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A wish Episode 15 & 16

🌼A Wish🌼
Chapter 15
When i felt his softl-ips on mine, i could feel my knees getting weak. I never imagined that i’ll lose my first k!ssto Xavier, sure, i always fantasised about it but never imagined that it will actually happen.
Oh my God i cant believe this!
I’m k!ss!ngXavier freaking Hill!
His hand left my n£¢k and sn-ked around my [email protected]!st, pu-lling me closer to him. Oh my gosh what do i do? I’ve never k!$$£d anyone before! Am i doing it right?
I dont know how or when i [email protected] myl-ips and Xavier wasted no time in turning the k!ssinto a french k!ss. My hands went on their own freewill around Xavier’s n£¢k, bringing his head closer than it was before. When i could feel myself losing breath, Xavier pu-ll-ed back and rested his forehead against mine while i let out small [email protected], trying to catch my breath.
I shyly looked up to glance at him but immediately looked back down when i saw that he was alre-ady staring at me.
Xavier frowned and tilt my chin up, his thumb gently tracing my jaw. “Dont hide your beautiful face from me love, you dont know how much i’ve always wanted to k!ssyou.”
I smiled at him but my bubbly expression instantly vanished when i recalled how Xavier has been avoiding and ignoring me for a whole month. I took a step backward and glared up at his tall frame. “So why did you avoid me, huh? Do you know how much its hurts when you see the boy you like avoiding and ignoring you?!”
“I was scared.” I was quite taken aback by Xavier’s words. Scared? What is he scared of? That i dont like him back? Well if that what he thinks, then he’s the most oblivious guy i’ve met before. Because even a stranger can see the obvoius feelings i have for Xavier.
“Scared of what?” I eventually ask, leaning against the wall as i stared up at Xavier with my arms crossed over my che-st.
“Can we go outside, i dont feel quite comforble talking here.” I nodded and we both made our way outside, walking to where Xavier parked his car un-der a hvge apple tree that serves as a good shade. There was an awkward silence when we got there and i sighed, glancing up at Xavier who shifted on his feet like he was uncomfortable.
“So what do you wanna tell me about, talk to me, i’m all ears.” I said as i leaned my back against the cool temperature car.
“I really do like you Brielle, a lot. Something in me snapped when i saw Connor hands wra-pped around you.” Xavier clenched his jaw ti-ghtly as if the memory of it was pissing him off.
“That doesn’t explicate to me why you’ve been avoiding me for a whole month” i harshly gr!pp£dmy purse so ti-ght that it might have torn.
Xavier sighed, his eyes darkening as he spoke. “I was fifteen when i started [email protected]!nga girl, her name is Bella. She was smart, kindhearted, humble, childish and sas-sy. She was just like you Brielle and i wanted her as my girl friend. I never noticed her because she was always the quiet nerd who likes to stick her nose in books, but when we were both paired in a project, i took an interest in her. I began courting her for some weeks even though she was still a bit uncomfortable around me, she slowly warmed up to me. I was really happy and excited when she agreed to go on a [email protected]£ with me. We were both in a relationsh!pfor a year Brielle and i had alre-ady seen myself having a future with her. I know it was stupid for a sixteen year old to alre-ady picture his married life with his girlfriend but i did. I really loved her and will do anything to make her happy. At first, i noticed that she was slowly changing. The kindhearted girl [email protected]£ snobby and rude, she had always felt insecure about clothes that is too revea-ling but she started wearing ti-ght shorts and miniSk-irt. She always puts on heavy make-up and will rudely insult a beggar on the streets. She was not the quiet girl i fell in love with but my feelings for her never changed even though her character and personality did. I wanted to surprise her on valentine day so i went to her house and was in for a surprise when i had open the door. Bella was on the couch ma-king out with a boy. Since that day i told myself i was never ever going to fall in love with someone. I did go on [email protected]£s but it wasn’t something serious.” Xavier hands were shaking like he wanted to badly punch something. I took a step towards him and held his shaky hands, using my f!ngersto gently stro-ke his knuckles. Xavier breathed in and sighed heavily, his f!ngerscurling around my hand.
“I’m sorry about what Bella did to you Xavier, you dont deserve a girl like her cause you are an amazing boy and am sure any girl will be happy to be with you.” Xavier smiled and raised my hands to hisl-ips, peppering them with gentle k!sses.
“I’m still for ignoring you Brielle, i thought i could fight my feelings for you but i guess seeing you with Connor broke it.”
“Dont worry about it.” I joked. “I’m sure Connor will never avoid me.”
Xavier eyes darkened and he glared at me. “Dont even think about talking with that as-s-hole or else i’ll beat him up.”
