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Batch 6

#Chapter 15
#Nana ‘s POV [Continues]
I blinked.
“That’s not possible. It makes no s-en-se.” I said sharply.
Jardel shrugged.
“Not like I want it to happen. It’s just a suggestion.” He said.
“We can try this.” Jay said with wi-de eyes.
I glared at him.
“No!” I snapped.
I can’t even imagine Jay k!ss!ngme.
A ghost!
“He can’t k!ssme tho, cos I can’t see him. He can k!ssonly the person he sees.” Jardel said.
Jay chuckled..
“St©p joking here Jardel. I knew you were lying when you said that.” I said.
He laughed.
“Im not.” He said.
“Fine let’s all find another path.” Jay said.
“Let’s find another path.” I said.
We got down and headed right..
The trees are so tall, thick and scathered.
Fallen dry leaves on the ground and water drops from the tree leaves.
Jay was in the front, I at the middle and Jardel at my back.
“Is he at my back?” Jardel asked.
“Yeap” I lied.
He looked behind him and I covered my mouth to chuckle.
Jay chuckled too.
“St©p pranking Nana.” Jardel said.
The birds were whistling and it was scary, I think.
Walking in such a thick forest with a ghost in front.
Somehow I was happy Jardel was with us.
I wonder how I’do be feeling now if Jardel wasn’t with us.
Just me and a ghost?
No way!
I checked if my phone was with me.
Yeah it was.
We walked for an hour plus as we searched for a road that would lead us to where Jay found himself, but it was proving too ha-rd to find.
“Maybe we should just go back to the first place.” Jardel said after another thirty minutes of walk.
“First place?” I asked.
“The swamp.” He replied.
Jay was busy searching around. While I and Jardel faced each other.
“We can’t go back there. There’s no way we can cross the swamp without sinking inside.” I said.
“Don’t you think he lied to us about the swamp?” Jardel asked with an arched eyebrow..
I looked at Jay who was now staring at us.
“He heard you.” I said.
“And so damn what?” Jardel said, just then a phone began ringing.
Not mine.
Jardel searched his pockets and brou-ght out his phone which was ringing..
He looked at me, then cut the Incoming call.
“Why don’t you pick your call?” I asked.
Not that I care tho or do I care?
“It’s no one important and besides, We got more important thing here which is looking for the ghost b©dy like we’re cops.” He said.
I don’t know why but his words angered me.
I glared at him and made to walk pas-s him but he [email protected]£d me and Jay vanished and appeared beside me instantly.
“Leave my wrist. You hurting me.” I said to Jardel.
“Im sorry Nana.” He said and let go of my hand.
“I heard his phone ringing.. Tell him not to switch it off.” Jay said.
I breathed.
“Don’t switch off your phone cos we might nee-d it.” I said.
“It’s not switched off. Just ended the call.” He said.
I checked my wristwatch and it’s two minutes pas-s three o’clock.
“We gotta keep going.” I said like I was the leader.
I stayed at the front now but Jay appeared in my front and walked in front, I still at the middle and Jardel at my back.
We walked for too long but still we haven’t found what we were searching for..
I was gonna speak, when Jay spoke.
“Nana I can hear my name.. I can feel myself around. I don’t un-derstand. I can feel myself around!!”
Fear gr!pp£dme and I paused my steps and that made Jardel bu-mp into me from behind.
“Why did you st©p Nana?” Jardel asked as he regained his stand.
“He says he feels himself around.” I said looking at Jay who now was looking wildly around.
“Im scared.” I whispered to Jardel and he quic-kly took my hand.
I didn’t care. I nee-d this hold now.
“Don’t be. What’s he doing now?” He asked.
“Searching around.” I said.
“We gotta do it with him. Don’t be scared. He’s still the Jay.” Jardel said and pu-ll-ed me along.
“Jay?” He called Jay.
Jay st©pped and looked at us.
“What do you wanna tell him?” I asked.
“Is he looking at me now?” He asked.
“What do you feel?” Jardel asked him.
“I feel myself around.” Jay answered.
“He says he feels himself around.” I said.
“Then your b©dy must be around.” Jardel said.
