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Apple batch 2

The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 3
Apple’s pov:
Lots of things has happened this week.
My previous attack was yesterday but it didn’t go has planned, MRS ru-bBIE JOHNSON was innocent.
And guess what i don’t actually kill innocent people, I only kill people whose has a hand in there death.
When I [email protected]£ in yesterday, I meant the gateman I mean the one I gave a job and his wife and little baby outside my gate, so I ushered them in.
I gave him and his wife a two room and parlour house inside my estate, and they were so grateful.
When I got inside the house, I saw granny smiling at me like she always does whenever I do something that plea-ses her.
She is the only to ever see me smile, since after the incident that happened seven years ago i have never cried, I can’t even remember how that $h!t is done.
Now it has got to the person I have been waiting patiently for the time to come when I get to slice his throat, just like he did to them.
So I call my personal detective, and he picked up at the first ring like he was waiting for the call.
📱Hello Ben any news about president Yusuf Gatewood, just like I demand?
📱Not much Apple, I think the old fool s£nt his pri-vate as-sas-sin to come attack you tonight so plea-se keep granny safe.
📱Wow! Interesting, at least I have a meat to slaughter since my prey today was innocent of the crime. Maybe god decided to bless me today. And I heard him laugh in the other line.
📱I guess you never change Apple, but there actually going news and am sure you will love to hear it.
📱Hit me!
📱President Yusuf Gatewood sons Damon Gatewood and Stefan Gatewood, will be coming back to California tomorrow morning against there father’s will. I guess the gentlemen are tired of obeying the old fool’s orders.
📱That’s not all, there old house maid resigned and they are in nee-d of a new one, so I have a perfect plan. Why not you apply and get into the house it will be more easy attacking from the inside than outside.
📱Lovely plan Ben you know your not my best friend without a reason, so when is the interview taking place.
Time: 7am – 12pm.
📱Thanks Ben. Bye for now.
📱Yeah bye dude, I gat a bit-ch to scre-w.
📱Man who-re.
I said and hang up only to see granny looking a me angrily.
“Granny why is your face like that? You know frowning those pretty face doesn’t suit you.” I said ma-king her blush but she immediately covered it up it a frown.
“Are you still planning on killing Yusuf huh? Come on my love i know he hurt you but killing his whole family isn’t a good idea, what if they don’t know about his evil doings huh?” granny reply.
“Am sorry granny but my mind is made up.” I said.
“Baby you are going to fall in love in the quest of getting your revenge.” she said and I started laughing.
“Come on granny you know that can never happen.” I replied.
“Okay darling why not we make a deal, if you don’t fall in love at the quest of getting your revenge then I will tell you everything about my past just like you want, but if you fall in love you will have to cut your hair to shoulder length.” granny said smiling.
“Then it a deal granny but for now got to be-d you nee-d rest granny plea-se.” I said and she k!$$£d my forehead and went into her room.
Immediately it was 12 o’clock in the mid night, I wore my black night garment and stepped outside the house, my new gateman was still out and I most say the man is very ha-rd working.
I ordered him to go inside and he thanked me and went to his [email protected]
After about two hours, I saw the bastard entering my estate from the fence.
He was looking for a way to get in when I spoke up.
“Hey intruder, how will you want your death low or quic-k?” I asked ma-king him st©p on his track.
“A—Apple how did you know I was coming?” he stammered.
I didn’t feel like replying him so I picked up my silent gun and sh0t him twice on the forehead and he dropped dead on the ground. I called my secret mess£nger to s£nd his b©dy back to president Yusuf Gatewood with a note saying.
📝President Yusuf Gatewood.
I am APPLE and am like the wind.
You can only feel me but you can never see me.
Talk less of catching me😈📝
After that I went into my room [email protected] on the be-d and sleeped off.
“I have a long day tomorrow.”
Damon’s Pov:
After i went to see my younger brother Stefan, I convinced him to go home with me and he accepted.
When i got home, I started packing my things inside my bag.
After that i order the bit-ch I was going to scre-w his night.
After a while I heard a knock on the door, the door opened and the bit-ch walked in half n-ked.
I quic-kly walked up to her and r!pp£doff her clothes and threw her on the be-d while she just giggled.
I k!$$£d her r0ûghly and took her perfect br••st into my mouth and start su-cking on it.
