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When a man loves Episode 11 & 12

When a man loves
Episode 11
Work was okay but I kept on checking on Marisa now and then ma-king sure that she was okay. In case she nee-ded any help, I would have to go back home and be with her. I called mum about the maid issue and she said that she was going to ask someone to help me out. I am busy working in my office when I hear shouts and screams, I don’t know what’s going on and so I get up quic-kly and walk out of my house.
‘You bit-ch!’ she [email protected] her [email protected] on the cheek.
‘I am sorry.’
‘Do you know that cu-p was bloody expensive? How dare you bu-mp into me? Wha…’, she was about to [email protected] her again when I held her hand, ‘Vusi!’
‘What are you doing?’
The girl who has been [email protected] is in tears and Pamela is glaring at her.
‘You are about to cry? I should have re-arranged that small face of yours. Who is she anywhere?’ asks Pamela.
I haven’t seen the girl before but she looks like a cleaner. It’s just that when people are getting employed at my company, I [email protected] meet them. I have told the HR just to hire them.
‘She is the new cleaner,’ replies my secretary.
‘Can you plea-se help her out,’ I say to my secretary.
She takes the girl’s hand and they head to the bathroom.
‘Ask someone else to clean this mess,’ I say to one of the employees.
‘Yes, sir.’
‘You come with me,’ I say gr-abbing her hand as we walk to my office.
We get inside and I close the door.
‘You should have let me hit that bit-ch. Arrrhg ,’ she screams, ‘I hate her.’
‘You didn’t tell me that you were coming,’ I say ignoring her frustrations.
Pamela is a longtime friend. Let me put it this way. Pamela’s mum and my mother were friends, that’s how I got along with Pamela. Well she owned quarter of the shares in my company. I nee-ded some ideas and when she offered me some, I gave her the shares. [email protected] she is the second boss. She is based in the UK and I am surprised to see her back in the country. But we are yet to find out why she is back in the country. Pamela is not a kind person, you may judge by the way she treated the poor new girl, she is like that, and she is evil but she has a good heart. She has so much helped in the community, inwardly she is such a great person but outwardly I will tell another different story. If you get to know her, you will get used to her bit-chy character and love her still, she is not that bad. I don’t know why she [email protected] that girl, maybe she was stressed or something.
‘I wanted to surprise you and even bought you a cu-p engraved with your name but that bit-ch…’
I smile at her and hvg her.
‘You are still the same.’
‘I don’t change,’ she hvgs me back, ‘I missed you besty.’
‘I missed you more.’
I break the hvg; we go and sit on the couch. She tells me about herself, what she has been up to and mind you she is the most powerful woman that I have ever met. She is married and a mother of 1. Married to a white man, my wife and I attended their wedding. She tells me about her company and how it has expanded.
‘Well enough about me,’ she says, ‘you have dropped some weight.’
‘You and Liam should st©p worrying about me.’
‘Liam is the kid married?’
I laugh out loudly, Pamela hasn’t changed one bit. She used to be like that even in high school. Pamela was older than us and so she refereed to herself as our older sister. It’s because of her that Liam and I have become successfully business men. She taught us a lot and thanks to her father who trained her. She taught us well and here we are putting her good lessons to use.
‘He is not yet married.’
‘What’s happening with him? I might end up giving him the cleaning girl that I [email protected]
‘Did you really have to [email protected] her?’
‘She was abs£nt minded when she bu-mped into me. That [email protected] was to bringing her back to reality and I will not apologies for that. Don’t worry she will be okay. I just taught her to concentrate when she is at work because being abs£nt minded will get her fired. She will never get abs£nt minded again. It seems she is going throu-gh so much but she doesn’t nee-d to show it at work. She nee-ds to be strong, that’s how you succeed in life. Pretend as if everything is okay while you are working and thinking of a way forward.’
I told you, she is a good person.
‘I should have known that was a verbal lesson and physical lesson.’
She pinched me.
‘So tell me, what’s stressing you?’
Another thing you should know about Pamela, she knew how to re-ad my mind. Obviously she knows something is up and I nee-d someone to talk to. She is like my big sister. I tell her everything and when I say everything, I am referring to my wife being pregnant with another man’s child. You know what’s weird? She didn’t even flin-ch or just reacted to the issue, she was just numb and the next thing I received was a [email protected] on my cheek.
