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A wish Episode 11 & 12

🌼A *Wish*
Chapter 11
“Brielle come out.” Xavier growled.
“No!” I yelled back at him. “I dont nee-d a hair cut.” Xavier sighed frustratedly and i heard his footsteps retreat backwards. This morning when i woke up i did my normal everyday daily routine, before i took my bath and got dressed, deciding to just stay in my room and watch netflix with a packet of oreo cookies since today is saturday. But Xavier had other plans, he [email protected]£ into my room and told me to get up, that he was taking me somewhere. Of all the places that we could head to, he said we’re going to a freaking hair salon cause i nee-d a stupid hair cut. So i pretended to walk with Xavier and immediately he stepped outside my room, i quic-kly slammed the door shut and locked it ma-king the latter really angry. I love my [email protected]!st length hair and dont want it to get cut off.
gro-an ing, i plopped down on my be-d and picked up a random magazine from the desk before fli-pping throu-gh different pages that dont seem to interest me. I heard a cl!çk!ng sound and i craned my n£¢k to the side, trying to see where the sound [email protected]£ from. I skrie-ked when my be-droom door was suddenly slammed open and Xavier walked in, his arms were crossed as he sh0t me an angry glare.
“How did you g-get in?” I stuttered, still staring up at him with wi-de eyes.
“Master key.” He said drily. “Now come on we have to get going.”
“I’m not getting a haircut.” I said stubbornly, crossing my arms over my che-st like a child.
“Brielle.” Xavier tone held a warning but i just ignored him and continued re-ading the magazine. I heard his angry approaching footsteps before the magazine was r!pp£dfrom my hand. I turned to face Xavier with a glare but he didn’t mind, he [email protected]£d me and threw me over his shoulder before walking out of my room, ignoring my fist slamming on his brick wall back. I dont think its normal for an eighteen year old to be this strong.
“Let me down Xavier.” I squirmed, trying to find a way to get down.
Xavier pinched my leg ma-king me yelp. “St©p moving or you’ll hurt yourself.” He ordered in a soft tone. I huffed and decided to listen to him.
When Xavier set me down i gave him the best glare i could muster but he didn’t even seemed fazed by it, he just gently pushed me inside his car before he closed it and ran to the driver seat, buckling up. I glared at the window, looking at the houses we pas-sed as Xavier drove.
“I didn’t mean to get aggressive but you nee-d to get out a little and st©p focusing on us, i dont really know anything about girls but i do know that your hair nee-ds some fixing.” Xavier said softly.
“Dont tell me you’re going to ignore me now little miss sas-sy.” I pursed myl-ip, trying ha-rd not to retort in a sas-sy manner. Xavier kept quiet for a while and i thought he must have given up on getting me to talk, so i turned to face him only to [email protected] His face was really close to mine, a c0cky sm-irk pla-ying at the edge of hisl-ips.
My cheeks heated up. “Turn your attention to the road j£rk.” I muttered, averting my gaze.
Xavier chuckled. “Glad you’re talking to me now.” Xavier pu-ll-ed over at what looks like a mall but it really is just a big and hvge hair salon. We got down from the car and i trailed behind Xavier but walked to his side when we reached the entrance. A tall hvge man who had on an expensive suit was glaring down at me, he seemed to be in his late twenties. I gulped and scooted close to Xavier who ru-bbe-d his thumb on my arm in a reas-suring way.
“Dont worry Victor, she’s with me.” Xavier told the [email protected]!ngman and he just nodded before motioning for us to enter inside the salon. When i stepped inside i was met with an enormous wi-de place, accessories, makeup kits and so many more things that are related to what you can use or put on your hair.
“Xavier!” A voice exclaimed. A man who seemed to be around twenty or twenty one ran towards us before he engulfed Xavier in a big hvg. He had blond hair and emerald green eyes, and both him and Xavier were of the same height.
“Hi [email protected]” Xavier greeted, pu-lling back from the hvg.
“Oh my gosh where have you been? What about Alex and Damon? Are they here too? Oh i’ve missed you and your brothers so much!” He hvgged Xavier again.
“Um hi.” I said in an awkward tone. The man wh!pped his head around, scrutinizing me with his eyes.
“Oh my gosh what a beauty! What’s your name darling?” He asked sweetly.
“Brielle.” I blu-shed.