After that I thrû-st into her violently ma-king her scream in plea-sure.
I started ban-ging her fast and ha-rd .
ma-king her scream like the bit-ch she is.
But one thing I like about her is her pu••y is a little ti-ght.
The bit-ch keep screaming.
After a while we both reach cli-max and I [email protected] on the be-d.
“Hey bit-ch your work is over you can get the f••k out.” I said rudely to the bit-ch.
“Okay but my money?” she replied alre-ady on her clothes.
“Jonah will give it to you.” I said and she nodded and left.
Can’t wait to go back home.
I took my bath and sleeped off.
Next morning we prepared our things on time drove to the airport, and borded a flight going to California.
In no time we arrived, and I was shocked every where was so different.
My brother and I borded a taxi going home, because I can’t wait to my mum after seven motherfv¢king years.
And I guess Stefan is as happy as I am.
Home here we come.
Episode 4
Mr Yusuf’s Pov:
Throu-ghout last night I couldn’t sleep, I was looking at my phone every 2 minutes to see if my as-sas-sin has called to give me the good news.

Although my good news was supposed to come by tomorrow morning, I couldn’t wait to hear that the city terrorist is dead and am sure it will also be a way of me embezzling money from the government fund.

I was still in my thoughts when I noticed someone looking at me, and when I turned it was my wife.
“Hey huni why are you not in be-d yet?”
“Yusuf shouldn’t i be asking you that, plea-se love talk to me because for the past seven years I could ba-rely recognize the sweet loving man I once fell in love with, the man that proposed to me in the most stupid way on earth, that my I say yes to, the man that got married to me and more importantly the father of my three children although my baby girl is dead. So tell me Yusuf where is that lovely man huh?”
“I know am no longer the sweet husband you once knew, but this is a new Yusuf Gloria and if you’re not comfortable with this new Yusuf here, then am sorry huni the choice is yours.” I replied.

“Is this it? Huh? So this is where our love story final ends, your choosing your political career over me no problem.” is replied and left.
She better un-derstands now.
I nee-d this power, I have done so many bad things to get here and I can’t afford to go back not now not ever.

I woke up early and drove to my warehouse because , I heard I have a package and I also nee-d to go back home for the maid interview.
So when I got to my warehouse as usual I was shocked at what I saw.
The stupid package was the dead b©dy of my professional as-sas-sin, who is this APPLE? And how is it possible for her, I mean a mare teenager to kill my as-sas-sin.
And the note was what fricked me out the more.
So am actually her next in line to die.
💭No I can’t let that happen.💭
“Gebrel double my security, make sure they are fully armed.” I said and he nodded.
Apple’s pov:
When I woke up I hurried to the bathroom took my bath and dressed up in worn out clothes.
You know anything it takes to into the fool’s house I will do it. As long as they pay for what they did to me.
One more thing I ordered for cloths that aren’t reveling because I don’t want him to see the tattoo he gave me on my back. It actually his name he wanted me to roast with his name boldly written on my back.

I packed my things inside a worn out bag.
Wore a worn out and [email protected]£d sli-ppers.
Packed my very long hair in a ponytail ma-king it reach my as-s cheek, of course after streching it ma-king it straight.
After i was re-ady it was alre-ady 7 o’clock, is rather late than never.
I ate my breakfast and left for the venue my dude gave me I when I got there it was alre-ady crowded with people.
After a while of waiting it got to my turn and immediately the interview began.
“Hello Miss?” he asked his wife was sitting beside him.
“You have such a lovely name darling, I like you alre-ady you look just excitly like my best friend.” she said with a teary voice and immediately Mr Yusuf’s because uncomfortable.
💭Now I get it his family doesn’t know what he did, lovely.💭I thought.
“come on Gloria no matter the amount of tear you shed they are never coming back.” the beast said and aunty Gloria started looking at him angrily before speaking up.

“Yusuf when my friend and his family died, I failed a report in the police station so they could find the killers of my best friend and her family what happened?” she asked him angrily.
“You go ask the police not me.” he fired back.
They turned and noticed I was still there.
“Your not hired.” he said angrily but his wife aunty Gloria spoke up before I could beg.
“Baby girl your hired and your work starts now, come with me darling.” she said and I left with her.
