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Beautiful mistake Episode 5

By vir-ginia As£nath
Lenata’s POV
‘Are you going to call him?’ Cindy asked after I narrated everything to them.
‘I don’t know what to do. What if he is contact with my mum and comes to destroy me again? What if he wants to hurt my son? I’m confused,’ I said and sighed.
‘And what if he has really changed? Don’t just base on the negative side,’ Myve said and her words seemed convincing.
‘What should I do?’
‘Give him an ear. Roy nee-ds a father’s figure in his life. You have overdone it on him,’ Cindy said.
‘I should call him?’ I asked to be sure I heard her correctly.
‘Yeah, listen to him. It will help you an-alyze if he has really changed,’ Myve said and I nodded.
I picked my phone and made the call.
Martin’s POV
I was seated on the couch watching a Netflix when my phone rang.
I picked it immediately though it was a new number.
‘Hi,’ she said lowly.
I recognised her voice and honestly I had missed that voice.
‘Hi, thank you for calling,’ I said with a smile.
‘Welcome, um.. What are we supposed to talk about?’ She asked still lowly.
‘Can we meet and talk?’
‘When and where?’
‘Today, I will s£nd you the venue,’
‘What time?’
‘In an hour,’
‘Okay,’ she said and hanged up.
I jumped up in joy. Her accepting to come was my biggest fear.
I s£nt her the address of the h0tel and went to prepare.
Episode 42
Lenata’s POV
I drove to the h0tel and he was alre-ady there. I walked to his table and his face lit up. I guess he thought I wouldn’t come.
‘Hi, hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long?’ I asked.
Honestly am so nervous.
He stood and helped me with the seat.
‘Thank you,’ I said.
He was just staring at me so I broke the silence.
‘What are we supposed to talk about?’ I asked trying not to be rude.
Martin’s POV
I was so happy when I saw her. I helped her with her seat because that was what I used to do when we were [email protected]!ng.
‘What are we supposed to talk about?’ she asked and that snapped me from my thoughts. I was still admiring her beauty and forgot we were to talk.
‘I’m sorry for how I treated you. plea-se I nee-d you back,’ I pleaded.
I hope my are well comprehended. I don’t know how to express how sorry I am, but honestly I nee-d her back.
I waited for her to reply but she was just staring at me.
‘I know I hurt you and chased you out of your house. I just can’t explain what [email protected]£ over me. plea-se forgive me and come back,’ I said and she laughed.
‘I’m sorry, ‘she said after the laugh.
I’m even more confused. Why did she laugh? Do I look funny? Did I say something wrong?’
I had all questions in my mind.
Episode 43
Lenata’s POV
When he said he didn’t know what [email protected]£ over him, I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess my mom has an accomplice who makes people confused like what she did to Alex. I un-der stand him better than anyone else.
‘Where is Alice?’ I asked.
She is the girl he married after me.
‘She took my money and left,’
‘I’m sorry,’
‘Will you find a place in your heart to forgive me?’ he asked and from his face he was genuine.
‘I forgave you long ago,’ I found myself saying.
‘Thank you so much,’ he said happily.
‘Welcome,’ I said simply.
‘Is Roy my son?’ he asked.
Martin’s POV
‘Is Roy my son?’ I asked, not that I didn’t know but I just wanted to hear from the horse mouth.
I stared at her and she nodded. I felt overwhelmed with joy.
‘Thank you,’ I said and hvgged her from behind.
‘Can you introduce me to him? plea-se I want to know him better,’ I said still holding her from behind.
‘I will but sometime he is ha-rd to deal with,’
‘He went to school, maybe after school. You can come over for dinner. I will give you the address,’
‘Thank you so much,’
‘Welcome, I will get going. I have an appointment in the next thirty minutes,’ she said and I let go of her.
I went back to my room smiling.
It’s now easier to win her back since she has forgiven me.
Episode 44
Martin’s POV
I dressed in a casual and drove to her house. I must admit the house is pretty. The guards didn’t ask any questions, maybe she informed them I will be coming. I packed my car and got in but the place was silent. I took out time to admire the decorations. Everything there was glas-s and a ???? written ‘Roy’. It was a beautiful sight to behold. I was still admiring and didn’t realize Roy was there.
‘Hey mister, hope you didn’t come to bu-mp into me in our house,’ he said and it snapped me from my thoughts.
I wanted to hvg him, tell him that am proud of him, I love him so much and never wanted to abandon him.
I couldn’t, I nee-ded to wait until I’m well introduced to him.
