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You are mine Episode 7 & 8

[email protected]£”!!! my heart spinned in circles. I haven’t recover from the beatings I got from the last [email protected]£ and here he was asking for another. Maybe I tell Edwin about this one this time so he doesn’t end up beating me again. Edwin!!! He was my everything. I had promised to see him. After the day’s work I went to his house. Still the same old story, Edwin was drun!kagain. I have known Edwin for six years, he wasn’t a drink add!çt but only drank whenever he had serious issues at hand.
“Edwin, how many times will I tell you that drinking won’t solve anything” I said struggling to take the bottle from him.
“Arya, Do you still love me” His voice tore my heart into pieces
“Yes” I said and stared into his eyes.
“Prove it to me” Edwin yelled
“How” I was confused
“Quit that job Arya” Edwin said and turned his face from me.
“Edwin, I can’t quit working in the Hacienda. You and I feed from there and you don’t even have a job. You should be grateful ” I raised my voice
“Arya, you now raise your voice at me ” Edwin said sadly
“No, Edwin am taking a week off work because of you. Hope it better” I smiled trying to prevent tears from falling from my face.
Edwin stared at me for a while before leaving me alone in the room. I enjoyed my one week stay with Edwin as we went places together. Edwin was as ro-mantic as I never thought. So painful, one week [email protected]£ and gone I had to return back to work.
“Arya, have you been avoiding me lately” That was my boss
“No sir” I said politely
“What about the contract” Roland stared at me
“I don’t think I’m interested anymore” I said
“And the [email protected]£” He continued
“I’d think about it” I said excusing myself.
Roland and I didn’t talk much lately. Once I had brou-ght Edwin to the Hacienda to at least see where I work. I agreed on the [email protected]£ with Roland. Oops!!! Don’t get me wrong it was just a dinner [email protected]£. I wouldn’t cheat on Edwin for any reason.
“What do you like doing most” Roland started a conversation.
“re-ading” I sighed
“That’s great……Are you sure you are ma-king the right decision by accepting to marry Edwin, I mean the beatings…..” I didn’t allow him finish his statement
“Leave my fiance out of this” I said rudely
“Why are you so obsessed with this guy” Roland yelled
“I love Edwin and I’ll forever do” I yelled gr-abbing my bag that was on the table.
“Are you leaving” Roland said getting up from his seat.
“Obviously” I walked out of the Restaurant with Roland running after me.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you Arya” Roland pleaded when he finally caught up with me.
“It’s fine Mr Roland” I said wiping the ba-lls of tear beneath my eye lids.
“I love you Arya” Roland whispered
I was hoping I didn’t hear him or maybe my mind was pla-ying tricks on me. I stood freezed when I heard my boss said he loved me. Roland moved closer to me to place a k!sson myl-ips when someone interrupted .
“Edwin” I grasped
Edwin stood still and stared at the both of us.
“Arya” Edwin said sadly
“Edwin, it not what you think” I pleaded.
I followed Edwin to his house but he shut the door against me. I pleaded with him to open the door and he blunty refused.
“Maybe you should come back later” That was Roland
“Roland, stay away from me” I yelled at him.
I got home and went straight to my room. I kept calling Edwin and he kept ending the call. What have I gotten myself into, I s£nt him a mail.
@Edwin Torres: plea-se Edwin, pick my calls and I will explain better.
I didn’t hope to get a reply, I just kept calling him. He still didn’t pick my calls. In defeat, I dropped my phone.
@Aya Norche: You cheat, you are stalking me
I froze at the text. I wiped my tears and told myself that I wasn’t gonna beg Edwin anymore. I got to work to meet my boss in a serious mood. The whole Hacienda seems tensed.
“Gud morning sir” I greeted the watchman
“The boss s£nt for you” The watchman said and walked away.
I got to my boss office to see my boss in a serious mood. He was arranging some files on the table.
“You s£nt for me sir” I said staring at his table.
“I would be attending a seminar in Nigeria and you will accompany me” my boss said still arranging the files
“How long sir” I was confused
“Two weeks” my boss said and dismissed me.
I didn’t tell Edwin about it, only my dad and mom. Getting to Nigeria, It wasn’t as bad as I thought. After welcoming us, My boss and I were directed to our h0tel. One week gone by and I didn’t see any reason why my boss and I were still in Nigeria. The seminar was only for three days.
“You must be wondering what we are still doing here” My boss said one evening when we went out to get lunch
“Yes sir” I said
“I brou-ght you here Arya so you could spend some time with me” my boss said calmly
“Sir, I nee-d to go see my parents” I said and walked out on him.
We didn’t complete the other two weeks before going back to the United States Of American.
Every [email protected] of me did miss Arya. I should have listened to her and not throw insults at her. I went to the Hacienda to apologize to her. After introducing myself, I was directed to the boss office. I got to the office to see Arya k!ss!ngher boss.
My mind was made up.