I raised my hand in a mocking surrender. “Calm you horses Xavier i was just kidding, you dont nee-d to get angry.”
“What did Connor even want?” Xavier grumbled, glaring at a tree as if he was trying to picture it as Connor.
“He just [email protected]£ to apologize and no he didn’t bully me in school.” I added quic-kly when i saw the dark glint in Xavier’s eyes.
“But he still let them hit you.” Xavier said, clearly not happy with the fact that i was trying to defend Connor. It warms my heart how he’s so protective over me and dont want me to get hurt in anyway.
“I promise to tell you if he tries anything funny, just because i had forgiven him doesn’t mean we’re friends yet.”
“Do you have to add the yet.” Xavier whined ma-king me laugh at his cuteness. He’s a cold, blunt and [email protected]!ngguy on the outside but de-ep inside he’s like a cute and adorable kid. Gosh, i wish i had met Xavier to know his true self. He’s always been so mature and straight-forward. He was f0rç£d to st©p acting like how a little kid should always behave ever since their mother died and their father started abusing Alex. I can see the pain and anger he has in his eyes whenever Mason is mentioned. Gosh, if i see that man i will make sure to give him a ha-rd punch even if it means dislocating my knuckles or breaking my f!ngers. He is such a stuck-up lame man for a father. Xavier had always looked up to him yet he shattered Xavier, Alex and Damon’s heart.
“What are you thinking about?” Xavier voice snapped me back into reality.
I shook my head, smiling up at him. “Its nothing.”
Xavier grunts in response and he pu-ll-ed me closer to him, engulfing my frame in his arms. I inhaled the nice and manly scent of his cologne. Xavier hvgs were always so warm and comforting that it makes me not want to pu-ll back from his arms. We just stayed like that, feeling each other warmth. Xavier was gently stro-king my hair ma-king me feel relaxed and lean closer to his gentle t©uçh, till we were both interrupted by Xavier’s phone.
“Who is it?” I asked when he pu-ll-ed out his phone from his pocket and switched it on.
“Its Ava.” Xavier received the call and cli-cked on the speaker bu-tton.
“Hello Ava.” Xavier’s voice was gruff and i chuckled when i saw the scowl on his face. He glanced at me and win-ked. Oh my God, Xavier Hill just win-ked at me. Could this day get any better?
“Oh Xavier i nee-d you here! Damon is really drun!kand is acting crazy on stage.” Ava tone held a bit of amusement and enthusiasm.
Xavier pinched the bridge of his nose and cursed un-der his breath. “Just keep an eye on him Ava.” He hung up after saying that.
“C’mon Brielle.” Xavier held my hand and we both walk towards the house.
“How exactly does drun!kDamon acts?” I questioned Xavier as we both walked pas-s a few drun!kpeople who were practically ma-king out beside the pool.
“It depends on how drun!khe is.” Xavier responded, a de-ep scowl on his face.
I pinched his cheeks. “Fix that awful scowl on your face, it doesn’t suit you.”
Xavier pla-yfully glared at me, hisl-ips tugging up. “So what look do you think suits my face?”
“This.” Xavier grinned wi-dely, pointing a f!nger at his cheeks.
“Or this.” Xavier voice went dee-per and he wra-pped an arm around my [email protected]!st, leaning forward to myl-ips before he gently nip on my bottoml-ip.
My cheeks immediately reddened at his actions and i glared up at a sm-irking Xavier who loos£ned his grip on my [email protected]!st. “You’re such a j£rk.” I pla-yfully punched his arm and he laughed, his eyes twi-nkling in amusement as he gave me a genuine beautiful smile that made the bu-tterflies in my stomach flutter.
“You’re cute when you blush.” His tone was blunt but it was still enough to make my face turn beetroot red.
“Aww is Brielle blu-shing because of Xavy?” He cooed, pinching my red cheeks.
“No!” I tried to use hands to hide my blu-shing face but Xavier both my hand in his.
“Hey, dont hide your cuteness from me.” He spoke softly, gently using his thumb to stro-ke my middle f!nger. “I love the fact that am the one who can make you get flvstered.”
“I’m sure other boys can get me flvstered.” I joked, grinning at Xavier.
Xavier eyes darkened. “Dont even think about it.” He growled, wra-pping his arms around me. “I’ll beat up any boy who looks at you in a wring way.”
“Calm down Xavier.” I reas-suringly pat his back. “I was just joking.”
“I know.” He replied bluntly and pu-ll-ed back from the hvg but still held my hand in his. “Will you go on a [email protected]£ with me?”