“Nice to meet you Brielle, i’m [email protected], [email protected] Taylor.”
“Back off [email protected]” Xavier scowled. “You’re older than her.”
“But she’s such a cutie pie, cant i at least take her on a [email protected]£?” [email protected] pouted.
Xavier glared at him. “She’s sixteen dude!”
[email protected] sm-irked. “Calm down Xavier am not into her i was just messing with you.” Xavier just grunted in response, shooting [email protected] a glare.
“So if i may ask, why are you here?” [email protected] asked Xavier.
“Brielle nee-ds a haircut.” Xavier said bluntly.
“I do not!” I huffed.
“Hm.” [email protected] walked around me, his hand on his chin as he stared at my hair with a calculating gaze. He eyes glanced down to the length of my hair, gently stro-king it with his hand.
“You have a beautiful and soft hair Brielle but Xavy is right, you do nee-d a haircut.” [email protected] stated.
“Do i have to?” I whined.
“Yes darling, now come along.” He pu-ll-ed me into a secluded place. He sat me down on a chair.
“Ladies.” [email protected] snapped his f!ngersand immediately three girls [email protected]£ inside.
“Where did they co-” i was interrupted by [email protected] who placed his index f!nger on myl-ips.
“This young beauty seated here nee-ds a hair cut. It should be washed, dried, cut and styled into perfection! Get to work girls asap!” He [email protected] his hands and walked out, leaving me here with the three girls.
I gulped. “Um hi.” They smiled sweetly at me. One of them with curly red hair and green eyes patted my shoulder.
“Just relax miss and watch us perfect your hair.” I just nodded stiffly and stayed still, letting the girls do whatever they want with my hair.
“Wow.” I gaped at the girl in the mirror, still not believing she’s me. Her [email protected]!st length hair now reached her shoulders. It was curled in a beautiful style.
“Do you like it miss?” One of the girls asked.
I turned to face her. “Like it? I love it! Thank you girls!” I got up and engulfed them in a big hvg just when [email protected] walked in, he glanced at me and sh0t me a grin.
“Ladies you did a wonderful job.” He waved his hand and all the girls immediately left.
“Come on sweetheart, am sure your b©yfri£ndwill be speechless when he sees you.”
“Xavier is not my b©yfri£nd.” I said, feeling my cheeks heat up.
“Shush now darling, Xavier will soon be your b©yfri£nd.” [email protected] held my hand and led me out of the door. Xavier was perched down lazily on a red beanbag, scrolling throu-gh his phone. He averted his eyes from his phone when [email protected] whistled. I stood there awkwardly as Xavier stood up and walked over to me, his eyes raking over my face. “You look different.” Was all he said.
“Are you kidding me Xavy?” [email protected] exclaimed. “Of all the best compliments in the world that’s all you could say?!”
“Yep.” Xavier fished out his wallet from his pocket jeans and counted a couple of dollar bills before shoving it in [email protected]’s hand.
“Here’s the pay [email protected], bye!” Before me or [email protected] could say anything Xavier [email protected]£d my hand in his and practically dragged me outside.
“Bye [email protected]!” I yelled, waving at him throu-gh the glas-s door.
“Bye Sweetie!” He waved back. “Try to control that b©yfri£ndof yours!” I’m pretty sure my face is as red as a beetroot. Xavier just shook his head and chuckled at [email protected]’s comment before glancing at me. Something flashed in his eyes but he quic-kly masked it up with a blank expression. I opened the car door immediately we reached the parking lot before settling inside, peering up at trees when Xavier drove pas-s them.
“Brielle.” Xavier said softly.
“Hm?” I turned to face him.
“When i said you look different i meant it, you look really flawless and beautiful.” I blu-shed a little when he k!$$£d my forehead.
“Thank you Xavier.” I whispered.
“No nee-d to thank me Brielle, you’re worth it.” Xavier clarified. We stayed in a comfortable silence after that. And i decided to break the silence with a question that has been in my head for a while now. I was scared of asking it in front of Alex and Damon but now i’ve gotten enough confidence to ask Xavier without shrinking in my seat whenever he gave me one of his coldest, stern glares.
“Xavier can we go to Liam’s house?” I blurted out. He slammed his foot on the [email protected] so ha-rd , i j£rked forward a little but kept a ti-ght grip on the car seat.