I guess by now she was expecting me to come apologize to her. Arya was cheating on me, why did it take so long for me to find out. I was done drinking myself to stupor because of her. I took my phone and dialed Benita’s number. Benita was my food vendor, The one Arya suspected me of having an affair with.
“Edwin” Her voice was se-duc-tive
“Can you come over to my house” I said and layed on my be-d.
Her b©dy was so tempting. I didn’t find what I was doing comfortable but I wanted to pay Arya back for cheating on me.
“Be my girlfriend” I wanted to say but the thought of that sounded childish.
“Why did you call me” Benita asked.
“I wanted to tell you that” I said wra-pping my hands around her [email protected]!st.
She didn’t allow me complete my statement before placing a k!sson myl-ips. I returned the k!ss, I wanted to place her on the be-d when I remembered Arya
“Arya” I let out a sigh
“Are you okay” She was confused.
“plea-se leave my house” I ordered her out of my house.
Phew!!!…. I sighed. I couldn’t find myself cheating on Arya.
Maybe he was interested in me. I have loved Edwin since I knew him but his so called fiance wouldn’t allow me have my way. This was a perfect opportunity. I wore a red mini Sk-irt and a black t©p which was slightly above my ñ@v£l. Applying the best make over, I went to Edwin’s house with food.
“Edwin, I brou-ght you food” I said and sat on his be-d
“Thanks” He said struggling with the bag of the food.
“Edwin, why don’t you get a plate so we dish the food” I smiled
Edwin got up from the be-d and walked into the kitchen. I took his phone and searched for Arya’s number. It was really difficult getting it.
@Arya Artemyo: Help me Arya…..I’m dying at home.
I cli-cked on the s£nt bu-tton, silent his phone and hid it un-der the be-d. I ate as fast as I could. After eating, I lain on Edwin’s be-d. Edwin was beside me, I k!$$£d him and we both k!$$£d each other. I was about undressing when someone walked into the room.
“Edwin, Are you okay” That was Arya’s voice.
Edwin got up from the be-d in fright and I grinned.
“Arya” Edwin pronounced her name slowly.
“Edwin, so you s£nt me a text just to make me see you flir-t with another woman” Tears flow freely down her cheeks.
She left the room and Edwin wanted to go after her when I st©pped him.
“Let her go” I grinned
Edwin got nerves to cheat on me. Mom wouldn’t want to hear I was crying because of a guy who didn’t deserve me. I got to work and placed my head on the table still in tears.
“Arya” That was my boss
“Sir” I raised up my head wiping the tears on my face
“Edwin again” Roland said squatting beside me.
“He’s cheating on me” I cried on my boss shoulder.
My boss tried to console me. I wanted a house where I would stay alone and no one not even Edwin would find me.
“I nee-d a house and not less than 2, 000 dollar a month” I said when I got better
“I could help you with a perfect one where you don’t nee-d to pay” My boss smiled at me
“Sir, you have done more than enough alre-ady” I smiled
“I insist” my boss said and walked away.
Roland drove me to my new house and I really liked it. It was big and got a nice furniture.
“How did you get this place” I stared at the surroundings
“It’s one of the properties my late mother left for me” Roland smiled
“You must be mom’s favorite” I said and pla-yfully hit his shoulders and we both laughed.
I spent most of my time with my boss at work and Roland made it his duties to always drop me at my new house. Lately, I enjoyed my boss company and [email protected] forgot about Edwin.
We went [email protected] together and on rare occasion, I spent nights at his house. I introduced my boss to my parents.
“Dad, meet my boss Roland” I said introducing him
“You’re welcome” My dad smiled at him
Later in the day, my parents engaged me in a discussion.
“That boy is better than that so called Edwin” Mom ch!pped in
“Mom, I only introduce him as a friend” I sm-irked
“We un-derstand” my dad said and my mom laughed.
3 months pas-sed without me hearing from Edwin. I wasn’t cool with it tho but he offended me first and it was important for him to apologize first. For these past 3 months, I enjoyed my boss company.
Three months without hearing from Arya. I was wrong, I know!!!! . where do I start apologizing from. I went to the Mall to get a bouquet of Flowers so as to aid my apology.
I went back to my house to get my bike when I met Benita
“Haven’t you done more than enough” I said angrily
“Who owns those flowers” She grinned
“Arya” I said staring at the flowers
“Arya , doesn’t love you anymore” She smiled mischievously.
“You should be ashamed that you set me upset……you cheap prostitute” I raised my voice.
“I hate you Edwin” She spat.
“Hate you more” I said pushing her out of my house
I sat on my be-d and thought of a better way to apologize to Arya when Benita walked in with tears.
“plea-se forgive Edwin, I didn’t mean to offend you” Benita went on her knees.
“It’s fine” I said wiping her tears.
I got a phone call from an unknown number telling me that Arya was in trouble. I got on my bike and drove recklessly.
Who’s gonna die now….plea-se hit the like bu-tton when ya done re-ading

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