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When a man loves Episode 25 & 26

When a man loves
Episode 25
The driver got out of the car just after parking it in the middle of nowhere. My heart pounding really fast and I could feel my legs trembling. I am scared for both my child and I, I don’t know what she wants from me and if she knows that I am carrying his child. There is silence in the car and I wish I hadn’t agreed to go inside it. What was I thinking? What if she was here to hurt me? What if she wasn’t over him? I had so many questions right and only wished that she wasn’t going to hurt us. With her eyes still on my tummy, she is ma-king me feel uncomfortable in that car.
‘How did you do it?’ she asked and now I am confused.
‘Excuse me,’ I say, perhaps she can get straight to the point.
‘How did you get pregnant?’
What? Was I even supposed to tell her how I got pregnant, I mean not wanting to sound rude or anything, that’s a very stupid question to ask, isn’t it?
‘We both know that he wasn’t able to give me any children. How did you get pregnant with his child?’
How did she found out about the baby and I? Could it be that she had talked to him? But no he wouldn’t do such a thing right. Right at that moment my phone chose to ring and I had alre-ady cancelled the recording thing. It was him calling; she [email protected]£d the phone from my hands, startling me in the process. She threw my phone outside and what the hell was that. I just looked at her in awe. How could she do such a thing? What did she want from me?
‘You haven’t answered my question?’ she yelled at me.
‘Why did you throw my phone out of the window?’ and now I am pissed off too.
I bought that phone with ha-rd earning; she wasn’t supposed to do that.
‘What are you going to do about it?’ she asks not feeling threatened by me.
‘What do you want from me?’
‘I want you not to give birth to that child.’
‘How did you find out?’
‘I saw you back at the hospital with him when I had taken my daughter for a check-up. I thought maybe it wasn’t him or maybe he was with someone else. I asked one of the nurses about your identity. After giving her a little something, she told me that you have been coming to that hospital with my husband. Did you drug him? Did you tra-p him?’
‘What are you talking about?’
‘That baby isn’t his right? What do you want from him? Is it money?’
‘Listen, I don’t have to answer to anyone including you. Why are you asking me all these questions? Isn’t it you divorced and he is no longer married to you. Why would I do such a thing? Tra-p him? What for? I don’t know what you want from me but this is his child and I am sure giving birth. Now take me home.’
She laughed out loud and [email protected] me ha-rd on the cheek; I screamed receiving that h0t [email protected] I wanted to [email protected] her back but right now I have to protect my baby and I.
‘You talk to me in that kind of manner. Little girl, you don’t know me very well. Do you? Now let me tell you a little something. I don’t know what you did or what you are up to. But as long as I am alive, you will not end up with Vusi because he is mine alone. I suggest you look for the father of that baby and leave Vusi alone.’
Is this woman sick or what? Why was I supposed to do that when Vusi was the father?
‘You also don’t know me very well because Vusi is the father of my child and he will never leave me. I will never leave him too. You left him because you got pregnant with another man’s child and you call yourself a woman. No, madam you are disgrace to woman-hood,’ I said and she [email protected] me back.
I should have kept quiet but she had to be told the truth.
‘This is your last warning. If you don’t leave Vusi, I will hurt this baby. I will make sure that you give birth to a dead baby,’ she said and that s£nt cold shivers down my spine, ‘you love this child right, I can see it in your eyes that you are trying so ha-rd to act all tough but de-eply, you are a scared little girl. Soon I will be going back to Vusi, he is mine and mine alone. I won’t let some cheap trash take him away from me. I know you are a varsity [email protected], trying to act all smart because you nee-d money but not on my Vusi. Vusi doesn’t deserve this,’ she said rolling her eyes at me and I wiped away my tears, ‘now we are going to pretend as if we didn’t have this conversation. I will drop you off at home after buying you a new phone. I think your line wasn’t damaged. I want you to tell Vusi that you want nothing to do with him. You know what my current husband did to Liam right? I am much worse than him. I will s£nd my people to hurt your Auntie and cousin sister,’ she said I opened my eyes wi-dely, ‘this is a war that you will never win little girl. Alre-ady I have gathered information about you but there is nothing that says this child belongs to Vusi. Vusi is a good man and he doesn’t deserve such kind of nons-en-se in his life. You will tell him that the baby is not his and that you don’t want anything to do with him. I will keep my word and promise. I won’t hurt you, the baby and your family. Right? Are we together?’