“Why would you ask me that?” Xavier said in a dark tone.
“I just want to know if i can find anything related to my real biological parents.” I said quietly, pla-ying with my f!ngers.
“How are you so sure he has anything related to your parents? They might even be dead!” Xavier yelled.
“How can you say that! Its like you dont want me to find my real parents.” My voice cracked at the end as i felt h0t tears threatening to spill.
“I’m sorry Brielle.. I just.” Xavier ran his f!ngersthrou-gh his hair, inhaling a de-ep breath. “I just dont want you to forget about me, Damon and Alex once you’ve found your parents.”
“Xavier.” I wiped my eyes, placing my hand in his, giving it a gentle squee-ze. “I’m not going to jump in my parents arms and there’s no way that i’ll follow them. I’m staying with you three cause you’re very important to me and have always been there for me. Hell! They can be across the country for all i care but i’ll never leave you Xavier.” He smiled and gave me a quic-k hvg before buckling in as he drove down to the direction of Liam’s house.
When we got there i held Xavier’s hand really ti-ght that am surprised he didn’t even flin-ch. The door made creaky sounds when Xavier opened it. Everywhere was a mess. The ceilings were full if cobwebs and the floor had dusts on it. I could feel my heart pounding loudly against my ribcage as memories of when Liam would hit me flood in my head. We walked upstairs and i st©pped at my old be-droom door, the door was opened.
“Xavier.” I wra-pped my arms around him, burying my face in his che-st cause i couldn’t bear to see the place i used to call a room, when i recalled how Richa-rd tried to haras-s me.
“Xavier i dont think i can do this.” I mumbled, ti-ght£ñing my grip in him.
“Brielle.” Xavier cu-mpped my face in his hands. “Am right here Brielle, Liam cant hurt you again, he’s rotting away away in jail. He cant hurt you anymore, the same goes for his stupid friend.”
“Okay.” I croaked. Xavier smiled and let go of my face. I held his hand and walked over to Liam’s room. I st©pped in front of the big wooden door and pushed it open. Liam room was big but not as big as my room in the mansion. Xavier stepped inside and walked over to a desk before opening the drawers. I walked to the wardrobe and ra-pidly searched throu-gh the pile of clothes. I pu-ll-ed out a brown box and placed it on the be-d.
“Xavier, find anything?” I asked.
I opened the box and all that was inside were dumb disgusting letters from his previous girlfriends. Xavier and i searched and searched but we still couldn’t find anything. I could tell that Xavier was getting frustrated. He slams his fist on the table every minute and lets out curse words.
I sighed and ru-bbe-d my forehead, trying to think of places that Liam will hide stuffs. Something shiny un-der the be-d caught my eyes and i crouched down, reaching my hand over to the shiny object but i felt nothing. I leaned forward a little and stretched my hand farther till my f!ngerst©uçhed the object. I managed to pu-ll it out only to see that it was a small black box.
“Xavier i found something.” Xavier glanced at me before dropping his eyes down to the box i held. He moved forward and took the box from my hand, placing it on a table and he cli-cked on a small lock ma-king the box open a little. When Xavier opened the box it was filled with different torn up papers and files.
“Its useless.” I angrily tossed the last file across the room.
“Brielle look.” Xavier held out a paper and i took it from him, looking down at it. “Brielle Valentina R?” I crea-sed my eyebrows together, turning to face Xavier.
“What kind of person has R for a surname?” I questioned.
Xavier face palmed. “Brielle your last name on the paper was torn off.” I then glanced down at the paper to see that the last ends were looking lacerated.
“Oh.” I said, feeling a little embarras-sed at my stupidity.
“At least we know your middle name.” Xavier stated.
“Yeah.” I slouched. “What a horrible name!”
“So you mean your middle name is Valentina?” Alex asked. When Xavier and i arrived home Alex and Damon immediately bombarded us with questions. I told them about the haircut which they said looks beautiful on me but they had their jaws hanging down when i mentioned Liam’s house. At least their reactions wasn’t that bad. When the Alex and Damon had gone to the kitchen, Xavier had to go upstairs to his room, saying he’s tired.
“Yeah.” I scowled.
“Why are you so upset? Its a beautiful name!” Damon exclaimed.
“No its not.” I mumbled.
“So what’s going to happen once you’ve found your parents?” Alex asked quietly.
