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Beautiful mistake Episode 3

By vir-ginia As£nath
Episode 3
Karen’s POV cont.
She had a big and beautiful mansion. The compound was well decorated with flowers and a fountain in the middle. I got in and a ‘wow’ escaped my mouth. She looked at me and smiled.
‘You have a beautiful house,’ I said.
‘Thank you, let me show you to your room,’
I followed her and she opened the first door on the right. It was beautifully decorated with a comfy be-d in the middle.
‘Freshen up and dinner will be served,’ she said and left. I went to the bathroom and relaxed in the warm water. After a long time I was throu-gh and I wore a simple pink dress. Cindy packed almost half of her clothes for me. I must say she has a good taste in choosing.
We sat on the table for dinner and talked about random stuffs. I also found out she has a company.
‘When you feel re-ady, I will give you a job,’ she said and I couldn’t thank her enough. I don’t even know how to repay her.
‘It’s okay, Cindy said I make sure you are comfortable,’ she said with a smile.
I couldn’t help the cry. What could I have done without her? I feel guilty for ma-king her loose the baby, I pray she gets another one soon.
I had a really peaceful sleep and when I woke up I felt revived. I felt a new strength in me. I went downstairs but was informed that Myve went to work. After breakfast I went back to my room to check it out carefully. I opened the first drawer and got a new phone with a note on t©p.
‘Use this. Cindy’s number is alre-ady in.’
I looked at the phone and smiled. I placed it on the be-d and opened the next drawer to see a new [email protected]©p. I was still checking when I heard car horns from outside. I ran downstairs, I thought she was the one but it was a man. From the look he maybe in his late twenties or early thirties. I swear if my mom sees him, she will find a way to get money from him. My mom is cursed with money and is lazy to work and get.
‘Hi,’ he said with a smile.
‘Hi, have a seat,’
‘Thank you, you must be Karen?’ He asked and I nodded.
‘Myve s£nt me to pick you up,’ he said.
‘Give me a moment let me take my purse,’ I said and rushed upstairs.
I [email protected]£ back and we drove to the company. It was a big building and beautiful.
If she could own such a thing then I will also own mine.
We went to her office but she was not in so he opened another door and she was seated with a drink while someone was setting the table.
‘I wanted you to see the outside, that’s why I s£nt for you. We can have lunch together,’ she said.
‘Thank you,’ I said with a smile.
Alex’s POV
‘Just forgive her plea-se,’ Cindy was still pleading.
I wish I had the same heart like her. I lost my baby because of her and now though we are in good terms she doesn’t recall me.
‘One day I will,’ I as-sured.
‘Tell me, what did she do to you. You hate her so much,’
Flashback 2years ago
Author’s POV
He was driving from work at around 8:00pm when he heard noise of someone asking for help from a bush. At first he thought maybe they were thvgs trying to trick people though he st©pped the car. The cry continued and was f0rç£d to go and check. When the three men heard movements they ran away and she was there crying. She was scared and tried to run but didn’t have the energy so she [email protected] He picked her up in bridal style and took her to his car. The distance from there to his house was nearer than the hospital so he took her home and called his personal doctor. When he got inside the house the light helped him see her face. Even though she was pale, she was beautiful with long black hair. The doctor arrived almost immediately and treated her. Two days later she had regained her energy and she ran away. For a whole week he looked for her. He was giving up when he met her again carrying a lot of of things that she was finding it ha-rd to move.
He helped her but she refused his offer of talking her home. They agreed to be meeting at the market at 5:00pm as that was the time she used to go to the market. There secret love grew as one thing led to the other. Everything was going on well until one day Karen saw them while in her car and reported it to her mother. Life was living hell for her but she hold onto the fact that they were her family and hoped that one day everything will change. She couldn’t keep it a secret anymore and the hate mother and daughter had for her grew. They did everything to separate them but they were inseparable. When he saw the suffering was to much he decided to marry and get her out of that hell. They were both happy that they will be together forever.
One week to the wedding the mother visited a witch who did some witchcraft to confuse him and it worked though with conditions.
He wasn’t supposed to see his real bride until after ma-king love to the fake one and other no circu-mtance were they supposed to tell the truth. Unfortunately the plan didn’t work.
End of flashback.
Alex’s POV
‘I lost my baby because of them,’ he said in pain. His head facing done not realizing Cindy was in pains. The light scream she made shocked him.
‘What is it?’ He asked worried.
‘My head,’ she replied.
He drove speedingly to the hospital.
Alex’s POV
‘How is she, doctor?’
‘She is fine, she was recalling her memory that was the reason for the headache,’
‘Thank you doctor. Can I see her?’
‘She is slee-ping, but you can just go in,’ he said and left.
‘I hope we can go back to how we used to be before all this happened,’ I whispered in her ears.
