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Being Mrs Spence Episode 32

Episode 32
“You look stunning” he exclaimed as she appeared.
She was grinning from ear to ear as she thanked him.
He opened the door and she got into the car.
Susan was peeping from the window inside and couldn’t help but smile too.
This was the second month that Maxwell and Florence started going out.
It has taking Florence months after her divorce to decide and to agree to give another chance to love.
Ever since then it’s been blooming and beautiful seeing them together.
This will be the first time she will be going over to Maxwell’s house.
She went for shopping last week got lots of beautiful cloths which she used to change her entire wardrobe.
She also got some for Susan and she likes all of hers.
Florence sold her car after the mechanic kept demanding for more money to fix it.
She got a better Job, more than her former place of work throu-gh the help of Maxwell.
She insisted she wanted to work, going out and doing something will help her think less.
She was smiling more now than before, Life was ma-king s-en-se again and she felt that though her life was deprived of colours before but the colors were begining to come back.
Her next move will be getting her own [email protected] which Susan asked her to hold on, even Maxwell discouraged her from that.
They asked her to wait and save up more money before thinking towards an [email protected]
As Florence sat inside the car, Maxwell bent over and k!$$£d her cheek before driving off.
When they got to his place, Bianca and other Maxwell domestic staffs lined up to welcome her.
She felt very welcomed
Maxwell served her favorite meal, she devoured it hungrily.
She talked about how much she has missed the whole food.
They sat over an interesting family series, which used to be one of Florence’s favorite before life got busy for her.
She allowed Maxwell hold her in his arms, she crawled up to his warm b©dy relaxed as the show went on.
After it was over, he took her to his big and well decorated be-droom, that is filled with nature.
Florence realized then that not a single thing has changed in it.
It still feels so warm and inviting with all the amazing decorations on the wall.
It all appears new to her eyes, especially the florescent wallpapers.
While she fixed her gaze at one, she suddenly startled as a hand gently [email protected]£d her from behind. It tickles her a little and she went all laughing.
Maxwell turned her over to him.
“You obviously miss some of the things down here, but I miss you way too much. I feel like devouring you…
Florence laughed.
“I miss you too Max. I’m happy, not just because of your forgiveness, but the fact you love and still finds me appealingly…and desirable. You’re not just a good man but one of a kind. I’m blessed to have you and I promise never to take any of that for granted.
Maxwell curved a smile, he k!$$£d her ba-re shoulder, her n£¢k, cheek and mouth.
He whispered quietly.
“I miss you so much…I miss you Flox.
He pu-ll-ed her into his b©dy, held and k!$$£d her even more.
Florence responded
“…I love you Flox, I want you…I don’t want to lose you again. I want all of you…
He continued k!ss!ngher, he led her to his king size be-d, gently unZi-pped her go-wn untill it drops from her shoulder.
She held before it will get to the ground.
He re-moved his t-shi-t, pu-ll-ed off his Jean trou-ser and toosed it aside
He [email protected] ed quietly and began k!ss!ngher all over again.
Florence flenched in fear as he fondles and ca-ressed her b©dy tenderly.
She suddenly began to tap him to st©p.
Maxwell who was [email protected] ha-rd suddenly st©pped.
She looked pale and scared when he looked up at her.
“Ar…e you alright? I’m sorry… I was too much in a haste. Flox, my b©dy…is on fire for you. I really want you, I miss your softness, invitingl-ips…and tender b©dy. I want to make love to you… finally. I don’t want to hide the way I truly feel about you Flox. but it appears like I’m hurrying you beyond your wish… right? I’m sorry about that…what do you want? Tell me and I will abide…”
Florence breathed de-eply, sat up from the be-d, she wore her cloth properly and said while looking into Maxwell’s eyes
“There’s no use rushing the same food you will get tired of eating Max. I also de-sires you but there is no nee-d to rush ourselves yet, yesterday made it the second month we started [email protected]!ngagain and I can clearly say, that my heart truly beats for you. You make me happy than I imagined ever being. After my encounter with God, I vowed to live an upright life and never to indulge in any thing that displea-ses him. He didn’t give me another chance to continue meddling in sin of the past…I want to make my every moment count, plea-sing God with every of my breath. I wanted to tell you when we started k!ss!ngbut my own fleshly de-sires where higher than what I wanted to stand for. I’m equally sorry that I have to st©p the fun here. I’m not gonna displea-sed God to plea-se my worldly de-sires again…
Maxwell was quiet, he didn’t say a word even after Florence was done talking.
“…are you okay Max? I’m sorry that…
Maxwell stood up, [email protected]£d his trou-ser from where he tossed it and wore.
Florence [email protected]£ scared of his reaction, but her mind was made up.
She won’t displea-sed God to plea-se him because of earthly plea-sure.
