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Vamp blood Episode 10 to 12

[ Birthday Adventure 😳.]
By: Summer Gold
Episode Ten 💟💟
Luna 🌹🌹
Gosh, I still can’t believe today is rush birthday. I watch as different people drive into the house, The maids are really busy with the food.
I sigh and tried to find Rush but I could not,
Soon the [email protected] started, everyone was jubilating, this is serious. Minutes later Rush was called out to cut the cake, I watch as he stood in front of everyone.
Suddernly I discovered something, his hair is becoming grey, his eye is green alre-ady. I ran toward him and am sure everyone is surprised, I held his hand and continue running into the house.
I took him to his room and shut the door, by the time we got there, his f!ngersare out alre-ady, gosh this is crazy. To see Rush this way
” What is happening to me? ” He asked with a thick voice due to the changes
” why did I suddenly turn to this? ” he asked again
” Vampire 🦇? ” He said and [email protected] as if he wanna remember something
” what do you mean? ” I asked
” There was a man I met when i was 15 ” he started
” Son, can I talk to you? ” the man asked
” yeah ” I relied
” There is something your father is keeping from you ” he said
” What do you mean? ” I asked curiously
” You are a half human and half Vampire ” he said
” are you crazy? How can I be a vampire? ” I shouted
” You can’t know now, just wait until you turn 17, you will un-derstand. And ask your father about this ” he said and walked away
” I wish I never turned 17, how can I live like this ” He started weeping
” It’s okay, I un-derstand ” I said trying to calm him down
” you don’t un-derstand, just stay away from me. Are you not scared to see me this way? ” he asked
” Am not scared ” I replied
” why? ” he asked
” because, no matter what, you are still Rush ” I said
Suddenly his Fist [email protected]£ normal, his eye and Hair was good again. I smiled,
” What is going on here? ” Yuju [email protected]£ in and met Us together
” we are sorry ” I said
” now, get back to the [email protected] alre-ady ” she commanded and we obeyed immediately.
Rush 🌹🌹
The [email protected] is finally over, I guess everyone is asleep alre-ady. I really nee-d to talk to dad, I entered his room and he looked surprise to see me
” Is everything okay son ” he asked
” nothing is okay dad ” I shouted
” What is wrong with you Rush ” he asked
” When did I become a vampire? ” I asked and he suddenly [email protected]£ quiet, so it’s true. My father know about all these.
” I nee-d an answer right now ” I shouted again
” Am sorry son, I should have told you these ”
” That does not answer my question ” I shouted
” Long time ago,,,,, your late mom was bitten by a Vampire, and that time. She was pregnant with you, she gave birth to you and killed herself because she can’t stand to think that her son is also a vampire. But unknowingly, she never knew you are a white vampire, not the evil ones ” he said and I [email protected] on the be-d
” how can I live like this ” I screamed
” everything will be okay son, trust me. No one will find out about this ” he said
” Do you think that’s possible ” I asked
” Of course ” he said and hvgged me ti-ghtly
I got out of his room and immediately found myself in my room, did I just disappeared? , I think am going crazy alre-ady
Luna 🌹🌹
This is not gonna be a simple thing to do, people will find out about him soon. What if someone annoy him and he change into a vampire?
Gosh,,,,, I don’t know what to do again
I got downstairs after am done, I was surprised to know that Rush is no more at home, why the hell did he leave so early?
” excuse me, I nee-d to get to school right now ” I said
” But we are going in the same car ” Yuju said
” Don’t worry, you will go in another car, Luna you can go ” Dad said and I smiled, you just saved my day
I ran outside and ordered the driver to drop me in school immediately, we arrived at school, I walk out of the car hoping to meet Rush in clas-s.
I got to clas-s and he was there, alone. Somehow I feel sorry for him, he’s not used to this
” Hi ” I sat beside him
” What do you want ” He asked coldly
” st©p proving to be stubborn and let’s be friends ” I said, he faced me and smiled
” wanna make friends with a Vampire? ” he asked coldly again
” Doesn’t matter ” I said and he nodded
” that’s good ” I said
Am sorry, am not posting the previous episodes
Episode Eleven 💋
Rush 🌹🌹
” Have this ” Luna hand me a book, I collect it looking confused
” what is this for? ” I asked checking the book
” It’s a secret book for the vampires, it will guard you since you are not used to this life ” She said, I found myself smiling even though am sad.
” Thank you, I will re-ad this when I get home tonight ” I said and she nodded.
” Hey dude, why did you ignore us ” Francis said as he entered the clas-s with Stephen
” Am not in the mood to talk right now ” I said
” Angel, morning. You look more beautiful everyday ” Francis said and I give him a stare that can kill, he sm-irked at me.
