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When a man loves Episode 29 & 30

When a man loves
Episode 29
You must be wondering why I didn’t ask her exactly where she was. I mean she was doing this for the baby right, to protect her from my ex-wife. I was just happy that I had the opportunity to talk to her. I got at my brother’s house but he wasn’t there. I drove back to my house, well the main reason I had gone there in the first place was to ask about Chichi’s whereabouts. Since she called me, I wasn’t that worried anymore and went back home to have some rest. I hadn’t been slee-ping for days, I guess that’s how much I cared about Chichi and I was worried about her.
What started off as a one night stand, let me call it that has now turned into something else. I meant every word that I said to her, I loved Chichi and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I feel like both of us deserve to be happy and mainly her. I wouldn’t want her to end up with some j£rk. I am here single, unmarried and re-ady for a second chance in love. Why should I even wait for someone else to come? Chichi is alre-ady there, the mother of my unborn child. Marisa messed things up for herself and honestly I think it was time for her to move on. How dare she threaten Chichi? I was going to deal with her. I know I had promised not to do anything at the moment but something had to be done. Someone had to tell this woman to stay in her lane and leave us alone to be happy.
Going to a war with my ex-wife, I never thought this would be happening to me one day but look where I am right now, re-ady to strike her.
Waking up the following day, the first thing that I did was to call Liam. You know Liam is my best friend, I always tell him everything. I told him that Chichi had called and she sounded alright. He was happy. Chichi was loved, that was the honest truth. I told Liam that I will meet him today just during the day when I am free because I wanted to go to the office. You see how things just instantly changed for me. I sle-pt well, bathed well, ate well and now I am going to work to check up on things. I wasn’t doing all of that for the past few weeks because I was worried about Chichi. I am sorry I keep on mentioning her name now and then.
You know I feel as if I am falling in love again for the first time. I guess that simple means, I have officially moved on from my wife. I wouldn’t be feeling this way if I still loved her right. Driving to my office, I was listening to Whitney Houston – I have nothing, I loved that woman. May her soul continue to rest in peace. I just feel as if her life was quic-kly taken away from us. Imagine if she was still alive now and singing, she would be the world’s best singer. And she was one, a true legend for that matter. You can still listen to her music now and it just t©uçhes your soul, I mean soothes your soul. She was a good singer and remains the best for me. Nowadays the kind of music that is being re-leased is nothing compared to 19s and 2000 rnb music.
Enough about music, I park my car and walk inside. These people are definitely surprised to see me. I wasn’t coming and by their looks, I am sure they were wondering where I have been for the past few weeks. I had only called my secretary and told her that I won’t be coming in the office. I am busy with something but I think she figured out that I was lying to her.
‘Good morning,’ I greeted them all in a very extremely good mood.
They responded and I proceeded to my office. It was clean and that’s when I remembered Chichi. I smiled to myself thinking about her. She once [email protected]£ to my office, not just once but several times cleaning it. Who would have guessed or thought that one day she will be carrying my child, that one day I would fall in love with her. Life had definitely its way of surprising us and it was unpredictable. When I married Marisa, I definitely thought that I would spend the rest of my life with her. I guess God had other plans for me and I don’t regret not fighting for Marisa. I would have never met Chichi if I had tried to. Chichi helped me to completely heal and she only deserved to be loved, appreciated and cared for. I called my secretary so that she should give me [email protected]£s of what has been happening when I wasn’t around.
When she [email protected]£ in and we ordered coffee. We spent 2 hours in my office discussing work. Everything seemed to have gone well in my abs£nce, I knew these people we capable of working well in my abs£nce. I had a great team work, I was one lucky man.
‘Thank you for everything,’ I thanked her when were done.
I knew I could trust her on handling company issues, she was very good at it and I was just thinking of giving her a higher position in the company. A manager might do because she was very good at managing things, I will definitely do so. I remember when she started her job as a secretary. She used to mess things up for me. One time she miscalculated and cried that day thinking that I was going to fire her. I believe we all make mistakes in life; you don’t always make things look perfect every time. I forgave her and told her that it wasn’t such a big deal since it was going to be easy to solve the issue. I believe in second chances and not just instantly firing someone. It’s ha-rd out there and I appreciate my workers. To me they are not just my employees but my family members as well. This is something that I always tell them that they should treat each other like family.
