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A wish Episode 23 & 24

🌼A Wish🌼
Chapter 23
Its been three weeks since i had a splint on my left hand and f!ngers, and my broken hand was healing fas-ter, but it will completely heal next week. The boys weren’t kidding when they said that they are going to gang up on Zayn and beat him up. They really beat him up badly. He didn’t come to school for a week cause he was at the hospital with two broken ribs, a broken arm and leg, and his f!ngersand hands were both in a cast. When he [email protected]£ back to school, i almost couldn’t recognize him cause his face were mixed colours of purple, blue and red. What really got me stunned was when Xavier told me that him, Damon and Alex openly beat up Zayn at the park, late in the evening. They didn’t wear masks to covers their face. I was a bit confused when Alex told me that Zayn didn’t even fight back.
“Um, hey Brielle.” I turned around to see, Connor awkwardly standing beside the lockers, fidgeting with his f!ngers.
“Oh, hey Connor, what’s up?'”.
“Nothing much, hey, may i talk to you?”
“Well, we are actually talking right now.” I said, laughing.
Connor smiled stiffly and leaned against the lockers as he inhaled and exhaled heavily, his green eyes at narrowing me. “Perhaps we can talk somewhere more pri-vate.”
I nodded. “Okay, why dont we go to the exam hall? My English exam starts twenty minutes from now.”
“Alright.” Connor unattached his b©dy from the lockers and we both walked over to the exam hall.
Connor and i slid in the chairs beside each other and Connor faced me, a nervous expression on his face.
“Its about Zayn.” He blurted out.
“What about him?” My voice [email protected]£ out cold, venom dripping down in my tone.
Connor sighed, sadness was swirling in his eyes. “All the things Zayn did to you was horrible, but plea-se dont fully hate him with all your heart.”
“Connor, Zayn beat me up and k!$$£d me against my will.” I used my right hand to clench onto the desk so ti-ght, my knuckles turned pale white.
“I know but he wasn’t himself and he didn’t mean to hurt you.” Connor said, his voice going soft into a whisper. “Zayn has personality disorder.”
“W-what?” I was shocked. I know what personality disorder means, it is the inflexible change of behaviour. Most people with personality disorder usually tend to have different change of personality. Some can act really violent and aggressive. They tend to have a lot of ascendancy to the point that their behaviour or personality completely change.
Connor closed his eyes and opened them, resting his elbows on his [email protected] as he stares at the wall by his left side, not once ma-king eye contact with me. “Its true, he has personality disorder, he didn’t mean to do all that.”
“So?” I scoffed, glaring at Connor who refused to meet my eyes. “Why did he take it out on me? Why not someb©dy else? Its not that i want him to take it out on someone else, but i just dont get why Zayn did all that to me, when i’ve never done anything to him. Connor with all due respect, you’re my friend, but that doesn’t mean you can just come here and tell me to forgive the guy who had made school a living nightmare for me.”
Connor stared at me, his expression blank. “I’m not saying you should fully forgive Zayn, but plea-se don’t hate him because it wasn’t his fault.”
“Then whose fault is that? My fault?” I asked sardonically.
Connor inhaled sharply, re-leasing his breath out with a huff. “Your dad, Liam Johnson.”
“First of all Connor, Liam is my stepdad.” I chastised. “And how is Liam related to Zayn’s psychological issue?”
Connor’s eyes darkened and he clenched his jaw, his fist balling up. “Liam was Zayn’s mum highschool b©yfri£nd. They were both in their s£nior year when they had started [email protected]!ngand were both known as the best couple in the school. Even when they got to college, they were both still [email protected]!ng. Zayn’s mum, Sarah, noticed how controlling her b©yfri£[email protected]£, how he wont let her go to college [email protected] and how he always want to know where she is every 24/7. It was the last straw for Sarah when Liam beat up up her best friend, only because she hvgged him. So she broke up with him. Liam didn’t take the break up so well. He started disturbing Sarah and will spam all her social media account with messages. She blocked him but he didn’t give up and started to visit to her [email protected] everyday. She got a restraining order when Liam didn’t leave her alone, and he st©pped visiting her after that. She moved on with her life two years later and got married to Daniel Parker, a man she met in one of her job interviews. Sarah had forgotten about Liam, thinking that he must have alre-ady moved on. But no. When Zayn was seven, Liam unexpectedly showed up in their house when Zayn’s father was out of the city for a business trip. Liam dragged Sarah and Zayn to the basement and locked it. He [email protected]£d and tortured Sarah.”
Connor re-leased a shaky breath. “Liam made Zayn watch as he tortured and haras-sed his mum, and Zayn couldn’t do anything, he was tied up to a chair as he watched Liam torture his mum. He begged and cried but Liam didn’t listen.”
Zayn [email protected]£ numb when his mother was traumatised about what happened, she committed suicide by hanging herself in the basement. He changed after his mum’s death, he [email protected]£ cold-hearted. He told his Dad about what Liam did to his mum but his dad didn’t believe him cause he thought that Zayn was just traumatised because of the death of his mum.
“How did you and Zayn meet, were you friends from before?” I asked.
Connor smiled, but it was a sad smile. “We met at a ball, i was four and Zayn was five. It was at one of a ball’s that Zayn father was hosting. He and my Dad were business [email protected] so i was introduced to Zayn. I wasn’t really the social type then and i was really shy about meeting new faces. Zayn was a really happy and enthusiastic boy then. He didn’t leave me alone even when all i did was just ignore and snob him. I later started warming up to him. We were both glued to the h!p, Zayn was like an older brother and a best friend to me. He was really protective of me in school and will always fight anyone who dares to bully me. I never once left his side, even after his mum’s death. He was cold towards me and will insult me but i didn’t once leave his side. Zayn later told me what was the cause of his mum’s death. I was twelve then and he was thirteen.”
“Are you guys still best of friends?” I asked quietly, trying to process everything Connor just told me.
A tear sli-pped from Connor’s eyes and he wiped it. “No, i st©pped being friends with him when he started bullying you. I told him to st©p it but he didn’t listen to me. We fought. That was the first time i ever hit Zayn. When i shoved him to the ground and wanted to walk away, his words were.
