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Billionaire’s baby mama batch 2

Dennis knew he ought tobsay something but he was suddenly ton-gue tied
Just seeing her made Hus mouth water and his knees turn to ru-bber
She was as beautiful as when he first saw her although her pale face wasn’t doing her much good
Forget the fact she was staring up at him with such fear
Was she afraid of him?
“We are very sorry,but we would like to postpone our meeting”he heard her secretary saying
“By all means”matt answered and everyone one j£rked in surprise at Alison’s answer
Stunned,Tonia glanced at dennis who was frowning and wanted to say something but alison st©pped her
“I’m sorry, Mr overton”alison said,grateful her voice wasn’t shaking”but I won’t be accepting your contract”
Everyone stared at her in more surprise
Alison never refused a contract.
She accepted everyone,even the potentially bad ones and make it good but now she was refusing a very lucrative contract from one of the biggest clients in town
No way
“Umm…”Tonia spoke nervously”why don’t we meet up at the office?miss Kent is obviously tired….”
“Its ok Tonia”alison said”I’m not accepting your contract Mr overton so there’s really no nee-d for us to see each other again”
How rude!
Tonia wanted to hide in shame but dennis was sm-irking
To hell with the contract,he wanted her and she was pla-ying ha-rd to get
But he was not a man to give up easily.He wanted her and he was going to get her
“I think we will continue to see each other,miss kent”he said coldly”contract or no contract”
“I have nothing to say to you”Alison retorted as she felt her face burn
“True”dennis shrugged”but you were pretty willing to say a lot the last time we met”
The nerve of the man!
Alison was so angry at his guts she wished she could [email protected] him
“I’ll be at your office prompt,Friday night”Dennis said to a shocked tonia”contract or no contract,I must see you boss”
With that he was gone,followed by matt who smiled at Tonia the left
‘j£rk’alison thought
She was carrying a j£rk’s baby!
The lady in red heels walked past them and Mitchell watched in disgust as josh couldn’t st©p looking at her
It was ba-rely 3months after they eloped and she was seriously beginning to regret coming with Josh
Although she didn’t regret hurting alison this though.The bit-ch was always so pompous,having a luxurious business,good looks and to crown it all a rich,gorgeous fiance
Mitchell had always been jealous of alison and this was a perfect opportunity to hurt her
Thankfully Josh wasn’t the loyal type,and with just a few tactics she had him in her grasp
Now only if she can keep him there.josh was intolerably attra-cted to anything in Sk-irts and Mitchell will do anything to keep her man
“Josh”she called as she place one ba-re leg over the other.
She was dressed in one of the lowest cut go-wn ever, tied to her n£¢k with thin stra-ps
She smiled in satisfaction as Josh’s eyes immediately riveted to her legs
“Now honey,when are we getting married?”she purred”its been 3months,that’s way too much time to get over Alison,that’s if you still care about her”
“What?no”josh replied”im way over Alison like yesterday’s are all I got,dearie”
She smiled and pla-yfully hit his hand
An announcement on the TV caught their attention
Overton enterprises are estimated to have reached #500 billion net worth in just 4yrz
“Really babe I don’t see why you shouldn’t be at the head office”Mitchell spoke”being the [email protected] manager here doesn’t suit you at all”
“Yea”Josh answered, sipping his wine”I’ve got to get throu-gh this here and then get promoted. After that we are getting married”
Josh was the manager of one of the many [email protected] of overton enterprises scattered around d the country.
He was good at his work but lately began giving himself over to indulgence
He hoped to get himself promoted as soon as possible and also get rid of Mitchell
He was tired of her and he wasn’t re-ady for that sham called marriage
He had to get rid of Mitchell
Alison got to her office early,despite the fact like she looked like a wreck and feeling terribly tired.she had insisted on being discharged the next day and also put off her family’s incessant questions
She would tell them later
Much later
Her nerves were almost stretched to breaking point by the time it approached 4:00pm
The door opened and she jumped,looking disappointed when Tonia appeared
She had actually been expecting Dennis overton
What was wrong with her?
True she had come to accept the baby as hers and was loving the idea of having a baby to love and cherish
But could she dare hope of a family with Dennis overton?
She snapped out of her thoughts as a hand was waved in front of her and she looked up into Tonia’s face
“Now,what are you thinking about?”she asked
“Nothing”Alison snapped and went to the window as Tonia began laughing
“You were thinking about him”she said”really alison,what’s going on between you two?”
