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Vamp blood Episode 17 to 19

Written ✍ by Summer Gold 👑👑
Episode Seventeen 💋💋
🌹 Anthony 🌹
Why can’t she just get it that I love her?, I’m just a loser, she love Rush and not me. Why!!!!
I entered the clas-s and the school bell rang for the end of clas-ses, I carried my bag and went out of the clas-s.
” Anthony!! ” Lana called my name, I looked back and saw her running after me
” Why are you running? You are sick ” I said
” Anthony, about what happened earlier,,,,, ”
” It’s nothing, I have to go home ” I said
” Am sorry, but you don’t have to think otherwise ” she said
” You are my friend Lana, you have the right to like whosoever you want, am just a friend to you ” I said and she shook her head
” You are more than a friend to me Anthony, I,,,,,, I love you ” she said and I [email protected]£ shocked for almost one minute
” What do you mean? ” I asked to be sure
” You don’t have to know ” she said angrily trying to walk away but I was fast enough to gr-ab her hand
” I love you too, I just can’t believe you also feel the same way. I thought am a loser, I can’t believe this ” I said and hvgged her
We walked out of the school together and I just can’t express my feelings, I am so damn happy right now. I wish today never ends.
” I will see you tomorrow ” She said as she was about to enter the car
” Okay, bye ” I said and pe-cked her
🌹 Luna 🌹
Gosh, I can’t believe I have a b©yfri£ndnow. I hope everything work out well, but am still sick. My powers are gone, how can I heal this Vampire sting of a thing?
This is serious, what do I do?
I got home and met Rush in the sitting room pacing around,
” Thank God you are here ” he said immediately I entered
” why? ” I asked but he gr-ab my hand and run upstairs
” What are you doing? ” I asked breathing [email protected]
He ignored me and continue walking,,, we finally entered his room and he shut the door.
” What are you trying to do? ” I asked in fear
” I know you are hiding something from me and I wanna find out ” he said
” Am not hiding anything ” I said immediately
” Then why are you scared? ” he asked and moved closer to me
” Am not scared so back off you fool ” I shouted at him
” Are you trying to make a fool of me, I know something is wrong with you. What if you die? Are you not afraid of loosing your life? What have come over you ” he shouted at me.
I [email protected]£ weak immediately and everything [email protected]£ black.
🌹 Rush 🌹
I called the guards immediately and we rushed Luna to the hospital, I have no choice than to call Anthony.
He met us in the hospital and we both went into the room
” Doctor, what is wrong with her? ” Anthony asked restlessly
” She was bitten my a wild animal, and I guess she have been keeping this for a long time. The poison has spre-ad into all her b©dy system2″ the doctor explained
” So what are we going to do ” Anthony asked
” We can’t do anything about it ” doctor said
” Are you kidding me, what do you mean by that ” Yuju entered the room in tears
” plea-se save my sister, she can’t die ” she cried
” You have to do something plea-se ” Anthony pleaded sadly while I kept quiet the whole time
I really nee-d to save Luna, but how?
Suddenly, Anthony gr-ab me and walk out of the room
” Are you trying to start a fight again? You idiot ” I shouted at him
” Am not a fool like you , I love Luna and nothing will change that. She can’t die and you are the only one who can save her ” he said and I [email protected]£ confused
” What do you mean? ” I asked and looked straight into his eye
” I know you are a Vampire 🦇, ” he said and I covered his mouth with my palm
” How did you find out? ” I asked
” Fool, that is not what matter right now, you have to save Luna or I kill you ” he shouted
” I don’t know what to do ” I said
” I knew you are dumb, don’t you re-ad books? ” he asked
I remembered the book Luna gave me, I suddenly remember how to save a human
” I think I get it now, even if I have to get hurt. I have to save her ” I said and he smiled, this is the first time seeing him smile.
” What are you waiting for?, let’s go ” he said and we went back into the room
” Can you excuse us for some minutes? ” I asked and everyone left the room leaving just me and Anthony with Luna
Oh lord, I hope this work on her
💃 Episode Eighteen 💃
🌹 Rush 🌹
I turned her back to myself and pu-ll-ed her cloth up,
” Is that where the cut is” Anthony asked looking worried
” am sure ” I replied
I saw the wound and show Anthony
” Jeez, how can she keep this? ” he screamed
” Gosh, she’s just ”
I pu-ll-ed out the knife Anthony bought and cut my palm, blood started rushing out and I drop the blood on the cut. Immediately the wound healed.