‘You’re leaving me too? Are you really going to walk away because of one girl? Connor Caden Mitchell if you walk out of that door, then you can forget we were ever best friends. Walk out of that door, and eighteen years of our friendsh!pis gone.’
“It was ha-rd to do but i walked out and cried after that.”
“You gave up your friendsh!pfor me?” I asked in disbelief. I cant believe he did that. Connor gave up his eighteen years of being best friends with Zayn for me.
“I couldn’t stand the fact that he was bullying you, i should have done something to st©p him but i was too much of a coward to do that.”
“You’re not a coward Connor.” I told him in a firm tone. “Heck, nob©dy will ever just give up their best friend just because they’ve done something wrong.”
“Is his personality disorder really serious?” I asked him when he didn’t say anything for some seconds.
“It only happens whenever he’s really angry, but it should have gone since Liam is in jail.”
“Huh?” I asked, confused. How does he knows that Liam is in jail.
“Zayn heard that Liam was in jail so he was really happy, and i thought maybe his disorder will go away, but it didn’t. Anyway, my brother told me that Zayn has gone to a rehabilitation centre, he went yesterday.”
“plea-se Brielle, just forgive Zayn, he really didn’t mean to hit you.” Connor pleaded.
“What Zayn went throu-gh was tou-ching, but i can’t forgive him Connor. If Xavier had not interfered when Zayn tried to humiliate me at the cafeteria, will he st©p? Will he st©p bullying me?” Connor didn’t say anything so i continued. “No, he will continue to torment me so i dont think i can forgive him.”
“Brielle, why are you being so difficult!” Connor snapped, his tone mixed with anger and frustration.
“plea-se go away Connor.” I said quietly, my voice cracking as i felt my vision blur with unshed tears that were threatening to fall.
Connor stood up and stretched out his hand to t©uçh my shoulder but i quic-kly j£rked away from him. Hurt flashed in his eyes but he masked it up with an intellect expression and sighed before walking towards the door.
“Connor, wait.” I called causing him to halt mid-way to the door and he turned around to face me.
“Why did Zayn bullied me before?”
Connor’s eyes went downcast to the floor, his f!ngerscurling together. “He couldn’t contain his anger when he saw Liam register you in this school. He bullied you because he thought you were the perfect bait to let out all his anger and frustration on. The fact that you were Liam’s stepdaughter made Zayn more angry so he hurt you since he couldn’t hurt Liam.”
I laughed. I had many things i want to say but i choose to laugh instead. I tilted my head to stare up at Connor who’s brows were crea-sed together in confusion. It was really ha-rd to fight back the tears that threatened to stream down from my eyes, but i still controlled it as i tried to fight over the urge to just walk up to Connor and give him a ha-rd [email protected] across the face.
“You know.” I drummed my f!ngerson the desk, feeling it rou-gh surface graze my f!ngers. “If Zayn knew what was going on in Liam’s house, he wouldn’t have the guts to even [email protected] f!nger on me.”
“What are you talking about Brielle?” Connor asked, his eyebrows furrowed.
“Connor, tell Zayn, if you ever see him.” My voice was hoarse. “Tell Zayn that i was physically and emotionally abused by Liam for nine years, that is why he is in jail. Liam took $1000 from one of his so called friends so that the man could sleep with me. Hadn’t been Xavier didn’t show up on time, i would have my vir-ginity stolen by a forty-three year old pedophile.”
Connor’s wyes wi-de-ned, hisl-ips [email protected] The pure shock in his eyes were evident. “Brielle, i didn’t know that you were being a-”
“Just go Connor, plea-se.” I interrupted, my voice cracking. He re-leased out a frustrated sigh and i heard his stomping footsteps walk out of the exam hall as the door was slammed shut. I wiped the tears that streamed down my cheeks, using my sleeve when students started entering the hall. The Examiner [email protected]£ five minutes cane five minutes late and he quic-kly pas-sed out our papers to us.
“Hey bestie, are you alright? You look a bit gloomy today.” Ava said, concern and worry dripping in her gentle voice.
I looked up at the brown coloured ceiling and closed my eyes before i opened them and glanced down at my cu-p of mocha coffee, stirring the silver spoon in it and bringing the spoon up to my mouth. The sweet creamy taste of the coffee in my ton-gue was satisfying to my constant cravings for mocha coffee.
I peeked at Ava, remembering that she asked me a question. Keeping my face blank, with no single expression on my face, i said. “I’m fine Ava, just a bit tired.”
Ava rolled her eyes and fixed me with a glare. “St©p lying to me Brielle, that blank face wont ever work on me.”
“And how do you know that am lying?”
“One, you love taking your mocha coffee h0t and two, you dont usually love stirring or drinking it with a spoon.”
I furrowed my brows and glanced down at my coffee, using the back of my f!ngersto t©uçh the side surface of the cu-p so that i’ll be able to feel the temperature. “Its warm.” I sighed. Its ha-rd to lie to Xavier and Ava, they both know me too well, better than Damon and Alex.
“So are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Before i could shake my head and say that am fine, Ava added. “You better tell me why you are down or else, i’ll drag you by your ear to the mansion and tell the boys.”
I gulped. “You’re not really going to do that, right?”
Aval-ips curled up. “I wont do it unless you tell me the truth.”
“Fine.” I st©pped stirring the coffee and pushed it a bit far from me cause it doesn’t seem appealing again like before. I took in a de-ep breath and just blurted out everything to Ava, how Conner talked to me about Zayn and his psychological issues
Ava was just staring at her cu-p, eyebrows furrowed when i told her everything that Connor said to me in the exam hall.
“Well, that’s just messed up.” Ava finally said, running her ton-gue down to her bottoml-ip.
“Tell me about it.” I slumped against the chair, puffing out a breath. “What do you think i should do? Do you think that i should just forgive Zayn? Besides, it isn’t completely his fault in this whole situation.
Ava raised her hand up and gave me a really painful sma-ck on my head. I winced and glared at her, ru-bbing the sp©t she hit. “What was that for, Ava?” I whined.
