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Beautiful mistake Episode 4

By vir-ginia As£nath
Episode 4
Andrew’s POV cont.
If I [email protected] hands on her, she will regret meeting me. I don’t know why I haven’t killed her until now. ha-rd y says I have a soft sp©t for her, though am not sure. Actually she is pretty, that’s undeniable. I drove out of the compound and went to Eva’s first property. Her h0tel, though am the only one who knows she owns it.
‘I’m looking for Karen Watren,’ I asked the receptionist.
‘There is no one here with that name,’ she replied.
I turned back to meet Martin staring at me.
‘What’s up bro?’ I asked since from the look on his face he seems frustrated.
He has been my friend for a long time. We grew up together so he is more like a brother to me. He was still staring at me.
‘Let’s get a table,’ I suggested and he just followed.
‘What happened to you?’ I asked.
‘Do you know her?’ He asked.
‘Yeah and you?’
‘She was my wife and is carrying my baby,’ he said and I pinched myself to confirm if ain’t dreaming.
‘Your what?’ I asked shocked.
‘My wife and am looking for her,’
‘Is she the one you told me you are chasing away since you don’t love her?’
‘I still love her, I was just blinded. She is expecting my child I can’t leave her out there alone,’
‘She was my property. Her mom sold her to me but she ran away,’
‘You mistreated her,’ he half yelled.
‘Between me and you who is the bad one. You s£nt her away homeless yet you knew she was pregnant,’
‘Don’t you un-derstand, I don’t know what [email protected]£ over me. I even took her house away,’
‘Her mother doesn’t even know where she is,’ I said and his eyes turned red.
‘Just help me look for her, plea-se bro,’ he pleaded.
‘She is carrying a baby boy and now she is six months pregnant,’ I said and stood up.
Andrew’s POV
He just spoiled my mood of looking for her. I drove to my secret house to think.
Karen’s POV
Cindy are leaving today so we didn’t go to work. We are helping them pack. Am happy that Alex has forgiven me.
Six years later
Lenata/Karen’s POV
????Alex is coming to pick him.
Cindy said.
????Okay, he is re-ady.
????See you at the mall.
She said and hanged up.
‘How do I look mummy?’ Roy asked coming downstairs.
‘You look good darling,’
‘Has uncle Alex arrived?’ He is on his way.
‘With Melisa, right?’
‘I think so,’
Just then the door knob twisted and I knew who it was.
‘Aunty,’ Melissa shouted running towards me.
‘How are you?’
‘Fine. I missed you aunty,’
‘I missed you more,’
‘I’m I invisible,’ Roy complained and we giggled.
‘Let’s go boy,’ Alex said and they started walking out.
‘Don’t leave me here,’ Melissa complained.
‘Let’s go then,’ Alex said and she ran after them.
‘Take care of yourselves,’ I shouted from behind.
It has been six years since I [email protected]£ to NY. Roy is five years and four months. I thank God for the best sister and best friend who have helped me. Cindy has a daughter Melissa who is turning four in two weeks. Myve also has a daughter who is two years. It has been a long journey to reach here but now I have two companies. We will be launching a new company owned by three of us. The kids are going with Alex to have fun and we will be going to wind up everything. I leave in my own mansion and I own a car. Roy is a model in kids attire. I didn’t want but he loves that so I re-leased him to follow his heart.
Nob©dy knows am the mother to one of the riche-st kids in town. Just keep that a secret for me.
I forgot to tell you, even Melissa is a model and has featured in one movie they featured with Roy as sister and brother. I have said enough for now, let me prepare before my crazy friends come.
I was just done when they entered my room.
‘Did you forget the meaning of knock?’ I asked and Cindy rolled her eyes.
‘Have you seen the latest kid clothes?’ Myve asked.
‘Not yet,’
‘She is always behind the news. They called Alex and they want Roy and Melissa to model them,’ Cindy said.
‘If Roy accepts then he can go, I have no problem,’
‘Shooting is on the same day of the launching [email protected] I was thinking we suggest they move it the next day,’
‘Have you talked to the one’s in charge?’
‘I can’t do that, Alex will,’
‘Okay not a problem. Let’s get going,’
‘Relax we are the bosses.’
I got home so tired and am happy Roy spent the night at Myve’s place. I didn’t have to prepare dinner so I just went to be-d.
Martin’s POV
‘Any news?’ I asked my pri-vate investigator.
‘Not yet, am doing my best,’ he replied.
Is this man serious. For six years he is still doing his best.
‘Are kidding me. Just st©p I will do it myself,’ I yelled at him.
‘But sir…,’
‘No buts, get out of my office,’ I interrupted him.
He was still staring at me.
‘I said leave,’
He walked out and I heard a knock almost immediately.
‘Can’t you just leave,’ I shouted.
‘Sir you got an email to attend the opening ceremony of CILEMY COMPANY,’ my PA said.
‘In NY on Friday this week,’
‘Okay, I will attend.’
Martin’s POV cont.
Let me attend that [email protected] then after that I start my search.
