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Being Mrs Spence Episode 30

Episode 30
There was a tap on the door, it was obviously open but the person still decided to knock.
She recognized the male hand and knew who it was
He [email protected]£ in with a full wra-pped flowers of different types. Bigger than a normal bouquet.
That was all he said as he [email protected]£ and placed it on a table beside her be-dside.
“Hey Max…
She replied back with a smile.
…. that’s loads of flowers. Thank you Max…
She thought he was going to sit but he stood inside.
“Yea…I hand picked them by myself. Some has a healing s£nt… strong powerful unique fine smell. Like this one here…
He pu-ll-ed out one stick and asked her to inhale, she did with a smile.
There was another knock and before Florence could say anything Maxwell said to me.
“I [email protected]£ with Bill. He will be traveling by weekend back to London. I left him outside because he was on a phone call… hope you don’t mind us crowding up your small space again?
She nooded with a wave of hand.
Just then Bill [email protected]£ in. Ever since last week that she [email protected]£ out of coma, this was the third time he will be coming around.
Few days ago he [email protected]£ alone without Maxwell, he brou-ght some tasty donut and cream.
He spoke greatly of Maxwell and how much of a great guy he was.
He mentioned that Maxwell cares greatly about her and can’t st©p blaming himself for what happened.
Florence as-sured Bill that Maxwell got nothing to do with it and he shouldn’t blame himself for her unthinkable foolish decision.
She was supposed to be discharged from the hospital days ago but the doctors said she should stay few more days so that they can watch her if anything will change from her sudden quic-k recovery which still baffles the medical team.
Finally, Florence will be leaving tomorrow.
Susan has been great. She was mostly around except few occasions that she nee-ds to go home.
She [email protected]£ in the morning, picked some of Florence things in the hospital and went home.
Bill greeted with full smile as he stepped in.
“… congratulations, I heard you are leaving the hospital tomorrow. From the scary ICU to a normal hospital be-d then home. wow…after the darkest month of all our lives. You fought well, and you conquered it all. I’m proud of you… I’m gonna really miss you, I will be traveling by weekend… Maxwell isn’t gonna travel with me again. He said he got other things to do down here… well, anytime he feels like coming over, my door remains open for him and for you too…”
Florence thanked Bill and they talked about other things.
Bill and Florence mostly, Maxwell did not talk much. He stood all throu-gh while Bill sat
They stayed for sometime before finally leaving.
Bill left first, Maxwell asked when Susan will be coming back, Florence replied him.
He nodded silently before saying
“You’re alright? you nee-d anything… do you feel any pain at all..?
“I’m doing great…I don’t nee-d anything. Thanks Max…”
Florence replied.
Just then Susan [email protected]£ in. She was delighted to see Maxwell.
Maxwell later left with Bill. Susan stayed.
The following day she was discharged and went over to stay at Susan’s house.
Her bags and other personal belongings that was still back in the house was brou-ght to her by Susan.
Cole was re-leased from police custody after Florence [email protected]£ out of coma.
Lizbeth was re-leased before then due to her health condition.
Dominic too was freed, the house was later unsealed
The police handed over Florence items with them to Susan.
Florence got her bag which contains both her and Cole’s phone.
Back at Susan’s house, she kept thinking of all that happened as she stared at Cole’s phone.
She knew his pas-sword but opening his phone and going throu-gh is not what she find plea-sant doing.
She was afraid she may discover another thing that will hurt her emotions.
She put back the phone in her bag.
She remember saying she will s£nd Cole back to the street, retrieve the cheque and the bank will collect back the house but that was all before her encounter.
She does not have the mind to do any of what she planned.
Cole with Lizbeth is still a shock to her, a big shock she may never get away from.
Thinking about it still brings tears to her eyes but she had to try and move pas-s that.
She couldn’t return back to work, not because she was sacked but she may not be able to concentrate like she used to do.
She was still traumatized from the whole experience.
Maxwell had cleared all the hospital bills, the money was hvge yet he paid it all.