“Oh its nothing.” Ava said, casually shrugging her shoulders. “I was trying to see if i cant hit some s-en-se inside that [email protected] of yours. Like are you seriously kidding me Brielle? Zayn bullied you and weeks ago you got cornered and was beaten up by him. So what if he has personality disorder? It still doesn’t justify about the way he treated you. I still feel bad about what happened to his mum and how he was f0rç£d to watch a lunatic haras-s his mum, but he shouldn’t have taken out all his anger on you, just because he thought it will hurt Liam more.”
“But Zayn didn’t know that i was being abused by Liam.” I defended, surprising myself and Ava.
Ava shook her head and took a sip out of her coffee before she placed the cu-p back on the table. “Dont defend him Brielle, its up to you though.”
“Up to me?”
“Yeah, its up to you if you wanna forgive Zayn or not, but let me just tell you that if you befriend Zayn, then you really are the most ignoramus girl on earth.”
“Hey.” I pla-yfully hit her shoulder. “I’m not going to forgive Zayn like that and just befriend him.”
“Anyway, let’s forget about this whole Zayn disorder thing and talk about your birthday!” She said brightly. “Its tomorrow, isn’t it?”
I shook my head. “Nope, Xavier birthday is tomorrow, mine us two days after his birthday.”
“Then why are you still sitting here?” Ava demanded, her voice rising.
I stared at her, confused. “Um drinking coffee?”
Once again, Ava sma-cked my head. “You’re suppose to be out there in the mall, searching for a birthday gift to give your b©yfri£nd.”
I snorted. “I alre-ady did that Ava.” Neither Xavier or Ava, Damon and Alex knows. But secretly, i’ve been saving enough money to buy Xavier a birthday gift. I cant tell Xavier this, but am seriously tired of him spending his money on me and also giving me money. Living in the mansion is alre-ady a big thing, so him spending money on me is a big no, no. That is why i have been working in starbucks as a waitress. Though it was ha-rd convincing the manager cause he thought i was too young to be working. But after a lot of arguments, he finally agreed to let me work. I sometimes help in preparing some desserts that is not cake, like cream puffs. The customers love my cream puffs and because of that Mr Jeremy, the manager, pays me $150 per week.
“Really? Let me see it!” I chuckled at Ava enthusiasm.
“Its at home and i cant allow you to see it today, so you’ll just have to wait till i give it to Xavier.”
“You’re no fun.” She pouted, crossing her arms.
“Are you alright? What’s wrong?” I gulped, trying to look at anywhere but him. If i stare at those beautiful grey eyes, i dont think i’ll be able to look away. When i got home i tried to avoid Xavier and act casual around him when he talked to me, but maybe it was really obvious that i was trying to avoid him. And him being the smart guy he is, figured out that something was off about me. I dislike that look in his eyes, the intense stare that makes you wanna blurt out your whole secret.
“N-no, n-nothing is wrong.” Why did i have to stutter? That will only make Xavier more suspicious.
“You know that you can tell me anything.” Xavier crossed his arms and stepped closer to me. “I’m your b©yfri£ndand i should know what happens if i see that my girlfriend is tensed about something.”
“Hey, why dont we take a beautiful stroll at the park and stare at the wonderful sky and clouds God created.” I quic-kly stood up from the chair and gave Xavier a big fake smile.
He rolled his eyes. “I’ve alre-ady seen God’s creation thousands of times, Brielle, and st©p trying to change the subject.” I could hear a hint of frustration in his tone.
“When you got home, you didn’t talk to me and you ran away when you saw me in the hall. And finally when i called you to come down and eat, you cant even look me in the eye while talking.”
“None of that is t-true.”
“Dammit! Brielle. You’re stuttering and avoiding eye contact with me. Tell me, what’s bothering you?”
I swallowed a fit full of saliva, beads of sweat forming on my forehead. “There is nothing bothering me Xavier, am just tired.” Even though i didn’t stutter this time around, i still refused to meet his eyes.
“Then look right into my eyes and tell me that nothing is wrong.” He was now right in front of me, his warm breath tickling my forehead. Xavier can really be [email protected]!ngif he wants to but inside he’s a big softie.
“Look at me Brielle.” Xavier grunted, his tone laced with frustration.
Trying to avoid his smouldering gaze, i pretended to stare at something behind Xavier and masked an expression of horror on my face.
“Oh my God, Xavier! Behind you!” Xavier furrowed his eyebrows and turned around. Without thinking, i [email protected]£d the jug of orange jui-ce from the table and emptied the whole liquid on Xavier before i quic-kly placed it on the table and ran up to my room. I locked the door and managed to use my right hand and dragged one of my desk that is really heavy to block the door. The angry and determined stomping of footsteps from downstairs made me gulp.
“Brielle i swear to God, if you dont open this door right now, am going to break it down.” I pursed myl-ips, trying to remain quiet so he’ll think that am not here.
“The silent treatment, huh?” Xavier’s tone was filled with a bit of amusement and anger. “Brielle am serious, st©p hiding inside there and just tell me what is bothering you. Did i do something that made you mad? What did i do wrong? plea-se just talk to me love.” I felt guilty cause his voice sounded so tired and desperate.
Again, i remained silent. Xavier re-leased an exasperated sigh and i heard his stomping footsteps retreat away from my door. I walked over to my be-d and plopped down on the soft matras-s, the sheets getting a little squee-zed cause of the way i [email protected] it.
I sighed, thinking about mine and Xavier’s earlier conversation. I dont want him to be angry but am scared of what Xavier reaction will be if i tell him about what Connor said to me in the exam hall. I alre-ady thought about it and have decided to just forgive Zayn then move on with my life. If Ava will be angry when she finds out that i want to forgive Zayn, then how will my b©yfri£ndreact?
I don’t know how long i just la-id in my be-d while thinking, but i fell asleep and later woke up to someone knocking loudly on my door.
“Who is it?” My voice was a bit hoarse from just waking up.
“Its me Damon, open the door.” I got down from the be-d and lazily walked towards the door, using right hand to drag the desk back to where it was, before i opened the door.
“What do you want?” I asked tiredly, leaning my shoulder against the doorframe as i stared up at Damon.
“Its time for dinner.” Damon announced, smiling brightly at me.
I f0rç£d a smile but am pretty sure it [email protected]£ out as a grimace. “I’m not hungry Damon.” That’s a lie. I’m really famished but i dont think i can sit down in a room with Xavier. When all he’s going to do is just give me one of his [email protected]!ngstares.