Cindy’s POV
I flopped my eyelids and slowly opened my eyes. I have regained all my memories and I can’t help but pity myself. I know I have forgiven them but I don’t think I can forget easily.
‘You are awake,’ Alex said with a smile.
I now un-derstand why I had this feeling towards him and why he was so caring to me. I stared at him. I wanted to talk but words betrayed me. As I recalled my baby, I couldn’t help my tears.
‘Why are you crying?’ He asked concerned.
‘Am sorry for ma-king you get involved in an accident,’ he said with pleading eyes.
Its not even his fault. I nee-d to meet Karen maybe she will tell me what they really did to destroy my wedding. If she tells me the truth am fine with her but if she dares to lie to me then I won’t forgive her.
‘It’s okay am well now,’ I managed to say.
‘We can plan another wedding, right?’ He asked.
‘What if something happens again,’ I said.
I don’t think I can handle any other heartbreak.
‘We will do a civil one in court then a white one later. No matter what happens nothing can change us being husband and wife,’ he said with a smile.
It was good news but I wasn’t fully satisfied. I lost my baby and I can’t change that fact.
Myve’s POV
Am happy she has recalled her memory. Am just surprised she want to come and talk to Karen. I gave her a job and she has been doing great, actually am impressed. I guess she was serious about starting over again. I went to her office, I nee-d to inform her that her sister is coming tomorrow.
‘Is everything fine?’ I asked taking a seat.
‘Cindy has regained her memory and is coming over tomorrow,’ I said.
From the look on her face she was scared.
‘Don’t worry, just hear her out and tell her the truth, she will un-derstand,’ I said and stood up.
‘Are you sure?’ She asked worried.
‘Yeah, I will get going I have some work to do,’ I said and left.
Karen’s POV
I wanted her to regain her memory but not now. Am scared what the outcome might be. What if she tells Myve to chase me out. I want to be a good person, but my past is catching on me. I finished the days work and drove home. Myve has a [email protected]£ so I went alone. I la-id on the be-d facing the ceiling, but there were no answers.
‘God I know we have never had a good relationsh!p, all thanks to my greediness. I just want to ask for forgiveness and help. Just help me plea-se,’ I said in tears. I tried to sleep but couldn’t so I opted for slee-ping pills which actually worked.
I was woken by my alarm and I went to the bathroom. By the time I was throu-gh preparing my stomach was complaining. The last meal I had was breakfast. I didn’t have lunch since I wasn’t in the mood. I went downstairs and breakfast was re-ady.
‘Morning,’ Myve said walking downstairs.
‘Morning, hope you sle-pt well?’ I asked.
‘Yeah, what about you?’
We ate breakfast as we talked about some random stuffs.
‘Am going to meet an investor but will be back before midday. We will be having dinner together with Cindy and Alex,’ she said.
I guess her statement made me loose my appetite.
Karen’s POV
She t©uçhed my shoulder and left.
I dragged my lazy self to the office and locked the door. I just want peace in doing my work. I have very little money and can’t start my own business, I hope she doesn’t chase me. The day went really fast and it was evening. We went with Myve and the ride was silent. I went to my room to freshen up and heard Cindy’s voice while coming downstairs. They laughing, I wanted to walk upstairs but her words made me froze.
‘Karen, long time no see,’ Cindy said and I turned and looked at her. I went to where they were and she hvgged me.
‘How have you been?’ She asked still smiling.
I dis£ngaged from the hvg and stretched my hand to greet Alex but he just stared at me.
‘plea-se baby, its not a big deal,’ Cindy said with pleading eyes and he greeted me.
The table was set and we all sat down. I wasn’t hungry, I just sat here because Cindy said we nee-ded to talk.
That increa-sed my nervousness as to what it was about.
What if she wanted me out?
Or maybe she wants me to pay for my crimes?
Am alre-ady paying since the guilt can’t let me be.
‘We [email protected]£ here to talk to you. No matter what happens you are still my sister. I believe you still have a conscience and that’s why we nee-d to here the truth from you. This is because I still have a little trust for you. Why do you and your mom hate me? Why did you destroy my wedding?’ Cindy asked with an expressionless face.
‘Um…am….am sorry,’ I managed to say.
Karen’s POV
I think its time I tell the truth.
‘Damn it! Can’t you speak?’ Alex yelled and hit his hand on the table standing up. I flin-ched in fear. Cindy looked up to him and ca-ressed his hand that was on the table. He sat down slowly.
‘Am sorry I had to do that to you. Hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me,’ I said fighting the tears that were threatening to fall.
We were seated on the table having dinner two days to your wedding. The plan was I come and cancel the wedding but on a second thought it wouldn’t have worked.
‘I have a second plan,’ my mom said.