“Yes I think.” Jay said and went on searching.
Jardel looked at me.
“Be strong Nana, let’s help him now.” He said.
I swallowed.
Then inhaled and exhaled.
Then, we began searching for Jay’s b©dy.
He kept saying that he’s feeling himself around and all we could do is search.
But still we couldn’t find anything..Not even a trace.
We’ve searched for like two hours and we’ve gone far from the place he first said it..
Still we found nothing…
“I just think this ghost guy’s been lying to us.” Jardel whispered.
He said this back there when we were talking about the swamp, now he has said it again.
Is he really saying the truth? Is Jay really lying about this?
Is he a bad ghost tryna lead us to a deadly place to end us?
I stood and watched him. Jardel watched him too.
Jay was eagerly searching around and don’t seem like he’s framing this up.
Why am I even tryna believe Jardel. I believed him when he said he loves me but he threw me to the sands.
He broke my heart knowing I gave it all to him.
I glanced at him and moved away from him.
“Jay can’t be lying to us.” I said and went on to search.
Jay turned to me with a weak and sad face.
He must be very sad we haven’t found anything.
Jardel walked up beside me.
“Don’t believe him.” Jay said.
I raised eyebrows.
“Did you hear us talking?” I asked him.
“I could hear him cos he doesn’t see me. I could hear all he say within. But I can’t hear yours cos I see you.. I found out today.” He said.
I swallowed.
“Where is he now? Can’t see the leaves moving.” Jardel said.
“In our front.” I said.
“Jay, I wish I can see you. Have you been lying to us?” Jardel asked.
Jay’s face grew more pale.
“St©p this Jardel. He isn’t lying about this.” I said.
“Im not.” Jay said.
“He’s not.” I said.
Jardel shrugged..
“I still can feel myself around and it’s so strong now.. Too strong.” Jay said.
“Seems we are getting near.” I said with an as-suring smile.
I guess his pale face and the the tears gathering in his golden eyes, gave me some strength to keep on with this search and I was gonna do everything to get to the root of this..
To find his b©dy!
Even without Jardel!
“Let’s head. It’s getting late.” Jardel said.
I looked at him.
Why do he encourage me to keep on but then bring down my spirit after?
We were about going on with the search when,
A phone began ringing..
Not mine.
I looked at Jardel.
“Not my phone.” He said but we both still searched our phone to see and it wasn’t ours.
And it was a song ringtone from one of Lil Wayne’s songs.
“It’s mine!” Jay suddenly bur-sted out loud and began searching wildly for it before the call ends.
I [email protected]
“It’s for Jay!” I shouted to Jardel and in a swift we all began searching wildly for it at the direction it was ringing from.
But it st©pped.
“$h!t!” Jay yelled.
I sighed. We couldn’t find it.
But something happened.
It began ringing again, almost immediately.
And we began searching again..
“Yes!!” Jardel said and we turned to him.
He had the phone in his hand and it was ringing out loudly now than it was then.
An iphone 7, golden in colour but had been dealth with by the we-t sands.
Jay rushed to it and [email protected]£d it.
“Whoa!” Jardel said as he saw the phone vanish out of his hand and hanging in the air. (Jay’s hands)
“The battery is almost going off. It’s my sister calling. I can’t pick it.” Jay said.
“Pick it!” I screamed at him.
“No!” He said.
I rushed to him to gr-ab the phone but the call suddenly ended.
“The battery has drained. Its off now.” Jay said and left the phone to me.
I tried severally to put it on but it didn’t.
“It’s off and can’t on again.. His sister was calling. I guess they wanna use the phone to track him.” I said.
“They must be looking for him.” Jardel said.
“I hate cops!” Jay blurted.
“He hate cops.” I said.
“I must be around.” Jay said.
“The phone’s a prove that he’s around.” I said and with me still holding the phone, We went on searching.
“I can’t remember anything that happened to me and how I [email protected]£ what I am now.” Jay said as we searched.
#Chapter 16
#Nana ‘s POV [Continues]
We’ve gone a bit far again, when I saw something.
A raising smoke which seem like it was coming from a chimney pot.
A house! A house in a forest!?