Her every encounter still feels fresh in her mind and if she indulge in this act because of the way she feels about Maxwell, wanting him more than he even wants her. If she go ahead to do this, God will be highly disappointed in her and she will be disappointed in herself too.
Is either God’s way or no other way at all.
She wasn’t facing Maxwell, rather backing him.
She turned and looked at Maxwell, he was searching for something frantically in his wardrobe.
She turned to her front, wondering how to explain to and make him un-derstand.
She loves him too and wish to also get la-id but only at the right time.
ma-king out with him now will be two adults, who knows and un-derstand God’s way clearly but still went ahead to fornicate together despite how much God frowns at such act.
She only wants to do whatever plea-ses God and not man and to….
Maxwell interrupted her thoughts.
She turned and saw him on one knee, he was stretching out his hand towards her, there was this beautiful expensive diamond ring in his hand.
“… Flox…”
He cleared his throat, [email protected] out and called her again.
Florence was shocked as she quic-kly stood on her feet wondering what he was doing
“Max…. what are you doing?
Florence looked on not knowing what was going on
“plea-se marry me…” Maxwell said with all seriousness.
“What…is this a joke or what? Florence responded, more surprised.
“plea-se marry me…” Maxwell repeated again.
“Max…I…ho….I don’t un-derstand? Florence stammered
“…are you asking me to marry you because you want to make love to me or because you meant this? I… don’t un-derstand… this wasn’t in the plan…i mean we just started [email protected]!nglast month and this was the first time I was coming to your place after our previous breakup… how did you get the ring, was it really for me? I don’t know how to react to all of this Max…”
Maxwell rose from the floor and sat on his re-ading chair.
He dropped the ring beside him and left it open.
He began to speak without looking at Florence. His whole attention was on the ring.
” I bought this diamond when I thought you were truly going to get a divorce after nursing Cole back to health. So, I bought this and kept waiting until when you will finalize with the whole divorce thingy. My hopes where finally coming to life after giving you the cheque which you said will hasten you in signing the papers. I looked at the ring almost everyday back then reas-suring myself that it just a matter of little time. But after coming to your place and got the whole shock from Cole that you have not only been slee-ping together on the same be-d you were inti-mately involved and you were pregnant for him. That was… the stro-ke that broke me into pieces. I didn’t know how or where to start from. I trusted and believed you so much and never expected the shock I got. i decided to keep the ring where my eyes won’t get to it so that it doesn’t remind me of you. Recently, when we finally started again, I searched for where I threw the ring, brou-ght it out and kept in my wardrobe. This wasn’t how I planned the whole proposal thing to go, but there’s no better time than now. Flox, i can’t possibly propose to you because I want to get un-der your [email protected] That’s crazy and very lame. I dislike the fact you will think less me… how can you even think of such Flox? I love you and have always been patient with you. I respect God and will never come in between you and him. That’s for fact”
“I’m… sorry Max… I’m sorry. plea-se I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful or say any of what I said. I was just shocked… never saw this coming…”
Max nodded quietly.
He picked up the ring, without getting up he looked at Florence and asked.
“So… is that a yes. You will marry me…?
Florence moved around uncomfortably.
She went close to Max and said.
“No… no! I mean I don’t know Max. It feels too early for me. I nee-d time to think about it…
Maxwell nodded, he tries to smile as he stood.
“No problem Flox.
He didn’t act like he was angry or happy.
He later went to drop Florence
Immediately she got down, he zoomed off.
Florence ran inside, before her sister could ask her about her day with Maxwell she began to spill.
“….He asked me to marry him…”
“Oh wow. Congratulations. We got a wedding to plan. He didn’t propose with a ring… because I can’t find one on your f!nger but that isn’t a big deal. We can do away with the ring thing and focus on the main planning. I’m really happy for you Flo….
Susan kept talking excitedly until Florence interrupted.
” I…I didn’t accept it Suzy… I turned it down. Before you judge me I only felt it was too early. My divorce is not even a year yet is just eight months. Accepting another man fully into my life is not something I want to rush over. I don’t think Max was happy after turning him down, he tries to act like all is well but de-ep down I know Maxwell very well…he isn’t happy. I only wish he un-derstands and give me time to brood over my ex husband. To totally get rid of being Mrs Spence which comes to mind ones in a while”
Susan began to laugh sarcastically at Florence.
