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When a man loves Episode 5 & 6

When a man loves
Episode 5
‘I thought I would come and watch the game with you,’ he said with a smile.
The nerve, the guts this man had. I don’t know how Marisa got along with this idiot. I walked out of the house and closed my door. Its past be-dtime and he is here with some cold beers to watch the game with me. I have never done that with Liam, my best friend. Who does he think he is? Are we friends? I will never befriend someone like him, like never.
‘I am sorry but who invited you?’
‘I just c…’
‘No, Jay,’ I cut him short, ‘you don’t just come over to my house uninvited and if I wanted to watch the game with you, shouldn’t I have called you instead. plea-se can you kindly leave my house and stay away from my wife. Devine.’
‘Yes, boss.’
‘esc-rt this man out and plea-se don’t just let anyone inside the gate. People like him are never wanted inside my yard.’
‘Yes, boss.’
He made a short laugh before following Devine to the gate. After ma-king sure that he was out, I opened the door and walked in. I locked it and went to sit back on the sofa. I would have enjoyed the game, paid attention to it but I couldn’t st©p thinking about this Jay guy. What game was he trying to pla-y? For all I know this guy might be watching me and my wife. Should I fear for our lives or I just nee-ded to continuously keep a close eye on him. I switched off the television before the game ended and went to sleep.
As if I had a nice sleep, I kept on tossing and turning on the be-d. I mean why this guy [email protected]£ into our lives. It seems that he is just here to destroy my marriage and since I was warned by Sharon, I mean my mother-in law, I nee-ded to be extra careful. I woke up early in the morning and took a jog. I was busy jogging while listening to some music when someone tapped my shoulder and they startled me because I was de-ep in my thoughts. It was the devil himself, I re-moved my earphones and st©pped jogging.
‘What are you doing here?’
‘Taking a jog. Am I not allowed to do that?’ he asked and I didn’t respond.
I continued jogging and he followed behind.
‘So did you finish off the game last night? Ars£nal did great right…’
He continued talking about the game and I was just quiet all along. I st©pped.
‘What do you want Jay? To be friends with you Vusi. I just nee-d us to get along. Listen man I know we started on the wrong foot but I have clear intention towards you and your wife. Forget about what I said. Marisa loves you so much and she will never leave you for another man. Right now I am just trying to make things work with Jessica. I know you don’t like me but I wish we could just get along. Sorry for disturbing you,’ with that said he continued with his jog while I try to contemplate on what had just happened.
He was lying, of cause there was something fishy going on. I know he was planning something with Sharon. I jogged back home and when I got there Marisa was still slee-ping since she wasn’t going to work. I went to take a shower and dressed up for work. I made myself some breakfast. By the time Marisa woke up, I was alre-ady done with everything and re-ady to leave.
‘I am going to miss you,’ she said while fixing my tie.
‘Do you want me to work from home?’ I win-ked at her.
‘Can you?’
‘I wish I could but I am meeting my brother.’
My brother was a none starter, too serious and someone you can’t easily get along with. Yeah that’s the type of person he was, he [email protected] smiled, a no nons-en-se kind of person. So today I am meeting him so that we can discuss our project. Dad said that he wished to see us working together and I wasn’t okay with the idea but my brother said that we should give it a try. When I refused, I was doing it on his behalf, I know he doesn’t like working with me and I didn’t want to put him on a ti-ght sp©t. He can’t say no to dad but I did when my father wanted me to work at his company, the competition with my brother would have been too much.
Anyway I left the house to my office. I was meeting Vuyo at lunch time since he was a very busy man. I got at the office and started working. I talked to Liam in the morning and he said that he was going to ask Hilda tonight. The guy was sounding nervous over the phone but I can relate with his feeling. I felt the same way when I wanted to ask Marisa to marry me. I was nervous with the whole thing and I thought she would say no to me but it was a completely different story when she said yes.
Now I am happily in love with her, it’s like my love for her continues to grow stronger with each pas-sing second. Well when you are in love and you are happily married, you will definitely un-derstand what I am talking about.
‘Bro,’ I say as I stand up.