No answer
They were alerted by the sound of a car driving in and Tonia immediately went out leaving alison in a state of nerves
A few minutes later he appeared,dressed in an expensively cut suit and a beautiful hairstyle which highlighted his sharp looks
How could one man be this handsome
Alison was still wondering as she watched his tall,muscular frame move slowly into the room and settled himself on a chair
Dear God,she really had fallen for him
Why else did her heartbeat increase?
So much for her resolution not to ever fall in love again
“I recall,Mr overton”she began,steadying her voice”asking us not to ever meet again.I’m refusing your contract”
“And I’m not here because of your contract, alison”
Her heart st©pped
He just called her name
And with just a few strides of those long legs, he was at her front,stealing the breath put of her
“I’m here because I want you”he said after a few terrifying shorts seconds
Suddenly he [email protected]£d her hand and led her out of the office before she could utter a word
The sight of the exquisite candle lit table did nothing to quell her anger as Dennis led her to a seat in the pri-vate sitting area away from other patrons of the restaurant
She wrenched her hand free then,taking the offered seat and her anger increasing at the smile on Dennis’s face
A sm-irk actually
Whatever was he smiling for?
“St©p being so prissy”he said”why are you so tense?”
“I don’t usually fancy being dragged to strange places by strange men”
“Really,strange men?”he continued, goading her”i don’t think we are really strangers now,are we,ally?”
She ignored his question and fired her own
“How did you know my name?”
“Oh I know everything about you”he said, coldly”everything except why you left that morning.I don’t take lightly to being tossed aside,you know”
“Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings?”she taunted”surely you didn’t think that was anything more than a one night stand,do you?I find that night perfectly distasteful and best forgotten”
This was a lie
Although she remembered little of the incident, she doubted if it was distasteful
And it was a bad idea to lie,because Dennis eyes [email protected]£ so red,she was scared
“A..all I’m saying is”she stammered”I made a mistake that night and its not a plea-sant memory for me.So can we just let it go?”
Dennis face was still as ha-rd as stone but he didn’t look so scary anymore
His mouth opened like he was about to say something but was interrupted by the waiter
“Your guest is here,sir”
“Bring him here”he ordered,then faced her immediately”we are not throu-gh,you and I,and we are not letting this go”
Just then the door opened and it was her turn to grow white with shock at the sight of the person standing there
Alison couldn’t seem to close her mouth as her [email protected] tried to ascertain what her erstwhile fiance was doing there,the same way josh was looking at her with astonishment
Well, guess he never expected her to be dining with one of the most influential men in town
She was dimly aware of dennis watching them curiously and finally cleared his throat
“Well,I see there’s no nee-d for me to introduce you two, seeing as you recognize each other so well”he said”sit down,Mr [email protected] look like you are going to faint”
“Mr overton,t..this is a surprise”josh stammered as he glanced at alison and shivered at the look of pure disgust on her face”I wasn’t expecting company”
“Well,you should have”dennis continued”I told you we are meeting with the contractor for her new site and here she is,Alison Kent”
Alison gave him a nas-ty look
“I refuse to work with josh [email protected]”alison retorted”and you too,if you have the likes of this man around you.He’s not worthwhile”
“I hang my hat where I plea-se”dennis said throu-gh his clenched teeth and watch alison struggle with the emotions in her
Now this was interesting
Whatever history pas-sed between this two must be interesting and very de-ep for alison
Suddenly he was jealous
Jealous at the fact that another man knew her more than him
Wait,what if he was her cheating fiance?
His jealousy turned swiftly to anger and he glared at josh who squirmed at such attack from both alison and Dennis
“If you don’t want to work with him,then you won’t my dear”he said, surprising her”and you can equally cancel the contract,but that doesn’t mean we won’t see each other”
Hr said that last statement just to see Josh’s reaction and was incensed at the man’s next question
Stupid question
“Do you know each other?”
“None of your business”they both snapped at him and he retreated
“You can leave,Mr [email protected]”dennis said dismissively”I don’t think there’s anything left to discuss and get used to’ll be seeing her often”
“Can you believe it?”Josh skrie-ked to Mitchell as the latter ate her potato ch!ps,unconcerned
That was until she heard alison had dinner with the head of overton enterprises
She really didn’t see why josh was shouting until she heard the full story
So Alison’s back and running
“I can’t believe I have to see my exe fiancée everyday and also get to work with her”Josh railed as he flung his suit in the ground
“You just said she didnt want to work with you!”Mitchell retorted
“Yes but who knows what that bit-ch can do?”josh snapped”she might just demand to work with me just so she can torture me everyday”
A minute silence ensued as they both tried to get their bearings
“How do they know each other?”Mitchell asked and Josh cast her a hateful glare which made her angry
“Don’t look at me like that,josh [email protected]”she retorted*it’s just a simple question, his the bloody hell do they know each other?”
