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Being Mrs Spence finale

The child was rushed to the hospital after a sudden illness.
It appears she was having difficult in breathing.
Doctor diagnosed a certain illness that is common with children of her age but it wasn’t leukemia.
They nee-ded to flush out a certain blood causing such illness and infused her with a fresh blood that goes with her blood type.
They asked the father if he will like to pay for two pent of blood, he asked about the price and was told.
The whole hospital bills was choking him badly, he definitely do not want to add another expenses to it.
He agreed to donate for his child.
They tested his blood but it wasn’t the same blood type.
“Mr Spence, we can’t take your blood because you and the baby do not share same blood type and is not something to worry, it happens….
Cole interrupted
“She my flesh and blood, can’t you see the resemblance. She is just two three years old and since her mother is AS and I’m AA, my daughter is also AA then her blood should correspond with mine. What are you saying…
The doctor’s try to convince him that his blood is not a match for the child.
But Cole who do not want another bill added to the one on ground insisted.
His argument went on and on, he try to convince them further but the doctor said that since his blood wasn’t a match he has to pay to get a pack of blood or he takes his daughter to another hospital.
But with the way things were going, they have to give one pack of blood at that moment to the child as they wait for the father to be calm enough and reason with them instead of arguing.
Cole asked them to retest him, they should run another blood test and the rest on him. He was medically fit in all areas.
As Cole insisted on another round of test.
They decided to do several other test on Cole, his genotype was AA just as he said and so was his daughter.
But they found out that he was suffering from sperm disorder.
A doctor felt that the baby may not be his and decided to run several other test on Cole to confirm what he was saying.
Cole’s blood group was O+ positive while his daughter’s own was far different.
the last result showed that the DNA test was wrong.
It appears negative, meaning Cole wasn’t the father of the child.
Coleman’s world [email protected]£ crashing down.
He refused to believe it.
The child was treated and the whole bill was pres£nted to Cole but he didn’t have such an amount.
He deposited what he had and promised to run around for the rest of the money.
He was doing a menial Job that doesn’t pay much, upkeep and feeding had been quiet difficult but they try to manage with what they have.
He later confronted Lizbeth with what the doctor told him but she denied having anything to do with another men except him.
Cole was begining to think de-ep to what the doctor told him.
Ever since the birth of his daughter, Lizbeth has not been able to conceive again. They don’t use protec-tion, yet no sign of pregnancy.
Which means that the fertility drugs either didn’t work or something else went wrong.
He went back to the fertility doctor that prescribe-d the drugs which Florence paid for it all despite how expensive it was back then.
The doctor checked him, shake’s his head sadly. He confirmed that he still has the infertility disorder. Medically, He can’t still pregnant a woman except if miracle happens.
Coleman was emotionally disabled.
He went back to his house and for the first time wept de-eply in pri-vate.
The doctor said he can purchase the drugs again and give it another try but Cole felt is a waste of money and time.
His mother, madam Gold abandoned him and refused helping him financially.
She said he was a grown man and no more a boy and he nee-ds to start acting like a man.
Maybe he was serving a punishment for his add!çtion in p©rn and other dirty and dangerous S-xual lifestyle he got involved in the past.
He confronted Lizbeth again, this time he was way serious than he was before.
He threaten throwing her to the street with her daughter if she does not tell him who she sle-pt with aside him before their daughter was conceived.
Lizbeth later confessed to slee-ping with Dominic, the security guy and her excuse was because Cole ignored her during the early time that Florence was around.
Which means the baby belongs to Dominic.
Cole fell heavily to the ground. He can’t believe he was previously sharing Lizbeth with his ordinary gate man.
He couldn’t bear all the heartbreak. He angrily threw Lizbeth out with her daughter.
Lizbeth pleaded, she fell to the ground crying and begging Cole because she does not have anywhere to go neither does she know where Dominic lives.
Cole s£nt her away, Lizbeth left.
Dominic, the security guy resigned after the incident with Florence where he was also arrested.
Immediately after his re-leased from police custody he packed his things and left and was never heard off.
Lizbeth was able to locate where Dominic was living.
He was doing well with his new line of business, which is second grade clothing.
He refused to accept the child, he told Lizbeth he was alre-ady married and his wife recently gave birth to a baby girl for him
He does not want any issue with his wife and neither does he want to have anything to do with her or her child.
Lizbeth cry and left, she returned to Cole, all she nee-ded was roof over her head and that of her daughter.
She has no money or house. Her relatives lives far in a distance village.
She knelt pleading for Cole to forgive, she promised to work and support the house. She promise to be the help she sighed up in the beginning to be.
She only wanted a roof over her head and that of her daughter.
Cole refused, he did not want to see her face or the child’s face.
He was not moved by Lizbeth tears or that of the baby.
For almost four years he has been taking care of the daughter thinking it was his, struggling with everything he can to bring food home.
All this while Lizbeth knew de-ep within that the child wasn’t his yet never mentioned it.
Marina also deceived him for two years until the truth [email protected]£ to light.
She was able to recover from the hospital after what happened and despite all the surgeries and dermatologic filling, her life was never the same.