“I will love to Xavier.” I smiled. He smiled back and k!$$£d my forehead, wra-pping an arm around my [email protected]!st as we both made our way inside Connor’s house.
Damon was in the middle of the stage with no shi-t on ma-king me [email protected] but i then let out a relieved sigh when i saw that he still had his jeans on. I snickered at the dance moves he was doing but the crowd didn’t mind, they kept on cheering and chanting his name. He dances pretty good but his drun!ken self keeps on stumbling.
Xavier cursed and marched up to Damon. I turned to Ava and Alex who were both laughing their bu-tts of and i gave them a dissaproving look, which made their laughs turn into snickers.
“You two are impossible.” I said, shaking my head as their laughter increa-sed.
“You should have seen him.” Alex laughed. “He was singing and dancing horribly.”
“But he has no shi-t on!” I exclaimed.
“He said he was h0t and then re-moved his jackect and shi-t.” Ava held up the two clothes in her hand. “So i did a kind gesture by taking it from him before it gets lost.”
“But Xavy i wanna stay!” I turned around to see Xavier dragging a whiny Damon, ignoring the crowd that seems to be upset cause Xavier is taking away their entertainer.
“No Damon.” Xavier scolded sternly. “You’ve had to many drinks, we should get going.”
“No!” Damon yanked his arm from Xavier and childishly stomped his feet on the ground like a little kid throwing a tantrum. Sometimes i wonder how he’s eighteen.
“Damon.” Xavier warned, glaring at the latter who just ignored him and turned to walk back.
“Oh for God sake.” Xavier grumbled and stormed to Damon, hoisting him up before throwing him over his shoulder only to let out a grunt.
“Having trouble Xavier.” Alex asked, sm-irking. Xavier just glared at him in response and narrowed his eyes at the crowd.
“He’s so fv¢king heavy.” Xavier grunted as he he made his way to the front door with me, Ava and Alex trailing behind him. Damon squirming did not help Xavier one bit cause he staggered at little but still managed to keep a firm grip around Damon’s th!ghs.
“Xavier you’re being a mean brother.” Damon whined.
“I’m just trying to get you home you stupid doofus.” Xavier said, sounding frustrated with Damon.
“Brielle Xavier called me stupid, he hates me.” Damon cried.
I shook my head, feeling myl-ips tug up in a smile. “Your brother doesn’t hate you Damon.”
“He does!”
“No i don’t Damon, now stay still.” Xavier ordered in a firm tone.
“See.” Damon sniffed. “He’s being a meanie.”
“Xavier!” Ava said in a harsh tone. “You made him cry.”
“Nice going Xavier.” Alex said, glaring at Xavier who looks confused.
“I didn’t make him cry.” He defended, gently setting Damon on the ground.
“Damon.” I placed my hand on his shoulder. “Did Xavier make you cry?”
“Yes.” He sniffed, pouting. “He doesn’t love me.”
“Oh God.” Xavier facepalmed. “Of course i do you stupid twat.”
“See!” Damon pointed at Xavier. “He said a mean word to me again.”
Xavier sighed. “What do i have to do to get you to st©p crying Damon?”
“Say you love me.” Damon said innocently.
“What? No i wont.”
“Xavier.” I hissed, giving him a look that screams ‘seriously?’
“Fine.” Xavier grumbled and turned to Damon with a smile plastered on his face. “I uh love you Damon.”
Damon grinned. “I love you too Xavier.” Even though Xavier had on a blank expression, i can still see hisl-ips tug up in a ghost smile.
“Xavier i’m sleepy.” Damon yawned, leaning against the car.
“He’s going to have one heck of a nas-ty hangover in the morning.” Ava said, opening the back door and setteling inside. Xavier as-sisted Damon in sitting at the pas-s£nger seat.
“Couldn’t agree more Ava.” I said.
“Gosh Ava i’m freaking out help me!” I paced back and forth, running my f!ngersthrou-gh my hair.
“Calm down Brielle.” Ava held my shoulder. “Its just a [email protected]£, i dont see the reason why you’re acting like this.”
“Because its my first [email protected]£!” I exclaimed. When we arrived home yesterday, Xavier had to carry Damon to his room with the help of Alex while me and Ava had dragged our feets to my room before slunping on the be-d, falling asleep immediately. Like Ava had said, this morning when Damon woke up he was gro-an ing alot from the hangover and had to swallow some painkiller drugs to help the mas-sive headache he had. Xavier and Alex had laughed at Damon when he said he isn’t going to drink alcohol again. Ava had called her parents and told them that she spent the night at my place but she did get grounded for three days because she made her mum worry too much. And me this morning i kinda bu-mped into Xavier and felt all shy around him when he k!$$£d me. I was really shocked when he told me that he’s taking me on the [email protected]£ today but i acted cool, behaving like i didn’t forget about our [email protected]£!