“Can you see that?” I said, pointing to the smoke afar.
Jay saw it first, before Jardel did.
“A smoke..” Jay said.
“A house in a forest?” Jardel said.
“Yeah?” I said.
“And it’s really far from here.” Jardel said.
“We got to check this house.” Jay said.
“What? why?” I asked.
“What’s he saying?” Jardel asked.
“That we got to check the house.” I said.
“How then?” Jardel asked.
“I’ll go.. You guys wait here.” Jay said.
“No way!” I said.
“What?” Jardel asked.
“He wanna go while we wait here.” I said with wi-de eyes..
“Huh?” Jardel wi-de-ned his eyes too.
“Fine, I got a stupid idea.” Jay said.
I watched him.
“What if I try seeing if you guys can disappear with me?” He said.
“How?” I asked.
Jardel was only staring at me.
“By holding you or probably, hvgging you ti-ght.” He said.
Idiot. Stupid idea.
“What do you think?” He asked.
“Makes no s-en-se. Even if we disappear, what about Jardel?” I asked.
“He’ll hold you, while I hold you.” Jay said.
I chuckled, but the idea was seeming good.
Just then we heard something like
“Ki kara cu maj… Ki kara cu maj… Ki kara cu maj” Coming out from no where… It was a man’s voice but we weren’t seeing the man and his voice covered the whole forest and the next thing was smokes everywhere…
Jay’s eyes wi-de-ned.
I felt goosebu-mps all over my b©dy as I began shaking with fright.
Jardel [email protected]£d my hand.
“What’s that?” He asked.
Just then, the scent of the smoke entered my nostril
And I pas-sed out..
#Jay ‘s POV
Nana pas-sed out immediately, followed by Jardel.
I rushed to them and took her hand and jay’s, calling them to wake up but none was responding.
The smokes was becoming much and I nee-ded to do something.
Why is the smoke not affecting me?
“Because you are a ghost.” I heard the voice say behind me.
The same voice.
I turned instantly and I saw him.
He was tall and very slim.
He had black piece tied around his bald head and a colourful bird feather stuck into the piece to stand at the left side of his head.
He had white paint at the bo-ttomof his left eye and it was painted on the left che-st too and some [email protected] of his arms..
He wore just a black bulky [email protected] with ba-re feets…
He held a long staff with a star shaped head and he carried an animal skinned bag.
He has a tan skin and isn’t fair complexioned at all.
His beard are all white and unshaved cos they are just too long and rou-gh looking.
He look quite scary.
“Wh.. who are you?.. You can see me.” I asked him.
“Im someone you should know after.” He said.
Then I noticed something..
The smokes began fading.
“You made my friends pas-s out?” I asked him.
It was more of a direct talk than a question.
“They would wake up now.” He said and just immediately, Nana sneezed, followed by Jardel.
“Nana..” I called as she opened her eyes and then saw the man.
She appeared too scared.
Jardel followed and wi-de-ned his eyes as he saw the man as well.
“Welcome back my friends.” The man said with a smile.
He had brown teeth.
“Who are you?” Nana asked.
“And how did we become your friends?” Jardel added.
The man laughed.
The smokes had finally faded completely.
“You have been my friends right from the hour you stepped into this forest.” He said.
Nana stood up, followed by Jardel.
I did too. And we all faced him.
“How do you mean?” Nana asked.
“And why do you see me?” I asked.
“And why did we have to pas-s out by that smoke?” Jardel asked.
He laughed.
“Three questions at the time for me is only but a nose.” He said.
Nana looked at me.
“He sees you?” She asked.
I nodded.
“Ofcos he should, with the way he dressed.” Nana said.
“Are you a magician?” Jardel asked.
He ignored Jardel’s question and faced me.
“You nee-d to follow me fast. I’ve been looking for you. and..” He turned to Nana,
“…and you my friend.” He said to Nana.
Nana stuttered, “You.. you’ve bee..been looking for us?” She asked with wi-de eyes.
He nodded.
“Now follow me before darkness comes or you are becoming a ghost forever. You did well by reaching quite on time.” He said.
I [email protected] and looked at Nana.