Damon smile vanished and he scowled. “Xavier told me you didn’t eat much today, so how on earth can you tell me that you’re not hungry.”
“Well, i lost my appetite to eat.” I lied again, suddenly finding the art frame behind Damon more entertaining to the eyes.
I blu-shed beetroot when my stomach decided to give me out by rumbling very loud.
Damon chuckled, a small sm-irk pla-ying on hisl-ips. “Your stomach doesn’t agree with you, now cmon, let’s get your tummy filled up.” He patted my stomach and motioned for me to follow him.
I hvgged my shoulders, looking down at the tiled floor. “But am not hungry.”
“Brielle if you dont follow me downstairs.” Damon warned. “i wont hesitate to throw you over my shoulder.”
“But it will hurt my stomach and rib.” I reasoned, trying to use my rib as an escape root.
Damon snorted. “Your rib is healed Brielle and dont think you can outrun me, cause i can simply just carry you downstairs to the dining room. Now cmon, lets go.”
“No.” I said stubbornly, taking a step backward to my room.
Damon glared at me and in a swift motion, he scooped me up in his arms causing me to yelp in surprise. Damon carefully adjusted me in his arms and started walking down the hall.
“Let me down Damon, i said that am not hungry!” I squirmed, kicking my legs but he only ti-ght£ñed his grip on me.
“As your brother, am worried about your health and you not eating is [email protected] of it.”
I sighed and glared at his arms. “But you’re only suppose to protect me and annoy me.”
“That’s not all Brielle.” Damon placed a k!sson the t©p of my head. “I will also be worried if i notice that you are not yourself, now plea-se tell me what’s wrong with you?”
Before i could say anything, he added. “And don’t lie to me cause Xavier told me about what transpired between you two.”
“Snitch.” I mumbled. “Like i said, its nothing.”
Damon sighed. “Okay Brielle, dont tell me but plea-se talk to Xavier. I’ve never seen him look so stressed out. He thinks that he has done something to make you mad and that’s why you’re avoiding him. One thing Xavier hates is when he’s being avoided.”
“He’s going to lose it if i tell him.” I said quietly. Damon just kept quiet and he descended down the stairs, walking over to the dining room where Xavier and Alex are both seated on the chairs.
As Damon set me down, i stared, not at Xavier but at the mouthwatering food. The grilled chicken was calling out to me and i so much wanted to di-p the well cooked sweet potatoes inside the tomato sauce. I dashed to the table and slid down on the chair opposite Xavier, gr-abbing a steak of chicken and placing it on the white plate, using a knife and fork to cut it before i shoved it in my mouth.
“Oh my gosh, this taste so heavenly.” I [email protected] ed, taking another bite out of the chicken. Damon and Alex snickered and i could see a small smile pla-ying in Xavierl-ips. Right after my dramatic chicken moment, it was quiet, all that could be heard were clashing of spoons, forks and knives as we ate. I felt the thick tension in the air even though i was filling my mouth with food.
“Alright, that’s enough.” Alex slammed his fork on his plate, glaring at me and Xavier. “Brielle, Xavier, st©p acting like little kids and fix whatever problem you both have.”
Xavier clenched his jaw. “There is nothing wrong with me Alex, but my girlfriend here is bothered about something which she refuse to talk to me about.”
Damon stood up and picked up his plate and jui-ce, staring down at Alex. “Lets go to the movie room Alex and give this two some privacy so that they’ll sort out the fight between them.”
“Good idea.” Alex also gathered up his plate and jui-ce. In a blink of an eye, they were alre-ady at the stairs, leaving me and Xavier alone.
“So.” I started, after five minutes of a thick silence that was in the air. “Where you the one who made the food?”
Xavier stared at me blankly. “No.” Was his blunt reply.
“Okay, but you made the dessert, right?” Why am i ma-king the conversation more annoying and awkward.
“Yes.” He scowled. I nodded and reached out to take a slice of strawberry cheesecake. I’m not surprised that It tastes so sweet and creamy. After all, my b©yfri£ndis an amazing baker.
“Wonderful evening we’re having.” I blurted out and clasped my hand over my mouth, mentally [email protected] myself at how stupid i am.
“St©p it Brielle, its not a wonderful evening at all.” Xavier said in an angry tone, standing up from his chair, staring at me with his grey orbs dilating. “St©p beating around the bush and just talk to me, plea-se.”
I placed the plate back on the table and awkwardly stood up from the chair. “Can we talk outside?”
“Okay.” Xavier didn’t wait for me and he started to walk towards the front door. I trailed after him and went outside. It was dark and the moonlight that shone brightly made the late evening look so peaceful. Xavier leaned against the wall, his legs and arms crossed over. The light breeze that pas-sed swiftly made his hair to flutter up in a messy but cute way. I really want to hvg Xavier right now and feel the comforting warmth that radiates of his b©dy but he would think that i want to avoid the t©pic again.
“Aren’t you going to say anything?” I was snapped back into reality by Xavier’s voice. I bit my l!pand proceeded to tell Xavier everything, avoiding his eyes. There was a thick and heavy silence when i was done talking. I stole a brief glance at Xavier to see his jaw ti-ghtly clenched and his fist were balled up.
Xavier closed his eyes and sighed, his tensed muscles relaxing as he closed the distance between us. “Zayn shouldn’t have experienced that a little boy, but what do you plan on doing?”
“I want to forgive him.” I blurted out, averting my eyes from his face cause i was scared to see his reaction.
“Look at me Brielle.” Xavier voice was soft and smooth. “I’m not going to yell at you, but plea-se just look at me. I nee-d to see those pretty blue eyes.” My eyes drifted forward to meet his warm gaze.
“Is that why you were avoiding me?” Xavier asked.
“I was scared to see how you will react.” I mumbled.
Xavier thinned hisl-ips and sighed. “I am shocked and a little angry that you want to forgive Zayn but its your choice and am not going to st©p you if that’s what you want to do.”
“I just want to move on with my life and be free. I’ve alre-ady set myself free from Liam but now i nee-d to also free myself from Zayn, me forgiving him is the only way. I’ve forgiven Liam and Zayn but i can never forget about what they did to me before. Hopefully, Zayn will recover from his psychological problems and become a new person.”