“You are still brooding over being Mrs Spence? Are you also mourning over a lost husband or child? I don’t un-derstand you Flo. You don’t want to move on with your life right? You’re still brooding over the Spence. Okay… just know that Maxwell will not wait forever. He won’t and ones he moves on there’s no looking back. You will get to forty and then fifty and sixty will come knocking and seventy will greet you when you’re about leaving sixty and they will all ask you “how’s your brooding over being Mrs Spence going” you will grow real old because you refused to let go of being Mrs Spence by then you will be lonely without a husband… like Max who will love to grow old with you. A husband who will love you despite anything, with child or without. If you’re finding birthing a child difficult and you opt for an adoption or other method…a husband like Maxwell will never say no to you. He will support you in raising a child you will call yours. But since you are mourning over Coleman Spence who is alre-ady a father with Lizbeth baby, living like one family and probably waiting for the baby to wean so that he can pregnant her again. Lizbeth is pres£ntly the new Mrs Spence hope you can deal with that. Flo, go into your room and continue your mourning. I will support every decision Maxwell takes from now onwards. You have wasted enough of his time…he nee-ds to move on with his dear life. So that you can brood or mourn the Lost of your title as the first chair lady of the Spence…”
Susan’s word rang like bell in Florence ear.
The following morning, she couldn’t wait for dawn to come, she woke up early.
Got re-ady and left the house.
She took a taxi and went over to Maxwell’s resident.
The security and the cleaners cleaning up the compound that morning where surprised to see her so early.
She got inside and went over to Maxwell’s room
As she was about knocking, she had a female voice inside his room.
He was ro-mantically whispering something she can’t hear from the outside door to the lady.
The lady will laugh and say something to him also.
She thought of forcing her way into the room but seeing Maxwell with another woman will break her more.
Is better she just turned back and leave.
Instead of leaving she went to the sitting room and sat quietly, she will wait until when Maxwell will come out with the lady.
She was there for more than two hours waiting.
She arrived there around 6am and sat waiting until 8:30am when Maxwell [email protected]£ out dressed for church.
He was shocked to see Florence.
“What…ho… Flox? What are the doing here…
She stood up to face him angrily with tears in her eyes.
“, You are a liar and you lie so well. I can’t believe you Maxwell…all you men are filled with s¢v-m. Lying, cheating s¢v-m…
Maxwell looked shock, he tried to t©uçh her, he [email protected] his hand off and continue talking.
“… you pretend to love and care for me but you are just like Cole. Keep your distance from me. I hope you will finally give the ring to the main lady that warmed your be-d last night. Oh because I refused you, you decided to get another woman. Why did you come back to me when you know that you don’t really want me. You only wanted me to get inti-mate with you so that you can dump me. That was the plan… right? To get back at me for what I did in the past to you. Well, I get it… I’m glad I refused you tou-ching me. I’m happy that I [email protected]£ unannounced and witnessed this today. Enjoy your life Max. God will never leave me on a crossroad… that’s certain.
She turned to leave and Maxwell held her, preventing her from leaving.
“,I don’t un-derstand anything you just said, I don’t even un-derstand why you are sitting here or crying. I don’t know what I did…or why the whole insult. Give me an idea…. what is my offense… what did I do?
Florence continued struggling and kept saying “men are s¢v-m”.
Maxwell try taking her to his room to avoid his domestic staffs hearing them but she kept struggling.
He lifted her up and despite her hitting him, he was able to get her into his room.
Immediately they got to the room, he closed the door.
Florence on getting to the room she began looking around.
She was using her eyes to search every corner.
She went to the bathroom, to the wardrobe, un-der the be-d.
Maxwell stood wondering what got into and what she was searching for.
When she couldn’t find anything, she [email protected]£ back to Maxwell.
“Where is she hidding? I heard you…I heard her too. I can swear it… that you had a woman in here. You were both talking and laughing. I can bet you on that…
Maxwell raised an eyebrow.
He blinked back as realization hit him.
He went to his iPad, turned it on and showed Florence that he was talking with his daughter Alice.
Florence checked the last hour for the Skype and saw he was right.
She felt so ashamed and sat ha-rd on a chair.
She quietly muttered “I’m sorry… I’m.. really sorry. I thought there was another woman…”
She said wiping off a tear
Maxwell stood watching her speechless.
“I’m not like your ex husband… I’m nothing close like Coleman. plea-se, don’t compare us next time. men aren’t s¢v-m except men like your ex husband who choose that [email protected] Since you’re here, let’s go have breakfast and go to church together.
Florence remained seated.
Maxwell took her by hand and they later left for church.
When they [email protected]£ back, Florence who never st©pped apologising said.
“I thought of everything last night and couldn’t wait for day break so that…I can tell you that I’m re-ady, I walked down to your room with so much enthusiasm when I heard you talking and a female voice replying you. I’m so sorry Max… forgive me for my actions…
Maxwell as-sured her that it was okay.
He told her she could have come inside instead of as-suming so that she will get to meet and speak to his daughter for the first time.
That evening, he proposed to her again and she accepted.
They were both happy as they began planning their wedding together.


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