man crumpled like paper
“St©p!”Alison screamed as she [email protected]£d dennis arm
Dennis remained silent as he took her hand and led her our of the garden straight to the car
[email protected] be damned,he wanted to get her away from josh as quic-k as possible
Alison glanced worriedly at dennis from time to time as they drove to her home,
He seemed really angry and it was all her fault
Of course Dennis must have heard their conversation and Knew she was pregnant
Why didn’t she tell him about the pregnancy sooner?
And now it all [email protected]£ to light in a very unplea-sant way
They st©pped outside her house and alison quic-kly [email protected]£ out herself before Denni could get round to her side of the car
“Listen dennis”she began hurriedly”I’m so sorry…”
“Why didn’t you tell me alison?”he said with a pained look in his eyes and Alison wanted to cry
“I..I…”she stuttered”I was all happened so suddenly…”
“That’s still no reason to not tell me you are carrying Josh [email protected]’s child!”
Alison stared at Dennis’s concerned face and realized to her horror what was happening
He thought the baby was Josh’s own
She stared at him in disbelief as he continued talking
“I don’t know if there’s still a chance for me but alison”he said”I would rather die than see you go back to him”
“Me too”Alison said”listen dennis,you got it all wrong..”
“No I dont”dennis interrupted”whatever happens, I’ll be by your side ally.We’ll both take care of the baby and I’ll treat it like mine”
Alison couldn’t believe this was happening
She made to talk again but she couldn’t because he k!$$£d her
Josh strolled around his home in joy to the anger of Mitchell
She could not believe what she just heard
Alison was pregnant with josh’s baby and the bastard was planning to leave her and go back to her
After all she had done for him
“Babe can you believe it?”josh asked gleefully and made to hvg her but she gave him a deafening [email protected]
“You bastard”she spat out”after everything I’ve done for you,you still want to dump me?”
Josh ru-bbe-d his face and smiled slowly
“Yes,Mitchell, I do”he said”face it,you were just a pastime,a slut who stole her best friend’s fiance. Now I’m going back to her because i can’t do without her”
Mitchell [email protected]
“Yes dear”josh sneered”now that you know all this,leave my house.I enjoyed our time together,now I’m tired off your sorry as-s”
Tears welled up in Mitchell’s eyes and she made to [email protected] him again but he caught her hand and pushed her away r0ûghly
Mitchell landed on the floor with a sharp cry
She turned to watch in disbelief as josh left the room
My God.
She had betrayed her best friend,ruined her reputation by eloping with another woman’s fiance only to be treated like trash
She blinked ra-pidly and tears fell in torrents
She had given her all and brou-ght down to the earth like this all because of love
This was all that bit-ch,Alison’s fault
She thought with bitterness of Alison having Dennis all to herself and now josh was going back to her
She had to go and get pregnant and now josh was leaving her
The slut
What if the baby wasn’t josh’s? What if it was Dennis overton’s?
Something cli-cked in her mind
That was it.
She could very well prove the baby wasn’t josh’s, then get josh back
If she couldn’t she would take drastic measures and get rid of them all at once
She would not go down alone
If she had to,Alison was going down with her
With such determined thoughts of vengeance, Mitchell sanders packed her bags and left josh’s house
She would show them all
That Mitchell Sanders was not to be trifled with
‘This was no time to be tardy’alison thought as she hurriedly packed her files and [email protected]£d her car keys re-ady to sail out the door
She had been very busy during the past week ever since she accepted the contract,visiting the new site choos£n to build the new factory and all other stuff but that was no reason for Dennis to slacken their [email protected]ç£
The petting and spoiling still continued and seemed to increase as soon as he realized she was now pregnant
She waited for the day she would spill the news to him that the child was actually his and she’s hoping he will like the news
She has no doubt that he would be a great father and a loving one too
Look how he offered to raise josh’s child as his even if his as-sumption was wrong
The only cloud on her bright days was Josh [email protected]
The idiot obstinately refused to believe the baby wasn’t his and even went as far as threatening to sue
He was becoming strange, and scared as she was to admit it,he’s started stalking her too
He seemed to have gone off the de-ep end after been fired suddenly the day after he haras-sed alison
Dennis doesn’t know about the stalking.if he had he would have done more than firing josh [email protected]
She parked her car hurriedly,re-ady to run in to her office and dump the heavy files on her hand and give Tonia and the rest of her staff some last minute instructions before heading out,then st©pped in mid stride as she viewed the scene before her
“Oh for God’s sake!”she spat out in disgust as she saw the tired form of josh [email protected] in the visiting area
Josh’s eyes were bloodsh0t and he looked worse for wear but right now Alison doesn’t give a damn
Tonia stood,arms akimbo like a guard dog as she viewed josh with disgust
She hated the sight of him after daring to dump her best friend at the altar
“Its OK,Toni,I can handle this”Alison said
“Not a bad idea”Tonia said”but I’ll be glad to help”
She sma-cked her hands together like they were planning to beat him up which made ally smile
The smile dissipated immediately she turned to face josh
“Leave”she ordered”now”
“I would do that”the obnoxious man said and began to straighten his suit jacket”right after I drop this”
He placed a filed do¢v-ment on Tonia’s desk which earned him a glare from her
Alison reluctantly took the do¢v-ment from the desk and re-ad the contents in growing disbelief
“You are suing for your paternity rights?!”she asked incredulously”I told you the baby isn’t yours!”
“Prove it”josh sm-irked”if its not mine then whose child is it?I don’t think you are that much of a slut to sleep around right after we broke up,are you ally?”
“Who I sleep with is none of your business”ally said,her anger increasing by the minute”the baby isn’t yours period.leave my office at once!”