Right now am currently in my walk-in closet with Ava, ra-pidly searching throu-gh my clothes for the right outfit to put on.
“Okay.” Ava said. “Let’s just go with sonething simple since its summer.”
I thought about it for a minute then slowly nod. “But i cant seem to find the right simple outfit!”
“That’s because you’re not patient, here.” Ava crouches down and picked up a blue illusion t©p and dark blue designer jeans.
“Is this okay?” She asked boredly.
“Its perfect!” I exclaimed. “Thank you Ava! Now shoo, i wanna change.” I pushed her out of the closet before putting on the outfit. I glanced at the mirror and carefully attached a pearl hair cl!pon my hair. I sli-pped in my pair of white sneakers before tying at the laces and walking out of the closet.
“You look pretty, now let’s get you to your romeo.” I quic-kly [email protected]£d my phone and placed it inside my purse before walking out of the room. Ava knocked on Xavier’s door and it was instantly opened by him. I let my eyes slowly trail on his b©dy. Xavier had on a simple grey bu-tton up shi-t with two of the bottons undone, his black jeans were really dark in colour, then lastly his pair of white converse. The only thing that looked expensive on Xavier was the watch he had on his right wrist.
“You look h0t.” I blurted our and quic-kly clasp a hand over my mouth, feeling my cheeks heat up.
Xavier sm-irked. “So do you.”
“Oh my gosh you guys are so cute.” Ava squealed. “Now get out of here!” She pushed Xavier to me, ma-king him stumble a bit and he sh0t her a ha-rd glare but Ava just ignored him and walked downstairs.
“Shall we?” Xavier held his habd out.
“We shall.” I placed my hand in his and he gave it a gentle squee-ze before interwining our f!ngerstogether as we both walk downstairs to the front door.
“Have fun guys but not too much fun.” Ava yelled when Xavier and i got outside, heading to the garage. A small [email protected] escaped myl-ips when Xavier [email protected]£d me and pressed hisl-ips on mine. “You look really beautiful today.” He whispered, placing a softl-ips on my cheek.
“You too.” I whispered back.
Xavier sm-irked. “You mean am beautiful?”
“No! I didn’t mean it like that, you’re h0t uh No! Handsome, st©p sm-irking you big j£rk.” I whined.
He pe-cked myl-ips and smiled. “You’re really cute.” He opened the door for me and i huffed before settling inside the car. He got in the driver seat before starting the ignition and drove into the main road.
“Are we going to a restaurant?” I asked Xavier.
“Its a surprise.” Xavier chucled. He pu-ll-ed over at the park ma-king me turn to him with furrowed eyebrows when i saw that we in front of a pla-yground.”
“We’re having a [email protected]£ on a pla-yground?”
Xavier rolled his eyes. “Am not taking you on a [email protected]£ so that we can [email protected] and slides Brielle.” He deadpanned and reached for his pocket before pu-lling out a blindfold.
“plea-se put it on.” He pleaded and i reluctantly turned my head so that Xavier can put the blindfold over my eyes.
“I’ll be right back.” I heard shuffling before i heard Xavier come out of the car and close it. I waited for about five minutes before Xavier [email protected]£ inside and led me to God knows where. When he re-moved the blindfold i surveyed the surrounding and couldn’t help but smile. We were at the farthest area in the park were children and adults aren’t much.
un-der a tall and hvge tree, a blanket was la-id with different junk food on t©p. Two jars of nuttela, skittle, M&Ms, twi-nkies, bre-ad, oreo cookies and two bottled coke.
“Well, are you going to sit down or just stare.” Xavier said teas£nly.
I threw myself at him and he caught me by wra-pping his arms around my [email protected]!st. “Thank you so much Xavier, this is the best thing anyone has ever done for me.”
“You’re worth it.” He gave me one last k!ssbefore we both sat down. Xavier and i both talked about a lot of things, first random stuffs before we then talked about our careers. We both pla-yed around the park for while and later sat down to eat.
“Sing for me.” Xavier said out of the blue.
I choked a little on my drink. “What?”
“Sing for me.” He smiled.
“I dont know how to sing!”
“Brielle i heard you sing in the [email protected] some weeks ago and you sound like an angel.” I blu-shed at his words.
“plea-se.” Xavier pouted and i laugh, pla-yfully fl!çk!ng his nose. “Okay but only for today.” He grinned and held both my legs, straightening it forward before resting his head on my [email protected] I placed my hand in his soft hair and start to stro-ke it. Xavier closed his eyes, inhaling. As i started to sing memories by shawn mendes while stro-king Xavier’s hair, a tear sli-pped from his eyes and i wiped it with my thumb.