I had to travel on thursday and rest before going to that launching. I booked in a h0tel and sle-pt almost immediately.
I heard my phone ring and that was what woke me up.
????Hi bro, have you arrived.
Andrew asked over the phone.
????Wait, you woke me up to ask me if I arrived?
????What else did you want me to ask?
????No, I didn’t arrive I died.
I said with a sm-irk.
????Ok all the best.
He said and hanged up. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and drove to the mall. After picking all that I nee-ded I pushed the trolley towards the counter only to bu-mp into this handsome boy.
‘Hey Mister, can’t you see?’ He asked with a grin.
‘Am sorry, I just have a lot in my mind. Let me help you with that,’ I said and started picking the scattered things. I kept stealing glances at him and I must admit his parents must be proud of him.
Roy Stevens, the most handsome child model. Unfortunately his parents decided to hide there identity.
‘Who did you come with?’ I asked standing up.
‘My mom,’he replied.
I was supposed to ask another question when someone called him from behind.
‘I nee-d to get going. That’s my driver,’ he said and left the things which were later taken by the driver.
Lenata’s POV
I nee-d to do some shopping for Roy before he gets to my n£¢k. We drove to the mall and he went inside with the driver while I remained in the car. Its over an hour and he isn’t back. I tried to call his phone and it ringed inside the car so I called the driver.
‘Why did you take so long?’ I asked him when he entered the car.
‘A blind Mister bu-mped into me and scattered all my things,’ he said.
‘A blind what?’ I asked surprised.
I thought blind people walk with helpers or stick to show them the way.
‘Mum, he has big eyes but couldn’t see I was coming,’ he said with a sm-irk and I couldn’t help but laugh. This child will kill me one day.
‘Its not funny mom, even my mask fell of. Thank God there was no one else around that place,’
‘I’m so sorry darling,’ I said and continued laughing until we got home.
He turned and looked at the other side.
I prepared dinner and we went to be-d early. Tomorrow would be a tiresome day and we nee-ded rest.
Andrew’s POV
I drove home still thinking about Roy. I could give anything to have him as my son. I just hope I find Karen she is all I nee-d for now.
I woke up so early to prepare for the event later in the day.
I drove to the venue and it was beautifully decorated.
Some people had alre-ady arrived and the place was almost full. I walked throu-gh the hallway heading to the hall but bu-mped into someone. I looked down and met small angry eyes.
‘Mister didn’t you work on your eyes?’ He asked.
‘What do you mean?’
‘This is the second time you are bu-mping into me. Or should I baptise you Mr. bu-mper,’ he said and couldn’t help but laugh.
‘Sorry, I didn’t see you coming,’ I said.
‘I think you should add and have four eyes. Maybe that way you will see clearly,’ he said and rolled his eyes.
‘Let me help you up,’ I said and stretched my hand.
‘I was going to the hall but lost my way, can you show me the way plea-se,’ I pleaded.
‘Hold my hand,’ he said.
‘I want to lead you so that you won’t bu-mp into someone again. My mom said that blind people are led,’
Is this child serious, am not blind.
‘Am not blind, or are you trying to insult me?’
‘Let’s just go,’ he said impatiently.
‘Whatever,’ I mumbled.
I followed behind but he walked throu-gh a clear corridor.
‘Is this the way?’ I asked curiously since people weren’t pas-sing throu-gh there.
‘My mom told me not to show myself there,’ he replied.
‘Ok, then I can just sit with you wherever you are,’ I suggested.
‘Am at the garden waiting for Melissa and Mira,’ he said and I followed him to the garden
Andrew’s POV
The garden was beautiful with all kinds of flowers. They brou-ght a magnificent scent and peaceful s-en-sation.
We sat down to enjoy the calmness.
‘Did you come with your child?’ He asked.
‘No, why ask?’
‘He or she would have made a good company as we wait for the others,’ he said.
‘Am looking for my child,’ I found myself saying.
‘Did he get lost?’
‘Its a long boring story. Never mind,’ I said and he gave me ‘why don’t you tell me’ look.
‘Um…,’ he wanted to talk again but was interrupted.
‘Roy,’ someone called from behind and we all looked.
‘Aunty,’ he called happily while she just stared at me.
‘Who is he?’ She asked still staring at me like we have once met.
‘Mr bu-mper,’ he replied.
‘Is that his name?’
‘I don’t know his name all I know us that he bu-mps into people. Where is Melissa and Mira?’
‘They are coming,’ she replied.
‘Hi, am Martin, nice to meet you,’ I said and stretched my hand to greet her.
She had this look on her face like she had seen a ghost.
‘Hey, have we met before?’ I asked to be sure.
‘I don’t think so maybe am mistaking you with someone I know,’ she said. The two kids [email protected]£ and she excused herself. I had so many questions but no one to ask. It seems she knows me and looks scared when she saw me with Roy. Is she hiding something? What can that be?
I was still staring at her she she pu-ll-ed someone towards a different direction. She something to her and she looked towards our direction.
