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You are mine Episode 3 & 4

Brou-ght to you by #Authoresss_Enogieru✍️✍️
Could it be I was dreaming???…… Or I didn’t hear him right?? . I raised my head up and looked at him.
“What did you say” I asked for confirmation
“You got the job of a Veterinary Doctor” He
said as he freed himself from my grip.
“Thank you so much sir” I tried hvgging him but he pushed me away.
That was harsh but I brushed it aside. I just got a job and nothing was worth spoiling my mood.
“Meet the watch man and he will direct you on your job” The boss said and dismissed me instantly.
I wanted to call Edwin but I decided not to till after I have been brief about the job. I folded my palms in my sweater as usual and headed straight to the gate to meet the watch man.
“The boss directed me here” I said
“Follow me” The watch man ordered.
He took me around the Hacienda . This Hacienda was really big. Lost in my thoughts, I followed the watch man sluggishly.
“The boss ordered that you will work in the bird [email protected]” The watch man said as he led me into the small house.
“Chuk” I made some crazy sound as I smiled at the birds.
“Over there are chickens” The watch man said pointing to a small pen.
“How much is my pay” I asked
“Didn’t the boss tell you” He smiled mischievously
“No” I replied sharply
“5 dollar per month for a start” The watch man said.
5 dollar per month was really a hvge sum. I was going to save the whole money from the hacienda for our wedding and then lend Edwin some for his Father’s treatment. If possible I could take a loan and use my salary to pay back. I went to Edwin’s house to break the Goodnews to him. On getting there I couldn’t find him at home since I had his spare keys, I made myself comfortable. I had ba-rely [email protected] when I heard a knock on the door. If it was Edwin, he wouldn’t have knocked on the door.
“How may I be of help??” I looked at the young lady suspiciously.
“I [email protected]£ to see Edwin” The young lady said politely.
“He is not around and by the way who are you” I eyed the lady.
“Just tell Edwin I [email protected]£ maybe he will explain better” The lady said and excused herself
“Gush!!!….That was rude” I sighed
Wait a minute, was Edwin cheating on me. I don’t just want to imagine that. I changed my sitting position . Edwin cheat on me, that is ridiculous. I changed my position again by sitting on the floor this time around.
“Arya, what are you doing on the floor” Edwin asked without locking the door.
“Edwin, Are you cheating on me” I said in tears.
“No Arya. Why would I do such” Edwin said in a sad tone.
“Who is she Edwin” I said still in tears
“Who is who” Edwin sounded confused
“The lady who comes here. She said you will explain better so I demand an explanation ” I yelled at him.
“Common Arya” Edwin laughed
“What funny” I stared
“She is just a friend. She actually sells food. By the way did she drop any food” Edwin said shutting the door.
“She didn’t drop anything” I replied rudely.
“Arya, I’m not cheating on you” He said coldly.
“Edwin, plea-se don’t leave” I went on my knees.
“I promise not to” Edwin said and went on his knees also.
“I believe you” I said and we both laughed.
“Don’t tell me you were jealous” Edwin asked and I went into another round of laughter.
“Guess what Edwin” I said tou-ching his face
“What” Edwin smiled at me
“I got a job” I said laughing
“Seriously” Edwin hvgged me
“The pay is 5 dollars per month ” I smiled at him
“That’s hvge. Thanks babe” Edwin hvgged me again.
“Why don’t you get a job at least we would add both salaries together” I sighed
“The only vacancy willing to offer me a job right now is the position of a cleaner” Edwin said
“What’s bad about that” I asked
“That after my years of studying petroleum engineering, I will end up as a common cleaner” Edwin said with boldness
“Edwin, you amuse me sometimes. Don’t by chance depend on my money for survival” I sighed.
🌺 EDWIN’S P.O.V. 🌺
What was Arya thinking she was. I wore my faded jeans and a red T – shi-t. She pissed me off and I nee-ded to think.
“Edwin , where are going” Arya asked calmly
“I don’t know” I yelled
“Edwin, Did I say anything bad” She sobbe-d
“Do you care, let me be Arya” I said and ban-g the door against her.
I wasn’t so sure where I was going . I walk throu-gh the streets of Colorado hoping to find a place where I could think. Things had to fall in place, I didn’t blame Arya for saying such harsh words to me.
“Edwin!!!” A familiar voice called.
I turned to see who it was behold it was the food vendor. The lady who talked with Arya when I wasn’t around.
“I was at your house and I met a lady there” The food vendor said
“Yes that my girlfriend and why didn’t you drop the food with her” I complained.
“I didn’t know who she was so I couldn’t drop the food with her” The food vendor said politely.
“Argh!!” I winced in pain
“Are you okay Edwin” The food vendor asked politely.
“Yes , I’m fine” I pretended a smile.
“You don’t look fine, can I be of help” She said stretching her hands towards mine.
I gave her my hands in defeat and she led me to her house. She brou-ght food and served me.
“Edwin, won’t you at least k!ssme” She said as pu-ll-ed forward to place a k!sson myl-ips.
I learned forward to place a k!ss.
I leaned forward to place a k!sson herl-ips when I remembered Arya.
“Arya” I pronounced her name softly as I faced the food vendor.