I didn’t respond and she shook me, scaring me in the process.
‘Are we?’ she shouted with a hint of anger in her voice.
‘Yes,’ I nodded my head in agreement.
This is the worst month of my life. I have never been treated this way my whole life. I didn’t know that Marisa was this cruel. I thought she was a good woman who only made wrong choice but I never thought that she was this cruel. True to her words we drove to town and she bought me another phone. She took me home and all along the drive to all those places was quiet. She wasn’t talking to me; she was busy on her phone. We got at my house and I was about to open the car door to get outside when she [email protected]£d my hand.
‘I don’t want to have another meeting with you. Stay away from Vusi then I will keep you safe. There is no possible way that child belongs to him. Vusi can’t have children, he can’t,’ she said and let me go.
I got out of the car and rushed inside the house. My Auntie and Claire were sitting in the dining. They called out my name but I ignored them and rushed to my room. When I got there, I locked the door and went to sit on the be-d. I cried out loud. Why was I crying? It’s because I was scared, I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t know that 1 day; I would live my life in fear. I didn’t know that 1 day someone would threaten me. Vusi was the father of my child and I don’t want to lie, I liked him a lot. He was a good man who deserved all the happiness this world can give him. But then I loved my family too, I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them. Liam is lying in the hospital because of that woman, and now I know it was her husband who was after Vusi’s life. Did she perhaps arrange with her husband to make our lives miserable? I wish she hadn’t found out about the baby because now I am scared and I don’t know what to do.
‘Chichi, open the door,’ I heard my Auntie shouting.
Even if I were to open that door, what was I going to tell her? That Vusi’s ex-wife has threatened to hurt me and the baby. I nee-d to make a decision; I have to protect me and my child. I can’t stay here forever because I know even if I tell Vusi to stay away from me, he won’t agree. I know Vusi very well; he loves this child with all his heart. I wish I could lie to him and tell him that this baby is not his but I can’t do that. What should I do? How can I overcome this thing that has started to stress me out? Should I just walk away from Vusi? What about the baby? I don’t want to keep this baby away from him? I adore Vusi a lot and it just hurts a lot, it hurts. I finally open the door and my Auntie walks in to hvg me, I even end up crying some more.
‘What’s wrong love?’ she asks and at least I have got to tell someone the truth.
I sat with them and narrated everything that happened today. With hands on her mouth, Claire was surprised but Auntie was just so chilled as if she expected this to happen.
‘Why are you not saying anything?’ asked Claire when I was done telling them today’s events.
‘Because this [email protected] of me knew this kind of thing was going to happen. We nee-d to tell Vusi what’s going on,’ she said gr-abbing her phone but I took it away from her, ‘chichi what are you doing?’Hi peacemaker +2348037873157 to be added you to the platform
‘Take me to the village,’ I said to her.
‘What?!’ exclaimed Chiedza, ‘you can’t just leave just like that. Think about Vusi.’
‘I am thinking about Vusi, I am thinking about him but then what if I tell him that his wife threatened to hurt me and the baby? I don’t even have any proof that I met with her; it’s my word against hers. I bet she will refuse meeting up with me and I will become the bad liar,’ I say to them.
‘Damn, you are right. This is very complicated mum.’
‘Even though, I have seen how much Vusi cares about you. He will protect you, we all will.’
‘Auntie, you can’t protect me from that woman. She is the Mayor’s wife and God knows what she has learnt from her husband. I have find out that her husband was behind Liam’s attack that was meant for Vusi. What will she do to me or to both of you? I can’t put your lives in danger or my baby’s. For now she thinks that this baby is not Vusi’s. Maybe it’s time for me to become the bad girl, I will push Vusi away. I will make him leave me and the baby. If I don’t leave this city then I have no choice but to break Vusi’s heart into million pieces. He has to hate me and the baby, no matter what.’