Why was he a target of all this evil women. Why will he ever choose such dubious and manipulative women over his own dear wife who truly and sincerely loves him.
Lizbeth was the reason he and Florence divorce, she was the reason Florence almost killed herself.
Maybe he also shares in the blames but Lizbeth broke his family into pieces. She scattered his home and drove Florence out.
He signed the divorce not because he really wanted to but it was a ha-rd choice for him due to Lizbeth pregnancy which he thought was his.
Florence never demanded for anything, she accepted peaceful settlement.
She forgived, she loved and despite all he did Florence never turned her back on him. She took up every responsibility, both for his personal use and for the entire house.
The saying that you never know what you have until you lose it has come to [email protected] in his life.
Florence was worth more than the entire world to him yet he took her for granted.
All she wanted was gratitude from him but she got paid back with several cheating, scandals and verbal abuse.
He miss her and regret all he did.
He wants his wife back and was re-ady to do anything it takes to have her.
His only prayer and hope was that she should not be marry yet.
Florence de-eply loves him and if she sees how sincere he was she may accept him back.
She will definitely accept him back if he knees and plead for her forgiveness.
They will come back together, remarry again and start living as husband and wife.
They will try the fertility drugs one more time and if it didn’t work out they will settle with adoption. They may adopt one or two kids and become parents as they have always wanted.
There is no other woman that will love and support him like Florence will.
Anything it requires, he will remarry his wife again. She belongs to him alone and none other
Florence won’t be able to move on just like that because of the love she has for him.
Coleman went on a search for Florence. He went to Susan’s place despite how scared he was of troublesome Susan.
Susan chased him and warned him never to smell near her place.
She also mentioned that Florence has a sweet loving family but Cole didn’t believe her. He thought Susan only wanted to get back at him.
He went to her old work place but found out that Florence no longer work there.
Days, weeks, months he kept searching until he decided to swallow pride and shame and go and look for her at Maxwell’s mansion.
Florence was informed by the security that a man was looking for her.
She was sitting outside the pool house while Maxwell swims in the swimming pool.
They have been married for over two years now, it was a quiet wedding. Nothing loud and ever since then her life appears like a fairytale.
She was loved, respected and cared for.
Maxwell adores her.
After their wedding, there was [email protected] pregnancy but it was not for a long period.
She later [email protected]£ pregnant, it was a dream come true for her and Maxwell
She had her first baby in the UK before returning back.
It as a baby boy, when the baby was just ten months old she [email protected]£ pregnant again unexpectedly and she is alre-ady six months gone.
Living a Godly life was far easy with an encouraging [email protected] like Maxwell.
They pray together, study the Bible together. They do things in common and he was planning to finally relocate them to UK.
He was putting plans in place for that and before she will get to nine months of pregnancy everything will be set to travel out.
Maxwell was swimming in the pool, she was relaxing outside the pool house with her a year plus son and her fat pregnancy belle, sipping her home made vegetable smoothie when one of the security guard [email protected]£ to inform her about the stranger.
She was told that the strangers name was Coleman.
Florence startled a little. She began to wonder if it was her ex husband or there was another Coleman.
Maxwell seeing the security [email protected]£ out of the pool, he asked what was the problem and he was told the stranger asking for Florence.
He asked the security to s£nd the person in.
Maxwell dried off his b©dy. Tied a towel round his [email protected]!st, un-derneath his swimming trunk and lifted his son to his b©dy.
The little boy wiggles happily and laughed as his Dad pla-yed with him.
Maxwell asked his wife if she was alright and she nodded with a smile.
Cole was led by the security, he was in aww as he looked at the compound and how beautiful it was.
Florence used to mention how she loves nature and art works but he usually ignore her whenever she start talking about things she likes and enjoys doing.
Maxwell must be a lover of art due to the decorations on the compound wall, some statue where carefully placed around, there was a small waterfall spring that runs towards a green flower garden.
The whole place looks like an amusement park. He also loves it as he continued looking at the whole place in wonder.
He silently prayed that Florence was only living with Maxwell as [email protected][email protected] and nothing serious.
He hopes they’re not yet married. Maybe Florence was finding it ha-rd moving on because of the kind of love she truly have for him.
Her love for him can’t be compared to whatever she shares with her ex b©yfri£ndwho kept forcing his way into her life
He was led down to where Maxwell and Florence where.
At first, he saw Maxwell holding a little boy up in his arm, he swallowed ha-rd as many thoughts crossed his mind.
Jealousy was suddenly written all over him. He silently wish the cute boy is not for Maxwell.
As he got closer and closer, he saw the big pool, and a shield like a house. There were beach wooden seats all around the pool.
He saw a lady relaxing on one of the beach seat. There was a green jui-ce in a transparent long plastic cu-p with a straw attached to it. It was on a small table beside her.
That must be smoothie, he thought within himself.
He used to enjoy freshly made smoothie that Florence usually prepares for him back then.
He remembered that Florence concentrated so much into him and less in herself.
Always re-ady to plea-se him at all cost.
Who could be that lady, maybe Maxwell got married to another woman. Is either he wasn’t interested in Florence again after what happened before or Florence couldn’t move on with him due to she miss being Mrs Spence.