“I’m not Arya” She sounded irritated.
“Arya is waiting for me” I said pushing her out of my way.
I rushed to my house and met Arya lying on my be-d. I hurt her today and I was de-eply sorry.
“I’m sorry” I said sitting beside her
“Let me be” I could hear her sob.
“Arya , plea-se listen to me” I felt bad
“Edwin, what did I say that made you walk out me ” Arya broke into tears.
“Am sorry Arya” I went on my knees.
“I forgive you Edwin” She smiled at me.
I k!$$£d her lightly. I kept singing for her until she feel asleep.
My alarm rang and I got up ru-bbing my eyes with the back of my palm. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened the previous day when I was supposed to go to work. I hurried prepare break fast for Edwin.
“Wake up sleepy head” I tapped his toes.
“Huh” Edwin was just in another realm
“I’m late for work” I managed to say.
“What is the time”?? Edwin sounded sarcastic.
“Breakfast is re-ady” I ignored his question.
I wore a Sk-irt this time and a blue colored long sleeve. I picked my bag and pe-cked Edwin before leaving. I boarded a bike and headed straight to Hacienda Luis.
“Gud morning sir” I greeted the watch man as he opened the gate.
“Morning” The watch man replied quic-kly.
No time for plea-santries, I walked briskly to my office. On my way, I coincidentally met our boss Mr Roland Luis.
“Gud morning sir” I smiled at him
“You are early today” He said without returning my greetings.
Was that supposed to be a statement or a question, anyways I smiled.
“Yes sir” I replied without knowing whether it was a question.
“Meaning, The bike riders didn’t go on strike today” He laughed.
“I didn’t come with a bike sir” I smiled
“What then did you use” He smiled
“I [email protected]£ on foot” I shouldn’t have told him that.
“See me during your break” He said dismissing me.
What did the boss want from me??. I was so worried sick. Work was really hectic. the birds were doing well.
Soon the bell rang and I suspected it was break time. I hurried to the boss office.
“Sir you s£nt for me” I said closing the door slightly
“Yes, I did” He sounded angry
“Anything the matter” I was concerned.
“I can’t find a do¢v-ment” He kept yelling and complaining.
My boss wasn’t as patient as I thought. I looked at his eyes and his eyes were as red as blood.
“Sir I can help you find the do¢v-ment” I volunteered.
“What are you saying” He yelled hitting his fist on the desk.
“Mr Roland” I pronounced his name softly
He excused himself and I searched for the file. I didn’t find it difficult to get the file. My boss nee-ded to be patient and not yell all the time.
“Miss know it all, have you found the file” He sounded sarcastic
“Yes Mr Roland” I smiled ignoring his sarcastic comment
“Thanks” He smiled and collected the file from me.
“I beg to take my leave now sir” I said politely
“Arya” That was my boss
“Yes sir” I turned to face him
“Can we go on a dinner [email protected]£ today” He said staring into my eyes.
“What for sir” I glared at him
“Just a means for saying am sorry for yelling at you” He said
“That won’t be necessary because I have forgiven you” I said politely
What will Edwin say if he sees me on the supposed dinner [email protected]£. I didn’t want to have a fight with Edwin because of my boss.
“Would you want to disobey your boss” Roland was authoritative
“No sir” I faced him.
“6pm today at Camille Square” He said and dismissed me.
I didn’t bother going to Edwin’s house because I didn’t want him to st©p me from attending the dinner [email protected]£. I got home and greeted my mom. I didn’t feel like attending the [email protected]£ but on a second thought, I didn’t want to disobey my boss. The [email protected]£ [email protected]£ and soon it was over. I thought I could sneak into my room.
“Since when did you start keeping late night” Mom asked as I ti-p toed into the sitting room
“Mom you startled me” I st©pped ti-p toeing
“You haven’t answered my question” Mom eyed me
“I went on a [email protected]£” I blurted
“With that so called boy I guess” Mom asked
“No, I went out with my boss” I said and walked out on her to avoid further questioning.
Since we went on a [email protected]£ together, Mr Roland gave me permission to be abs£nt from work the next day. Well, I didn’t totally buy the idea because I didn’t want [email protected] of my salary to be deducted. I closed from work and went to Edwin’s house.
“Why weren’t you here yesterday” Edwin sounded rude.
“I was with my parents” I lied.
“How dare you lie to me” Edwin s£nt a re- sounding [email protected] across my face.
“Edwin you [email protected] me” I sobbe-d in my palm
“Arya, you are cheating on me” Edwin spat in disgust.
“Edwin, I swear ….” I didn’t complete my statement when Edwin pu-ll-ed me by my hairs .
“You think you are smart” Edwin said as he kept pu-lling my hair.
“You hurt me Edwin” I said as tears dropped slowly from my eyes.
“Tell me the truth Arya” Edwin s£nt another [email protected] on my face.
“I only went out on a dinner [email protected]£ with my boss” I pleaded.
This wasn’t the first time Edwin had dealt me. He was good at apologizing.
“Arya, quit that job” Edwin said boldly
“I should” I said unconsciously
“You heard me Arya” Edwin stormed out
Will she quit the job??…..if you were in her shoes would you do same?

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