Episode 26
Things haven’t been going on well for me for the past few weeks. If you see me right now, you would probably laugh at me. I am what they call a slender. Imagine from Idris Alba’s b©dy to something else. People have been asking me if I am healthy or have I been diagnosed with blood cancer. No, but I have been diagnosed with depression. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore because I don’t know where they went. I am referring to Chichi and her family. Chichi and her family disappeared just after I had taken her to the hospital for a check-up.
Maybe I might have said something to her but I know we ended the day in good books. I have been trying their phone numbers but I am getting nothing. Theirs number are unreachable.
‘Vusi, you are not eating your food,’ said mum.
‘Excuse me,’ I said getting up and went to my room.
Everyone has been trying to sympathize with me. You know what hurts the most; she didn’t even tell me that she was leaving. Right now I am angry at her, how could she possible do this to me. If only I knew her reason for leaving but then I have no idea. I am trying to be strong; I have looked everywhere for her but to no avail. I can’t go at her school because she won’t be there. They are having a semester break and Chichi would probably be going back to school next year.
‘Are you okay?’ asked Liam and he sat down on the be-d with me.
He was still recovering from his wound but he was getting better by the day. I was there when he woke up from his comma, I was happy. I was extremely happy, I had thought that he was going to leave me but he managed to pu-ll throu-gh.
‘I am trying to be okay. Liam, if only I knew what I did to her and her family.’
‘Yeah I know its just so complicated.’
‘It is. I was getting somewhere with her but she just had to leave. I wasn’t expecting this from happening. Could it be that..’
I mean there was a high possibility that Marisa might have said something to Chichi.
‘Could be what?’ asked Liam when I had paused.
‘Never mind.’
I mean it couldn’t be her right. She doesn’t know Chichi and even if she does, I doubt that she is capable of threatening her. I am just so confused right now. The fact that I didn’t have any fight with her. We were getting along pretty well and I was almost re-ady to start something with her buy she left before I could do so.
‘Tell me. What’s on your mind?’
‘It’s nothing really.’
‘Maybe she left because of what happened to me. Since she found that it wasn’t a robbery,’ said Liam.
I mean maybe she felt the nee-d to protect our child and decided to leave without saying goodbye to me. I wish Claire could just call me or even their Auntie. We talked for a while with Liam. He hadn’t resumed from work. The doctor had advised him to take some rest until his wound had completely healed. I can’t believe he was the same guy who had been admitted in the hospital. He looked so fit now and very much eating a lot.
‘Though you should eat something. Let’s not try to figure out why Chichi left but focus on getting her back. How I wish sis Pamela was here,’ he said and I wished that too.
Anyway Pamela had gone back to be with her husband who wasn’t feeling well. When I called her, she said that he was getting better and sure hoped that I would find Chichi. We talked for a while with Liam, he asked me later on to drive him at his house. I drove him there just after saying goodbye to my parents. We had spent the weekend at the farm with Liam. Away from business and away from just everything. Being at the farm with my parents just felt great. I get to spend time with them and I get to have a peace of mind. After dropping off Liam at his house, I drove to mine. Did I tell you that I had moved out from my old house?
I think I once mentioned that I wanted to sell my old house and yes I did. I bought a new house just near Liam’s. I would have just moved in with him but his girlfriend always [email protected]£ over at his house for a sleep over. I have been asking him when they are getting married. I am not getting any younger and would like to be the Godfather before I die. When I told him that, he laughed at me so ha-rd . He also can’t wait to be a Godfather but now how when Chichi ran away with my child. I had even filed a report for a missing person. I know I shouldn’t have done that; I just wanted to find her sooner than later.
pu-lling over in front of my gate, I waited for the gateman to open it. My old gateman had stayed behind with me. After what happened at that house, I thought maybe he was going to resign. I even told him to do so if he wanted to and even thanked him for being a loyal servant for all those years I have been with him. He wasn’t just a servant to me, he was also [email protected] of the family and I honestly appreciated all the things that he had done for me. The respect he gave me and for taking care of my house when I wasn’t around.