At first he didn’t recognize the lady but another closer look showed that the lady was actually Florence.
She looks pregnant and her ba-re skin radiant beautifully than he has ever seen her before.
He suddenly began to miss his steps, he doesn’t know what to do or how to approach them.
“Hello Coleman… what brou-ght you to my house?
Maxwell said still standing.
Cole was speechless as he looked from Florence to her stomach.
She was obviously pregnant.
It looks so unbelievable. Florence was pregnant, for real.
That means she was very alright all this while, The one with the problem has always been him.
She was wearing a diamond wedding ring, Maxwell too wore a wedding band.
They were married, how come they alre-ady have a son and she was pregnant again.
Which means Florence moved on really fast after the divorce.
It was unlike her to forget him so quic-kly.
He can swear that Florence loved him more than Maxwell and does not suppose to move on so fast.
They were not only married but expecting their second child.
Susan was right then, she said so but he never believed.
“What are you doing here Cole?
Florence asked him with a frown across her face.
Cole began stuttering. He was not ma-king s-en-se. No one un-derstands what he was saying.
He forgot all the line he practice before coming and felt stupid standing like a beggar.
He had no car or a good means of income.
The only thing to his name was the house which he has thought of selling severally, so that he can have enough money, to get a smaller [email protected], a car and maybe start a business.
His fear is
What if the business didn’t work out and his rent expired in the new [email protected] and he couldn’t renew it. He will finally be thrown into the street.
He knew Maxwell was rich, when Florence brou-ght home the cheque that they used to pay back the loan from the bank but he never knew he was far richer beyond his thoughts.
Cole stammered again.
Maxwell turned to him.
“Let this be your first and last to come close to my house. I will get you locked up if you dares try it. My wife and I won’t tolerate this nons-en-se next time. We thought you had better thing that brou-ght you here but is obvious that you are quiet confused. I don’t joke with my wife or my kids, and I wouldn’t want to see your wretched face around my estate or close to my compound again… this is a clear warning. Stay far off…
Cole began to apologise. He fell on his knees and began to beg Florence.
He narrated how Lizbeth deceived him again with Dominic baby. The daughter she gave birth to wasn’t his own after everything. He broke down and wept like a child as he told Florence how miserable his life was without her in it.
Florence scoffed and said
“Okay, I’m sorry for your miserable life Mr Spence. I have no grudge or hate against you. As you can see my life is flourishing and I have no reason to hate you for pushing me to my de-sired glory. If all that happened with you never happened, I will still be stock with you suffering and smiling in silent. You pushed me ha-rd Cole and I landed right here and the honey in my mouth is too sweet I can’t let go, I wish I had discovered it before now but I’m glad that it didn’t pas-s me by. Like my husband said don’t step your feet in here again, is not because we hate you but we don’t nee-d your type of person niggling in our lives. Go and take back Lizbeth and accept the baby as yours or you will be really lonely for the rest of your life and don’t forget to rededicate your life to God so that he may have mercy on you…”
Cole try saying something, Maxwell asked the security guard to throw him out.
Cole cried himself home.
He was devastated and even attem-pted suicide but couldn’t.
He decided to take Florence advice by going to look for Lizbeth and the daughter.
He found them and took them home.
Seeing them everyday will remind him that he loosed a diamond while gathering stone.
A regret without remedy that he will forever live with.
He later re-trace his steps back to God as he threw off every form if sinful item in his possession. He surrendered wholeheartedly to God.
He found a bible believing church which he attends with Lizbeth and daughter.
Florence later relocated to UK with her family where she gave birth to her second child, a beautiful baby girl.
She was done with child bearing and decided to focus more in raising her kids with her God s£nt husband Maxwell who loves her even more on each breaking of a new day.
Being Mrs Spence almost took her life and crumble her entire world but right from the moment she changed her name to Mrs Luke her world was built with a strong beautiful bricks that none can tear down.
She is not only a wife to a unique being like Maxwell, she was also a mother, she was a Mom to children she carried and gave birth to after thinking she will never be able to give birth to a baby in her life time.
She was a mother after over a decades of childlessness or a happy home.
Her second chance to life that God gave her was far better then the first life she ever lived.
She will never st©p appreciating every seconds in it.
She un-derstands better now that every breath we take is a precious gift from God that none should ever take for granted
Rather, we should live a life that will be plea-sing to the creator.
For heavenly race is personal and every being must answer to his or her creator how well they spent their days on earth.
“…God is not dead, only those who never encounters him or truly know him says and believe so. if God can reach out and pu-ll me out of the dungeon of death when the enemy try to bury me… how much more he will do to them that sincerely calls out to him for rescue…”
Florence said to the group of women during a bible study clas-s which she was hosting twice in a week right in UK where she was based with her family.
Even Susan sometimes joins her online clas-s.
During the holiday, Florence invited her over.
Maxwell as-sisted in processing all their papers and Susan with her entire family [email protected]£ to spend quality time in UK.
The two sisters [email protected]£ strong leading women in their different location and society with the full support of their dear husbands.


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