“Hey.” I placed my hand on his. “Dont be scared cause you guys will never lose me.” Alex smiled and squee-zed my hand.
“Your new haircut really suits you.” Damon commented, twirling his f!nger around my hair.
“I love it, [email protected] really has talented girls working with him.” I exclaimed. “How do you guys know him anyway?” I questioned Alex and Damon.
“Well um.” Damon nervously scratched the back of his n£¢k. “Well i kinda puked on him when we first met.”
“Seriously?” I laughed.
“Yeah.” Alex said laughing. “We went to Disneyland and Damon got in one of the rides that spins a lot. When he got down he was slurring out words that Xavier had to [email protected] him a little. Damon next words were ‘i think am about to puke’ Xavier and i quic-kly moved to the side and Damon just threw up on the next person that was close to him which happens to be [email protected]
“Its was pretty embarras-sing.” Damon said sheepishly. “I bought him a new shi-t and apologized, after that we all started hanging out together.”
“What a nice way to make a friend.” I said sarcastically.
Alex chuckled. “Those were Xavier words.”
“Speaking of Xavier, where on earth is he?” Damon asked and i pointed my f!nger up.
“He’s asleep.”
Damon sm-irked. “Well why dont we go wake him up?”
“Whatever you’re thinking count me out.” I quic-kly said when i saw the mischievous glint in his eyes.
“Come on Brielle it will be fun.” Alex urged and i gawked at him.
“Dont tell me you’re siding with Damon.”
“Of course.” Alexl-ips were curled up into a sm-irk.
“Fine.” I gro-an ed. Damon and Alex both jo-lted up from the couch and ran into the kitchen, later returning with three buckets. Damon held two while Alex held one. Damon handed me one if the buckets in his hand and i glanced down at the water inside before facing Damon.
“Damon i dont think Xavier will take it well with us if we do this.” I said nervously.
“Come on Brielle its going to be funny.” Alex grinned.
“If you say so.” I reluctantly followed them upstairs till we reached Xavier’s be-droom door. Alex carefully opened the door, trying to avoid creaky noises. We sneaked inside, ma-king sure to keep the door wi-de open so we can run before the wolf catches us, which is Xavier.
“So at the count of three we’ll all shout his name. Got it?” Damon asked and both Alex and i nodded.
“One.” Here goes nothing.
“Two.” Gosh do i have to do this?
“Three!” Its now or never.
“XAVIER!” Xavier bolted up and we immediately dumped all our buckets filled with waters on him before running outside.
“Once i get my hand on you three.” I heard Xavier growl. I made a mistake of looking back while i was running, Xavier was h0t on my tail, his face red in anger. I quic-kly ran down the hall and hid behind a wall, heaving a sigh if relief when Xavier pas-sed me.
I let out a hight pitched skrie-k when i felt hands snake around my [email protected]!st. “Think you could escape.” Xavier growled in my ear before he threw me over his shoulder and bolted off. I dont really know how Xavier did it but he caught Alex and threw him over his other shoulder while i was still on his shoulder!
“Come on Xavier.” Alex whined. “It was just a meaningless prank.”
“That got me drenched in water.” Xavier said angrily. I [email protected] when i saw that the was headed to the pool. Before i could even blink Xavier threw both me and Alex inside the pool. I surfaced up and glared at Xavier who had a smug look plastered on his face.
“Now i have to shower again.” Alex grumbled, swimming over to the edge.
“Its not fair, what about Damon?” I complained.
“Oh.” Xavier ran back inside the house and later returned with a whining Damon on his shoulder. I laughed when Xavier threw Damon in the pool before the latter resurfaced up.
“Meanie.” Damon pouted. We all walked back to the house and cleaned up, i also helped Xavier in cleaning up the water in his room. Later that evening when it was 8, i made junks and snack food, and brou-ght it to the sitting room where we all snacked on it as we watched a very funny comedy movie. I rested my head on Xavier shoulder when i felt my eyes getting heavy even when the movie was still on.
“Brielle wake up.” I heard a voice say as he gently tapped on my cheeks.
“Hm.” I opened my eyes, squinting it a little to see Xavier hovering over me. The lights and television were switched off and me and Xavier were the only ones in the living room.
“You nee-d to head upstairs to your room and sleep.” Xavier said softly.