Xavier smiled and brou-ght his hand down to my cheek, gently [email protected]£ss!ngit with his thumb. “What did i ever do to deserve such a lovely girlfriend.” His arms encircled around me and he k!$$£d my forehead.
“I love you Brielle.” I stiffened at his words, my heart racing a thousand beats fas-ter and my eyes wi-dening. Am i dreaming? Did Xavier just say the L word?
“I love you so much and i dont want to ever lose you.”
I wra-pped my arms around Xavier torso, my eyes brimming with tears. “I love you too Xavier.”
Xavier pu-ll-ed back from the hvg and gave me a genuine smile before he leaned forward, and pressed hisl-ips on mine, k!ss!ngme softly and pas-sionately.
🌼A Wish🌼
Chapter 24
“Hey babe, wanna dance?” A random boy slurred, his feet staggering towards me. I scrunched up my nose at the stench of alcohol that reeked off the boy.
“No, thanks.” I quic-kly walked pas-s him, pushing throu-gh a crowd of drun!kteenagers. This is so damn frustrating. I cant even see a thing because of all the sweaty and drun!kteenagers. Who on earth even brou-ght alcohol? Because i know that Damon hate’s it. Either some students brou-ght a whole crate of beers or they just decided to spike the jui-ces.
This is not how i had plan for today to go. Its Xavier birthday and we had alre-ady planned a simple surprise for him, earlier today. Ava and i baked a cake for him, well, it was mostly Ava who did all the baking. Alex and Damon were to both set up fun games and activities. After that, we went to the theatre and watched a movie. I really wanted to personally give Xavier his birthday pres£nt from me, but Damon thought it would be a good idea to secretly call some [email protected] planners and caterers. He threw a night [email protected] and invited almost all the s£niors from school. Xavier was really pissed and he swore and yelled at Damon, almost giving the latter a sma-ck but Damon just ran away. I dont really know how it happened but a crowd moved over to where me, Xavier, Ava and Alex were standing. And i lost all three of them. So right now, am searching for my b©yfri£ndthrou-gh a bunch of alcohol drenched teenagers. I rounded the fountain, walking over to the side porch of the mansion. I furrowed my brows in confusion when i heard voices, and i recognize the voice as my b©yfri£nd. As i got closer, my moving feet immediately [email protected]£ to a halt. I saw what i’d never imagine or want to see. Bellal-ips on my b©yfri£nd.
Xavier pushed Bella away, his eyes glaring daggers at her. “What the he-” he st©pped mid-s£ntence once he sp©tted me standing five feet away from them, his eyes wi-dening.
“Brielle, its not what it lo-” i wiped the tears that streamed down my cheeks and ran. I st©pped by the pool and sat down on a bench, ru-bbing my tear streaked eyes. I heard running footsteps behind me, and Xavier got in front of me, holding his knee-d while [email protected]
“Brielle, i promise you, its not what it looks like.” He rushed out. “Bella just [email protected]£ up to me, confessing how much she loves me and said that she will like it if me and her should get back together as couples. I told her that its only you who has my heart but she then got angry and started yelling atrocious words at me. I just ignored her and proceeded to walk away but she [email protected]£d my face and k!$$£d me. I pushed her away Brielle, the k!ssdidn’t mean anything to me and i will never cheat on you.” Xavier’s eyes held genuine determination.
“I know, i trust you and i know that you will never cheat on me.” I wiped a tear that t©uçhed my cheek.
Xavier sat down beside me, ma-king sure there was no single gap left between us. His eyebrows were crea-sed together in confusion. “Then why did you run off like that? The look in your eyes scared me when you saw Bella, and i quic-kly ran after to explain cause i was worried that you’re going to look at it the wrong way.”
I sniffled. “I wasn’t really going to break up with you Xav, its just that sometimes i think that am not good enough for you. Bella told me that she’s going to get you to fall in love with her again, and i was scared that she might win and you’ll dump me for her.”
“Brielle.” Xavier said softly, placing his index f!nger un-der my chin and he used his thumb to wipe clean the tears that stained my cheeks. “I love you Brielle and i will never ever intentionally do anything that would hurt your feelings. I care about you and i love you, believe it or not, i dont want to ever lose you.”
“So plea-se dont think like that because i wont dump you or leave you alone.” Xavier didn’t wait for my response cause hisl-ips were alre-ady on mine.
“I wont leave you too Xavier.” My arms went around his torso and i rested the side of my cheek against his che-st. His hands gently stro-ked my hair as he leaned down to k!ssmy forehead. I cringed when i heard a loud ban-g and fits of drun!ken laughter from a bunch of people.
Xavier grimaced abd ru-bbe-d his forehead, muttering. “I’m going to kill that brother of mine for his immature decision.”
“I think its time to call it a night.” Xavier got up and held my hand, helping me get on my feet. We walked to the front porch and i could see people laughing, dancing, eating and drinking.
“Hey!” I yelled. “[email protected]’s over! Go home!” Its either no one heard me or they just choose to ignore me.
“Enough!” Xavier hollered causing the noise from people to decrease. “In the next five minutes i want everyone out of here. Now!” The crowd quic-kly packed up their things and scurried to the gate even the drun!kones. Its a bit funny that half of our school is scared of Xavier that even their drun!kminds have a little sanity when it comes to him. After everyone had dispersed, Bella, who still hasn’t left, strutted over to where Xavier and i stood. When i saw her with Xavier, its was only her face i captured but right now that i can completely see her, its really not a nice sight for me. Her dress was completely indecent. It was too short and transparent, worst of all its a white dress.
“Xavier baby, we weren’t done talking.” Bella’s eye met mine and herl-ips curled up into a c0cky sm-irk. “Why are you here? Or have you forgotten that you saw how me and Xavier share a pas-sionate and loving k!ss.”
Xavier jaw ticked. “We never k!$$£d, Bella, you were the one who f0rç£d yourl-ips on mine.”
“Dont pretend Xavier, cause i know that you loved that k!ssas much as i did.” Bella said se-ductively, stepping closer to Xavier and ru-bbing her f!ngersup and down on his che-st. The nerve of this girl! She actually have the backbone to flir-t with my b©yfri£ndin front of me.