“My mum voice is just like yours, soft and melodious.” He sat up and i wra-pped my arms around him, burying my face in his shoulder.
“Its okay Xavier.” I said softly, my f!ngersrunning gently in his hair.
I heard him re-lease a shaky breath. “Its okay to do what Brielle?”
“Its okay to cry, i know you want to. Dont keep it all in Xavier, let it all out.”
At my words Xavier let out small sniffs which soon turned into painful cries. Seeing him like this made my heart ache but i nee-ded him to let it all out or else it will consume him. He always tried to act strong and [email protected] for his brothers but de-ep down all he wants is to see his mother again.
“Thank you Brielle.” He sniffed. “I scre-wed up the [email protected]£, didn’t i?”
I shook my head. “No Xavier, this is my first [email protected]£ and its also the best [email protected]£ ever.” He gave me a small smile and k!$$£d me, securing his arms aroung my [email protected]!st. Xavier pu-ll-ed back and placed hisl-ips on my forehead, hvgging me.
“Nunca te perderé de nuevo.” Xavier muttered. I dont un-derstand the language nor do i know the meaning but didn’t question him about it. After a whole moment of just hvgging and enjoying being in each other arms, we both packed up the leftover snacks and put them in the picnic basket. Xavier and i held each other as we walked over to where his car was parked. When Xavier was about to open the car with his key, a hand unexpectedly snatched the keys from his f!ngers.
“What the fu-” Xavier turned around, since i was behind Xavier i walked to his side and saw a tall girl with brown hair. She had on dark sunglas-ses that looks expensive. She twirled Xavier keys around her index f!nger with a smug sm-irk pla-ying on herl-ips.
“Who the fv¢k do you think you are?” Xavier sneered.
The tall girl only sm-irked and moved her glas-ses up. “Hello Micheal, its so good to see you again.”
Xavier’s eyes wi-de-ned. “Bella?”
Chapter 16
The first thing that was on my mind when Xavier first told me about his ex girlfriend, i thought that she was a very manipulative and snobby girl cause she had broken Xavier’s heart even though he loved her so much, that he could to anything just to make her happy. Sincerely when Xavier talked about her, i was jealous of Bella, Xavier’s ex girlfriend, though i had not met her, i was alre-ady jealous cause she had been in Xavier’s life before i met him. Even when Xavier spoke about her, i could still see it in his eyes that he was hurt, angry and dissapointed at Bella.
I had imagined her to be a short, long blond hair and striking green eyed girl. What i didn’t expect is to see a tall brunette who was almost the same height as Xavier standing in front of me. She looks like a model who walks in confidence and stand out among other girls. Her beautiful striking blue eyes seems to shine but they still held a lot of mischeif and devilry.
Bella ran the ti-p of her shades on her bottoml-ip, looking at Xavier with a smug sm-irk hovering at the edge of herl-ips. “Its so good to see you again Micheal.” She twirled Xavier car keys around her index f!nger.
Xavier clenched his jaw and snatched the keys from her perfectly painted pink nails. “Dont call me Micheal.” If Xavier was to use that type of tone on a little boy, am sure he was going to pas-s out.
Bella sm-irk only wi-de-ned. “I thought you love it when i call you Micheal.” She bit her bottoml-ip, batting her eyelashes.
“Dont call me Micheal, Bella.” Xavier spat, his tone dripping with venom. “What the hell are you doing here?”
Bella ran her ton-gue on her bottoml-ip. “I’m staying here with my aunt cause my dad is on a business trip and wont be back for a while, but am still glad i bu-mped into you, now we can start all over. I must say you got more handsome.” Seriously? Could this Bella get anymore flir-ty? Cant she see that a girl is beside Xavier?
Xavier sm-irked. “I’m not interested in you, as you can see.” He wra-pped his arms around my shoulder and k!$$£d my forehead. “This beautiful girl right here has alre-ady caught my eyes.”
Bella eyes trailed over me, her features changing to that of distaste. But herl-ips suddenly curled up and she faced Xavier. “Wow Xavier i never knew you prefer girls way younger than you, isn’t she like thirteen?” My eyes wi-den and i gaped at her. Thirteen?! Seriously? There’s no way i look like a thirteen year old!
I glared at her. “Excuse me lady but am not thirteen.”