“Carry me.” I raised my hands up. Xavier rolled his eyes but smiled as he placed an arm un-der my knee, then the other around my shoulder before scooping me up in his arms, and walking towards the stairs.
When we got inside my room, Xavier gently [email protected] on my soft be-d, pu-lling the covers over me. He leaned down and k!$$£d my forehead.
“Good night Brielle.”
“Good night Xavier.
Chapter 12
There’s one thing i love about sitting at the back row, especially if its a seat that is very close to the window. You can either fall asleep or just look outside the window and enjoy the perfect view of the school surroundings. Honestly, i feel bad for those seated at the front row, they are trying their best to stay awake but all they really want to do is either fall asleep or run out of the clas-s. Our geogra-phy teacher, Mr Philli-p, was a really boring man, no offence, even though i am good at his subject doesn’t mean he’s my favourite teacher. Sometimes i wonder how he was hired when all he do is make students fall asleep with his long and boring explanation. Damon who is seated beside me is currently asleep with his head on the desk while i just stared at the window, hoping this clas-s will end.
I snickered un-der my breath when Mr Phill!pharshly slammed his hand on a boy’s desk, who was asleep, ma-king the latter jump and look around only for his eyes to settle on the stern glare Mr Phill!pwas giving him. “I’ll appreciate it if you dont sleep in my clas-s Aiden.” Mr Phill-ips colded.
“Sorry sir.” Aiden muttered, adjusting himself on the chair. It looks like i snickered a bit too loud again cause Mr Phill!phead snapped to my direction, his piercing green eyes boring holes on my face.
“What’s so funny Brielle?”
I coughed a little, trying to keep my voice straight and formal. “Nothing sir.”
“I thought so.” He then returned his attention to the book he’s been holding throu-ghout the lesson. I glanced down at the middle row to see a girl alre-ady looking sleepy, trying to stiffle a yawn. I dont blame her though Mr Phill!pis really a boring man, am sure he would be very good in ma-king little noisy kids go to sleep.
“And so th-” Mr Phill-ips tarted but was interrupted by the bell and i’ve never seen students run out of the clas-s like it was set on fire. Mr Phill!pmumbled something along the lines of ‘stupid bell ruining my clas-s’ before he packed up his books and walked out of the clas-s.
I blinked, realising that me and Damon were the only one’s in clas-s.
“Damon wake up.” I tapped on his back continuosly. Damon yawned and slowly sat up, ru-bbing his eyes.
“Is the stupid clas-s finally over?”
“Yep.” I said popping the p.
“Finally.” Damon grimaced. “I though we were going to stay here forever and listen to the man talk about planets.”
I laughed. “C’mon let’s get going.” I picked up my book and pen before standing up and walking over to the door.
“Hey wait up!” I heard shuffling and scra-ping of chairs before Damon ran towards me. We headed to our lockers and put our books and stationaries inside.
“Damon i dont wanna eat.” I whined, jutting my bo-ttoml!pout.
“I’m not dumb Brielle, i saw you skip breakfast this morning and there’s no way you’re going to skip lunch un-der my watch. Now come on we have to get going or else Alex will have my head for ma-king him wait.”
“Y’all can just eat without me.” I said drily.
“Brielle plea-se dont fight with me on this.” Damon said, sounding frustrated. “Now come on let’s go.”
“I’m not going.” I stated bluntly.
Damon sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Something he only does when he’s getting irritated. “I wont hesitate to throw you over my shoulder if you dont move.”
“You cant do that.” I exclaimed.
Damon moved closer to me, his stance turning [email protected]!ng. “Wanna test me on that?” He growled.
“No?” I squeaked. Damon rolled his eyes and gr!pp£dmy hand, practically dragging me towards the cafeteria door. His grip only ti-ght£ñed when i tried yanking my hand from his grasp.
“Sit.” Damon demaned once we got to our usual table in the cafeteria. Shooting him a glare, i reluctanly sat down beside Alex while Damon sat down beside Xavier who was giving us questioning looks.
“Finally.” Alex exasperated, throwing his hands up in the air. “What took you guys so long?”
“Damon was bei-” i was cut short by Damon.
“Brielle didn’t have breakfast this morning and i told her to have lunch with us at the cafeteria. All she said was that she’s not hungry.” Damon chastised.
“I dont see how that is a big deal.” I exclaimed, glaring at Damon.
