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Vamp blood Episode 20 to 22

Written ✍ by Summer Gold 👑👑
💃 Episode Twenty 💃
Semi Finale
🌹 Anthony
I move closer to them with anger 😠 boiling within me,,,,, one of them try to use his f!nger on me but I was too fast. I prevent it with my power immediately.
I point out my hands at them, I know am not supposed to use my two hands, it’s dangerous. But right now I don’t have a choice,.
I was about to use my power when Luna shouted
” Anthony no!!! People will get hurt if you do that! ” she screamed
” Luna, we don’t have a choice. They are too strong ” I said
” Don’t do it plea-se ” She shouted and I dropped my hands,
Suddenly I felt blood dropping on me, I looked up and was surprised to see Rush, he’s awake alre-ady. He was holding one of the vampires in his hand, the vampire is dead alre-ady.
How did he suddenly got his power back? This is amazing, I smiled and help him as he destroyed them angrily.
One of them ran to Raina trying to hurt her, I followed him immediately and chop off his head, my b©dy [email protected]£ we-t with blood.
Finally we killed them all,,,, Rush healed Luna immediately and the blood st©p.
” Don’t you dare t©uçh me!! ‘ Raina screamed at Rush as he tried to hold her
” Are you such an idiot? He just saved you!! ” I shouted at her
Luna held my hand telling me to calm down
” Raina, plea-se you have to listen to me ” Rush pleaded
” I don’t care about what you have to say ” she snapped
” Is that how your love is? ” I asked calmly
” What? ”
” You always claim to love Rush,,, so this is how your love is? Do you think he’s happy to be like this? You are such an idiot ” Luna said angrily and ruffled her hair.
” Raina,,,,, if you really love Rush, you will take him as he is,,,,
” What are you talking about? I can’t love a vampire ”
Luna cut her off with a [email protected], I [email protected] I never knew she could get angry this way.
” Guys let’s go, I regret ever saving this bit-ch ” Luna said as we joined our hands together and disappeared
🍭 Luna 🍭
I watched as Rush [email protected]£ into the house with his head down, he started behaving like this since the adventure with Raina.
I guess he’s in love with her after all,
” Rush ” I called calmly as I walked toward him
” Hi ” he muttered un-der his breath, I could feel his pain
” Can I talk to you? ” I asked hoping to get a positive response
He nodded as we walked to his room
” Rush, can you plea-se pu-ll yourself together? ” I asked looking calm
” Am fine ” he said shortly
” you are not fine,, I know this is all about Raina ” I snapped
” This is not about Raina ” he cut me off
” Then what is wrong with you ” I asked
” It’s you ” he said and I [email protected]£ confused
” Me? How ”
” Luna,,, I love you ” he said and I spat my lashes in surprise
” what? ”
” I love you so much,, it hurt to see you and Anthony together. I never knew about this feelings,,, but now I know am in love with you,,, I can’t live without you ” he said almost in tears
💃 Episode Twenty one 💃
🌹 Anthony 🌹
I entered the mansion,, everywhere was silent. I called Luna but she’s not picking up, but the guards told me they are in.
I decided to go upstairs,,,, I was about to enter Rush’s room when I heard them talking.
” I love you Luna, I really do love you so much ” What is going on here?
How can Rush say that to my girlfriend? , I wanted to go in but I changed my mind. I want to listen to Luna first
” I love you too ” She said and I sigh
I entered the room and they were surprised, I faced Luna with a smile
” Did you just say you love him? ” I asked calmly
” I’m,,,,,, am sorry ” She said shivering
I faced Rush and he looked away
” I think am a loser after all,,,, ”
” Luna? ” I called and she looked up
” Let’s end the relationsh!p, since you don’t love me. I don’t want to be a burden to you, you can just go for someone you love instead ” I said and walked out of the room.
I think this is the end of my stay in Korea, I can’t continue to leave Here watching someone I love loving someone else.
” What do you mean by that? I can’t let you go back US after what happened ” Mom snapped
” Am sorry, I can’t obey you this time. I really want to leave right now ” I pleaded
” Until you tell me the damn reason why you are leaving ” She cut me off as I sat down looking sad
” Am,,,,,,, I broke up with my girlfriend ” I muttered
” So why did you break up with her when you still love her? ”
” Omma ( Mom In korea) it’s complicated,,,, ” I replied
” Awwn,, my baby is in love ”
” Not anymore, I am leaving. plea-se ”
” do you think that is the best thing? ” she asked as she sat beside me on the be-d
” So what can I do? ” I asked as she ruffled my hair and smiled
” You should know what to do darling ” she said and I hvgged her, she’s the best mom, she know how to calm my nerves down
” I support you, I think you should go away for now ” mom said and I nodded
” Thank you ” I replied
🍭 Luna 🍭
I just can’t take my mind off Anthony, I wonder how he’s doing right now, I know he’s broken right now.
Oh lord, what do I do?
” Am sorry about what happened, it’s all my fault ” Rush said behind me
” Ani ( no) it’s not your fault,,,,,, you only confessed to me, and I also feel the same ” I said and he smiled
” We nee-d to see him,,,, I miss him so much ” I said tearfully
” You don’t have to feel sad about it,,, ” Rush stated
We got to Anthony’s house and we met him taking luggage into the car, I ran to him immediately
” what is going on, are you leaving? ” I asked curiously
” Yea ” he replied without looking up
” What? You can’t do this plea-se, an sorry if I hurt you, but trust me you are the one I really love. Don’t leave me ” I pleaded in tears
” You don’t have to cry,,, am doing this because I love you, I really love you that I have to let you go. ” he said calmly
” Anthony,,,, I know I betrayed you but,,,,,, ”
“You didn’t,,,,,,, you are still my friend. Don’t worry, I will be back ” he said and hvgged me,,,, I cried on his shoulder
Minutes later, he was out of the compound alre-ady. I cried bitterly, I know I hurt him, I am just too stupid to be carried away by Rush. Am so stupid
Some days later
🍭 Rush 🍭
” Luna ” I called as I entered her room, she keep on ignoring me since Anthony left,
” Come in ” she said immediately ma-king me look surprised, I guess she’s in a good mood today
” I guess you are happy today ” I said and she smiled, to my surprised, she k!$$£d me.
Firstly I was shock, but I later flow with the mood.
” I love you Rush ” she said as we unlock from the k!ss💋
” I love you too ” I replied and k!$$£d her again
Finally,,, she’s mine
THE END 🚶🚶🚶🚶
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