‘Pame..,’ I couldn’t finish off my s£ntence.
I was cut short with another [email protected] on my cheek.
‘What was that for?’
‘You nee-d to wake up. I raised you better than this. I get it, I always talked about the bible and how you should forgive and forget but this Vusi.’
I look down, ashamed of myself and I felt as if I had failed her. This was my mentor, someone who was important in my life and had been my guardian angel.
‘I am sorry but you know how much I love her sis. Weren’t you the one who told me that love conquers all? Didn’t you forgive your father when he used to abuse your mum?’
‘The situation is different. My dad’s mistress had done something to him and we prayed about it. How do you pray for such things?’
‘To get answers. Do you think I just had to accept the reality and move on just like that? No, sis. I was hurt very de-eply and had to make this decision after I had talked to God. You see, this is very complicated I know but I couldn’t ask my wife to abort this baby. You know very well that I am not able to give her any children.’
‘About that Vusi…’
‘I know what you are going to say,’ I cut her short before she finishes off her s£ntence, ‘plea-se do trust me on this one. I know what I am doing and that baby deserves to live.’
‘You have grown up but you are still weak. I know how much you love Marisa but what will happen if this guy who got her pregnant comes back. This Jeremiah guy.’
‘It’s just Jay.’
‘Whatever his name is. Vusi this is far from being over and even if I tell you to walk away, you will not listen to me. It’s like that wife of yours gave you a love portion.’
‘If Jeremiah…’
‘Jay,’ I corrected.
‘If he comes back and find out about this pregnancy thing. What makes you think that he won’t tell the whole world that your wife is pregnant with his child? Because from what you have told me, we are dealing with a deranged person, this guy is crazy and he will destroy you emotionally Vusi. I don’t want you to change because I love the kind of a person that you have become but if he destroys you emotionally and mentally, I won’t recognize you. All I am saying is that it’s never too late to walk away from this marriage while you still can.’
‘I have done everything you have asked of me, everything you have advised on me, for the past few years but not this time around sis. That Jay guy has nothing on me. Marisa loves me and so do i. if we both love each other that de-eply, I am pretty sure we will be able to win over Jay. I mean love conquers all right? You used to tell me that.’
‘Vusi, women change. They are easily taken away by other men, swept off their feet. Marisa wanted to be a mother but because you couldn’t give her any children, she chose not to tell you the truth. Now that she is pregnant and once she gives birth to that child. Vusi she would want to be with the father of her unborn child. They alre-ady have a bond and Jeremiah will start bringing some gifts at your house, being all lovely dovey. This Jeremiah guy alre-ady s£nt a p©rn video, proving how sick he is.’
‘Jay,’ I correct her again.
‘Just wait after 9 months and tell me if she is still the right woman for you. No, if she still wants to be with you. I know right now you are blinded by love but that woman was never for you Vusi. Yes you are married to her but that woman was never for you I am saying it twice just maybe you will hear me out, I wish God was here and he would tell you the same thing. I know I have said a lot, anyway let me get going. Meet me tomorrow with Liam at my restaurant, I will be cooking. Take good care of yourself kiddo,’ she said k!ss!ngme on the cheek, ‘and think about what I have said. I know you are stubborn, kind and loyal but this nee-ds you to be evil or else you will lose everything because of that woman and her crazy family and I don’t know what I will do. I don’t want to end up in jail when I have decided to kill the whole family,’ with that said she walked out of my office and left me with some food for thought.
I know what she was saying was true, I hate her for being honest but as I have said it before, I love Marisa and I will not give up on her. Yes, I am very stubborn but I just love her. Pamela was very wrong about Marisa, Marisa will never do something like that, and she will never give up on our love just to be with Jay. She will never hurt me right? She won’t, I know she won’t. She loves me!
Episode 12
I parked my car at the garage and got out of it. Just before locking it, I took out the plastic bags that I had placed at the back of the car. I locked it and walked to the door. It’s been a long day and all I wanted was to have a nice bath and relax with my wife. I opened the door and it’s around 7pm.
