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Baby contract Episode 23 & 24

Baby Contract????????????
????????????Chapter 23????????????
Going to the border wasn’t a bit of a problem for them,Archie had everything un-der his wra-p,he got his men clearing path for them.Tim’s find on Fred’s family made everything clearer, putting two and two together,it gave them a clue that Fred’s family’s kidnap was linked to Anne’s in some ways that are yet to be discovered,
“But if Fred is the one s£nding those clue,why not do it openly?” Deville asked,
“Because they might be blackmailing him,so he wouldn’t want to mess up.” Jake answered from the front seat.They got to the border with the aid of a tracker,
“Tijuana Airport?” William asked,Jake nodded,
“The tracker settles here.” Jake said,Archie’s men got down from their van and walked to the car where Archie and his friends drove in,
“Get yourselves spre-ad out and check out the whole place for anything you think isn’t in its bleeding place.” Archie ordered them and they left scattering all over the place.Later,some of them men [email protected]£ back,
“Sir there’s nothing unusual going on in there.” One of them said,Archie turned to Jake,
“Aren’t you getting anything?” Jake shook his head disappointedly,
“Call Marcelo, tell him to give us a close range location from the kidnapper’s zone.” Renato said,Archie brou-ght out his phone and called Marcelo,
“Dude,s£nd us something closer to the cunt’s location, my blokes have problem locating him.”
“Okay.” Marcelo said and he hung up,Just then Jake’s [email protected]©p beeped,
“He s£nt us something.” Everyone in the car turned to him,
“He s£nt us a near location, said there’s not enough data to go round,so he’s using available ones.” He said,
“Can’t we hack unto his mobile phone?” Deville asked,
“Yes we can but it will take extra time and that’s if he’s with his phone.” Jake said,
“Then do it.” Deville said,
“It’s illegal.” William warned and Tim nodded,Jakes glare wasn’t the answer nee-ded,
“Who cares about legalities and illegalities when your fiancée who you’re to get married to in few weeks get kidnapped by a bloody as-s-hole.” Deville said angrily, everyone kept quiet,
“Okay,I’ll do it.” Jake said,Deville anger had rising,he controlled it cause he wasn’t with the as-s-hole that holding Anne,he’s with his friend,so he had to keep his cool.It was exactly fourth five minutes later when Jake finished,he looked up from his [email protected]©p,
“They’re at the warehouse at the end of the runaway.” He informed them,everyone was quite happy but didn’t show it,
“Okay,how do we get there with outing those alien st©pping us?” Tim asked and William nodded in support of his question,
“That’s not gonna be a problem,we can go in guise of being staffs or aeronautical engineers.” Archie said,he called his men and told them of the plan.
Getting to the runaway wasn’t a bit of a problem for them but the main problem started when they lost signal and was met with an empty warehouse
“There’s no one except all this,” he pointed to the aeroplane [email protected] and greased machineries,
“Guys wait.” Tim called the attention of the other when he saw something unusual in the place,it was like a coverage to something on the floor,he pushed the cover and saw a stairs leading down the warehouse,
“Its like an un-derground basement.” William said,they were all in awe,
“Let’s see what’s inside.” Tim got inside first while the rest followed and they all [email protected]£ down to a vast room with carton boxes stark in almost everywhere,every corner of the the room,there’s a door separating it from the other rooms.
“Bring it down.” Archie told Renato and the man did as he was told,he brou-ght down one box and inspect what was inside it,
“Sir,its coke.” Archie rushed to the box,brou-ght out one of the carefully sealed white substance and inhaled it,
“This is good for business,pure charlie.” He threw the sealed substance back into the box.
“This is where they sh!pout illegal stuffs from the country.” Archie said turning to his friends,they didn’t say anything to him.
“Renato,find a way and get the others,let them help you s£nd some of these charlie to the van,its good for business.” Archie said,Deville frowned,
This is theft,how can he be taking someone else’s coke.Renato nodded and left the way they [email protected]£ to get the rest while Archie and the rest went farther into the room.
There were almost at the exit of the room,when they heard some whispering voices ahead of them,Archie motioned to the rest and they hurried forward to where the voices are coming from,
“Someone’s there.” William pointed as they ti-ptoed when they got closer,
“Shhhhh.” Archie said and they moved on.When they got to the origin of the sound,they met two thvgs there,Archie and the guys were still hiding by the door when someone pushed them inside,
“Who are you and what are you all doing here?” The hefty man who pushed them asked angrily,
“We’re here to get our package.” Archie said boldly, reviving from the shock they all suffered now,
“Search them!” The thvg who pushed them ordered his boys and they walked toward the five friends,Jake kicked the guns from ones hand and the other short at him,the bullet hit his left arm,then a fight ensued between the two groups.Not long enough,other thvgs [email protected]£ running toward them,
“Gosh,I never knew they were this much.” William cried as he saw the thvgs running toward them,Jake picked a gun and sh0t back at them killing two while Deville,Archie,Tim and William killed some then beat the rest to pulps.