Josh ignored her completely then walked to his room,ma-king sure to.lock the Door because sure enough,Mitchell followed him and tried to open it
“Open the damn door”she elked kicking it ha-rd “josh”
Josh was lost in thoughts
He remembered his boss’s gave and how he looked at Alison and the mere thought if anything transpiring between them made his blood boil
This was not how it was supposed to be
He thought she would still be floun-dering in tears by now because he knew how much she loved him
She loved him,not like that bit-ch Mitchell but true love and a bastard like dennis overton wasn’t going to get between them
He chuckled to himself
Dear alison,she must have loved him so much to hook up with a guy just few months after their breakup
Well he was going to get her back and she could just gobon loving him
He would make sure of it
Alison smiled as she drove to her office after st©pping at the hospital
She had to admit,having a baby was really going to cut into her schedule but at least she was happy doing it
She walked into her office, psst a grinning Tonia then st©pped when she saw the bouquet of roses on her table
She walked slowly over to it,then smiled as she saw the name card
“Lovely,isn’t it?”Tonia said from behind her”it was s£nt in this morning”
Alison wasn’t surprised dennis was s£nding her flowers
She was really perfectly willing for him to court her
Well who wouldn’t?
“He brou-ght something else”Tonia said looking a trifle guilty”but I’m afraid that’s all gone”
“What is it?”
“No.. It can’t be…”alison whispered in mock terror”my chocolates!”
Tonia nodded sheepishly then bolted as alison began chasing her round the office
“Ally,that’s enough”she giggled”you are pregnant!”
“So?”alison answered”I think my baby wants a little exercise.Don’t you,you little see monster?”
She cooed while holding her stomach and tonia watched her in amazement,puzzled at the brightness in her eyes
She was really happy
“Well,in truth,I was actually talking about this”Tonia said producing a beautifully decorated card with a flourish and gave it to alison
Alison opened the card and re-ad the message on it,tonia doing the same over her shoulder
“Ohmigod”they both whispered in wonder
She had been invited to the overton enterprises mid year gala which holds as a result of the successes the company un-derwent for half a year
It was a hvge and glamorous ceremony and you had to be invited specially to attend
The pres£nce of the governor,aristocrats and more distinguished personnels usually graced the occasion
Alison couldn’t believe she had been invited
“Oh alison,you are so lucky”tonia cooed”can I come?”
“Of course”alison said”or I’m not going”
This was too unreal
She just hope nothing happens to mar her happiness
She would go and see whatever dennis is planning to do
Dennis stared in irritation at the man across from him
Josh [email protected] had walked into his office that morning with a smile and a smugness that irritated the hell outta him and continued to
“Forgive my misbehavior the other night,Mr overton”Josh said”I must say I was overwhelmed then.I’m perfectly eager to work with miss Kent on this project”
“She doesn’t want to”
“Well miss Kent accepted the contract this morning Mr overton”Josh continued”are you unaware?”
Dennis swore silently
Why the bloody hell did she go ahead and accept the contract after refusing to?
He glanced at the other man who was still talking
“I’m sure you must know about us”he was saying”alison was well…she was my fiancée”
He waited for this information go sink then continued as there seem to be no response from his opponent
“I loved her but we kinda had a falling out recently”he said”but I’m willing for to get back with her”
“oh really?”Dennis asked skeptically
“Yes”josh affirmed”so I really wish to work with her on this project and perhaps win her back”
This was all the more reason why he didn’t want them to work together, dennis thought as he glared at Josh wishing he could transfer him to space
Suddenly He started laughing
“Alright,Mr [email protected]”he said coldly”you may work with her but keep in mind I also have a vested interest in miss Kent as we speak.Are you willing to compete with me?”
Josh flin-ched
“Alison is my fiancée”
“Not anymore”dennis uttered”She’s mine now and I do not really like sharing my belongings”
Josh throat worked as he stood up and straightened his suit
“I believe I won’t be seeing you at the gala tonight”dennis voice st©pped him and josh sm-irked
Now here was something he could use
“Of course Mr overton”he said sarcastically before walking out the door
Dennis may think Alison loves him but in reality she loves him more
He couldn’t wait to see the arrogant bastard choke on his words when he claims Alison in front of the entire town tonight

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