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Baby contract Episode 1 & 2

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????The Baby ????Contract ????
By Quin Tully ????
Annabel Pearl McKenzie was a young girl from the wrong track of life,having lost her parents in a tragic car accident at the age of four,she spent the next two years of her childhood going to different foster homes and throu-gh the system.None of the foster family seems to like the four years old,snow white skinned girl with the eyes of a goddess,shes is a very fragile piece that gets hurt easily,she was s£nt to live with a distance Uncle.Uncle Charlie was Anne’s maternal uncle,his wife Aunt Elena was a plumby woman who for once never liked the little Annabel for once, she never supported the idea of having the little girl come stay with them. They have two children,a boy Jeremy who was same age with Anne but some months older and a daughter Sasha who was two years younger,Jeremy who had little un-derstanding of what a distance cousin was took Anne as his sister while Sasha despise Anne for her more beautiful looks over the years.
A few years as pas-sed and Anne has grown into a beautiful young lady, Jeremy has grown up too, he’s Far East finding himself as he puts it while Sasha is a sophomore at St Xavier College where Anne graduated.Anne who graduated as a nurse is working in one of the best hospital in the city, living in her [email protected] in thee outSk-irt of the city a thirty minutes drive to her work place.Every woman has a Prince Charming and that’s the same for Anne, she’s in a serious relationsh!pwith Frank Martinez, a quite rich gentleman who loves her with all his heart, he is her perfect princess charming,
he has proposed to her and she accepted his proposal.Her life was finally un-der control and was in order until she met her Greek God. Thing started changing when she was as-signed to take care of a cancer patient,Deville Clyde Salvador.
???? Chapter 1????
“Anne your attention is nee-ded in ward A14.”Callie told Anne who was removing her uniform, her day shift was over and she was going to Frank’s family house with him, they are having a family dinner with Frank’s family.
“I thought I’m done here?”she asked her,
“Well Doctor Williams nee-d you there.”Callie said and left the changing room.
“Gosh.”she hit her head slightly and wore back her uniform,
“I nee-d to call Frank since I won’t make it early.”she brou-ght out her phone from her bag and called Frank,
“Hello Frank.”he picked up at the first ring,
“Frank, I’m sorry but I can’t make it early today,an emergency [email protected]£ up so I will be late.”she explained,he sighed.
“No problem Anne, I’ll reschedule everything,ill call mom and tell her we’ll be late.”he as-sured her,
“Okay thanks hun.”she told him she was about to hang up when he st©pped her,
“You didn’t tell me you love me and didn’t call me my sweet name.”He said, she smiled,
“Okay,I love you my sugar fairy .”she said
“I love you too my fairy angel.”he replied,she k!$$£d the phone and hung up.She kept her phone in her bag and went to the ward to check for the emergency.When she got there,the door was slightly opened.
“Doctor Williams.”she called the doctor who was facing the patient,
“Come in Anne.”the doctor said to her, she [email protected]£ in and close the door behind her.
“Mr Salvador,how are you doing? “she asked the patient,he nodded a fine and she sat down.
“Anne,Mr Salvador has something to tell you. “the doctor said and turned to the patient,
“Anne, I believe you know of my condition? “he asked her and she nodded,
“I’ve been in this hospital for a few days now and everyday you come here to check on me, I’m grateful for that.”she faked a smile cause this isn’t time for one, something is really up.
“So sir how may I help you?” She asked him,he looked at her eyeball to eyeball,
“Anne,I want to have a child with you.” He blurted, she was shocked by what he said and he knew it,
“Is that a joke?Cause I’m not liking it.” She said,he climbe-d down from the be-d and knelt in front of her.He isn’t a type of person to beg for something but the situation required it,he had no other option,it took Doctor Williams several pleading to have him do it even though the importance is to him.
“Anne you should know how important this child is to me,I don’t have any relative and I nee-d a bone marrow transplant.I nee-d a blood relative to have one but I have non.” She stood transfixed,
“I have less than a year to live,I don’t think I want to die now.I’m just twenty eight and I’ve spent the last few years of my life creating a name for myself in the business industry, I have made money all to my name but have no living relation except for my foster mother who lives in Alaska. Anne,I promise to pay you awesomely for everything,plea-se help me.” He pleaded, she turned to Doctor Williams but he re-moved his gaze from her so their eyes won’t meet so she turned to Deville.
“Mr Salvador I…….”
“Don’t worry about your b©yfri£nd, I’ll talk to him but Anne plea-se don’t let me die.” He interrupted her.
“Sir,I’m sorry but give me time to think about it.” She turned and left the room.
When she [email protected]£ out of the hospital, she got into her car and drove to Frank’s place,she parked outside and walked to the gate,
“Who’s there?” Sandro the security man asked her,
“Its me Anne,Sandro opened the door.” She said almost in a whisper,he opened the door and let her in.It was almost seven o’clock wen she got there, so she went headed to the main building, she heard laughter from inside,son she went inside.When she [email protected]£ inside,she saw Frank and a blond haired girl ma-king out in the living room on the couch.They weren’t obvious of her pres£nce,so they kept tossing and turning on each other, she stood there for almost five minutes but they didn’t notice her,they kept k!ss!ngand R0m-ncing each other.