She had her hand on her mouth with wi-der eyes.
The man turned and began walking and we followed.
“Does this third person have a clean heart?” The man suddenly asked without looking behind. He just kept walking ahead.
Third person?
“…Is his soul pure and his mind trustworthy?” He added.
I glanced at Jardel and he looked confused.
Nana was looking at him too.
I heard him say within.
‘I don’t know if I am.’
“Answer Jardel.” Nana whispered to him.
He swallowed,
“Yes I am.” He said out.
“We don’t nee-d you with us, but if your heart is clean, then you should follow us.” The man said.
We got to the smoking chimney pot house and that was his house.
There wasn’t even a chimney pot cos it was only but a log cabin with a hole at the roof where smokes were going out throu-gh.
He said few words and pushed the door open. It cracked open wi-de. He went in and we followed.
The first large room was just filled with pots and scary stuffs.
“Not here.” He said and turned to another door, but then he paused.
“Make sure that your heart is pure.” He warned.
I looked at Nana and she was inhaling.
Jardel just watched the man.
After few minutes, he pushed the door open and went in, we followed.
There, I saw me.
My b©dy!
Laying peacefully in a wooden be-d with different kind of leaves arranged over it (my b©dy). I wore just the same cloth on my b©dy now.
A small pot which stood beside the be-d, bringing out smokes and pas-sing throu-gh an opened side of the roof.
That was where the smoke was coming from!
“My b©dy!” I said.
“Your b©dy Jay.” Nana said.
“Whoa!” Jardel exclaimed.
“I nee-d silence to tell you about this..” The man said.
We all stared at my b©dy as we stayed calm to listen to what he has to say..
Now, who do you think this man is and do you think he’s gonna bring Jay back to life?
How did Jay b©dy even [email protected]£ to be there?
All this is what you gonna find out in the next chapter coming up….
#Chapter 17
#Jay ‘s POV [Continues]
“Two days ago, by early morning of two o’clock.. I was moving throu-gh this forest when I saw something..
It wore clothes and so I knew it was a human. Laying like death on the ground. I walked up to it and found out it was really a human, seemed dead but not really dead according to what the lord Cu Maj told me..”
“lord Cu Maj?” I interrupted with a question.
“Shut up and listen.” He ordered calmly.
I nodded and glanced at Nana who was looking at him.
“I had to carry you on my shoulders to here which is my little house in this forest. I layed you down on this be-d and tried to get you back awake but I found out that your spirit was gone alre-ady and that spirit is you standing here.” He said and glanced into my eyes.
His eyes are red like a burning fire.
“How did I go out of my b©dy?” I asked.
“You just did.. Maybe Fate. There’s this word called Fate.” He said.
“Fate?” I said.
“Yes fate. But Im wondering how you got to the bush. I tried to find out but lord Cu Maj won’t show me. I think you were attacked. Where you?” He said.
I shook my head.
“No. I was coming back from a night club with my friends. We were drinking and all that and then that’s all I can remember.” I said.
He smiled.
“Your friends know about this.. Well let’s start now. She can see you right?” He asked, referring to Nana.
I looked at her… She was looking at me too.
“Yeah she can.” I said.
“Do you… Have any feelings for her alre-ady?” He asked.
That question gave me bu-tterflies.
I don’t know what to answer.
And there is her b©yfri£ndwho wouldn’t wanna hear this.
“Speak up man. Darkness is approaching. Or do you wanna become a ghost forever. Ghosts have only three days as their only chance to go back to their b©dy and live again as humans. After three days, it can’t be possible again.”
It made me remember what Nana told me about me having just three days to live on earth.
I saw her swallow.
Jardel had his hands in his [email protected] pocket.
“I think I do..” I said coldly.
The man looked closely into my eyes.
“You are saying the truth..” He said and then walked to Nana who seem kinda frightened.
“Don’t be scared my friend. You are the only one who can do this.” He said.
“Why?” Nana asked.
“Cos you the only one who sees him.” He said.
“But you do too.” Nana said.
He paused and breathed.
“I am but you have the power to bring him back…” He said to her and she looked at me.
“You don’t have the power?” She asked him.
He shook his head.