I am alre-ady meeting my brother and as usual he has some b©dyguards with him. Actually that’s the kind of life I should be living but I chose to keep it simple. The fact that my father has many enemies and some of them had tried to kill my brother. The reason why he had moved his family to the states was to protect them. Long story, let’s talk about it some other time. We greet and he re-moves some papers from his bag. We talk about business and finally finalize our deal. All its left now is for me to sign the contract.
‘How is Marisa?’ he asks.
‘He is okay,’ I respond while signing the papers, ‘and Mildred?’
‘She is okay,’ he responds with a hint of sadness in his voice.
You see I have never been that close with my brother and I often wonder if he has any friends. I wish we were that close but as I said it before, my brother doesn’t want to disappoint dad. He is ever serious and [email protected] has time for me. I know right now it will be too late to try to get to know him.
‘Are you okay?’
He was about to respond when his phone rang. I had placed the papers on the table. He was on the call for few minutes and hanged up.
‘I have to leave,’ he said getting up.
‘Well I was hoping we could watch the next game together,’ I let the words slide out of my mouth.
He was always busy with work and I never saw him having some good time, away from work you know. He always tried to prove to dad how good he was with his job. I just wished he could take it ease sometimes but that was never going to happen. He didn’t respond but packed his things and left. One could think that we share different parents but we had the same parents. I also got up re-ady to leave when my brother responded my request throu-gh text. He texted saying that he will try not to forget the day. Well that was a good response for me; simple meant that he was going to come over at my place. I smiled putting my phone back in my suit trou-ser.
I went back to my office and finished off what nee-ded to be completed. I authorized some payments and knocked off at around 6pm. It had been a long day for me and so I pas-sed by Greens buying some ice cream for my wife, strawberry was her favorite. I drove home; I couldn’t wait to see my wife. I [email protected] had time to call her today. I got home and stepped out of my car. I walked inside the house and my nostrils were hit with a sweet aroma coming from the kitchen, whatever she was cooking, delicious. I wra-pped my arms around her as she was standing at the stove.
‘Daddy, you are back.’
‘I am back my pumpkin. How was your day?’
‘It was okay, I was watching some Ko-rean drama.’
My wife and Koreans. I am jealous sometimes when she will be busy commenting the skinny men in those dramas. Have you ever seen any Ko-rean with a b©dy like Dwayne Johnson? You will never see one. I talked for a while with her and when she finished cooking. We went to have a bath and had our dinner later.
‘Oh before I forget to tell you, Jay just moved in our neighborhood. He bought a house just 3 km away from our house.’
‘Why do you look so shocked?’
‘It’s nothing.’
Damn Jay! Damn him! He probably moved to that neighborhood just to cause trouble for us. I bet he will be coming over to my house when I am not around. I know it won’t make s-en-se to Marisa if I told her to stay away from that guy. She will probably think that I am being jealous, of cause I am jealous but there is just something fishy about him. I don’t want that man close to my home and it’s such a pity that I can’t tell my wife exactly how I feel towards that man.
‘Vusi!’ she called out bringing me back to reality.
I had zoned out thinking about Jay and why he chose to move in close to our home.
‘Are you okay?’ she asked concerned.
‘Yes, I am fine. Sorry I just had a long day at work,’ I said getting up.
‘Ohh okay. By the way how is Vuyo?’
‘He doesn’t look well. I could see it in his eyes that he misses his family when I asked about them.’
‘Shame but isn’t it the guys who broke in his house were caught.’
‘Yes, they were.’
I [email protected]£ back with the ice cream.
‘Let’s have some.’
‘Yes, wifey.’
Her phone rang when we were about to eat our ice cream.
‘That’s weird,’ she says.
‘What’s wrong?’
‘Jay is calling me and its quiet late,’ she said and I clenched my fist.
What did that imbecile nee-d from her? She answered the call.
‘Yes, he is here,’ she said, ‘He wants to talk to you,’ she whispered and I took the phone.
‘Hello,’ I say.
‘I will be calling her more often now that I am staying close by. You never know I might be paying her some visits when you are not around. Ciao,’ with that said he hanged up.
‘What did he say?’
‘He was just checking up on us and he is very happy that he found a house near ours,’ I lied.