Bella sm-irked and reached her hand out, patting my head like as if i was a dog. “Look little girl aren’t you worried about what your parents will say if they see you hanging with a boy who is five years older than you. Such a shame that they’ll think you’re a disgrace to them cause they gave birth to a slut.” Her words shocked me to the core and i did something i’d never thought or imagined myself to do. I [email protected] her ha-rd across the face.
Xavier mouth hung open in shock and his wi-de-ned eyes stared at me, well more like gawked at me. Bella face was priceless but her shocked face quic-kly changed to that of anger. “You bit-ch!” She tried to hit me but Xavier held her wrist in a death grip, that she winced in pain and glared at him.
“Dont you dare [email protected] filthy hands on my girlfriend Bella.” His grip on her wrist ti-ght£ñed. “Or else i’ll do something i’ll regret.” Even though Bella still had a scowl in her face as she tried to put on a tough facade, a flash of fear fli-ckered in her eyes. Xavier let go of her wrist and ru-bbe-d my shoulder in a reas-suring way.
“No nee-d to be so rou-gh Xavier.” Bella ru-bbe-d her so-re wrist. “I was just joking, obviously she’s not thirteen.”
“Xavier can we plea-se go now?” I held his arm. I dont think i can stay here any longer cause Bella pres£nce made me sick.
He gently squee-zed my hand and nodded, turning to face Bella with a ha-rd glare. “Wanna know something Bella?”
Bella sm-irked and bit her bo-ttoml-ips e-ductively. “What Xavier?”
“You disgust me.” With that Xavier opened the car and i walked around before sliding inside the pas-s£nger seat. The look of shock and anger on Bella face nearly had me laughing cause she looked so dumbfounded.
As Xavier drove, i noticed that car was completely silent. Each second that pas-s Xavier keeps on clenching and unclenching his jaw, his knucles were white due to the fact that his grip on the steering wheel was ti-ght.
“Xavier.” I t©uçhed his hand. “Are you okay?”
Xavier plastered a smile on hisl-ips that looks f0rç£d. “Of course i am Brielle, why wouldn’t i be?”
“You dont have to let her take a toll on you Xavier.” I said softly, ru-bbing circles on his palm. Xavier clenched his jaw and his grip on the steering wheel got ti-ghter to the point that Xavier could snap it if he was really angry than this. I’ve seen Xavier’s anger before but its still enough to make me slightly frightened by him even when i know that he cant hurt me.
“I hate her Brielle, i hate her so much! My life was going perfect without her and now she thinks she can just come waltzling in here and act like were old friends.” Xavier had now slammed his foot on the [email protected] and punched the steering wheel, his breathing heavy and dark eyes glazed with anger.
“Xavier calm down.” I said, trying to make my words soft so that he wont act rash.
“Dont tell me to calm down Brielle!” He snapped causing me to flin-ch. Xavier eyes instantly flood with guilt and he tried to hold my hand but i quic-kly brou-ght it back in my [email protected], tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “Brielle, i’m sorry.” I just nodded and pursed myl-ips.
I don’t know why am acting like, maybe its because am scared that Xavier will forget about me and might still have feelings for Bella. I really like Xavier and dont think i can handle it if he and Bella get back together.
“Brielle!” I glanced up to see Xavier glaring down at me. Oh, did i subconsiously say that out loud?
Xavier rolled his eyes. “Yeah you did. I dont have feelings for Bella, its you Brielle and no other women on earth can change the way i feel about you.” I blu-shed at his words and shyly nodded before i craned my n£¢k up a little to pe-ck his cheek. I dont think Xavier seemed satisfied with that cause his hand held my cheek as he placed hisl-ips on mine and de-epened the k!ss. We both pu-ll-ed [email protected], feeling breathless.
“I’m sorry about how i ruined your first [email protected]£ with me.” Xavier apologized, his tone sounding guilty. “It was suppose to be perfect but my ex just had to show up and ruin things for us.”
“Hey.” I squee-zed his big and warm hands. “It was the best [email protected]£ i could ever ask for and i love all the things you did for me.”
Xavier smiled and gently stro-ked my hand. “I still have one more surprise if you’re up to it.”
“Yep.” Xavier said, k!ss!ngmy knuckles. “Its a special place i usually go to when i feel sad.”
“Well i’ll love to see this special place.” He placed hisl-ips on my forehead and started the car before driving off in the main road. The ride to Xavier’s special place was a thirty minutes drive and when he pu-ll-ed over un-der a tree, i stepped down from the car just as Xavier [email protected]£d the blanket we used in our [email protected]£, before getting down and closing the door. He held my hand as we both walked into the woods.
“Xavier.” I tried not to be scared but my voice betrayed me.
“Ssh.” Xavier whispered, drawing circles on my palm. “You dont have to be scared, am right here Brielle and believe me when i say that nothing dangerous lur-ks around this place.”