“Frank!” She shouted,the turned to her,he was shocked to see her, he thought she was going to come back late.
“Baby who’s she?” The blond girl asked him,she was still clinging to him but Frank pushed to,he stood up,adjusted his [email protected] and started coming towards her,she re-moved the ring,threw it to him and rushed put of the living room.When she got outside,she got into her car and drove home.
When she got home,she opened the door,headed to her room and jumped on the be-d soaking her pillow with her tears.Not quite long after,she heard a knock on the door,”Anne plea-se listen to me,”Frank’s voice could be heard outside her house but she didn’t stand up to open the door for him,some of her neighbours who know about her relationsh!pwith Frank [email protected]£ to know what the ruckus was all about but she didn’t stand up for once to open the door,she cried her heart content and dozed off.The next morning,she got prepared for work, took her morning coffee and [email protected]£ outside,only to find Frank at her doorstep, she gently close the door and left him there.
“Anne!” He called and she st©pped
“I’m so sorry for yesterday.” She didn’t turn or utter any word,she got into her car and drove off to work leaving him there
Chapter 2
When she got to the hospital,she headed to the changing room and changed into her uniform.
“Anne!”someone called her,she turned and saw her colleague Naomi,
“Mr Salvador was asking after you just awhile ago.”she informed,
“Okay,I’m going to see him now.”she told Naomi and she left her in the changing room alone,she picked up her phone,15 missed calls from Frank,she sighed and kept the phone back in her bag.Then she went to meet Mr Deville,she made a decision to accept his offer,since she isn’t engaged anymore,
“Good morning sir.”she greeted him,he wasn’t slee-ping but didn’t reply,he just smiled at her,
“How are you doing,hope you sle-pt well?”she asked him,
“Well,I’m doing fine just that I feel a little bit tired.”she nodded and smiled
“Ehm…..I…..”she don’t know how to tell him of her decision,
“Anne what is it?”he asked her,she frowned.
He’s behaving as if he doesn’t know what I [email protected]£ here for,she said to herself.
“Sir,I…..I accept your offer,”she said slowly,
“You what?”he pretends not to know what she’s talking about and that irritated her,
“Your fv¢king offer,you as-s-hole.”she muttered to herself,he smiled.
“Anne,are you sure you wanna do this?”she was stunned by his question.Is this not the same man begging me yesterday,why is he behavinglike he knows nothing?she asked herself.
“Yes sir,I want to do it.”she swallowed ha-rd ,
“Okay.”he brou-ght out his phone and called someone,
“Bring the do¢v-ments.”Not long later,a young man walked into the room and handed some papers to him.He handed the papers to her,
“Sign that.”it was more of an order than a request,she sm-irked and went throu-gh it then she signed it and gave it back to him.
“Do you agree to the terms and conditions?”he asked her,she frowned.
“Do you think I signed that for fun?”she asked rudely,
“Then your works starts now,we’re going to my house from here.”he said,
“Why?”she asked angrily,
“Didn’t you re-ad the paper well or do you nee-d glas-ses to go throu-gh it again.”he queried her,she sm-irked and muttered okay then she went back to the changing room to get her bag.
He was coming pit of his room when she [email protected]£ back to him,
“I nee-d to get my stuffs from my house.”he smiled,
“I did that alre-ady so its no use goingback there.”she gave him the you-invaded-my-privacy look but he smiled impishly,
“Don’t worry,I had my female staff do it for me.”she shrugged and went downstairs with him,they got into his car and his driver drove them to his house.
Deville’s mansion took almost the whole estate,it was very large and has enough space bit housed only seven people,Deville,his driver,his security guard,his gardener,his cook,his housekeepe and his washman.He paid his workers well but doesn’t treat them with respect.Actually,Deville Clyde Salvador treats no one with respect except his foster mom Phina Salvador and his four friends Williams Martinez,Tim and Jake Grayson and Archie Buena Criollo,best friends from different background.When they got home,his drover got down from the car and opened the door for him and Anne,she was in awe when she saw the mansion,the driver went to the trunk and brou-ght put Anne’s luggage then he took it inside.
“When you’re done drooling,you can follow me inside.” He said sarcastically,she ignored him but followed him inside.The interior of mansion was as large as the exterior,the living room took almost the whole first floor,at the North Wing of the first floor is the kitchen,opposite the kitchen is the was the great dining hall,the servant quarters took the East Wing with three rooms.Deville’s room is the master be-droom of the house,while the other five rooms spre-ad put in the second floor,each with a window view balcony.
“Millie!”Deville called put and his cook coming running out,
“Welcome sir.”she greeted,she’s a young woman in her mid twenties,she smiled to Anne.
“Prepare something for me and my mistress.”he ordered,Anne arched an eyebrow.Hey dummy,I’m not your mistress,she shouted inside her but frowned,he turned to her,
“I mean my guest.”Millie left them,
“Let me show you to your room.”she followed him upstairs and he showed to her room then left her and went to his.

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