Anyway she left my office and went back to her desk. I continued with my work, [email protected]!ngsome things and seeing if I had to attend any upcoming events. These business men used to invite me over at their [email protected], some of the [email protected] were held outside the country. I had no choice but to attend. The last time I attended, this friend of mine from Ghana asked about Marisa, I told him that she got married to another man. He didn’t ask me anymore questions and I was glad. Way back the situation didn’t sit well with me; questions asked by people were difficult to answer. The fact that my wife was taken away from me, people would laugh hearing that or make you feel like you are not man enough, if you getting what I am saying. It was just messed up big time.
‘Vusi,’ she barged in my office.
‘I am sorry sir. I tried st©pping her but she just,’ she said looking at her.
‘It’s okay,’ I said getting up.
What was she doing in my office and the guts this woman had? I walked to the door and closed it.
‘What do you want Marisa?’ I asked calmly.
‘I want you Vusi. Why did you move out from our house? And why did you change your phone number. You blocked me everywhere and…,’
I was just looking at her with arms folded as she went on and on. Saying that I was avoiding her. Okay if I wanted to avoid, shouldn’t I have done that a long time back ago.
‘Do I owe you any explanation? Is it written on my forehead that I am still married to you? You are now a public figure and you barging in my office like this, woman have some self-respect.’
‘Aaah aah I am not done talking,’ I st©pped her, ‘I don’t know why you [email protected]£ here and what you are hoping to achieve but I suggest you get out of my office. Just like everyone else, if you would like to see me for business, plea-se book an appointment with my secretary. That’s why she is here and that’s why I hired her. You are not special to me Marisa and so I can’t waste my time on you.’
‘Vusi, I am here to help you out. That girl is not pregnant with your child and I can prove it. She is setting a tra-p on you.’
‘What girl Marisa?’
‘The girl who is pregnant with your child.’
Perfect I just caught her.
‘How did you know that there is a girl whose pregnant with my child?’ I asked walking to her.
‘How did you know that?’ I yelled, ‘because do you want to know what’s funny? The same girl left me, I don’t know why and I have been wondering what I did to her. You just answered a whole bunch of questions that I had with me. Did you perhaps threaten her?’
‘I just said some things to scare her off,’ she confessed.
‘And why did you do that?’
‘Because I love you Vusi,’ she said wanting to t©uçh me but I pushed her.
‘You love me? Damn you Marisa!’ I shouted much to her surprise,’ I guess she had never seen that side of me, ‘You love me? You bloody left me and still you claim to love me. Why are you trying to ruin things for me? Did I ruin things for you when you went with Jay? No but I accepted what had happened to us and tried so ha-rd to move on. Now that I have completely moved on, you want to come back. Let me tell you something Marisa, that girl is carrying my child because I had S-x with her. She is carrying my child.’
‘Never, that is not your child Vusi. You can’t have children.’
‘Exactly I couldn’t give you any children because of your mother,’ I said and she had that confused look, ‘your mother poisoned me, I don’t have the evidence but it was her. She poisoned me and I don’t know what else she did but she made sure that I wasn’t able to give you any children. Why? It’s because she thought I wasn’t good enough for you and I thank her for that. If it wasn’t for her, I would have never met Chiedza. Marisa, babe,’ I said holding her hands, ‘I don’t love you anymore and its time you accept that. Even if you threaten Chiedza, I will still love her more. You chose Jay over me and I accepted that. Just because you are not happy with him, it doesn’t mean that I will take you back. You are now used up material,’ I smiled, ‘I don’t want you back, in fact I think you and Jay make a perfect couple. If you will excuse me, I have a lot of things to do and I have to call my baby mama. You can see yourself out.’
Episode 30
I rushed out of the building with tears streaming down on my cheeks. I have never been this hurt before and I hate myself for leaving Vusi. If only I knew, if just only I knew what I was getting myself into. I thought maybe it would be a good ideal if I get married to the father of my child but then I was completely wrong about everything. I was never in love with Jay and right now I feel like leaving him. Vusi finding out that I threatened to hurt Chichi was a total b!ow off for me but that wasn’t the painful discovery.