Xavier glared at Bella and [email protected] her f!nger away from his che-st, bringing his face close to her. “Listen up Bella, you and i were together and that’s were the chapter ends. We will never be together abd i wont ever leave Brielle. Dont try to get what you cant have, Bella, so leave me and my girlfriend alone.”
“And if i dont.” Bella fli-cked her hair to the side and crossed her arms, staring at Xavier with a look of confidence.
Xavier chuckled and stepped closer to her. “Believe me when i say this, you wont like the result if you keep up with this stupid act of yours. So do a favour Bella Mariana Walker, get the hell out of my house and dont ever step a foot into this mansion. un-derstand?!” For the first time ever, Bella features were clouded with fear.
“Y-yes s-sir.” She stuttered, shamefully turning around to walk towards the gate.
“Well that was sick.” I turned to the side to see Ava, Alex and Damon. They all has a bag of popcorn in their hands.
“That was way better than a movie.” Ava commented, shoving a handful of popcorn in her mouth.
“Well she had it coming to her.” I grumbled, crossing my arms over my che-st.
“So what are we going to do about this whole place?” Alex asked, his eyes scrutinizing the surrounding.
“Well am really tired so i’ll just go right up to be-d.” Damon said, faking a yawn as he stretched his arms out for emphasis.
“Hold it right there mister, you’re not going anywhere since you were the one who caused all this mess.” Xavier stated, his eyes narrowing into slits.
“But i just wanted to surprise you.” Damon whined. “So i threw a [email protected] and told everyone that its your birthday. There’s even pres£nts in the house from most of the students who [email protected]£ here and they are all for you.”
Xavier sighed and ru-bbe-d his forehead. “Damon, inviting half of the school to our house isn’t an awesome surprise. Thank God you didn’t throw in [email protected] in the living room. So here’s the thing, we are all going to clean up and Damon, you’re going to unwra-p the gifts inside the living room, then you’ll pick out the good stuff and keep it to yourself or share them to kids at the park.”
“Well, let’s start cleaning up!” Ava said enthusiastically.
“How on earth can you be excited about cleaning!” Alex exclaimed.
She shrugged. “The place isn’t that bad, we just have to pick dirt’s from the ground, sweep it before we stack up the whole plates, bowls and cu-ps then wash them.”
“Okay.” Alex let out a defeated sigh. “Let’s just get this over with cause i really want to crawl of my soft be-d.”
“This isn’t fair.” Damon pouted, ma-king Ava and Alex to chuckle while Xavier just rolled his eyes. We all cleaned up the porch and compound before gathering up the plates, bowls and cu-ps to the zinc. I helped Damon in unwra-pping some of the gifts and i must say that some of the juniors and s£niors must like Xavier to give him cool gifts.
“So what do you plan on doing with all this gifts?” I asked.
A smile graced Damon’sl-ips. “I’ve been thinking about it, i want to give out some of them to kids in the orphanage.”
“That’s really thoughtful of you Damon.” He grinned in response and gathered up the remaining gifts in his hand before heading towards the stairs. I went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, taking out the milk carton. I poured the milk in a glas-s cu-p and drank the whole content.
My feet felt a bit so-re as i walked over to my room, probably because of all the work. A small giggle escaped myl-ips when i saw Ava all sprawled up on my be-d, fast asleep. I adjusted her and pu-ll-ed the comforter over her. I walked towards my walk-in closet and got changed into my pajamas before putting on my sli-ppers that tickled my feet because of its fluffy texture.
I headed to Xavier’s room and opened the door, gently closing it behind me.
“Hey, princess.” Xavier said, patting the space beside him on the be-d. He’s wearing his glas-ses and his legs were crossed. Xavier placed the book he was previously re-ading on the desk. I plopped down beside him, nervously b!tt!g myl-ips.
“What’s wrong, love?” Xavier hands encircled my shoulder and he pu-ll-ed me closer to him.
“I have a birthday gift for you but i dont know if you’re gonna like it.” I mumbled.
“Hey.” Xavier held my hand and placed a k!ssof my f!ngers. “Even if you give me a single candy, i wont get mad.”
I giggled, feeling myl-ips tug up. “Here it is.” I tucked my hand in my pocket and pu-ll-ed out the two silver [email protected] Xavier smiled and sli-pped on of the [email protected] in his wrist while i wore the other [email protected]
“See.” He showed me his wrist. “Fits perfectly.”
“But why did you engrave X&B on the [email protected]?” Xavier asked, confused.
I smiled. “It stands for Xavier and Brielle.”
“I love it Brielle, its really a wonderful gift.” My heart swirled with relief and warmth cause Xavier appreciate of gift. I k!$$£d him before laying my head on his [email protected] I closed my eyes, inhaling and exhaling softly as Xavier gently stro-ked my hair.
“You like that?” He asked. I opened my eyes and saw a small sm-irk plastered on hisl-ips.
I blu-shed. “Its like a nice mas-sage.”
Xavier chuckled and k!$$£d my forehead, resting his forehead on mine. “I really would have love to continue stro-king your soft hair, but we both nee-d our sleep.”
“Do i have to go to be-d?” I pouted, linking my f!ngerswith his as i sat up.
“Yes Brielle.” Xavier pe-cked myl-ips and gently pushed me down in a slee-ping position before he lied down and wra-pped his arms around my shoulder.
“Night Xavier.” I whispered, alre-ady feeling my eyes get heavy.
“Good night, love.” Xavier murmured.
“That’s a first start.” Ava commented, taking a bite out of her avocado toast.
“I dont really see how Bella walking past me is a first start.” I popped another chocolate candy bar in my mouth, feeling the sweet taste linger on my ton-gue.
“She didn’t give a sarcastic remark, so its the first start of a wonderful friend.” Ava flashed me a sarcastic smile.
I stared blankly at her. “I will rather make friends with a c0ckroach than be friends with someone like Bella.” Even her name alone makes me shudder.
“Whatever you say girl.” Ava eyes glanced down at my [email protected] abd her face split into a large grin. “Is this the gift you gave Xavier?”
“Yep!” I said, popping the p. “I saved up enough money to get two done.”
“Its beautiful bestie.”
“Thank you.” I said. Ava and i kept on conversing about random things till i said something out of the blue.