Xavier sighed. “Just eat the food Brielle.”
“But am not hungry.” I mumbled, gripping the the table ti-ghtly.
“Brielle just eat, you dont want to see the annoyed side of Xavier.” Alex whispered in my ear.
“Want to repeat that again Brielle.” Xavier tone was a bit harsh. I gulped and quic-kly shook my head.
“I thought so.” Xavier picked up a knife and cut throu-gh his chocolate cake before stabbing a fork in it and shoving it inside his mouth. Damon and Alex alre-ady started eating, all i did was eye the strawberry cheese cake in my plate. Without looking at the cake, i pushed it towards Alex.
“Aren’t you gonna eat?” Alex asked and i shook my head.
“Brielle. Eat.” Xavier said firmly.
“Can i order salad instead?” I pleaded.
“I thought you loved cheesecake why do now want to suddenly order salad?” Damon asked, furrowing his eyesbrows in confusion.
“I just want to try it out.” I blubbered, trying to avoid Xavier suspicious look.
Xavier nodded. “You can get salad.” I got up and walked over to the lunch lady before ordering vegetable salad from her. I took the plate from her hands and went back to the table, it was ha-rd to eat when you know a certain grey eyed boy is burning holes on the side of your face.
I am seated on my be-d doing nothing but staring at the window. At school today, i avoided Xavier like a plague because of the whole lunch thing. One thing i’ve taken note of about Xavier is that he’s very smart and isn’t easy to fool. Xavier had cornered me in the janitor’s closet at school today after lunch, demanding that i should tell him why i skipped breakfast today so i did the first thing that [email protected]£ in my mind. I kicked him in a shin and ran out.
“I just hope he isn’t too suspicious.” I muttered to no one in [email protected] I got up from the be-d and made my way over to my walk-in closet, pu-lling out a blue denim jacket to wear since i only had a yellow tank t©p on. I went downstairs to the living room and opened the front door, ma-king sure not to make any noise cause i dont nee-d Xavier telling me his usual quote of ‘if you’re going out one of us should be with you’ it can be really annoying when Xavier is overprotective. I thought Alex was just blabbing when he said Xavier is really protective now i un-derstand why he said that. Two days ago when a boy of about nineteen who is also the pizza delivery guy, asked for my number. Xavier was re-ady to pounce on the guy but the pizza guy just gave him the middle f!nger which made Xavier turn red. His last words were.
‘See you later baby girl’ as if that was not enough. He fudging win-ked at me. Damon had to hold Xavier down from beating up the pizza guy cause the pizza guy might end up in the hospital with many broken bones.
I chuckled softly at the memory and continued walking till i reached the park. I sat down on the swing and began swaying back and forth as i watched little kids [email protected] I noticed a girl curled up on a bench crying, she seems to be not more than seven. I got down from the swing and walked up to her. I crouched down to her level and stro-ked her hair soft curly brown hair, her light brown skin was beautiful and seems to glimmer in the sun. She looked up and immediately flin-ched.
“Its okay sweetie.” I reas-sured. “I’m not gonna hurt you.” She nodded, sniffing again.
“What’s your name?” I asked gently.
“Abby.” She mumbled.
I smiled. “That’s a nice name for a beatiful girl like you.”
“No am not.”
I frowned. “Why would you say that Abby, of course you’re beautiful.”
“The other kids dont want to [email protected] me!”
“Because of my skin colour.” Abby sniffed. My heart ached for her, why cant people just see her as any other human being on earth? Racism is a really cruel thing that some fellow white people are fond of.
“I’m i ugly?” Abby asked me.
I quic-kly shook my head. “No! Of course not Abby, dont listen to what other people say okay? You’re really beautiful.”
Abby smiled. “Thank you um?”
“Thank you Brielle, you’re really nice and pretty.” She giggled.
“Aww thanks darling.” I said. “Where are your parents? You shouldn’t be alone at the park.
“I’m here with my big sister!” She exclaimed.
“Oh, where is she then?”
Abby instantly looked down guiltily. “I kinda ran off without informing her.”
“Abby.” I scolded. “That’s not very nice, now come on let’s go find your big sister. She must be really worried about you.” I got up and held my hand down which she gladly took. We walked for a while and we still couldn’t find Abby sister.