‘Ohh I didn’t know he was that happy. Shall we,’ she said referring to the ice cream.
I had alre-ady lost my appetite.
Episode 6
I had been looking for my tie for the past few minutes and I can’t find it. I am travelling today for a business trip and I hate times like these ones were I have to leave my wife all alone in the house. Anyway I decided to go downstairs and ask Marisa where she had placed my tie. Well I have plenty of ties but just that it’s my favorite tie, it’s the one she bought for me on my birthday when we were still [email protected]!ng. It’s still very new because I had kept it well.
‘Oh my word that was so funny,’ I hear Marisa saying and I wonder whom she is talking to so early in the morning.
It’s almost 8 o’clock. Anyway after that phone call with Jay, I hadn’t bu-mped into him and he hasn’t been coming over to my house. I was glad that he had heard what I said to him. I walked close and speaking of the devil. It was Jay and I don’t know why he was at my house so early in the morning.
‘Oh babe, you are here. Jay had come to say morning. He is on his way to work.’
‘Well that’s so thoughtful of him,’ I say faking a smile, ‘I was looking for my favorite tie, the one you bought for me. I can’t find it.’
‘Oh I must have misplaced it. Let me go and look for it.’
‘Thank you.’
I waited for Marisa to leave the room before turning to Jay. I pushed him against the wall when Marisa was out of sight.
‘Didn’t I warn you?’ I say with a hint of anger in my voice.
‘I just [email protected]£ to check up on you. We are neighbors Vusi and there is nothing you can do about that.’
‘Well there is something that I can do. The house you bought is un-der my property and I can st©p the transaction from being finalized. Those are my houses and I can make sure you will never stay in this neighborhood.’
‘Why do you hate me this much?’
‘Do you have to ask? Isn’t it obvious? You piss me off big time and you trying to act all lovey dovey to my wife. I told you to never step foot in my house. Marisa is now a married woman and you are not family Jay.’
‘And are you?’ he laughed mockingly, ‘your mother-in law instead of loving you, she is after your marriage. Vusi I might help you to take her down.’
‘Leave my house!’ I almost raised my voice.
‘Babe, I fo..’ I quic-kly let go of Jay, ‘is everything okay?’ asked Marisa, she must have seen the tension in the room.
‘Yes, Jay was just leaving. He received a call from one of his business [email protected]
‘Oh yes. I will see you later Marisa.’
‘Okay, thanks for visiting. Babe, are you re-ady? You are going to miss your flight,’ Marisa said and Jay was almost at the door.
I was looking at him and I didn’t want him to know that I was leaving.
‘Ohhh is he going somewhere?’ asked Jay and I almost st©pped Marisa from speaking but then she didn’t know what was happening.
‘Yes, he is going to Maputo for a business trip.’
‘I see. Have a lovely journey,’ Jay said.
He walked out of the house and left me with so many questions running throu-gh my head. Should I leave Marisa alone? You know what’s useless, even if I leave her at her mother’s house; she is still going to see Jay. I was in a desperate situation and if only I had a sibling, I could have asked her to come over and stay with Marisa. You know I wasn’t trying to be too much of a husband but this is Jay that we are talking about. That guy might manipulate my wife, guys like him were never to be trusted not even by 1%, it should always be a 0%.
‘Maris, how well do you know Jay? Did he ever [email protected]£ anyone else besides Jessica?’
‘Well I don’t know. When he lost his parent and then went abroad. I lost in t©uçh with him and right now I am just starting to get to know him. But he has changed; he is no longer that Jay I knew before. I don’t know there is just something amiss about him. Anyway let’s leave it, I am going to miss you,’ she says k!ss!ngme on myl-ips.
‘I will miss you more. It’s just one week. I will be back before you know it.’
‘Alright hubby. Take good care of yourself when you are there. I love you.’
‘I love you more.’
My wife drove me to the airport and this other [email protected] of me didn’t want to leave her all alone. I might have told her to stay safe but was she going to. I could have asked Liam to take care of her but then that will be too much. Anyway I just had to let things be and trust that she will be okay.
