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When a man loves Episode 21 & 22

When a man loves
Episode 21
‘She said that?’ asked Pamela when I had finished narrating the story to her.
‘I didn’t know that she was a psycho. I mean, that bad,’ said Liam and I was busy pacing up and down.
‘You know I didn’t even get any sleep,’ I said taking a seat.
‘I know, if someone threatens you [email protected] get some sleep,’ said Pamela, ‘but that bit-ch, I am surprised and shocked at the same time. So what do you want us to do?’
‘I like Chiedza a lot but right now I don’t want to place her life in danger. Obviously, Marisa will have someone to follow me. Alre-ady she thinks I am seeing someone, maybe with the way I reacted when I found her in my house.’
‘But that was some kind of $h!t Vusi. She made an effort. You could have just ate her food,’ said Liam with a laugh and Pamela hit her on the back.
‘Thanks,’ I said to her, ‘I am over her Liam and I thought she would do the same but the threats she made. Wait she said something else,’ I said remembering what she had said about coming back as a widow.
That simple meant that Jay’s life was in danger but did I have to care? It’s not like him and I are friends. What if he was the one who had changed Marisa? Because the woman I met last night, that wasn’t the same Marisa I knew and got married to.
‘Hmmm Vusi, Marisa is scarier than we think,’ said Liam.
‘As long as I am alive Vusi nothing bad will happen to Chiedza and the baby. What if you let her move in with your parents? You can talk to her Auntie and in that way Marisa will never get to know her. What do you think?’ said Pamela.
‘That’s a good idea but what do I say to her. I don’t want her to worry about my ex-wife being a threat in her life.’
‘We will just have to come up with something.’
I was very lucky to have people like Pamela and Liam in my life. Things were now sorted out; I didn’t nee-d to worry about Chichi if she will be staying with my parents. I shall talk to her Auntie this afternoon, hopefully she will agree. I will feel so much better knowing very well that Chichi was safe. Pamela and Liam finally left my house and I decided to work from home. After all I wasn’t in no mood to go to the office. I had forgot to call Chichi and so I did just that. I had gotten busy with this Marisa issue thing and forgetting to check up on my baby mama. I [email protected]£d my phone and dialed her number. She actually answered the phone much quic-ker than I had anticipated.
‘That was fast. Were you expecting my call?’
‘No, I wasn’t. Well maybe. Can I come and see you?’
‘What what’s wrong?’
‘Nothing, I don’t know I guess I just miss you.’
Eish you know I couldn’t see her and at the same time, I couldn’t say no to her. I had actually missed her and feeding her as well.
‘I am sorry. I am busy today.’
‘Ohhh,’ she said sounding disappointed.
‘But I can come and see you tonight.’
‘Really?’ I bet she beamed with excitement.
‘Yes, what can I bring for you?’
‘Well quiet a lot of things……,’ she said.
I was just listening to her with a happy smile on my face. Despite what was happening right now, I had a reason to smile all the time and it was all because of Chichi. She really made me happy, if only she knew that. She finally hanged up and boy did she mention a lot of things. Anyway she deserved to be treated like a queen. I soon left the house; I actually went to the gym to b!ow off some steam, if you know you know. Gym always makes me feel better. I was out of that place at around afternoon. Whenever I get to interact with some of my friends there, I [email protected] leave the place. They were asking me when I was going to marry again. Some even suggested that I join a [email protected]!ngapp, MEET ME. One of the guys gave me his sister’s phone number. He said that she lost her husband 3 years ago and hadn’t gone out with anyone. I just laughed. Well to be honest, I didn’t feel like I nee-ded someone in my life.
Besides I just had a good feeling about me and Chichi. Maybe she didn’t like me as much as I did but I wouldn’t mind marrying her, I am just saying. I drove home and when I got there, I had a quic-k bath. Remember I have to go and buy what Chichi has asked me to buy or else I will be in trouble. I left the house just after telling the guard not to let anyone in other than Pamela and Liam. I hope Marisa wasn’t going to come back at my house. I got in town and bought everything. I then proceeded to her house. When I got there it was alre-ady late and so I thought of parking my car outside the gate. I got out of it.
‘My God! Brother-in law,’ that was Claire as she rushed to me.
I had opened the car boot wanting to re-move the groceries.
‘How are you doing?’ I ask her.