I had to find out that Vusi was capable of giving me a child and that it was my mother who made things impossible. I never knew that my mother was that cruel, I knew that she was cruel but not to that extent. I feel bad for Vusi and I honestly do. The guilt he felt when he realized that he was incapable of giving me a child. It was all because of my mother, this truly hurts a lot and I hate my mother for this. I park my car and walk straight inside the house. My daughter is with her but now I have come to take her.
‘Where is my mother?’ I asked the maid as soon as I walked inside the house.
‘She is in her room,’ she responded and I headed straight to my mother’s room calling out her name.
I just yanked the door open and there she was on the be-d with some man. I quic-kly closed the door and walked back downstairs. No wonder the maid was trying to st©p me. I didn’t know that mum was [email protected]!ngsomeone and that man’s face looks familiar. Anyway I brushed that thought off and waited for her in the sitting room while pla-ying with my daughter. Moment later my mother walked downstairs with the man and of cause it was the Prime Minister, whatever she was doing with him.
‘Okay, I will see you tomorrow,’ she said and k!$$£d him in front of me.
Disgusting, he walked out of the house and my eyes were on my mother. She had some explanations to do.
‘Are you [email protected]!ngthat man?’
‘I am a grown up woman and I don’t owe you any explanation,’ she responded rudely.
‘Fine you don’t but you owe me an explanation.’
‘What explanation?’
‘What did you do to Vusi?’
‘What do you mean by that?’ she asked walking to the bar area in her go-wn.
‘Vusi is capable of having kids. What did you do to him?’ I asked and she st©pped what she was doing, looked back at me.
‘Is he having a child?’
‘Yes, he is having a child with some girl and that should have been me but you bewitched him. Didn’t you?’
She laughed a little and I didn’t find anything funny about this situation. She poured the wine and gulped it all in one go.
‘I am shocked. Vusi is having a child.’
‘Did you even hear my question?’
‘Yes loud and clear,’ she said walking back to the sofa and she sat down.
I didn’t sit but remained standing. I wasn’t here for that and I wasn’t going to be formal with her. After all she didn’t deserve my respect. Did she? She destroyed my married, what I had built with Vusi in the name of what?
‘What I did was best for you. I told you not to marry that man but you were very stubborn just like your father.’
‘Don’t talk about my father,’ I warned her.
I loved my father very much and it still hurts me that he died from that accident at work. It will be a story for another day, how my father died.
‘Yeah whatever. I had to do something and so I made him barren. You should thank me that you ended up getting married to Jay. He is a very good man and he loves you very de-eply.’
‘I don’t love him as much as I love Vusi.’
‘What do you bloody see in that man?’ she shouted at me, ‘Jay is everything and any lady out there will be so lucky to have him as their man. I don’t know why you act this way towards him you ungrateful bit-ch. Do you think Vusi was good enough for you? Huh? You nee-d to be with someone who is not too soft. Vusi was a weak man and he didn’t deserve you.’
‘So you think Jay is the man? You are very wrong about that man. Vusi had everything and he will never be compared to Jay. Jay was never good enough for me and I hate him so much I wish that he was dead,’ I said with a hint of anger in my voice.
Mum got up from the sofa, walked to me and [email protected]£d my arm so ti-ghtly.
‘You hate him but he loves you and that’s what counts the most. You can’t be with Vusi now because he is about to get married to someone else.’
‘And it’s your fault mum. Vusi is marrying someone and it is your fault. No wonder dad left you before he pas-sed away. Now it makes perfectly s-en-se why he chose that woman over you. I am starting to think that you killed him because you were jealous, that woman was better than you and you were a real bit-ch,’ I blurted out and the next thing my mother [email protected] me ha-rd on my cheek.
Mum had never raised her hand at me before. This is the first time that she has acted violence towards me. I stepped back and her eyes had turned red. Did I go too far? Tears streaming down on my cheeks.
‘Don’t you ever compare me to that woman again, ever,’ she said and left the room.
I was still in awe. You see what happened my father had a mistress and when mum found out about her, she went crazy. That’s when the fights started; dad was tired of mum’s behavior towards him. I wouldn’t blame my dad for having another woman because mum at that time, she was a very stubborn woman and I really felt for my father. So when they broke up, I wasn’t re-leased and felt that dad nee-ded a break from my mum. Although it did hurt that my parents were about to divorce, I was happy that my father was finally ending up with someone that respected him. I have always been my parents’ favorite daughter. Maybe it was because I was the last born but they did love me a lot. Anyway just few months before their divorce, my dad was involved in an accident whilst at work and he didn’t survive.