“Abby!” A feminine voice yelled, sounding exhausted and relieved. I looked over to see a girl of about my age running towards us. She [email protected]£d Abby and engulfed her in a hvg.
“Dont ever scare me again like that Abby.” She said softly, pu-lling back from the hvg and k!ss!ngAbby’s forehead.
“I’m sorry.” Abby apologized, looking down at her [email protected]
The older girl tilted Abby’s chin up, smiling softly at her. “Hey am not mad okay? Just dont run off like that again.”
“Okay.” Abby said happily. “I promise!”
“Oh Ava.” Abby turned to face me. “Brielle helped me in searching for you.”
The older girl smiled at me. “Hi, i’m Ava, Ava Turner.” She stretched her hand out for a handshake.
I smiled back and shook her hand. “Brielle.”
“Thank you for keeping my sister’s company.”
“Its alright, Abby is a cutie.” I pinced Abby’s cheek causing her to pout and huff. Ava and i both chuckled at that. Me, Ava and Abby walked over to a bench and sat down while Abby pla-yed in the swings. Ava and i talked for a while, she’s really nice and carefree. I learned that she and her family just moved here. The best thing of all is that she’s going to be attending my school. I was happy when we both exchanged phone numbers cause i finally made a friend, not just any friend, a female friend!
I love Xavier, Damon and Alex but sometimes i cant help but feel out cause i dont have a female character in my life. Ava is actually the first girl that has ever smiled at me, most looks i usually receive from girls is glares or insults.” I bid goodbye to Ava and Abby before i walked over to an eatery and ordered a plate of avocado salad. My eyes dart to the clock and i nearly choked on my food. Its 7:30 freaking pm! I quic-kly finished up and remaining salad and i drank water. I placed the bill on the table before running out of the eatery. I reached for my phone, turning it on.
I gupled.
I had lots of calls and texts from the boys telling me to pick up my phone. I quic-kly tucked the phone in my pocket and st©pped an Uber before hopping inside as i directed the driver to where am headed. When he dropped me off i paid and thanked the man, turning around and walking towards the gate. I opened it and walked to the front door, inhaling and exhaling two times.
I quietly opened the door and entered inside to see the boys all seated on the couch but i dont think they heard me enter. Alex had a scared and worried look on his face, Damon look a lille angry but worried and Xavier expression screams anger but i could see a hint of worry swirling in his eyes.
“Uh guys.” I said awkwardly and all their heads snapped up to me. Xavier got up and stormed towards me, surprising me with what he did next. He hvgged me.
“I’m so glad you’re okay.” He whispered, ti-ght£ñing his hold on me so much, he was literary crushing my ribs.
Alex [email protected]£ over and hvgged me. “You scared me Brielle.”
“plea-se dont ever make me worry like that again.” This time around it was Damon.
“You guys are so caring but seriously am fine.” I chuckled. Xavier smiled at me but it vanished quic-kly, morphing into a scowl. His eyes were narrowed into slits.
“Where did you go to Brielle?” I shivered at his dark tone.
“Uh i went for a walk?” It [email protected]£ out as a question rather than a statement.
“Alex go to your room.” Xavier ordered, not taking his eyes off mine.
“Alex.” Xavier growled threatenly. Alex gulped and walked towards the stairs but not before shooting me sad smile.
“So Brielle.” Damon started, crossing his arms. “Mind telling us where you’ve been?” Their stare was intense and [email protected]!ngwhich made me audibly gulp. Damon still hasn’t apologized for telling me off to Xavier, if he thinks am going to respond to his question boy is he wrong.
“Damon just asked you a question Brielle so answer!” Xavier seethed. “Where have you been?”
“I was at the park.” I blurted out. Xavier leaned down and brou-ght his face really close to mine, his hands gripping my shoulders. “Are you lying to me Brielle?”
“No.” I squeaked, feeling my face heat up. I dont why am blu-shing, its either because of my squeaky voice or the fact that Xavier face is merely inches from mine, our noses almost tou-ching. Xavier stared at me a little longer before ~he let go off my shoulder and faced Damon. “She’s telling the truth.” Damon just sighed and gave me a once over look. I just ignored him and made my~ way pas-s Xavier, heading towards my room. I was about closing my be-droom door when a foot was placed in between. I sighed and looked up to meet Xavier grey eyes pooling with worry and concern.
“Can i come i come in?”