‘I am okay and you. I am so happy to see you. Let me help you with that,’ she said and took some of the plastics bags.
She led the way as we walked at her house. We got inside and I placed the plastics on the kitchen table.
‘Mum, just went to work. She is on night shift. Let me call Chichi for you.’
‘Wait, is she resting?’ I asked st©pping her.
‘Yes, she had been busy studying the whole day. I think she is just listening to some music. Actually you can go to her room. It’s okay, you are only allowed to go in there,’ she said with a smile and gave me directions.
The house was clean and well decorated. I walked to her room and knocked on the door.
‘You don’t nee-d to knock Claire. Come in,’ she said and when I opened the door.
She was wearing a big shi-t and her [email protected], she wasn’t wearing any shorts. She just screamed and I quic-kly closed the door. Damn, I just messed up. I stood there for few minutes.
‘I am sorry,’ I said to her.
‘You can open now.’
I opened the door and now she was wearing something but her pyamas.
‘You shouldn’t have opened that door.’
‘I am sorry.’
One thing to do to a pregnant woman is to apologise to her even if you are not at fault. You guys I had even bought some books that I was re-ading, some were for rising babies. You see I was more than re-ady to be a dad. I just wanted to have an idea of what I was getting myself into.
‘So how are you?’ I asked still on my two feet.
I haven’t been offered a seat yet.
‘Sorry, you can sit on the be-d with me,’ she said, ‘and I am okay. Just that my legs are so-re.’
I smiled and placed her legs on my [email protected]
‘What are you doing?’ she asked with a smile.
‘Helping you out,’ I said and started mas-saging them.
‘Did you bring my things?’
‘Yes, ma’am.’
She looked aside blu-shing.
‘Are you blu-shing right now?’
‘What? Me nooo, I am not,’ she laughed a little, ‘you are tickling me,’ she referred to the mas-sage.’
There is no way I was going to leave this girl for Marisa. What for? When she was the one who had firstly moved on? Being here with Chichi meant a lot to me. Not only was I happy being with her but knowing that she is safe with me, it meant a lot to me. She was so funny and would make me laugh a lot.
‘Aaah Baby daddy,’ she exclaimed.
‘The baby. Kicked.’
‘Yes, give me your hand.’
She took my hand and placed it on her tummy.
‘Oh my God!’
I felt that, I felt it that something moved. I don’t know why or how I ended up getting emotional.
‘Are you crying?’ she asked.
‘I am sorry,’ I said wiping off my tears, ‘it’s just that I am so happy. I never thought that 1 day I was going to be a father.’
‘It must have been [email protected] for you right?’
‘It was and it worried me a lot. I just wanted to be a father and I was told I couldn’t have any children. Now that I am becoming one, I am so happy Chichi. You should be the one counting down but I am actually doing that.’
‘I saw the calendar,’ she laughed.
‘You did? I bet you were like this guy is sick in the head.’
‘Noooo, I was actually happy that you cared a lot about this baby. Not only do you care about the baby but me. I was thinking. Wouldn’t you want to know the gender?’
‘No, let it be a surprise to both of us.’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yes baby mama.’
‘Okay, baby daddy.’
There was silence between us and I felt this sudden urge to k!ssher. I was falling for this girl, I wasn’t thinking but I know what I felt. After all Pamela was right, there is always a bond between a dad and her baby mama. I would have never ended up with Marisa, I am seeing that now. The more time I am spending with Chichi, I have come to realize that I actually adore her a lot. I know we are not in some kind of a relationsh!pand we both agreed to co-parent but I honestly want to be with her. I don’t know I just feel that she is the one for me and this time around I am not wrong. I was about to k!ssher when someone opened the door.
‘Damn, wrong timing.’
‘Sorry did I disturb you?’
‘Yes,’ we both said in unison and looked at each other.
‘Ohhhhkay couples. Supper is re-ady,’ she said and closed the door.
‘That was awkward,’ said Chichi.
‘Right,’ I laughed.
‘Help me get off the be-d. I am actually hungry right now but I ate something an hour ago. I feel like I am carrying twins.’
‘I wouldn’t be surprised with the way your stomach is big.’
‘If they are twins, I am dead.’
‘You know I am always here for you,’ I said taking her hand as we walked to the door, ‘so you spent the whole day in be-d and in pajamas.’