‘Vusi!’ Marisa calls out rushing to me.
She hvgs me so ti-ghtly and immediately breaks the hvg. I place the plastic bags on the sofa and attend to her. She is trembling.
‘What’s wrong? What happened?’
‘Jay is back in the country and he told me that he is coming over to the house.’
‘To do what?’
‘Marisa!’ I hear him shouting and ban-ging the door, ‘open this fv¢ken door before I break it.’
What is this maniac doing here? I am about to walk there when Marisa gr-abs my hand.
‘Don’t open it Vusi.’
‘It’s okay. He won’t hurt us. I know he is crazy but he won’t do that. It’s okay.’
She let me go and I walk to the door. I open it and Jay barges in the room with Marisa’s mother. Marisa’s mother rushes to her daughter.
‘Are you okay? Is the baby fine?’
Baby? How did they find out that Marisa is pregnant?
‘How did you know that I was pregnant?’ asked Marisa with a hint of confusion in her voice.
‘It doesn’t matter,’ says her mother.
‘No,’ she pushes off her mother, ‘How did you know that I am pregnant?’
Sharon looks at Jay and back at Marisa.
‘Jay bugged the house. He installed some [email protected]£ras and so we heard everything.’
‘What? Mum, you invaded my privacy with my husband.’
‘Which husband? This man failed to give you a child and you are still going to call him your husband. I am here to take you. You are going to divorce this less of a man. You are getting married to the man of your unborn child, jay.’
‘Mum, are you crazy? And what makes you think that I will leave Vusi. I love Vusi with all of my heart and he is capable of taking care of the baby.’
‘Not on my watch Marisa. I am not leaving this house without you and more so I won’t let this imbecile to raise my child. You are coming with your mother.’
‘She is not going anywhere,’ I interrupted.
This is my house and these people act as if they own this house. I know she is my mother-in law but I have showed her so much respect, but not today I have had enough of her. Just not today am I going to tolerate any nons-en-se from her or Jay.
‘And what are you going to do about it?’ asked Jay as he was walking to me.
I wasn’t up for a physically fight but if he nee-ded one, I was gladly going to give it to him.
‘I will kill this child then.’
We all looked at Marisa who was holding a knife pointing it at her tummy. I don’t know how she got hold of that knife.
‘You don’t have to do this my baby,’ said her mother.
‘I will mother, if you f0rç£ me to go with then I don’t have any other choice but to lose this child.’
‘Oh plea-se. You are bluffing. We all know how much you want to be a mother and do you think I will forgive you if you hurt my child. Give me that knife,’ Jay said gr-abbing it from her.
What just happened? So Marisa was pretending to want to hurt the baby when she wants to be a mother. I looked at her and back at her mother.
‘Can you give us some privacy? I nee-d to talk to my wife,’ I said to them.
They didn’t want to leave, it’s not like they were going to listen to me.
‘We nee-d some privacy,’ said Marisa.
Her mother walked away.
‘I will be right outside,’ said Jay as he was following Marisa’s mum.
I took her hand and sat on the sofa with her. I had a couple of questions to ask her. Mind you I am still hurt and mad at the fact that Jay bugged my house. I could have him arrested but I didn’t want to make the situation more complicated. I didn’t want things to get that far and so I was going to talk to my wife.
‘I am sorry about my mother’s behavior.’
‘It’s okay, I un-derstand.’
‘You don’t have to be all polite every day. Those people are always disrespecting you and about Jay bugging our house.’
‘I won’t have him arrested.’
‘Marisa, I am different from him and I don’t nee-d to prove that to him. He wants to start a war and I won’t let him win. I just want to ask you something,’ I paused.
This wasn’t going to be easy, I mean asking such kind of a question simple meant that I didn’t trust my wife but I did. It’s just her mother and Jay that I didn’t trust. Obviously they were going to convince my wife to divorce me and that was something I had no control over.
‘Do you still want to be with me?’ I ask her.
‘Vusi, till death do us [email protected] Jay and my mother have nothing on us. I told you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I meant it.’