” Omg, it worked ” Anthony run to her and smiled, he faced me and hvgged me
” We have to do something about your hand ” he said
He opened my palm and was shocked to see blood rushing out of my palm
” what? This is bad ” he said
” I will be fine ” I lied, I know am hurt
” We have to take care of the palm,,, the blood is too much ” Anthony shouted at me
” Anthony? ” We heard Luna’s voice
“:You are awake ” we said at the same time
” How did I get here? ” She asked
” I brou-ght you here, ” I told her
” Luna, Rush saved you ” Anthony said and She faced me
” Thank you, but are you hurt? ” she asked and opened my palm and screamed
” Why will you do this to yourself? ” She shouted
” I’m fine ” I said
I started feeling dizzy and everything [email protected]£ black
🍭 Luna 🍭
” Rush!!! ” Anthony and I shouted immediately Rush fainted
” I nee-d to call the doctor ” I said
” What if they find out about him? ” he shouted and I st©pped
” How did you find out? ” I asked curiously
” I found out since the day you took him to the garden, I saw his eyes and f!ngers” he said
” And you kept quiet? ” I asked looking surprised
” Yea ” he said and I hvgged him
” You are the best ” I said
” We still have to call the doctor, I will make sure nob©dy find out ” I said and he nodded
We called the doctor and he was attended to immediately, I and Anthony refused to leave the ward
” What is happening? ” the doctor asked
” What do you mean? ” We asked
” He’s not breathing ” he said
” What?!!! ” Yuju shouted
” Doctor his pulse is becoming low ” a nurse complained
” Doctor save my brother ” Yuju shouted
” Rush, you can’t die. plea-se, fight for your life ” i prayed inwardly
Anthony gr-ab my hand and we walked out of the ward
” What do you think you are doing? ” he asked
” What do you mean ” I asked
” we can’t just watch Rush die like this, we have to help him ” he said
” but how ” I asked
” Your powers should be back my now ” he said and I was shocked
” How did you know? ” I asked looking confused
He kept quiet
” Can you just reveal your self? ” I shouted
” Luna,,,,,,, am,,,,,, ”
💃 Episode Nineteen
🌹 Anthony 🌹
” Can you just reveal yourself?! ” Luna snapped
” Luna,,,, am ” I ruffled my hair, how can I tell her this right now
” Am talking to you ” She shouted
” The truth is,,, am the one s£nt to as-sist you guys. We knew you won’t be able to do this alone,,, I should have told you but,,,, I’m sorry ” I said while she [email protected]£ silent
” I never noticed,,, is that why you pretended to hate Rush? ” she asked,, silently
” Yes,,, that is the least I could do ” I said while she hvgged me, I smiled and hvgged her ti-ghtly
” Am so happy,, I thought you are from the darkness ” she said in a whisper
” Luna,, we still have to save him ” I said and she nodded
We went into the ward, Rush is lying lifeless on the be-d. I faced Luna and she smiled,
We locked the door and we both pointed our hands at him,,,,,,,, a flash light [email protected]£ upon him and he wake up immediately.
” Rush!! ” Luna run to him and hvgged him
” Glad to have you back ” I said and gave him a friendly punch
🌹 Rush 🌹
It been two weeks after everything that happened, I still can’t believe Luna and Anthony are [email protected]!ng. There is nothing I can do anyway,
Suddenly a message [email protected]£ in
💌 If you want to save Raina, come alone
I freaked out immediately, what is happening?
Where is Raina, I called her sister to find out what is happening
📲. RUSH!! Raina is in trouble,,,, she cried over the phone
📲 What? Since when
📲 Yesterday,,,, she’s not back. plea-se help us
📲 It’s okay, st©p crying.
I ended the call.
I hope nothing happen to her,,,, I put on my clothes and went out of the house.
I got to where Raina is and I saw the four wicked vampires who attacked Luna and I the other day, what the fv¢k do they want.
” You are here ” One of them said while blood stain all his b©dy
” Rush, you can’t come here, they are dangerous ” Raina shouted from the back
” She’s still fighting for you,, anyway you are here alre-ady. She have to find out who you are ” one of them said
I [email protected]£ scared, What if she leave me after she discover my secret.
One of them [email protected]£ to me and de-ep his f!ngersinto my stomach,,, I growl in pain
” Rush “!!! Raina shouted
I felt my veins going out of my b©dy,,,,,,,
” Rush? What the fv¢k ” She shouted
🍭 Luna 🍭
” Anthony, something is wrong with Rush, we nee-d to save him ” I said in fear
” But, where is he? ” He asked
” We have to use the imagination power ” I stated
” You are right ”
We hold hands and imagine Rush is with us, soon we found ourselves in the mist of some vampires stained with blood.
I saw Raina screaming, I turned around and saw Rush grumbling in pain, his f!ngersf0rç£d out. His veins were shown all over his b©dy.
Different f!ngerswere seen on his che-st, I think they hurt him alre-ady
” Rush ” I screamed and started running toward him, but suddenly one of the vampires de-ep his f!nger into my stomach.
” Ahhhg ” I shouted in pain, I spits out blood
” No!!!! ” Anthony run to me
” Anthony, this is,,,,, Dan,,, gerous,,,, plea-se go,,,, you will get hurt ” I said as blood rushed out of the open cut in my stomach.
” I can’t leave you here,,,, just take in the pain for now,,, I will take care of everything ” He said and pe-cked me
” Be careful plea-se ” I said
I watched as he moved closer to them, I [email protected]£ scared,, I hope nothing happen to him.
plea-se God, help us 😭
Now Anthony is the only one left to face them,,,

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