At the end of the fight,Deville was seriously injured in his leg,Jake left arm was bleeding badly while William tied it with a piece he r!pp£dfrom the thvgs cloth,the rest weren’t badly injured but they got their share of exhaustion and bruises too.
“Be careful,that really hurts.” Jake said when William was tying up the wound to st©p the bleeding,
“Okay,okay.” William said impatiently,
“Guys,one of this blockhead must be that Dimitri guy.” Deville said,he stood up and checked the thvgs faces,he was checking randomly,
“If that Dimitri bloke is a redhead,he ought not to be here.” Archie said and Tim nodded,
“Archie’s right.” William added,Deville was still busy checking the bodies of the men on the floor,
“Looking for me?” A manly voice said from the exit door,they all in surprise and saw the person they [email protected]£ looking for,he was holding a .45 colt in one hand and a .35 magnum in the other,each pointing to Deville and his friends.
“Where’s Anne?” Deville asked,charging toward the man not minding his injured leg,Dimitri pointed the gun at Deville’s forehead,while the rest stood up and walked to him,
“You really want your mistress back uh?” He asked with an evil grin,
“Follow me and do that without pu-lling a stunt.” He ordered and turned to leave,Archie pu-ll-ed him back and he sh0t the wall close to Archie,
“I won’t miss my target the next time.” He said,Deville swallowed and they all followed him.
Chapter 24????????????
After walking for what seems like ages,Dimitri led the men to another warehouse,this one was a bit smaller than the rest they’ve seen so far,
“Welcome.” He said to the guys and stood in front of them,five other thvgs [email protected]£ out of an adjoining room,they were all holding guns.Deville surveyed the place,it was like a machinery room,boxes and some small working tools were scattered almost everywhere,
Can’t believe this is where these bastard are holding my Anne captive, Deville thought,
“Where my fiancé?” Deville asked again,Dimitri sm-irk and [email protected]£ toward Deville,
“Do you really wanna see her?” Deville didn’t answer,
“He wants to see his mistress.” Dimitri said to the other thvgs and they laughed at him mockingly, this irritated Deville. While the other guys stayed back,Deville moved forward and faced Dimitri,
“Bring them.” He said to his men, they ran inside and [email protected]£ back with three big carton boxes,they placed the boxes carefully in front of Deville,
“Herr’s your fiancée.” Deville having habored enough profanity at Dimitri, he opened the first box,there was a woman inside,he raised Ber head up,she wasn’t Anne,he sighed and left the box but didn’t close it,he opened this second but saw a little boy, the third was a little girl of about Pearl’s age,they were all unconscious.
Anne isn’t in any of this boxes,they must have hidden her somewhere else,but who are those people inside the boxes?He asked himself,
“Your mistress isn’t there?” Dimitri asked in a mocking tone,Deville opened the box containing the little boy,he lifted up the boys head and took a closer look,
“This is Fred’s son.” He mustered in near desperation,
This must be Fred’s family, these bastard took them too but why did they,what connection do they have with Fred? They questions that were popping his head was much but he found no reasonable answer to them,
“Your mistress isn’t here,she’s with…” His phone rang interrupting him,he motoined his men to keep and eye on Deville and his friend while he left to take the call,Deville went back to Archie and the others,
“Guys, Anne isn’t but Fred’s family are.” William [email protected] while the rest had a surprising expression,
“And we nee-d to get them outta there.” He added,
“How can we save them and were can we find Anne?” Jake asked,after thinking for awhile,an idea struck Tim,
“We can……” Jake interrupted,
“No fighting plea-se,we can do this another way but no fighting,haven’t recovered from the first yet.” He pointed to his wounded left arm.