‘What is it?’ I asked curiously.
‘I will take you tomorrow. The witch doctor will work on you,’ she said with a smile.
She was as-sured it will work. We went late at night. I couldn’t tell where we were due to the darkness. After all the rituals we [email protected]£ back the next day at night. That’s was why I looked like Cindy,’ I concluded.
I could see shock in their eyes.
Alex’s POV
I can’t believe my ears. Why could they do to me?
‘Am sorry Alex,’ she said pleadingly.
I wanted to hit her, but I control my anger because of Cindy’s t©uçh.
‘Am sorry Cindy for ma-king you loose your baby,’
‘I lost my baby not my wo-mb. I forgave you,’ Cindy said.
Can someone pinch me to know if am dreaming.
This girl must be crazy.
Alex’s POV
‘Cindy, have you gone crazy?’ I asked shocked.
‘No, we can just make another baby, right?’ She asked with those eyes you can’t say no to.
‘Thank you for forgiving me,’ Karen said.
‘I think I nee-d fresh air,’ I said and left.
She trusts everyone that’s why she is prone to hurt. I went outside to think. I don’t know if I forgive I will be able to forget.
Karen’s POV
I know it will be ha-rd for him to forgive but I will keep asking for forgiveness until he finally forgives me. He left the table really angry but Cindy followed him after a while. Myve has been silent since Cindy started talking. Though she doesn’t talk much I hope she isn’t thinking of throwing me out. I don’t have anywhere to go.
‘I won’t chase you out,’ she said as if she had been re-ading my mind.
I nodded slowly.
‘Its nothing, I just thought that would be your thinking,’ she said smiling.
Alex’s POV
I lifted my eyes to see Cindy seated beside me.
‘Just forgive her, it was mum’s idea not hers?’ She pleaded.
‘I will try,’
‘Thank you,’ she said smiling.
Karen’s POV
‘Let’s go to be-d and give them time,’ Myve suggested.
It was a good idea, so I stood and went to be-d. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I want peace with my sister. She has helped me and showed me love again. I wish I can make up for everything I did to her. She said if I succeed I would have made up to her. I’m working ha-rd to achieve that. After some time of being awake I fell asleep.
Andrew’s POV
This woman was testing my patience. After all the money I gave her she still took her daughter away. I just have to deal with her.
????Hello boss.
????I nee-d her in the next twenty minutes. Alive.
????Okay boss.
With that I hanged up.
She doesn’t know who she is dealing with.
‘Where is your useless daughter?’ I asked with a straight face.
If she gives me an answer, I won’t hurt her.
‘I don’t know,’ she said.
I signalled my boys to freeze her legs. They placed her legs in cold ice.
‘Once you are re-ady to talk, inform us,’ I said and left.
That is just the beginning she better talks.
Eva’s POV
They placed my legs in cold ice and left. I started feeling cold. I remembered my daughter, she used to call and complain of how she was treated but I was full of greed to see. What if she’s dead? What if she is still alive? Where could she have gone? I have never been a good mother. I used her to satisfy myself. I separated her from her sister, the only family she was left with.
I lifted my eyes up, ‘if I happen to die in here. I just have one request. I wish she forgives me.’
Everything [email protected]£ back to my mind. The people I have hurt, those I have killed to get rich.
Karen she took me as her mother and did everything I wanted. But what did I do, hurt her and make her life miserable. The only reason why Andrew still wants her, is because she is carrying a son and he thinks he will be a good heir. Andrew can’t father a child and he nee-ds a heir. He offered a large some of money to kill Karen after she delivers and raise the child as his.
Eva’s POV cont.
I know I will die but I wish wherever Karen is she is safe. My b©dy was freezing and I couldn’t move my legs because they were numb. The door finally opened revea-ling the man that was here earlier with Andrew. He re-moved my legs from the ice but I was still freezing.
‘So where is she?’ He asked with an evil grin.
‘I don’t know where she is,’ I replied.
‘Who do you think you are fooling? What kind of mother are you, who doesn’t know where her daughter is?’ He asked angrily. His words struck my heart.
Am a wicked mother who can sell her daughter just because of money.
I stared at him as tears rolled down my cheeks freely.
Andrew’s POV
‘Has she spoken?’ I asked ha-rd y my loyal servant.
‘She still says, she isn’t aware. But boss I think she is telling the truth,’ he answered.
‘You don’t know that woman, she is cunning,’ I said.
That woman is cunning and wicked. I’m even better than her. I can’t believe her, I will do everything to get information from her. I would have killed her, but I still nee-d her. In case Karen reports me to the police she will help me since she is known by the government.
‘Give her food and treat her well, I’ll think of a plan,’ I said and went upstairs.
I freshened up and went to check out her properties am sure I will get information.

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