“Ava, i work as a waitress in starbucks.” I blurted out.
“I dont see anything wrong if you work as a waitress in starbucks, but if i may ask, why are you working in starbucks?”
I sighed. “I’ve never told Xavier about this. I’m tired of him spending his money in me. I know that some girls wont mind if their b©yfri£ndis spending money on them but i just cant continue depending on Xavier when i want something. I nee-d to act independent and work so i will be able to provide for myself.”
Ava arched a brow. “And being a waitress is your way of being independent?”
I laughed and gave her arm a pla-yful punch. “Dont get all sarcastic in me, am serious. Well, working as a waitress is a first start of me trying to at least save some pocket money, but i do plan on using what am good at to make some cash.”
Ava sm-irked. “Let me guess, singing?”
I [email protected] “How did you know?”
She shrugged her shoulders, her f!ngernails ma-king scra-ping sounds as she scratched it on the table. “You’re my best friend and i know your likes and dislikes, singing is one thing you really like to do when no one is watching. Oh, and you dont usually tune down your voice when singing in the bathroom.”
“I wish my bathroom was soundproof.” I grumbled.
“Keep on dreaming bestie.”
“Yo Bri, can you take the order from table 6?” Justin, one of my colleague, asked.
“I’ll get on it.” I used the green towel to dry my hand and [email protected]£d a booklet and a pen. Keeping my face on the booklet, i trudged down to table 6.
“Hello, welcome to starbucks, i’m Brielle, your waitress for today. So what will you like to order.” I lowered the booklet down a little and took out my pen, waiting for the customers to order. When i still didn’t receive any response, i looked down at the table and my eyes instantly wi-den. Xavier, Damon and Alex, were all seated, staring at me with theirl-ips [email protected] in shock. I swallowed ha-rd on my saliva, alre-ady feeling my palms get sweaty. Fudge! If i had known that they were going to head over to starbucks, i would have taken a leave today from work. So stupid! Its my fault for keeping my eyes glued to the booklet.
Um.” Alex started slowly, his eyes travelling down my b©dy and lingering on my apron. “We would like to place an order for three coffee and i will like mine filled with wh!pped cream and toffee candies, Xavier prefers black coffee while Damon wants mocha coffee with lots of cream inside.” I internally cringe at the mention of black coffee.
“Your order will be re-ady in about five minutes.” Avoiding my b©yfri£ndand Damon’s burning stare, i spun around and hurriedly walked up to the kitchen door. I prepared the three coffee and set them on a tray before back to where the boys sat. The three were engaged in a argument but st©pped when they saw me.
I placed the tray on the table and smiled sweetly at them. “I hope you enjoy your coffee, bye!” Not waiting for any of them to respond, i quic-kly dashed to the kitchen and took off my apron then folded it before placing it inside the drawer.
“Justin, tell the boss that i [email protected]£ up with something, bye!” I ran out throu-gh the back door before he could say anything. I st©pped an uber and told the driver where am headed to. I got out of the uber and paid the driver before walking towards Ava’s house. I knocked on the door repeatedly till it was opened by her mum. Her eyes were wi-de but it soon turned into a glare when she saw that it was only me.
“Hi Mrs turner.” I waved at her in an awkward manner, flashing her a sheepish smile.
She crossed her arms. “Young lady, you almost gave me a heart attack with all the ban-ging.”
“Sorry Mrs Turner but i nee-d to see Ava.” I said innocently, jutting my bo-ttoml!pout.
Herl-ips split up into a smile. “You dont nee-d to knock Brielle, just open the door cause you will always be welcome in this house.” I grinned and threw my arms around her.
“Thank you Mrs Turner, i’ll be upstairs now.” I gave her cheek a quic-k k!ssand dashed towards the staircase. I ran to Ava’s room abd slammed the door open.
“Brielle!” Ava screeched, falling off her be-d. I closed the door behind me and snickered at the sight of Ava on the floor. She got up from the floor and dusted her front shi-t, her eyes s£nding daggers my way.
“You nee-d to st©p doing that, scaring me in my own room with a door isn’t cool at bestie.” She sat down on her be-d. I waltzed towards the be-d and sat down beside Ava, peeking down at the book she was re-ading.
“I didn’t know you loved twilight, we’ve watched the movie five times, why are you re-ading the book?”
Ava sighed softly, her eyes glimmering with delight. “I just cant get enough of Edward and Bella love story, its so precious.”
“If Damon should see you ogling over Edward, he’s gonna be so jealous.” I nudged her in the rib.
“I’m not ogling over Edward, Brielle.” Ava said, rolling her eyes. “I just love him and Bella’s love story.”
“Whatever you say.” I made myself comfortable on Ava’s soft be-d and snuggled into the pillow.
“So.” Ava placed the book on her table and stared down at me. “plea-se dont tell me you [email protected]£ here just so that you can take a nap.”
“Nah.” I pla-yed with loose strings on the pillow. “So, i was told by one of my colleague to take a order and on getting to the table, Xavier, Alex and Damon were the customers i was to take orders from.”
She [email protected] “No way, what did you do?”
“I just served them their coffee and ran out of starbucks. i didn’t want to go home yet so i [email protected]£ here.” Ava was about to respond but her phone started [email protected] continuously.
Ava picked up her phone and scrolled throu-gh it, her eyebrows knitting together. “Uh Brielle.” She said, her eyes still fixed on phone. “I think you should go home cause Xavier is blasting my phone with messages, asking i know know where you are.”
“Cant i just spend one night here?” I asked hopefully, my eyes pleading with her to say yes.
She shook her head, giving me a sad smile. “Sorry bestie, but you cant avoid him, you’re gonna have to face him.”
“Fine.” I hopped down from the be-d and fixed my shoes. “Coming?”
“Would love to, but i nee-d to finish this book.” Ava picked up the twilight novel, raising it for emphasis.
I rolled my eyes, a smile ma-king its way on my face. “Okay bookworm, see you later.” I hvgged Ava.
“Bye Brielle, love you.” Ava waved as i walked towards the door.
“Love you too!” I jogged down to the living room and opened the door. I got to the main road and st©pped an uber.
I took in a de-ep breath and re-leased it before opening the gate and walking towards the front door. Damon and Alex were both seated on the couch, watching a movie.