💭First step accomplished💭
Episode 5
Apple’s pov:
After the argument between aunty Gloria and her beast of a husband, she took my hand and we went inside the house but she was looking at me suspiciously.
She should because, no matter how ha-rd I try to cover it up my late mum and I has a lot of resemblance between us.
I look like my mum but took my dad’s eyes.
We were walking in silence in the pas-s£nge that leads to the main mansion.
After a while of total silence with I like so much she decided to start a conversation.
“Hello love is Apple really your real name? Because is rear to see people answering those kind of names now.” she said and I just smiled
“Yeah that’s true ma’am, Apple isn’t my real name actually but the name choose me my real name caused me nothing but pain and sorrow but Apple, that name changed everything I know ma’am you may not un-derstand but as time goes on you will.” I said smiling and she just nodded.
She took me to the kitchen and showed me around, no matter how rich I am I still know how to cook so that’s not a big deal for me.
She took me to a room upstairs and immediately she opened the door i pretended to be surprised.
“Oh my god ma’am the room is so lovely.”
💭As if the guest room at my mansion isn’t More beautiful than the room. hiss💭
“I hope you like it my love? And plea-se call me mum. You see i lost the most special people in my life, first my best friend and her family and then my only daughter. I just [email protected]£ back home one day and found her dead in the living room, and ever since then I have been hoping to see a girl again that can call me mum okay. Take a shower, you see that door over there is everything you nee-d darling so shower, dress up and meet me in the kitchen.” she said smiling and I nodded and she left.
💭So Mara is dead, but how come?💭 I thought.
Mara is aunty Gloria last daughter and my age mate, she was my best friend and I was hoping to see her but how come she’s dead.
I really nee-d to know every detail about her death.
So I took my phone and dialed Ben’s number hopefully he picked.
Thank heavens because that dude likes pu••y alot.
📱Hello dude, I nee-d help” I said immediately because I could hear a ladies [email protected] on the other line.
📱“Ahhh…. Anything for you dude ahhh… What’s it?” he said or will I say he [email protected] ed. Crazy nigga.
📱“Okay Ben I nee-d every single detail about Mara president Yusuf’s daughter’s death and I nee-d it in 30 minutes time.” I said and hang up.
I went into the bathroom took my bath and went to the place she told me I can find what to wear and took a maid uniform and thank God it wasn’t revea-ling.
After dressing up I walked downstairs to the direction of the kitchen but I st©pped at my track when i hear some people arguing.
And to my surprise it was Damon and Stefan Gatewood, my once upon a time best b©dy and crush.
Immediately they noticed me the argument died down and they all started looking at me.
I smiled and spoke up.
“Good evening everyone, sorry for disturbing ma’am I mean mum you said I should meet you at the kitchen.” I said with a fake smile.
Aunty Gloria sighed and said.
“Apple plan changed, since my husband doesn’t want my sons here am as-signing you as there personal maid so go get re-ady you’re going with them right now.” I nodded and left.
💭Is like my final revenge as-signment is getting more interesting😈💭
••••• FEW HOURS LATER•••••
We were in the car on our way to there mansion and althrou-gh the ride Stefan kept looking at me.
I know he has recognize me but who cares.
He’s actually my best friend back then and I know even with a plastic face his still going to recognize me.
For Damon i guess his now a pla-yboy because he kept on looking at me se-ductively.
Like he wants to eat me up or something.
He better not try $h!t with me if not am cutting out his d••k I swear to God.
A text [email protected]£ into my phone and I brou-ght it out and it was details and my Mara’s death.
Thank God I [email protected]£ with my [email protected]©p, I can’t wait to murder the bastard that did that.
(Brou-ght to you by Victoria Peter)
Stefan’s Pov:
At first when Damon told me to come back come with him I refused. But when I remembered it been long I saw my mum last I had to accept.
When we got to California I was happy but immediately i got home, I remembered everything that happened.
My own father is the killer of the two most important people in my life.
I know you guys maybe surprised but yeah.
This is how it happened.
I was at home that day when I heard my dad ma-king a phone call.
He told whosoever he was talking to on the phone to clear all the evidence on my best friend and her family’s death.
I didn’t know my sister heard it to and her being will I say herself she confronted my dad and he sh0t her.
I know if I [email protected]£ out too I would have been dead so I watched my dad murder my only sister in cold blood.
I wanted to tell my brother but telling him will only cause problems because my brother Damon can be a beast when he is angry.