“Pfft am not scared.” I scoffed.
Xavier sm-irked and wra-pped his arm around my shoulder. “Says the girl who was holding my hand in an iron grip.”
I slumped my shoulder. “Fine you got me there but you cant blame me for not being frightened, this place is creepy.” Xavier chuckled and ti-ghened his grip in me. We both continue walking untill Xavier st©pped ma-king me slam in his ha-rd back. I ru-bbe-d my nose and stepped beside him to see a small wooden door covered in leaves. Xavier pushed the door open and stepped inside, taking my hand in his as he pu-ll-ed me closer inside.
A lake which had a crystal and clear water was flowing freely down to the other side. The pine trees and cliff were enourmous, it makes nature look so beautiful. The gras-ses had bu-tterflies swarming around. What caught my attention was the beautiful big house beside the lake.
“Its a lake house, only me, Damon and Alex knows about this place cause Aunt Emily built it for us as a pla-yhouse.” Xavier said as we walked closer to the lake and he spre-ad the blanket on the gras-s before we both comfortably sat down. Xavier wra-pped his arm around my shoulder and threw a small pebble in the lake.
“Your aunt is really nice.” I told him, taking his other hand in mine and gently stro-ked his long and slender f!ngers.
Xavier tucked a loose strand of my hair behind, a soft smile gracing hisl-ips. “She is but this place is more than a pla-yground to me. Listening to the bird chirps and the soft sound of the lake is what makes me happy when am sad.”
I sighed, my eyes fixed on the lake. “When am usually sad or angry i love gazing up at the sky cause it always reminds me that even though i was stuck with Liam, one day i’ll find happiness and love.” I turned to face Xavier, smiling at him.
“And my wish [email protected]£ true, i found happiness and love with you and your brothers. You didn’t look at me as a broken girl, you looked at me with love and admiration cause i was strong enough to not let my emotions take a toll on me.”
“That’s why i like you Brielle, even with all the harsh experiences that you went throu-gh, you never gave up and remained strong. You believed that a day will come when you’ll be free and find happiness. You didn’t allow Liam and other people get in your head. You are strong, courageous and beautiful. Your kind and humble self always thinks about others cause you care. I guess that’s what attra-cted me to you.” I smiled at his words and wra-pped my arms around his [email protected]!st, burying my face in his shoulder as i inhaled his fresh colongne.
“Thank you Xavier, for always believing in me and protecting me.”
Xavier arms ti-ght£ñed around me, planting a k!sson my forehead. “You dont nee-d to thank me Brielle cause like i always say, i’ll protect you cause you are very important in my life.”
“Xavier.” I loos£ned my arms around him and stared up at his handsome face. “When Bella tried to flir-t with you, you told her i was your girlfriend. Do you mean it?”
“Of course.” He smiled, pla-ying with my f!ngers. “Brielle Valentina uh R.” I chuckled at that. “Will you be my girlfriend?”
“Yes!” I squealed, wra-pping my arms around him and Xavierl-ips met mine, his hand finding their way around my torso, pu-lling me closer. When we pu-ll-ed back, Xavier [email protected] on the blanket while my head rested on his che-st, his arms protectively wra-pped around me as we both gazed up at the sky. It was more beautiful and glamarous when the white stars appeared, shining brightly in the dark blue sky. I cant imagine anything better in my life. I have a lovely b©yfri£nd, two brothers whom i love dearly, and a bestfriend i wouldn’t trade for a million dollers. Right now my life seems perfect but i couldn’t get the nagging feeling off my head, that things wont always how i want or imagine it to be. I dont care about all that cause being in Xavier’s arms is my safe place.
“What the fv¢k does she wants?!” I gro-an ed, stuffing my face in the pillow, trying to block out the loud voices coming from downstairs.
“I dont know okay! Do you think i had any idea that she is staying in this city!” Another voice yelled back.
“Ugh! You guys are giving me a headache!” Another voice whines. I alre-ady knew it was the boys that were causing the noises but that doesn’t mean i’m not pissed at them.
“Shut up Alex.” The voice which i can tell belongs to Damon snaps. “No one called you hear, now go back to your room.”
“Leave me alone Damon!” Alex yelled back. “You’re not the boss of me.”
“Wanna say that again little brother?” Damon’s tone was dark and scary.
“Enough!” Now this time, it was my b©yfri£ndvoice. “Damon apologize to Alex, after that Alex will go to his room.”
“Hell no!” Damon said. I sighed and got up from my be-d, putting on my sli-ppers before heading downstairs to see all three brothers in the living room. Xavier looks tired and angry, Damon looks pissed off while Alex just had a blank look on his face.