In Maputo things were going down well. I had managed to win the tender and thank goodness the big guys were not that [email protected] headed, if you know what I mean. I made a good impression. You know I think we could have made a pretty good team with my brother. It’s just that I never got the chance to show him what I am capable of and I wanted to be my own boss. You know answering to my father sometimes, it’s not all good. I have been in t©uçh with my wife and used to call her everyday ma-king sure that she was okay.
After getting done with everything, they had asked me to come [email protected] with them but I made excuses and told them that I was tired and nee-ded to rest. I went to my h0tel room and all I wanted to do was to talk to my wife before going to be-d. I first had a shower and since I was full, I didn’t nee-d to order any food to eat. I finished everything and [email protected] the be-d. I was supposed to take my flight tomorrow back home and so I wanted to tell Marisa that I was coming back home. These 6 days that I have been away from her, felt like months. You know I have never spent so many days without her. Yes I used to travel but it would be for just 2 days and not more but this time around it was different. We were also waiting for another investor who was flying from China.
Anyway I decided to video call her and she wasn’t answering her call. You know what happens when you are thinking that something bad happened to her. I felt that way but decided to brush off the thought. I waited for another 3 hours. In those 3 hours, I was trying to watch a movie, doing something that could distract my mind but I wasn’t getting distracted at all. I couldn’t st©p thinking about Marisa and what she was up to. Finally I [email protected]£d my phone which I had thrown on the be-d and dialed her number again.
‘Hello, Marisa,’ I said when it had connected and I thought that it was Marisa but…
‘Hello,’ he said and he was on my be-d shi-tless.
‘What the hell is going on there?’ I asked getting off the be-d.
You know I could feel the anger slowly building up in me. My heart was pounding at an increasingly ra-pid race and I was slowly losing it. I didn’t want to think what happened between them.
‘Sorry, let me leave the room. I don’t want to wake her up,’ he said and got off my be-d.
That is my be-d; I shared with my wife and no one else. What was he fv¢ken doing on my be-d and why was my wife slee-ping beside him? Marisa didn’t cheat on me right, she didn’t sleep with this bastard right. I mean maybe it was all a set up. Maybe he had drugged her and then boom made her sleep on the be-d and and made it look like they had S-x right? Marisa would never hurt me, she would never do that. She loves me so much and she will never do that.
‘I told you Vusi. You know I wish you hadn’t left for Maputo. Marisa is delicious, I enjoyed every moment that I fv¢ked her tonight. We started on the couch, went on the floor until she begged me to take her to your be-droom and that’s how we ended up there.’
‘I will kill you,’ I say to him with tears streaming down on my cheeks, ‘I swear I will kill you with my own ba-re hands.’
‘Well the good thing is that I will be leaving the country before you get back here. I am also going on a business trip. Wait let me show you something,’ he was walking back to the room and he..he showed me my wife n-ked on the be-d, she was bloody n-ked, ‘nice right. She has got a fine as-s man. Vusi I wish we would chat but I have to go back to be-d,’ he said and hanged up on me.
When I tried calling back, he had switched off the phone.
‘Arrrrgh!’ I screamed getting down on the floor.
Not my Marisa, just when I thought that I had seen enough. He s£nt me a video; I think he used his number. When I opened it, I wish I hadn’t opened it.
‘ha-rder ha-rder ha-rder Jay,’ Marisa was screaming out loudly while holding on to him, she was begging him to make love to her.
She was [email protected] ing, she was acting wild with it and she was enjoying it. I had never been so much hurt before. I have never been so bruised and right now I don’t know what to do. I am failing to believe that Marisa cheated on me. I couldn’t spend one more night in Maputo and so I decided to leave. I booked out of the h0tel and told one of my [email protected] that I was heading back home. I was glad he didn’t ask me questions. I know I wasn’t going to find any flight and so I decided to drive late that night. Hours driving and I was back in the country at around 9am. I drove straight home and stepping out of the car, I walked slowly to the door. Marisa was on leave. I opened the door and ..
‘Jay, you are back,’ she was surprised to see me.
‘I had missed my wife,’ I said to her with a feign smile and she ran to me.
She hvgged me so ti-ghtly.
‘I missed you more.’
I couldn’t do it; I failed to hvg her back. Was I even going to ask her? Was she going to tell me the truth?

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