Talk less of when the issue connect to Mara and his lover and best friend, so I just sh0t my motherfv¢king month.
And till now it killing me.
The beast I have as a father after not seeing his kids for complete seven to eight years all he did when he saw us was to pick a fight.
Telling us to go back to Dubai.
At first I wasn’t interested in all the argument but sometimes cut my attention.
I saw a lady [email protected]£ out and I was shocked.
Isn’t this Elena my best friend.
And what a silly and stupid name she chose to answer.
I was so happy when she was as-signed to be our personal maid at least I have lots of time to get to know her.
Damon’s Pov:
My dad’s attitude today got me thinking.
Are my parents really in good terms huh?
Or are they pretending like everything is okay.
I also noticed Stefan wasn’t surprised by dad’s behavior but rather he was disgusted.
All I ever wanted was a happy family but since my dad [email protected]£ the president of California everything changed about him.
My care free dad [email protected]£ so brutal and desperate.
My once upon a time happy family [email protected]£ a battle ground.
My dad took my mother’s duty being nagging.
While my mum [email protected]£ a pained woman
I don’t blame her though she was alive to witness her own daughter’s death.
But the Lady I saw today got me thinking.
She looks like Elena but since my Elena us dead then who is she?
“Excuess me Miss plea-se can I know your name?” I asked.
“APPLE the city horror” she said with a smile and Stefan and I shouted at the same time.
Episode 6
Apple’s pov:
I can pay a million dollars to see the look on there faces after i told them I was Apple.
Is this how much people fear me?
Then it feels good being an as-sas-sin I swear.
I never knew the great Stefan and Damon Gatewood can be such a scary cat or will I say chicken.
I think I nee-d to change plans, because I just received a text message from Ben saying we will be un-der attack few minutes after we get home.
And the person responsible for the attack is the vice president, Mr Williams Alfred.
How dare that bastard.
He thinks he can kill anyone he sees but not this ones. they are un-der my watch and if anyone wants to punish them it gonna be me, I and my humble self.
When we got to there so called mansion, the two of them left the car immediately but I was quic-k to call them back.
“Stefan! Damon! Where the fv¢k do you guys think your going without your luggage.” I asked with a smile on my face.
They immediately [email protected]£ back to the car opened the car bonnet and took out there luggage while Damon open the car door for me.
Am I [email protected]£ down.
I tapped his head like a pet dog and said to him.
“Good boy.”
When we got into the house and sat down in the living room, Stefan spoke up.
“I don’t believe you are Apple, so what will you use to convince us that you are really the killing machine.” he said while Damon nodded with a smile before he spoke up.
“And if eventually your not Apple and your pretending to be her you will not only be our slave but my S-x puppet.” he said with an evil sm-irk on his pretty face.
“What if I prove to you guys that am Apple? What do I stand to gain?” I replied.
“Then we will be your slave and do as you plea-se.” Stefan said while Damon nodded.
💭This is gonna be fun.💭I thought.
“In less than 3 minutes we will be un-der attack by the vice president, Mr Williams Alfred all I want you guy to do is sit and enjoy the show but don’t frick out. And then after that I will tell you how this beast call Apple was made.” I said and they just nodded.
After a little while we started hearing gun sh0t outside the house and I saw shock and fear on there faces
“Don’t frick out buddy the fun has started.”
I tore the maid dress I was putting on living me with a black leather bu-m short and a white crop t©p.
I put on my black leather gloves and wore my black leather noes mask and brou-ght out two curvy blade.
I have the chance to kill them with a gun but I really want them to frick out while I tell them my story.
They were alre-ady shaking out of fear.
Hmmm bunch of chickens.
Immediately the door of the living room opened and four men heavily armed [email protected]£ in but immediately they saw me they were shocked but didn’t want to show it.
“Hello young men how will you like your deaths quic-k or easy huh?”
“Do you look like we are kidding to you child huh?” one of them said and fired a bullet in the air and the two grown up chickens ran to the back of the sofa.
I used my leg to hit there hand ma-king there guns fall from there hands and I use my leg to give a large gap between them and the guns.
One of them chanced towards me and i use the blade to slice his throat and the rest grasped out of shock including Stefan and Damon.
The rest of the three looked at each other.
One of them ran to where the gun is but I was quic-k to catch him and I drove the blade to his heart.