‘Your mother is here Marisa, outside with Jay. They know that you are pregnant. What makes you think that Jay is going to allow me to take care of this child? More so your mother hates me and obviously she is siding with Jay. Marisa, can’t you see that I am fighting a war that I will never win.’
I might be having the self-confidence that I will end up with Marisa but do you want to know what’s more complicated in this issue. If Marisa decides to give up on us then that’s the end. To be honest I had no guarantee that she was going to be strong, I just had no confidence in her.
‘I want to be with you and not Jay.’
‘Really Marisa? I am not trying to be rude and all but you are carrying his child.’
‘Vusi, I am carrying his child but the person that I am in love with is you. So plea-se bear with me,’ she said and I am finding it so [email protected] to believe her words.
So Jay that day finally left my house with Marisa’s mother. I don’t know what Marisa said to them because I never asked. It’s early in the morning and I am not going to work, it’s a Saturday. Ever since that day, Jay never [email protected]£ back to my house or Marisa’s mother. The two haven’t been causing any trouble. I finally told Liam the truth and he wasn’t plea-sed at all just like Pamela. Since I was his friend, he just told me that he was going to support me. I walk downstairs to look for my wife since when I woke up I didn’t find her on the be-d.
We have a new maid in our house, I wasn’t the one who looked for her but it was Marisa’s mother. Anyway as I was saying, my wife wasn’t in the room and so I found the maid in the kitchen.
‘Good morning uncle,’ she greeted me.
‘Morning Abby. Have you seen my wife?’
‘Auntie just walked out now.’
‘You are sure?’
‘She didn’t take her car?’
‘No, she didn’t.’
So I ran out of the house and I was almost by the gate when I heard a car driving off. Opening the gate, I noticed it was Jay’s car but was Marisa in the car with him? I didn’t know that and so I went back inside the house. gr-abbing my phone which I had left on the be-d, I dialed her number and at first ring it was ignored. I dialed again but she didn’t answer my call. You see things haven’t been well between me and my wife. She has just changed, she is moody towards me and I am always thinking maybe it’s the hor-mones. I always brush off the thought of it being something else besides that.
I haven’t changed one bit; I am still the loving and the caring husband. I have never gone with her to the hospital for a checkup because it’s always her mother who comes over at the house to pick her up. Anyway I dial again her number hoping and praying that she was going to pick up her phone.
‘Hello,’ she says.
‘Marisa, where are you?’ I ask calmly.
‘I [email protected]£ at the hospital. I am sorry, it sli-pped my mind. I was supposed to tell you.’
It sli-pped her mind? Something like that has never happened before, Marisa used to tell me everything but it sli-pped her mind! Really? I didn’t believe her, maybe she didn’t want to tell me where she was going from the onset.
‘You should have told me. But I see your car here, was it your mother who picked you up?’
‘Yes, she was quiet early today. Listen Jay, the doctor is almost here. I will call you back,’ she said but forgot to hang up because this is what happened next.
‘You couldn’t tell him the truth right?’ I heard him say over the phone.
Marisa must have accidentally pressed her phone on loud speaker when she thought she was cutting me off.
‘He was going to over react.’
‘I am the father of the baby, he should un-derstand that. How are you feeling?’
‘I am okay. Thank you for being caring and loving. I really appreciate it,’ she said and I felt the pain.
‘You don’t have to thank me. When are you telling Vusi? The sooner the better.’
‘You really can’t wait to be with me right?’
‘I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to convince you to leave him and be with me. I love you Marisa and I am sorry I didn’t give the attention you nee-ded way back. You know how my parents’ death affected me and you were always there for me. When I made love to you that night, it wasn’t because I was drun!kbut I wanted you so badly. I always wanted you. I couldn’t let you be with Vusi when you are carrying my child. You deserved to be with me and our child deserves both of us. I know you have been with Vusi for years and it might be [email protected] for you to break up with him but the feeling is mutual right. You love me right? Be honest with me.’
‘Of cause I do Jay. At first I thought you were this rude guy, well not that repres£ntable but you have proved me wrong. You have been so supportive and I want us to raise this baby together. I …,’ I cut the call.
I couldn’t stand it, what I was afraid of. Marisa has been meeting up with Jay behind my back. Pamela was right

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