‘I didn’t come to bu-mp into you. I [email protected]£ we have dinner,’ I managed to say with a smile.
‘I now un-derstand why mum has been busy in the kitchen,’ he said with a wi-nk.
This boy is spoilt.
‘Let’s go, I guess you wouldn’t love eating while standing,’ be said and walked away.
I followed him to the dinning and it was half set.
‘Tell me more about yourself,’ I suggested.
‘I Love my mom so much. She is my role model. My mom can sacrifice everything just to make me smile,’ he said and I couldn’t help but smile.
‘What do you to do when you grow up?’ I asked.
‘My mom is saving money for me to start a modelling company when I turn seven. Then I will give my mom everything she wants. Even if it means the world,’ he said.
Episode 45
Martin’s POV
I’m so much Impressed with him. At five and his [email protected] is an-alyzing big things, isn’t that incredible.
‘Do you de-sire to see your dad?’ I found myself asking.
‘Yeah, I wish I could see him. Mum said he went to look for more money and will come back for us,’ he said and I was shocked.
She didn’t tell him that I abandoned them.
‘What will you do if you see your dad, now or let’s say tonight?’
‘Get angry. Why did he leave, we would have made the money together. Mum did it alone, right?’ it sounded more of a question than a statement.
How will I tell him that I don’t know why I left and in my right s-en-ses I would never do that.
I was still thinking of what to say next when Karen walked into the dining with dishes. She hvgged me and took Roy in her arms.
Lenata’s POV
I heard everything they said from the projector in the kitchen. I knew Martin is almost spilling the truth and Roy won’t take lightly. I went there to save him embarras-sment. I placed the food and took Roy and placed him on my [email protected] He doesn’t like food so we always fight.
‘Mum, put me down plea-se. I promise I will eat all the food,’ he said pleadingly.
‘Okay, I’m the one serving you,’ I said more of a command.
Episode 46
Lenata’s POV
‘plea-se don’t put a lot,’ he said still pleading.
I filled the plate and maintained a straight face. Actually this is how we do daily for him to eat.
He kept eating and complaining at the same time.
‘Table manners. You don’t talk while eating,’ I said and he kept quiet.
After eating I hvgged him and placed him on my [email protected] It’s time to tell him the truth.
‘Darling,’ I called and he looked at me.
I’m so nervous, I don’t know how he will react.
I looked and Martin and he win-ked at me.
‘He is….,’ I started but couldn’t comprehend a full s£ntence. Roy was just staring at me.
‘He is your dad,’ I said and he stared at me with an expressionless face.
He looked at me and back to him several times before speaking.
‘He is the one who went to look for money?’ he asked with no expression.
I nodded and he left my [email protected]
‘How much did you make?’ he asked facing Martin.
‘I’m sorry, I never wanted to leave,’ Martin said.
I saw tears his eyes and he ran upstairs. I tried calling him but he didn’t st©p.
Martin stood and wanted to follow him but I st©pped him.
‘Let me talk to him,’ I said and went after him. I got to his door but it was locked.
I knocked but he didn’t answer.
Episode 47
‘Open the door plea-se,’
‘I don’t want to see anyb©dy,’
‘I’m not anyb©dy. We always go throu-gh everything together, remember?’
He was silent for a while before opening the door. I got inside and he was crying. Seeing him crying broke my heart.
‘Don’t cry everything will be fine,’ I said ru-bbing him on the back while he sobbe-d.
‘Why did he come back?’
‘He [email protected]£ back for you,’
‘Why now?’ Where was he when my schoolmates embarras-sed me just because I had a single mum?’
He asked and I could help myself as the tears I was fighting back got there way out. He was in pain. I had forgiven Martin but the Roy I know, is a ha-rd type.
‘Will you forgive him?’
‘Mum, I can’t. He isn’t even my dad,’
‘You look alike,’
‘That isn’t a guarantee that he is my dad. Maybe he was always around you when you were pregnant and transferred his looks to me,’ he said and I couldn’t help but laugh.
‘Listen to him, maybe you will find a place to forgive him,’
‘Will he tell me the truth?’
‘Which truth?’
‘Mum, plea-se. He didn’t leave us because of money,’
‘Okay, then promise you will listen and not be rude. He is still your father,’ I said and be nodded.
I carried him back downstairs and Martin had his head covered in his hands.
Episode 48
Martin’s POV
I knew it won’t be easy but I never thought he would hate me. I had buried my head in my hands when I heard Karen clear her throat. I looked up and she had Roy in her arms but his eyes were red and he looked pale. I think he has been crying. I tried to take him but he refused.