“I do only if he never left his b©dy. But now, only you can cause him to get back to live.” He said.
He turned to stare at my b©dy.
“This leaves are magic to make his little life left not to die totally. And the smoke is to invoke his spirit and that is what signaled me of your arrival.” He said.
He walked to my b©dy and took the leaves out from my b©dy and placed them around the be-d while enchanting inaudible words.
Then he
Then he turned to me.
“You would come over and [email protected]©p your b©dy.” He said and stared at me.
Then looked at Nana..
“You are to walk up to him and k!sshim.” He said.
#Nana ‘s POV
“k!sshim?” I asked.
“Yes.. That only can bring him back to full life or else he will be gone forever. Darkness is approaching fast. We have to do this before the moon appears..” He said.
I looked at Jay.
He had an uncertain face.
But behind that uncertain face I can see a happy face.
I glanced at Jardel and he seem to be in a frown. His face is down.
“Nana.” Jay called and I looked at him.
He t©uçhed my hand
His hand felt really cold.
“plea-se do this for me. Im begging you.” He said.
I inhaled.
“It’s fine. I will. That’s the reason we had to meet and I had to see you. I will k!ssyou and save you.” I said.
He smiled.
His smile gave me shivers..
He’s really cute. I swear it. I smiled back and he left my hand and turned towards his lifeless b©dy.
My heart beated..
He got to his b©dy and laying down on his b©dy.. He vanished.
I shivered with fright and glanced at Jardel.
He was watching now.
“He’s gone into his b©dy. So you should come and k!sshim to wake up, but first, wear this. ” The man said and [email protected]£ over with a white-beads n£¢klace.
I lowered my head as he gently placed the n£¢klace over my n£¢k.
I felt nothing. Thought I will.
“Are you a magician?” I asked him.
“Yes I am. I am Sumai. Now go.” He said.
I glanced at Jardel who now have a worried look on his face.
I turned back to Jay’s b©dy as I went further to it. I got to it and watched him.
He looked so cute, with those eyelids shut and hisl-ips dry.
“I’ll do anything for you.” I said and was about bringing myl-ips close to his when Jardel’s words st©pped me.
“Nana, did you ask if anything is gonna happen to you after the k!ss? How can you just go on to k!sshim without asking questions of your own safety.” Jardel said.
“Nothing’s gonna happen to her. You are not a man of pure heart. You lied about it. You deserve some punishment.” Sumai said and raised his staff at him..
To do what???
“Nooooo Sumai. Don’t! I beg you.” I shouted.
Sumai glanced at me for awhile.
Tears were alre-ady rushing down from my eyes.
I wonder what he wanted to do to him..
Jardel himself was shaking with fright.
“plea-se Sumai. Don’t hurt him.. I beg you.” I said.
Sumai watched me for awhile before bringing his staff down.
“Thank you.” I breathed.
He turned to Jardel and his face was down now.
“Learn to sacrifice for love.” Sumai said to him.
“Im sorry.” Jardel said to him and then glanced at me.
Sumai turned to me.
“Get on, Darkness is alnost here and your tears most all be wiped clean.” He said.
I wiped my tears clean with my shi-t not minding that my tummy had to show..
After that, I turned to Jay and without wasting time, I placed myl-ips on his and k!$$£d him….
Hisl-ips tasted cold, bitter and dry.
But I k!$$£d on.
I felt goosebu-mps and shivers running down my spine as I went on to k!sshim.
Even though hisl-ips tasted bitter, I loved it.
I k!$$£d him on and held the tears that was about gathering in my eyes.
Everywhere was silent except the sniffing of someone..
Like someone whimpering.
I couldn’t look cos I still had myl-ips on Jay’s.
Then after awhile, I don’t know what happened next.
I felt so dizzy and nausea.
My head was spinning..
I raised my head but then a f0rç£ pu-ll-ed me and I staggered back.
“Don’t t©uçh her!” That was all I heard from Sumai before I fell down and got lost.
Say something about this chapter.
Did Sumai mean what he said about Nana’s k!sssaving Jay?
And What must have happened to Nana now?
Hmmmm.. Find out in the next chapt.
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