Cole did not bring a dime, even after he was freed he did not come to the hospital.
Probably he was afraid, his as-sumption was that Florence was dead. It was while in custody he got to know that Florence has been in coma.
He was also informed when she woke up and he was re-leased after then but he never [email protected]£ around.
After two months he [email protected]£ over to Susan without his car.
Susan asked him to leave and never step his feet again in her house but Florence asked her sister to calm down.
She can’t keep avoiding him, she asked Susan to let her speak to Cole in pri-vate.
Susan angrily left.
Cole sat down beside Florence.
“I… I’m glad that you made it. I was so scared… I thought you were dead. I could have come but lots of fear held me back. I don’t have money and I don’t have anyone that can loan me for your hospital bills. I was detained for more than two weeks at the police. Lizbeth and Dominic were both freed before me. I only learnt of your discharged two weeks ago and I suppose to come see you here but your sister… she won’t st©pped threatening me. I’m sorry Florence… plea-se forgive me, I know you may never forgive me but I still have to plead to be forgiven. I’m truly sorry…I thought I had loosed you. I was scared…I couldn’t live with myself with such realization. plea-se forgive me….
“Sure Cole. I Forgive you…I truly do from the dept of my heart.
Cole looked at her and saw she was serious. She indeed meant it. Maybe Florence was up to something, maybe she plans to hurt him back.
She can’t possibly forgive him just like that.
He asked her if she was certain and she affirmed it.
He breathed in relief.
“Maybe Florence still love him dearly and will love to return back”
He thought within himself
“ are you feeling..? Do you want to come home… you know no one can take your place”. Cole said
“No, I haven’t decided over that. But where is Lizbeth…if I come home what happens to Lizbeth… and her baby?
Cole [email protected] out at first before saying.
“I can get a small [email protected] for Lizbeth somewhere far, due to my child she is carrying. But I don’t have any money. I got some money from my Mom which we have been using ever since. I lost my new Job due to all of this problems. I was away for over two weeks. They were calling my line and I couldn’t be reached and i still don’t know where my phone is but I got a new phone with a new line. Is painful because I had lots of contact and stuffs saved in that phone. Lizbeth will have to stay with us for now until I have money to get a place for her. I’m searching for another job and hoping I will be lucky soon. I don’t even have money to fuel the car anymore. I’m thinking of selling it, right now is liability to me. Lizbeth nee-d money for hospital bills, we nee-d money for upkeep and feeding. If you return home now, expenses will increase and… don’t know if there’s a way you can get mon…
“Is alright Cole. I’m not coming back..
Florence interrupted.
“… Lizbeth is your major concern now…I un-derstand because she is pregnant with your child so she deserves all the attention from you. She will give you what I can’t give to you and I’m not even angry about that. I’m more grateful to be alive… having another chance to life is not something I want to trade for anything Cole. My entire heart is still recu-perating from all the shock I suffered. All I nee-d is my peace of mind. Do whatever you feels like doing… is alright.”
There was silent and Cole later said
“You know despite what happens with Lizbeth… you are still my wife and I still want..
Florence pu-ll-ed a hand to the air interrupting him.