‘Did you bath?’
She pinched me.
‘Of cause I did. Did you want to bath me?’
‘I didn’t know you were shy.’
‘Shut up Chichi,’ I said in a laugh.
‘You are shy,’ she said laughing at me and I lifted her up ma-king her scream.
‘I am not shy.’
‘You are cute,’ she complimented ma-king me blush.
‘So are you. Our babies will be so cute.’
‘Let’s just expect twins.’
‘You guys look good together,’ said Claire.
I just looked at Chichi and she looked at me smiling. Damn she was pretty.
Episode 22
Honestly I don’t know how I ended up getting married to Jay. What I honestly know is that I was so de-eply in love with Vusi. I would have never left him, not for anyone. Right now I am regretting my decision and I will not leave by it. I have been trying to find ways of getting Vusi back. The last time I went over to his house, I had made some threats. He has changed and I felt as if though he is [email protected]!ngsomeone. With the way he responded to me and had the guts to throw my food in the bin now that hurt me a lot. Right now I have to at least try to get him back, no matter what.
‘What?’ I snap at him.
It’s early in the morning and we are spending the whole day out. Jay managed to win the votes by 6. He is now the new Mayor and trust me I am hating this political lifestyle. I [email protected] rest; I have to be with him every time. When I went to visit Vusi the last time, Jay was out of the country with the Vice President. I really wanted to see Vusi but I guess he wasn’t going to be happy to see me. after all I broke his heart into million pieces and didn’t even make an effort to fight for our love.
‘Are you giving me an attitude?’
‘Jay, plea-se. I am not in the mood for a fight.’
So Jay and I had been married for few months but things hadn’t been well between us. Our relationsh!p, it wasn’t even rosy and the other reason for that: jay wanted me to give him a son; he hates my daughter with a pas-sion so taut. Every time he sees her crying, he doesn’t even pick her up. He just pretends to love her in front of the [email protected]£ra. Not even my family members know what is happening behind those doors. My 2 sisters and mum think that Jay is a good man, pathetic. I remember my older sister Sarah asking me if I did want to divorce Vusi, I don’t know why I told her that I was very sure. I don’t even know if I was in my right s-en-ses when I divorced him
It’s as if though my love for him shifted to Jay and right now I am very 100% sure that I don’t love Jay, I never loved him. I will do everything in my power to make sure that I end up with Vusi. No matter what.
‘We wouldn’t be having a problem if you didn’t forget to meet with the s£nator’s wife yesterday.’
$h!t and I totally forgot about the meeting. It’s just that after seeing Vusi, I didn’t feel like doing anything, I was in a bad mood. I just wanted to be alone and even took my daughter to my mother’s place. She might be a witch but she really adores her grandchild. Maybe because she is Jay’s child.
‘I forgot, I am sorry,’ I sincerely apologized.
‘Marisa this is my life. I won’t have you trying to ruin things for me.’
‘I said I am sorry.’
‘Marisa, how many sorries have you given me lately? You don’t attend the ladies meetings. You don’t do anything at all to support me. If I don’t tell you to do something, you don’t do it. What’s wrong with you Marisa?’ he yelled.
I was busy putting on my make-up. I am meeting up with my sister.
‘It’s because I hate this political lifestyle. I love my job as a doctor but someone made me resign.’
I actually did resign. Jay had made an announcement on television, telling the journalist that I had decided to resign as a doctor so that I can have my attention as the Mayor’s wife. I had no choice but to actually resign, that was a good move from him right. He knew very well that I wasn’t going to do it and decided to beat me to it throu-gh the media.
‘And you only care about yourself and this stupid political life.’
‘You are my wife Marisa and I expect you to do as I say.’
‘Bull$h!t Jay! Bull$h!t, I won’t be the submissive wife. I don’t care about your political career. To be honest with you, I would rather watch you fall than rise. You don’t deserve this Mayor position. I am just keeping up with you because of my daughter; otherwise I would have left you a long time back ago.’
‘Then why did you agree to marry me if you don’t love me?’
‘Why did you get me pregnant when you knew that you will hate your own child? Oh wait, let me answer that for you. It’s because of your stupid dead father who told you to marry me right.’
He walked to me and I wasn’t expecting the [email protected] He [email protected] me [email protected] across my face.