Lenata’s POV
I was heading to the garden when Myve pu-ll-ed me back abruptly. She looked disturbe-d.
‘What’s his name again?’ She asked.
‘Who?’ I asked back surprised.
‘Roy’s dad,’
‘Martin, why ask?’
‘I saw him, he looks somehow like him,’
‘I don’t remember telling my PA to invite him,’ I said.
‘Am damn serious. He is with him right now,’ she said and I felt like cold water being poured on my b©dy. I looked behind me slowly and I saw him staring at me.
‘What should I do now?’ I asked confused.
‘Tell him to leave,’
‘I don’t want to create a scene her. Roy got stubbornness from him,’
‘Then make sure you don’t cross paths. I will get the children out of there,’ she said and I nodded.
I started walking towards the other corridor but Myve shouted behind me.
‘He is following you.’
I ran to the elevator and went upstairs.
Martin’s POV
I guessed right, that was Karen.
Can he be my child?
I nee-d answers and I will only get from her. I followed her but I didn’t know where she went to.
I went back to the garden but the kids were gone. I sat down and buried my head in my knees frustrated.
I stood up again and started looking for that Myve. She spoilt everything when she talked to her. Its not time to blame, I just nee-d to beg her to show me where Karen is. I went back inside and they were alre-ady throu-gh with the speeches.
I guess my day wasn’t made to be good. I walked to my car and drove to the h0tel. My problems have just increa-sed, I don’t know where they stay.
How on earth am I going to look for them.
I took my [email protected]©p to search something about Roy. He is a celebrity, maybe I can get some useful information about him.
Martin’s POV
‘ Roy Stevens biogra-phy’
I typed in my [email protected]©p.
‘Born September 8th 2014 in Geneva city and later moved to Buffalo. Started modelling at six months and featured in a movie when he was one. Rumours have it that he has a single mom but no one knows her yet.’
That was the only thing I nee-ded for now. I closed my [email protected]©p and went to be-d.
I woke up the next day and embarked on my search journey. I don’t even know where to start, but I nee-d to see them. I went throu-gh town and by noon I was damn tired. I went inside the mall to get some snacks.
Lenata’s POV
I just wanted time alone with Roy so I took the keys. He said he wanted to pick something from the mall before we go to the park.
‘Mum, just go with me,’ he said pleadingly.
I didn’t feel like going in but with his pleading I couldn’t say no. He was in front as I walked behind him. I was keeping an eye on him. Someone brushed on my side and the keys on my hand fell.
I bent down to pick it but when I raised my head Roy was down and someone bent in front of him. I walked to where he was and picked him up. He didn’t seem bothered and I was shocked because the Roy I know must fight back. I faced the man only to get the greatest shock of my life.
Martin, he was standing staring at me. I had Roy in my arms and I wanted to walk past him but he blocked my way.
‘Darling, go to the car and wait for me. I will just sort out why he bu-mped into you,’ I said with a faked smile.
‘He always bu-mps into me,’ he said with his puppy face.
‘Am so sorry,’ I said and placed him down.
I stared at him until he entered the car and I looked back at Martin.
Lenata’s POV cont.
I know I have tried to avoid him but de-ep down in my heart that sooner or later I will have to face the reality. I looked back at him and even though I forgave him seeing him again reminded me of how he threw me out when I was vulnerable. The pain my mom and Andrew made me go throu-gh.
Thinking of my mom, I wonder where she is right now.
‘Is he my son?’ He asked snapping me from my thoughts.
I couldn’t speak due to the tears that were threatening to fall.
‘I’m sorry for the pain you had to go throu-gh,’ he said maybe he re-ad my mind.
‘Why are you back?’ I finally asked pushing back the tears.
I forgave him but am not sure if he has changed or he will just hurt my son. I don’t think I can forgive myself if anything happens to him.
‘plea-se, I have been looking for you for six years. Don’t shut me from your lives,’ he said but I couldn’t respond as Roy called coming inside.
‘Mummy, you are taking to long. Let’s just go before he bu-mps into you,’ he said with an eye roll.
‘plea-se, we nee-d to talk,’ Martin said.
I looked at Roy then back to him.
‘This is my card, just call me anytime,’ he said and I just nodded.
‘Let’s go, darling,’ I said to Roy who had alre-ady gotten to where we were.
‘He didn’t reject always bu-mping into me and ma-king me fall?’ He asked and I nodded.
‘Am sorry,’ Martin said.
‘Apology pending,’ with that he ran out.
‘Sorry, he is always like that,’ I apologized on his behalf.
‘You did a good job,’
‘I nee-d to go,’
‘See you some other time.’
I nodded and walked out.
Martin’s POV
Saying am happy is an un-derstatement, I have finally met my family. I drove back to the h0tel to think for the best apology to give Karen. She did a good job of raising him up single-handed and brou-ght up such a smart kid.
I picked my phone to call Andrew but I slid it back in my pocket. I don’t think calling him is the best idea, let me wait until I get them back.

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