“Yes… things have been happening and I remained your wife. When you will throw a h0t coffee on my face, when you will complain over the tiniest… little thing, when you will insult me both in pri-vate and public. Humiliate me and never care who is watching, turned me into S-x doll and I have to suffer my bruises and pain in silent. When you brou-ght in another woman whom you thought was pregnant for you after placing me on pills due to you were not re-ady to have a child. You said children were loads of responsibility that you aren’t out for such and until you are fully re-ady I just have to be on pills until then. I Agreed, complied with every of your given orders. You brou-ght in Marina that she was pregnant for you all of a sudden, moved my things out of my matrimonial be-droom. I still tried to stay, endured and fight the devil that was in my home. It got frustrating at some point, I left and out of the care and love I had for you and the way I value my marriage I retuned, but then your mother joined your gang to frustrates me. I was kicked out, you threatened me and never cared about my existence out there. I suffered my lose and cried myself to sleep most nights. I thought something was wrong with me, I thought I was the cause. I prayed and hope on God to Change things around for my marriage because I wasn’t re-ady for divorce, I hate the mention of it. You landed in the hospital, critically down that looks beyond repair, I stepped in without a second thought and nursed you like nothing ever happened. I employed the help of a physiothera-pist, I paid hvge amount for your fertility drugs after finding out that you had issues, problem that you caused for yourself. You can’t get a woman pregnant…I paid dearly for it, both emotionally and financially. I make sure that you are fully alright even when it wasn’t convenient for me. You paid me back with insults and bad attitude. I left and I was also able to get help for the house which was about to be taken by the banks due to your negligence and carelessness. I paid off your debt and was re-ady to start all over again. I thought I was finally pregnant which will be a good start but later realized I wasn’t I got insulted all over, names were called. I loosed great loving people in the process. People that loved and cared about me. But I felt you were enough, so I stayed and re-ady to make it works unknown to me that you have started another round of cheating marathon this time around it was with a so called trusted help. I got infected with S-xual transmitted disease which you denied outrightly. You said you never sle-pt with another woman aside me. You said I was actually the one that infected you. Well, I felt I was crazy yet I knew de-ep down that you must have sle-pt with another woman. I wanted to get this woman, I consulted the help of the main culprit. Wow, what an awesome plot. I must have been laughed at and called several names by you and your [email protected] in crime but I unknowingly continued my stupidity. I moved out of the room, got drugs for myself and for you for the infection and followed up untill we were both freed from it. That day I have gone out to think my life throu-gh, returning back i was re-ady to move back into the main room, and make my marriage work,, I was re-ady to be the good wife that I have always been and love and respect you like my husband. I was re-ady to even start trying for a baby, we may finally get lucky and I will be pregnant. Yes, I [email protected]£ back with a positive mindset, with so much believe that everything will be fine but I met the worst [email protected] of my life. I realized then I was tired of life itself. What exactly was I living for. i…I try to take the precious life that Christ alre-ady paid for. But his Grace was always sufficient because I never depend on my strength for anything. I surrendered to God and he rescue me from the pit of death….”
She swallowed ha-rd , wiped a tear and continued.
“…so you see Coleman, I was a good wife. Yes, I was a good and ha-rd -working wife, a supportive and caring wife. A respective and [email protected]!ngwife. I tried to be all for you, I made sacrifice, efforts and overlook your faults. I made enemies with people who mattered so much, who had never st©pped standing by me. I was in a war with them yet they never walked away when I was in a critical State of life. Mention one sacrifice, effort or whatever you have put into our marriage to make it work. All you do is to scatter and I will gather back. I won’t trade my second chance to life for anything or anyone. I will make good use of it while it last. Go Cole… return back to Lizbeth. She nee-d you more…I don’t nee-d you for anything. My kind prayers are with Lizbeth. She will deliver safely when the time comes…
She returned back his phone, Cole was happy on seeing his phone again.
He left after then while Florence watched him leave with tears filling her eyes.
She sat back on the chair, re-ady to move past everything that has held her back.
Is not time to gravel or brood over the past pain she suffered.
Is time to forge ahead and that is exactly what she will do.


  1. Nmenme

    This is the best decision Florence has ever made. If she stands by her decision and forget about Cole, she will live a better and more fulfilled life than she has ever lived. Toxic relationship can kill faster than any deadly disease. I wish her well in her new life’s journey. As for Coleman, I think what is coming after him will be worst than going to prison, because: one: Lizbeth’s baby might actually belong to the gateman. Two:Because he can never change,he might end up killing Lisbeth if he found out that the baby is not his. Three: He might end up selling his house and being thrown out on the streets. I also think max and Florence should have a heart to heart talk between them in oder to clear the thick and suffocating air around them. Kudos to the author; Great story and more greese to your elbow. Shalom.

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