“Is there a good reason why you guys are yelling at each0ther when its.” I glanced at the wall clock then look back at them. “Twelve in the mid-night.”
“Yes.” Damon spat, glaring at Xavier. “At dinner, Alex and i were happy for you and Xavier when you told us that you two are [email protected]!ngbut this guy right here.” He pointed his index f!nger at Xavier.
“Thought it was good idea to blurt out how his ex bimbo of a bit-ch girlfriend showed up out of the blue and almost ruined your [email protected]£.”
Alex sighed. “I dont know why you’re mad but to tell you the truth am not mad at Xavier for not telling us about Bella earlier today cause he may have forgotthen about it.”
Both Damon and Xavier gaped at Alex, their jaw hung open. “How are you the youngest?” Damon asked, recovering from his shocked reaction. Alex just shrugged his shoulders in response and plopped down on the couch.
“Imma gonna murder that bit-ch if she trys any funny business.” Damon cracked his knuckles, a dark glint in his eyes instead of the usual cheesy and pouty boy. This boy really has different character. Sometimes he can act all cute and adorable like a little kid but if he’s angry, its a whole big issue cause he’s scary and [email protected]!ng.
“You’re not going to murder her Damon.” Xavier said and walked up to me, k!ss!ngmy forehead. “Sorry we woke you up babe.”
“Its okay.” I smiled up at him. Damon just grunts and walked pas-s me and Xavier, stomping upstairs with his big legs.
“I’m going up to be-d.” Alex stood up and slowly made his way to the stairs. “Night Bri. Night Xavier.” We said good night to him and i turned to face Xavier who was alre-ady staring at me with raised eyebrows. “Well? What are you waiting for Brielle? You should also go to be-d.” He crossed his arms over his che-st, giving me a stern gaze to which i ignored.
“But am hungry.” I whined, jutting my bo-ttoml!pout. Xavier leaned forward and pe-ck myl-ips before standing straight. “Dont pout it makes me want to k!ssyou.” I blu-shed at his straight-forward words. How can a boy make you so flvstered and shy?
Xavier sm-irked. “Your cheeks are red, i like the effect i have on you.” He pla-yfully poked my side causing me to j£rk away from him, giggling.
“You know.” Xavier features had smugness all over them. “I haven’t tickled you before.” My eyes wi-de-ned and i tried to make a run for it but Xavier was fast enough to gr-ab me and hoist me up over his shoulder before he placed me on the couch and started tickling me. I erupted into fits of giggles and laughter.
“Xavier s-st©p!” I squealed but he only tickled me more ma-king my laughter increase.
“If you dont st©p, i w-wont k!ssyou for a month!” Xavier st©pped tickling me and frowned, narrowing his eyes at me. “You wouldn’t do that.”
I sm-irked. “Of course i can.” Xavier surprised me by lifting the edge of his l!pinto a smug sm-irk, inching closer to my face. “But you wont be able to resist me.”
I gulped. “I can resist you.”
“Really?” He inched closer, his eyes fli-ckering from my eyes tol-ips. Before i could say anything, hisl-ips were on mine and i instantly melted into the k!ssas my hands went around his shoulder. Xavier de-epened the k!ssand pu-ll-ed back, a smug sm-irk plastered on hisl-ips. “I thought you said you could resist me, guess i was wrong.”
“Well its not my fault that you’re too handsome.” I mumbled, crossing my arms over che-st. Xavier chuckled and got down from the couch, taking my hand and pu-lling me up.
“Are you really that hungry?” Xavier asked as he switched off the light bulb.
“Nah, i’m not hungry again but i am tired.” I yawned, leaning against Xavier.
“Should i carry the sleepy beauty to her royal chambers?” Xavier asked sarcastically.
“Yes.” He chuckled and scooped me up in his arms before walking towards the stairs. Xavier gently [email protected] on my be-d once he entered my room. He k!$$£d my forehead and turned to leave but i st©pped him by holding his hand.
“What is it princess?”
“Um, can you plea-se stay with me.” I shyly asked, feeling my cheeks heat up in embarras-sment.
“No nee-d to feel shy princess.” He chuckled and took off his sli-ppers before climbing on the other side of the be-d, pu-lling the covers over us.
“You’re too far.” Xavier whined and pu-ll-ed me close to him, wra-pping his arms around my [email protected]!st, his face buried in the nape of my hair.
“Now this is better.” Xavier mumbled ma-king me smile. After some minutes, i heard the soft snores escaping Xavier’sl-ips and i leaned further into him, and closed my eyes, falling into a de-ep slumber.

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