Josh smiled and Tonia’s f!ngersitched to [email protected] him
“Girl,let’s just shove him out”she offered and Alison was tem-pted to agree with her
Josh had gone too far
“Not without telling me who the father of your child is [email protected] from me”he said,in a goading tone”whose is it,ally?Dennis?”
“Alison fought her anger and lost
The next minute she was yelling
“Yes!Dennis is the father of my child!”she yelled”and he’s a much better man than you!”
She heard Tonia [email protected] loudly and she saw josh’s face turn white with shock and anger
Well,she had expected that
But what she hadn’t expected was Dennis’s voice behind her
“I beg your pardon?”
Alison froze with shock,her legs incapable of moving as she wished with all her heart she could take back the words but nope,the deed was done
She turned slowly to face him and her heart shattered
A whole range of expressions crossed his face at intervals and Alison was afraid he was going to faint
She tried to reach for him but he stepped back quic-kly
“Stay away from me”
“Dennis listen..”she swallowed as her voice cracked on the next words”I…I really meant to tell you..”
“You meant to tell me?!”Dennis thun-dered”that’s my child and you kept it a secret from me?!”
“I’m sorry….”
Without another word,Dennis turned on his heel and was gone
A minute later,the sound of his engine filled the air,and the car was gone too
Alison stood,in shock,as the sound of the engine faded into thin air
He had not been happy
He was not plea-sed with the child
He thought of her as a deceptive woman who was also ungrateful
All he dreams of them together has been shattered
He was would never want her now
She crumpled to the floor and dissolved in a pool of tears
Tonia thumped loudly on the door to Alison’s [email protected] with both hands as Alison clearly refused to open it at the persistent ringing of her doorbell
“Come on,ally”she yelled”st©p doing this yo yourself.its been two weeks alre-ady”
Two weeks of her complete isolation from the world
Tonia was worried and downright scared.she didn’t even know if Alison was taking care of herself as she ought to
And there’s the baby to consider
Was she even eating at all?
“Ally,plea-se”she pleaded,again,nearly in tears”just let me in,just once”
Dennis had disappeared after that day and Tonia was tired of them both
Alison refused to go to his company directly to meet him because she was ashamed and Dennis was proving headstrong and proud
Tonia wished she could bash their head together to give them common s-en-se but she could not
The sound of a car driving in alerted her and she turned to see Julie drove her car in
She parked and got out,heading straight for Tonia and the [email protected]
“Any luck?”she asked grimly as Tonia sadly shook her head
“Step aside”Julie said as she re-moved her hairpin from her mas-s of dark curly hair on her head and proceeded to pock the door lock
“Are you sure that’s gonna work?”tons asked skeptically
“My daddy was a locksmith”Julie answered”ally ought to know better about locking her self in.we’ve done this hundreds of times”
After a few more seconds of picking,the door opened with a loud cli-ck and Tonia [email protected] in delight as they both rushed in
The house was gloomy and looked unleaved in,with all the curtains drawn and windows locked
Julie immediately went about opening windows and drawing curtains [email protected] while Tonia searched about for alison
“Ally?”she called tentatively as she opened the be-droom door and saw her best friend lying motionless on the be-d
“Omigod!”she screamed and rushed towards her”Julie!”
Julie ran in just in time to see Alison’s white face and Tonia bur-st into tears
She picked up a frail wrist and felt about for a pulse with bated breath
“Thank God”she said in relief as she clearly detected a weak pulse”come on she’s still alive,let’s get her to the hospital”
Tonia sat motionless on the be-d, cradling Alison’s head in her arms
“Tonia,get up!!!”Julie screamed and Tonia flew into action
Together they got the unconscious Alison into the car
What we do for love
Dennis reached for his bottle of alcohol and was outraged to find out it wasn’t there
He turned on the chair to stare at Matt,who was looking at him with an expression of disgust
“Now aren’t you a nice young man?”Matt asked sarcastically
“Give me my bottle”
“For God’s sake,man, what the hell is wrong with the you?”
“I’m just a little ti-psy”Dennis replied and smiled wanly at Matt who rolled his eyes
“For two weeks,you have been drowning yourself in alcohol”Matt said looking around at the messy quarters”leaving the woman you love in anguish and worry”
“I don’t love her”
“Save it for your kids,Dennis”Matt said”no one in this town is gonna believe that.if you don’t love her,I’ll eat my left shoe”
Dennis refused to answer,stubbornness squaring his jaw
She lied to me
The thought made him clench his fist
Matt saw him do so and rolled his eyes again
“She lied to you”he said”and she apologized.for God’s sake,eyes carrying your baby”
Dennis shook his head
The baby thri-lled him so much,he was scared he would wake up and find our it was all a dream
How he wanted the baby
So much
But Allison doesn’t love him
How could he dream of a future with them together without her loving him,he thought sadly
Matt watched him and guessed what was going on in his mind
He stood up with a sigh and went closer to Dennis
The smell of alcohol neat made him choke but he beared it
After all they were best friends
“Listen man,all you gotta do Is get right up,take a much nee-ded shower…”
Dennis glared at him but he continued
“And go see your woman”he st©pped then continued sadly”whom I heard is not in very good condition herself”
Dennis s-en-ses [email protected]£ on full alert
“What do you mean?”he asked sharply”tell me!”
Matt sighed
“Alison was found yesterday in her [email protected],unconscious, Dennis”he said and watched as Dennis stood up sharply in spite of his drun!ken state”now we don’t know what happened but we are thinking….”
Dennis didn’t wait to hear the rest
He was alre-ady gr-abbing his car keys on his way to see Alison but Matt gr-ab his arm
“Chill man,I’ll drive”
Dennis didn’t even hear him
One thought raced throu-gh his head
My Alison
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Our boy is on the run
I was thinking they would both run mad but that’s not the case now is it?
Stay tuned guys

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