“Hey guys.” I greeted quietly, trudging over to where they were seated. Alex looked up at me and sighed while Damon kept on clenching and unclenching his jaw.
“Guys, i know that i messed up and am sorry for not telling you two that i work as a waitress in starbucks.” I rambled, fiddling with my f!ngers.
“We’re not angry Brielle.” Damon said, his eyes looking up to meet mine. “Alex and i are just disappointed that you didn’t tell us.”
Alex nodded. “Yeah, we talked about it and know why you are working as a waitress, but you shouldn’t have kept something like that from us.”
“Sorry guys.” I said in a guilt filled tone. “Its just that i cant keep on living on you guys money.”
“We know.” Damonl-ips tugged up into a small smile.
“So does that mean am forgiven?” I asked uncertainly.
Alex chuckled. “We forgive you Brielle, now come give us hvgs.” I laughed and squished myself between the two, giving them big bear hvgs.
“Thank you for un-derstanding me.”
“We un-derstand you but i dont think angry Papa bear upstairs does.” I frowned at Damon’s words. I really hope that Xavier isn’t that frustrated with me. Guess i nee-d to have a pri-vate talk with my overprotective b©yfri£nd.
I got up and turned to face Damon and Alex. “I’ll talk to him.” They nodded and returned their attention back to the television. I rounded the couch and went up to Xavier’s room.
“Hey wonderful and amazing b©yfri£ndof mine.” I walked over to his be-d and sat down beside him, he was backing me so i couldn’t see his face. I placed my hand on Xavier shoulder and gently shook it.
“Xavier.” I said softly. He sighed and turned to stare at me with a blank expression on his face. “I’m sorry, i know that you are mad at me for not telling you that i was working but to be serious, i cant keep on living off on your money.”
“But its also your money since you’re my girlfriend and if you nee-d it, i wont hesitate to give it to you.” He argued, his eyes showing a hurt expression. “Why did you keep it from me? Dont you trust me?”
“I do trust you Xavier.” I said firmly. “And i wanted to tell you about it but i didn’t know how to cause i was worried about your reaction.”
Xavier sighed and ran his f!ngersthrou-gh his hair. “I really dont know what to say Brielle, i’m hurt, angry and disappointed that you kept this from me.”
I pursed myl-ips and pu-ll-ed my knees up to my che-st. “You spending money on me isn’t fair, Xavier, i want to work on my own and earn my own pocket money. I cant keep on spending your money Xavier, i know that you just care about me and want me to be comfortable but i feel like you’re wasting your money on me.”
“Dont think like that Brielle.” Xavier gently held my foot. “As long as you’re contented, then am happy.”
“Does that mean you support me in working at starbucks?” I asked, dropping my legs down as i stared at my b©yfri£ndgrey eyes.
“I do, but if i see you stressed in anyway, then you can say goodbye to starbucks.” He said sternly.
“I have the best b©yfri£ndever.” Xavierl-ips split up into a smile and he leaned down to place a soft feathery k!sson my forehead. I scooted closer to him and la-id my head on his che-st. His hands went up to my hair and he gently stro-ked it ma-king me feel more relaxed in his arms.
“Brielle.” Xavier started, his f!ngersdrawing small circles around my hair.
“You said that you want me to st©p spending money on you, so if i may ask, when was the last time you used the credit card i bought for you.”
“Oh um, April.” I mumbled.
“What the.. Brielle!” I craned my n£¢k up to stare at Xavier, flashing him an innocent look.
“Dont give me that look Brielle.” Xavier said, a hint of anger evident in his eyes. “April? That’s like four months since you last used the credit card.”
I rolled my eyes. “No nee-d to get so cranky about it Xavier.”
Xavier sighed and palmed his face. “Gosh, what am i going to do with this girl?”
“Love you babe.” I said, grinning.
He shook his head and smiled. “I love you too.”
“So does this mean that i can throw away your credit card in the trash?” I asked, putting on a serious face.
“What?!” Xavier exclaimed.
“Chill out.” I nudged his rib. “I was just kidding.”
“You better dont think about doing that.” He warned.
“Aye, aye captain.” I saluted, flashing him a wi-de grin.
Xavier chuckled and gently pushed my head away from his che-st before he got up. “Cmon, let’s go gr-ab some snacks and watch movies.”
“Piggy back?” I suggested ma-king Xavier sigh and crouch down a little, motioning for me to hop on. I grinned and mounted up on his back, my hands going un-der his armpits. He placed both his hand un-der my knees to adjust before walking towards the door. All of a sudden, Xavier started sprinting down the hall really fast.
“Xavier! What is wrong with you?” I skrie-ked. He ignored me and continued running till he got to the living room.
“Ugh! I wont ever ask you to give me a piggy back ride again.”
Xavier sm-irked. “If i dont get to give you piggy back rides, then you’re going over my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and gave his arm a weak punch before sauntering over to the kitchen, opening the cabinet and pu-lling out cookies, popcorn, nutella and candy bars. I went back to the living room and place them on the table table before going back into the kitchen to get four bottled soft drinks.
Alex! Damon!” I yelled. “Come down.” The two rushed downstairs and lazily slumped down in the couch. I sat down beside Xavier and [email protected]£d the remote, searching throu-gh channels.
“So what are we watching?” Xavier asked, throwing a candy bar in his mouth.
“SpongeBob [email protected]!” I exclaimed.
“What? No!” All three brothers said simultaneously.
“We’re watching SpongeBob.” I stated firmly.
“Its for kids.” Alex grumbled.
I threw one of the candy bars at him causing the latter to glare at me. “One can never be too old for SpongeBob, Alex.” I said in a sing-song voice. “Besides, i saw you secretly watching PJ mask in your room last week.” Xavier and Damon bur-st into fits of laughter and Alex face heated up in embarras-sment, his eyes glaring daggers at me.
“Let’s just watch SpongeBob.” He mumbled.
Damon patted Alex shoulder. “Dont feel embarras-sed bro, at least they dont know you watched barbie when you were fourteen.”
“Damon! Imma gonna kill you!” Alex got up and ran after a screaming Damon.
“Your brothers are really something else.” I told Xavier.
Xavier smiled. “That’s why i love them.”

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