When he opened the gate, I drove in and noticed a black jeep parked in front of my house. I guess there was a visitor. I had told the gateman to only open the gate for family members. I even gave him the names of the people he was supposed to let inside the house. I didn’t want another Marisa; it was because of her that Liam ended up being hospitalized. I got out of the car,
‘Afternoon boss,’ he greeted.
‘Afternoon, how are you?’
‘I am okay.’
‘Who is inside?’
‘Your brother boss?’
‘My brother?’ I said in question ma-king sure that I had correctly.
‘Yes, your brother.’
‘Okay, thank you,’ I said and dismissed him.
What was Vuyo doing at my house? How did he know my pas-sword? Pas-sword to get inside the house, it was his birthday. He must have guessed right. Was everything alright with his family? Why am I asking myself so many questions when I am just going to get the answers from him? I hope everything was okay at his side and he had come over to my house for a good cause. I opened the door and got inside the house. I headed to the dining room where I found my brother, his eyes on the television and he was sipping on wine.
‘Vuyo,’ I called out and his attention was now focused on me.
‘You are here,’ he said getting up.
‘Yes,’ I said to him.
He walked to the bar area, took my favorite wine and another glas-s of water. He went back to sit on the sofa and poured the wine inside the two glas-ses. He handed me one and I took it. I sat opposite him and waited for him to start a conversation. I once said it right that I wasn’t close with my brother. This visit, I wasn’t aware of it. I didn’t know that he was coming over to my house but nonetheless, I was happy that he had visited.
‘Is everything okay at home?’ I asked.
Someone had to start the conversation right.
‘Yes, have you found her?’
I know he was referring to Chichi. Well I was surprised, at first he didn’t seem like he was interested in her. I mean my brother never showed his feelings, I mean how he feels towards other people. He was just I don’t know, hide his feelings I guess.
‘No, it’s still a dead end.’
Still waiting for him to say something, the reason why he was at my house. He hadn’t said anything yet and I was waiting for him to say something. I placed the glas-s on the table.
‘I had a meeting with the Mayor last night,’ he said and I looked at him.
‘He booked an appointment to see me and asked if we can have dinner at his house,’ said my brother and he was so calm.
‘And then what did you do? I mean what was the meeting about?’ I asked.
He got up and walked to the bar area again.
‘He wants us to be [email protected] He is starting something, a project and wants me to be [email protected] of it.’
Come on, this wasn’t about business. This man was after me, he was up to something. I know my brother agreed to [email protected] with him. I know my brother very well; he doesn’t care if those people are my enemies. To him it’s all about business, nothing personal.
‘And I bet you agreed,’ I don’t know where I got the courage to say something like that.
I was always scared of him and I just blurted out without thinking first.
‘This isn’t about business to him, I know he is after something and he is using you to get to me. I bet you are going to agree to sign the contract.’
He looked at me and I quic-kly shut my mouth. Jay didn’t scare me or anyb©dy else but my brother. There was just something about him, the type of man that would [email protected] The type of man that would do anything to make sure that he wins something. The main other reason why I refused to take [email protected] in my father’s company, I didn’t want to be in bad books with my brother.
‘You think I am evil right?’ he asked and I had no response to that question.
Maybe that’s what I thought because of his actions towards me and other people. The only person he was scared of was my father but nob©dy else.
‘No, that’s…’
‘I know what that man has done to you and I want to destroy him too. I agreed.’
I raised my brow in question.
‘I am not dumb Vusi; I know what I am doing. If we can destroy this man then we have nothing to worry about in the near future as long as he is in jail. Plus,’ he took a sip, ‘I heard from my source that his wife,’ he couldn’t even say Marisa, ‘knows about that girl,’ he couldn’t even say Chiedza, ‘you should try to find her. She just didn’t leave accordingly but she was threatened.’
‘By who? And who is your source? How did Marisa get to know about Chiedza? Do you know something I don’t know?’
‘Vusi open your eyes. The enemy is not always that far,’ he said, ‘I am slee-ping over, take the guest room,’ he said sounding little ti-psy and left me with so many questions running throu-gh my mind.
‘Bro,’ I called out.
‘Goodnight, I am tired,’ he shouted back and I knew better not to bother him.

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