‘Argh!’ I screamed, ‘you [email protected] me?’ I said with hands on my cheek.
Never in my life had I been [email protected] on my cheek. No, never in my life have anyone [email protected] hands on me. Not even my parents used to beat me up because I was their princess. He is the first person to hit me.
‘I will [email protected] you again. Marisa you let hurtful words slide out of your mouth. You can call me anything just any word and I will take the insults but never in your life Marisa insult my father or my mother. I have had it with you Marisa; I have had it with you. I know I shouldn’t have [email protected] you but don’t expect me to say sorry. When it comes to my dead parents, I will do more than just a [email protected]
He walked out of the room leaving me in tears. How dare he [email protected] me? I promise Jay will pay for this. I finished off my make up and walked out of the room. Jay was sitting on the sofa re-ading a newspaper.
‘What time are you coming back?’ he asked pretending as if nothing happened in the be-droom.
‘At around 2pm.’
‘Okay, don’t forget about the dinner at the General’s house,’ he said with his eyes focused on the newspaper, ‘I hope you are not going to see Vusi.’
Wait, did he know that I went to see him. He now looked at me while placing the newspaper on the table. He got up and walked to me.
‘I will do anything, just anything to get that man out of your head and out of our lives.’
‘What are you going to do?’ I asked with a hint of curiosity in my voice.
‘Just anything. He will die first before me,’ he said, ‘I know about your dirty plans.’
‘Did you bug me?’
He smiled mischievously.
‘I am leaving as a married woman but I will come back as a widow,’ he imitated and I dropped my handbag on the floor.
He heard everything that I said to Vusi. He picked the bag and handed it to me.
‘You will go back at that house for his funeral. It’s actually the way around. Marisa you are stuck up with me. I think it’s time for you to start loving me naturally. I think that medicine has swept off.’
‘What do you mean?’
He smiled walking to the bar area.
‘I knew that you will never leave Vusi for me. Well I mean we both knew. You alre-ady know my accomplice right? Your mother Marisa, she is the one who suggested that we go and see the witch doctor.’
‘You are lying. My mother would never do such a thing. She loves me.’
‘Of cause she does love you but she never approved your relationsh!pwith Vusi. You know I would think that she is hiding something because she can’t just hate Vusi out of no way,’ he took a sip, ‘anyway where was I , okay so we fed you some love portion. That’s how you ended up leaving Vusi for me but now I am starting to think that it’s no longer working. Now that you know the truth sweetheart, you will never be with Vusi. If your mother and I managed to do this. What makes you think that we can’t s£nd Vusi in an early grave? I have always wanted to kill him, even after the divorce. I didn’t want him to cause us trouble in the near future but it seems him being alive,’ he re-moved his gun from the safe, ‘is distracting you.’
‘No, plea-se,’ I knelt down on the floor, ‘plea-se don’t hurt Vusi. I will stay away from him.’
‘I know you will just after this one attempt of killing him.’
‘It’s too late now; I have alre-ady s£nt my boys over to his house this evening. I am just going to scare him off with a little beating then he will know what he is up against.’
‘No no,’ I said getting up, ‘plea-se don’t do this Jay.’
‘You should have thought about that when you were planning to kill me. Damn it woman! I am trying to make things work between us Marisa. Yes when I married you it was all about my political career but have I f0rç£d you to have S-x with me? I know this was about my political career but I care about you. I am finding myself thinking about you. Maybe because people have been telling me how lucky I am to have you as my wife. I am trying to make you…I want you to be like my mother. The way she respected dad, it was something else and I respected their marriage. But things won’t work for us if you are still in love with Vusi. There is one thing that I can do for now, I will make Vusi hate you forever and if it doesn’t work, babe,’ his hands on my cheek, ‘I will have to kill him.’
‘No, plea-se,’ I cried.
‘You are not going to meet your sister today. I don’t trust you; you might try to warn Vusi and my plans won’t work. Lock her up,’ he said to the guard.
‘Nooooo,’ I screamed rushing to the door.
‘Co-operate Marisa. This will be over soon. Just lock her up, don’t hurt her,’ he said leaving the room.
‘Jay noooo plea-se.’
He didn’t even listen to me. They took my phone and locked me in the basement. I ban-ged the door asking, pleading with them to open the door but they ignored me. Who was going to save Vusi?

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