The order two was alre-ady shivering in fear, I younger one among them brou-ght out a knife from his [email protected] pocket and chanced towards me.
I [email protected]£d his hand and drove the knife into his abd0m£n and he fell on the ground dead my clothes was alre-ady filled with blood same was the living room but I cared less.
The only man remaining among them fell on his knees and started begging me.
“plea-se have mercy on me, I had no other choice but to do it he told me he was going to kill my wife and kids if I don’t. They are the only thing I have in the whole world. I don’t even have money to live the country.” he said weeping.
I immediately took my phone and called Ben to process a flight for four people.
“Mr go home take your family and live for the airport now, don’t worry about your accommodation, feeding and clothing I will take care of that just go I find something useful to do with your life.” I said and he thanked me and left.
I turned to see the two baby adult shaking like a baby puppy s£nt out in the rain for days.
“Are you guys re-ady to hear my story?” I asked and they nodded and sat down on the sofa.
Damon’s Pov:
And then she began.
“Once upon a time there lived a happy family and a girl, the girl had everything she wanted. A daddy that loves her so much, a mommy that nags her to death, a little brother who is as loving as ever and a baby sister who they happy family was waiting for her arrival.” she said and I saw pain in her pretty eyes.
After a little purse she continued her story.
“The pretty girl was only 10 years old while her little brother was 6. The girl’s family happy a family friend the girl and her little brother called him uncle big Joe and his wife aunty Gloria.” and then it occurred to me that I was was with my late childhood crush, because no one calls my dad that name except Elena and her little brother Jeremy.
“Elena !” I and my brother Stefan shouted at the same time and she smiled, the shock on our faces where very obvious.
“Yeah I know you guys are smart but wait until I tell you what really happened to Elena, now back to my story.” she said.
And I saw tears low down my brother’s eyes.
“Everything was okay until that faithful day, the was alre-ady back from school with her brother, her mother set the table and the whole family was eating dinner when they started hearing gun sh0t.”
“The girls daddy was about hiding his family when the door opened and guess who [email protected]£ in uncle big Joe. The girl’s daddy sighed in relief think his good friend [email protected]£ to his recuse but no he was the one doing the attack.” she said and my face turned red out of anger.
“Uncle big Joe sh0t his friends guards living his friends and his family un-der shock. He sh0t the girl’s daddy on both legs after ma-king a comment.
And with that the sh0t the girl’s daddy ma-king him helpless while his trusted friend [email protected]£ his innocent wife till she couldn’t take it anymore and she gave up.” and for once in my life tears roled down my eyes.
But all she did was laugh.
“And all the girls daddy could do was cry and ask his friends what’s did wrong, but instead of answering his question he said all of the man’s family will die different set of painful death. He stabbe-d the girl’s daddy countless times until he died but he wasn’t done yet.
He took his gun and sh0t the poor girl’s little brother Jeremy and he dropped on the ground dead the poor girl couldn’t take it anymore she started crying and screaming for help but non [email protected]£.” she said and this time with tears in her eyes.
“He didn’t till have mercy on her but instead he too a small knife and wrote his name boldly on her back pu-ll-ed petrol all over the house and left before setting the house on fire.
When the fire started some else died and her name was Elena Gilbert but she was reborn into a monster and a demon at the age of ten.
A demon without a name I ran as fast as I could and to my own surprised i climbe-d the long fence and jump but I could have still been dead if not for that Apple tree that saved me and immediately i [email protected]£ Apple the killing machine.” she said and immediately we heard someone crying and turned only to see my mum at the door.
I never knew I had a devil as a father.
He shouldn’t be brou-ght to justice he should be murder the way he did to uncle Gilbert and his family.
And anything I can do to as-sist Elena I will do it and immediately Stefan looked up.
“Why don’t I continue the story. After he killed his best friend and his family out of greed one day he was on call discussing his ugly deed to his friend and his only daughter heard it and confronted him.
And he murmured her in cold blood ma-king his second son watch because he knew he would still do the same to him if he finds out he saw it too.” Stefan said and I was shocked the more.
The two most important people in my life was killed by my own father.
Immediately Stefan finish mother [email protected] on the ground and we ran towards her including Apple or will I say my Elena.
At least now I know my Elena is still in there.
And I most bring her out no matter how long it takes.

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