“Yes.” I said bluntly. I turned around and plopped down on my be-d, avoiding Xavier stare. It was quiet for a moment until Xavier sighed and walked closer to me till he was now in front of me.
“Get up Brielle.” He demanded.
“No.” I said drily.
“I’m not kidding Brielle.” Xavier stated firmly. I didn’t respond nor got up, i just remained seated, still staring at him blankly. He sighed and sat down beside me, taking my hand in his as he pla-yed with my f!ngers.
“Brielle.” Worry was evident in Xavier’s tone.
“Yes Xavier?”
“Are you okay?”
I furrowed my brows in confusion, staring at him. “Of course am okay.”
“No Brielle you’re not okay.” He said calmly. Oh no he figured it out!
“What on earth are you talking about Xavier? of course am okay!” I screamed in frustration, getting up from the be-d. Xavier got up and ran his f!ngersthrou-gh his alre-ady messy hair ma-king it more messy than before.
“Brielle.” Xavier carefully approached me, placing both his hands on my shoulders. “Talk to me Brielle, what’s wrong?” I was about to say something when he cut me off with a glare.
“And dont even think of lying cause i heard you screaming last night and i had to pin you down until you had calm down before you fell asleep again. Damon and Alex are de-ep sleepers so i dont think they heard you.”
“Okay.” I whispered. Xavier gave me a small smile and sat me down on the be-d, sitting down beside me. I took a de-ep breath and started speaking up. “After you guys rescued me from Liam and Richa-rd , some days after i started having nightmares. Sometimes its like flashbacks of when Liam used to hatefully abuse me like i was some kind of ragdoll. Then nightmares of when Richa-rd tried to f0rç£ himself on me. Gosh Xavier it was so awful, its like i cant get the image out of my head even though i want to.” As i explained Xavier kept on ru-bbing circles on my arm, to as-sure me that he is still here with me and will never allow anything or anoyone to hurt me.
“I’m scared Xavier.” I whispered, tears brimming my eyes. I tried to blink them back but they kept on falling. Xavier used his thumb to wipe my tears away, his f!ngersgently [email protected]£ss!ngmy cheeks.
“Scared of what Brielle?” He asked softly.
“I’m scared of losing you guys cause i’ve gotten so attached to you and your brothers, i’m scared that one day you’ll just come out and say everthing was a bet or dare. I’m scared of what will happen if Liam or Richa-rd escape from jail, i dont want him to come after you guys for siding with me and taking care of me. I dont know what i’ll do if one of you gets hurt because of me. I’m scared Xavier, am scared.” I was now a sobbing mess. Xavier instantly wra-pped his arms around my sobbing form, gently stro-king my hair as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear.
“Look Brielle.” Xavier pu-ll-ed back from the hvg, giving me a stern look.
“You’ll never lose us and this is not a prank, bet or dare. I really care about you and will hate myself if i hurt you in any way.”
“Okay.” I smiled.
“So now do you want to tell me why you skipped breakfast today?” Xavier asked, his warm breath fanning my face.
I tangled my f!ngerstogether, pursing myl-ips as i averted my eyes from Xavier grey ones. “Its nothing.”
Xavier gently used his index f!nger to lift my chin up, ma-king me meet his stern gaze. “Tell me what’s wrong, plea-se?”
“I’m fat.” I muttered, chewing inside my cheek.
“What?” Xavier asked with raised eyebrows, not sure if he heard me right.
“Its because am fat!” I said louder. Xavier eyes darkened and he let go off my chin and held both my wrist. “Who told you that?” He growled.
“I posted a picture my instagram account and some of the comments that people wrote was that am fat and i should lose my weight.”
Xavier sighed and let go off my wrist, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Brielle you dont listen to people harsh comments about you, you ignore them. They’re just jealous because you have what they dont.”
“So am not fat?” I asked hopefully.
“No Brielle you’re not fat, you’re perfect just the way you are so dont listen to people’s opinion about you.”
“Wow thanks for the advice Xav.” I smiled brightly at him.
“You’re welcome Brielle. No offence Brielle but sometimes you think like Damon.” Before i could ask him what that means, he quic-kly walked out of my room. It took me a minute to un-derstand what Xavier said and i ran out of my room, screaming at Xavier who was bolting down the hall.
“Xavier you’re such a j£rk, get back here!”

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