“No one is talking about fighting,”Tim said quite angry that his ever rude brother cut him short,
” Anne might be somewhere around there,”He pointed to the adjoining room,where the thvgs brou-ght the boxes from,
“Anne should be in there,so why don’t we get inside there and rescue her.” He said,everyone was quite impressed at his plan,
“But how do we get in there?” William and Deville asked,Tim smiled,
“Archie,go try heat up a convo with èm boys while Deville and William get Fred’s family out,then I and Jake would get into the boxes in their stead.” He explained,everyone smiled,
“That’s a good one kiddo.” Archie said,patting Tim’s shoulder,
“In case you forgot,there are three boxes there and you just called out two people to go for your adventure journey.” Jake said mockingly,
“We can get something else in the third one okay.” Tim said angrily,
“No nee-d to get pissed off bro,never mind my snippy attitude,I’m still proud of you.” Jake patted Tim’s shoulder with a smiling face,Tim was happy that for once his brother praised him for something.
“Okay,let’s vet going.” Archie stood up and headed to where the thvgs where,unsure of what he was coming for,they pointed their guns at him,
“No,no,I’m not coming to fight you,I’m coming so we can discuss as friends do.” They looked at one another,trying to communicate, them foolishly let their guard down while Archie walked to their middle and started telling them all the lies he can fabricate at the time and they re-adily believed him.Deville and William got Tim and Jake into the boxes and took Fred’s family out for safety.
“What are you idiots doing?” Dimitri barked at them when he [email protected]£ back,
“I asked you to watch over them and you redn£¢ks are busy chit chatting with them.” He [email protected] one of them,they straightened up while Archie went back to William and Deville,
Dimitri turned to Deville and his friends,
“I thought they were five men,how come I can see three men here?” His men couldn’t answer, so Deville [email protected]£ to their rescue,
“I knew so but was surprised immediately you left,I turned and didn’t see my b©dyguards,you must have scared the hell outta them,so they fled.” Dimitri was plea-sed that his pres£nce scared them, forgetting that even if they had ran away,they might call the cops on him,
What a fool,Deville thought.
“Take this boxes inside,our bosses would be here soon.” He ordered his men and they [email protected]£ and carried the boxes inside,though it was heavier than earlier but they foolishly didn’t take note of that,
“Sir,you have a great s-en-se of humor and you could make a great leader I guess.” Archie coaxed Dimitri,
“You think so?” He asked,Deville nodded and Archie did too,
“I would love to work with you,at lease to learn from you.” Dimitri who was so excited at the praises given to him by Deville and Archie called them closer,
“You can come join us here.” Archie and Deville win-ked at each other and went up to Dimitri and his men.
Meanwhile,Tim and Jake checked almost all the boxes there but Anne wasn’t found,they were almost losing up when Tim decided to check the box at the far end off the room and there was Anne, unconscious in the box,
“This people must be so cruel keeping a human in a box,they are so crude and uncivilized.” Jake cussed as they carried Anne out of the box.Taking a closer look at her,one could see the reason why Deville couldn’t let go of her easily,she’s an angel in reality.
“How can we leave without been caught by those as-s-holes?” Tim asked,the adjoining door was the only way out but taking it is leading themselves to Dimitri and his crazy men.After going throu-gh thing for awhile, an idea stuck Tim,
“Why don’t we take her throu-gh the window?” He pointed at the window with broken glas-s,Jake didn’t see that as a good idea,
“What if you get hurt?” Tim smiled,happy that’s his brother is watching out for him,
“We won’t get hurt,remember how we escaped from Mrs Collins garage that night?” Jake nodded,that has been his worse escape as a child.Himself and Tim had escaped their foster mother’s punishment by going throu-gh the broken window but didn’t get hurt,
“Okay,let’s do it.” He said and stood up,Jake left first while Tim pushed Anne to him,he pu-ll-ed her throu-gh the window,
“Becareful bro,she’s carrying Deville’s child,he wouldn’t like it if she gets hurt.” Tim said to his brother,after pu-lling out Anne,Tim climbe-d over and they left with Tim carrying Anne,since Jake had a bad arm.
“So which way are we taking?” There were three [email protected] ahead of them and what they nee-d now is the fastest way to get out of the place,
“This.” Jake pointed the middle [email protected],
“Remember what Jane Austen said in her book?” Tim nodded,
“If you aren’t falling for left or right,go in between.” They said in unison and then laughed over it.They were almost in the middle [email protected] when they heard sound behind them,
“Hey! You!.” Tim and Jake took to their heels and ran as fast as they could with Anne,thank God for her little weight.
They cornered into a room and his there till their pursuers had past them,
“They’ve lost us.” Tim whispered to Jake in a belabored breath,
“Yeah, how do we tell Deville and the rest we got Anne alre-ady?” He asked,
“Leave that to me.” Someone said from behind them,they turned in shock and saw the man behind them, they mustn’t have noticed him when they ran in,
“Who are you?” Jake asked moving in front of Tim.

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