Saying that to my mother, telling her that she might have been responsible for my dad’s death, I really did mean it. The way he died, it just didn’t make s-en-se to me. No one had it investigated, even when I wanted to, my mother made sure that I was never near the police station. I guess I finally forgot about it and moved on with my life. I [email protected]£d my bag which was on the sofa and told the maid that we were leaving.
I couldn’t leave my child with my mother today. I had asked mum to take care of her noticing how much Jay hated her. I don’t know what he is capable of; he might try to hurt my child. But now I have no choice but to go back with her. I waited for the maid to come downstairs since she had some things to take upstairs. When she [email protected]£ back, we finally left the house and I drove to my mansion, the one I stayed with Jay. If this child was Vusi’s I was perfectly sure that he was going to take care of her. I mean I have really tried to make Jay love his daughter but to no avail, he hates our child a lot. This is something that worries me a lot; I don’t know what the big deal of having a baby girl is.
I parked my car out front and hesitated to get out of it. This is our secret place, where we usually meet and I am tired of doing this. It started out as a fling, we had S-x and now I really feel like it’s an affair. I know what I am doing is wrong, the reason why I want to st©p. I had asked my guards not to come along with me. I don’t trust these people and I don’t want Marisa to find out what I have been up to. I finally opened the door and got out of the car. After locking it, I inhaled de-eply and headed to the door.
I know it’s not locked and so I just open it. I walk straight to the bathroom, that’s where I usually find her. When I open the door, she is lying on the be-d, n-ked and this doesn’t attra-ct me anymore. It used to a while back, she was good in be-d and she practically s£dûç£d me and I fell for it. Honestly I don’t know what I was thinking or maybe it’s because I had been spending more time with her. You know what happens when your wife is not giving you it; well I had to find it someone else. I walk to the be-d and [email protected]£d the pillow which is on the be-d and throws it on her.
‘What?’ she is actually surprised about my reaction.
‘Put something on. We nee-d to talk.’
‘I didn’t come here to talk Jay. I [email protected]£ here to relieve my stress.’
‘That’s what I want us to talk about. This has to st©p.’
‘What do you mean by that?’ she asked almost with a hint of anger in her voice.
After she hears what I am about to say, I am pretty sure that I am going to receive a h0t [email protected]
‘I want this to st©p, I am sorry but I can’t do this anymore. I have fallen in love with Marisa and I just want to give her my attention. I know if I become a good man like Vusi, she will fall for me.’
She laughed but her laugh was short.
‘Pathetic jay. There is no way that Marisa is going to love you back. You belong to me now and that little bit-ch doesn’t deserve to be with you.’
‘That same bit-ch is your daughter.’Hi peacemaker +2348037873157 to be added you to the platform
‘She seized to be my daughter a few hours ago when she had the guts to compare me with anyone else. You know what I don’t care about Marisa anymore. Whether she ends up with Vusi or not, I won’t give a damn about her.’
‘Well I do care about her. I haven’t been a good husband lately and a good father to my daughter. Today I have realized that a child is a child, it not at all about the gender,’ I said referring to the meeting with the President, ‘and so I am going to love Marisa. Whatever we did together forget about it.’
‘Never,’ she shouted, ‘I will show her the video,’ she threatened.
‘What video?’
She [email protected]£d her phone and showed me the video of us having S-x. How stupid of me, I didn’t know that she was recording something. I was about to take the phone from her when she got up the be-d.
‘So it’s either you leave or stay. It’s your choice.’
‘What do you gain from this? You will just destroy your daughter’s future.’
‘Marisa is like her father and so I hate her right now. Once she sees this video, she will go crazy and would want to hurt you. You think by getting rid of Vusi, I wouldn’t do the same to you. You were mistaken. I am just pla-ying around with my daughter’s happiness. I used her to get to you and now that I have you in my life, you don’t nee-d her. You are mine Jay,’ she said and I felt the urge to straggle her to death.
I pushed her on the be-d and started strangling her. I had to kill Marisa’s mother if I wanted things to work out well between me and my wife, Marisa

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