‘I’m sorry for leaving you. I won’t repeat that mistake again,’ I tried saying to him but he just stared at me.
‘Why did you leave us?’ he asked after a while.
‘I don’t have a tangible answer to that. I wasn’t in my right s-en-ses. I promise it won’t repeat itself,’ I just had to be honest with him. He is young but intelligent.
‘What make you think that from now you will always be in your right s-en-ses?’
I think someone just cut my ton-gue. What kind of answer am I supposed to give him?
I nee-d someone to come and save me.
Karen’s/Lenata’s POV
I was shocked at Roy’s question. I squee-zed his hand and he looked at me.
‘What mum? It’s just a question and I nee-d and answer. I nee-d an explanation to give my clas-smates to st©p embarras-sing me of having a single best mum,’ he said with a stern face.
He goes to the best school in town and am going to deal with those students who embarras-s him. ‘You didn’t tell me I would have dealt with them,’ I said and he just smiled but it was a sad one.
‘I’m back it won’t happen again,’ Martin said.
By vir-ginia As£nath
Episode 49
Alex’s POV
‘I’m going to pick up Roy,’ I told Cindy picking my car keys.
‘You are going with him somewhere?’
‘I have been called that Roy nee-ds to shoot tomorrow,’ I said a d started walking out.
‘Take care,’ she shouted from behind but I didn’t answer.
I have the best wife on earth. She is so loving, kind and caring. I don’t have more to ask from God than her. If given another life, I will choose her again and again.
I got to Karen’s house and everywhere was silent. It’s only 7:30pm and they don’t sleep at this time. I got in and I didn’t nee-d a prophet to tell me this man is his dad.
‘Uncle,’ Roy shouted running to me.
‘I hope I didn’t interfere with anything,’ I said picking him up.
‘He is my dad who left us,’ Roy said sounding irritated.
‘But he had his reasons and he is back, right?’
He just nodded.
‘We have a shooting tomorrow, are you going?’ I asked and he nodded almost immediately.
‘Let me leave,’ I suggested.
‘We were supposed to go for a movie tonight,’
‘Let’s do it tomorrow, but today you nee-d to talk to your dad,’ I said putting him down.
I shook hand with Martin before walking out. I un-derstand him and I hope Roy forgives him. That boy was raised differently and doesn’t change his mind easily unless his mother convinces him. He has his own principalities and attitudes.
Episode 50
Martin’s POV
I wanted to talk but my phone distracted me. I looked at the phone on the couch and back to her but she had the same shock I had. I have not talked to her mom ever since I talked to Andrew to set her free. She looked back on the phone and nodded. I picked the phone and put on loud speaker.
‘Hello, Martin are you there?’ she asked but seemed not fine.
‘Are you okay?’ I asked back.
‘Did you get my daughter?’
I wanted to accept but Karen nodded negatively.
‘No mum, am still looking for her,’
‘I may not have much time left on earth but I have one request. If you find her tell her am sorry and take care of her for me,’ she said.
I looked at Karen and she had tears in her eyes.
‘Mum,’ she called audibly.
‘Is that her?’ she asked and her voice was not so cold as the start.
‘What happened to you?’ Karen asked again in tears.
‘I have cancer and it’s in the last stage and I may not survive. I love you so much and am sorry for all the pain I caused you. Cindy is you real sister I took you away when you were delivered. I so sorry plea-se forgive me,’ she said and the line went dead.
‘Mum, are you there?’ Karen asked and now the tears knew no bond.
I called again and the voice was different.
‘Where is the owner of the phone?’ I asked trying to hide the shock and acting calm.
‘We lost her,’ she said.
‘We, you and who?’ Karen asked and you could feel pain in her voice.
By vir-ginia As£nath
Episode 51
Karen’s/Lenata’s POV
I know she has done a lot of bad things but I never wished for her to die. This idiot of a nurse is telling me they lost her as if she knows her.
‘Mum what is it?’ Roy asked.
‘Your grandma is dead,’ I said.
‘I don’t even know her,’ he said.
He looked at Martin and spoke.
‘I have forgiven you,’ he said and I could see Martin’s face lit up.
He picked him up happily and I even forgot about my mom as I admired their beautiful union. I smiled as he pe-cked him laughing.
‘Hey, am not invisible,’ I said and they all laughed.
I called Cindy and they all [email protected]£ with Myve and Alex. It is wonderful having all of them here.
I made mistakes but sometimes I thank God because they are the reason am where I am today.

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