” Thank you ” luna said blu-shing
Luna 🌹🌹
I went out of the clas-s since I don’t have a clas-s now, I entered the [email protected] begin to think about Rush. Somehow I feel sorry for him, am sure all those girls fighting to have him are going to leave when they find out about him.
” Someone is thinking here ” Solji entered with a smile
” Why are you grining? Did your crush ask you out? ” I asked and she laughed
” Nope, bess I think am in love ” She said blu-shing
I scoffs
” Crush on who ” I hope it’s not on Francis, but wait why did I mention Francis?
” Anthony ” she said and I smiled
” Wow, did he make any move on you? ” I asked
” Of course not, I just love him ” she said looking down
” Hi guys, ” Anthony said and come into the [email protected] looking stunning as usual.
” Awwwn, someone’s crush ” I said and his smile fadded
” What do you mean? ” he asked curiously
” Uhm, it’s nothing ” Solji said immediately and pinched me
” Okay ” Anthony said with a not satisfied eye
” You are dead Luna ” Solji whisper to me,
Rush 🌹🌹
I continue re-ading the book and it look scary to me, white vampires can disappear?
So, I can disappear? How do I do this?
I re-ad further, so when I get angry am going to change into a vampire.
People will run away from me if that happens, I sigh.
I can save people, I think this is the only thing that attra-ct me to this life.
I can’t believe I finish the book alre-ady.
I lied down but suddenly my phone beeped, I checked and it’s a message from Ruan.
Ruan is my childhood friend, we were really close and she is the first girl I ever have a thing for.
I have a crush on her and am sure she likes me too
💌. Hey rush
💌 Hi Ruan, what’s up?
💌 Am damn happy right now
💌 What is going on?
💌 Am back to korea, and am gonna resume school
💌 what?
💌 are you not happy that am back?
💌 Of course am happy, I can’t wait to see you
💌 me too, I will see you in school tomorrow
💌 okay
Seriously, I don’t know maybe I should be happy right now. Am glad she’s back, but am not the same person again.
What if she start to dislike me if she find out that am not a human?
Gosh, what do I do??
Am confused 😖
Episode Twelve 😘
🌹 Luna 🌹
I got to school the next day, I looked up and saw Rush and a gjrl cudd-ling with each other.
I thought Rush never like any girl, is that his girlfriend? But why do I even care, gosh!!!
What if the girl find out about him? What is Rush doing?
” Hey Rush ” I greeted
” Hi ” he replied
I saw the girl rolled her eye, she’s so saucy for my liking
” can I see you ” I asked
” no, he can’t see anyone for now ” the girl shouted
” let’s go ” The girl said and held Rush hand as they walk away leaving me.
That girl 😡,
🌹 Rush 🌹
” you shouldn’t have acted that way to her, she’s my friend ” I said calmly
” I don’t care ” she said without looking at me
Gosh, I don’t know why I always find it ha-rd to get mad at this girl. I’m madly in love with her
After school, I rushed home to apologize to Luna. I hope she’s not mad at me for that.
I entered her room and she was shocked, she was putting on only a bu-m short and [email protected] She look so h0t, I [email protected]£ back to reality immediately.
” Am sorry, ” I said and went back to my room
I heard dad car horn, gosh I’ve really missed that man. Haven’t see him for two days now, I ran downstairs to welcome him
” welcome dad ” I greeted with a smile
” Son, you look happy. What is going on? ” he asked
” Raina is back dad ” Yuju said and sm-irked at me, while I scoffs.
” oh, I see why you are happy ” he said
” dad st©p ” I shouted
He went in and I moved closer to Yuju
” can’t you plea-se lock your mouth for once? ” I asked angrily
” what do you mean? I was saying the truth ” she rolled her eye
” I don’t care, I would have told him myself ” I said without smiling
” Rush, why are you angry. It’s just a normal joke ” she said looking sad
” Who cares ” I said and left
I know she will be surprised to see me get mad at her, but I have to do that. I’m very sure she will be the first to run if she find out about me.
I was about to enter my room when Luna door opened, she’s now putting on her normal outfit.
She ignored me and went downstairs, is she mad because of Raina or because I entered her room without knocking?
What do I do?
🌹 Yuju 🌹
I can’t believe Rush got mad at me just because of a silly joke, this is weird, why is he doing this?
He changed to me, I knew something was wrong. But why is he angry with me? Why?!!!!
I continued to weep in my room, suddenly the door opened and Luna [email protected]£ in
” what are you doing here ” I asked trying to hide my tears
” Why are you crying? ” she asked and sat down
” it’s none of your business “I shouted
” I thought you said am your sister ” she said looking down
I hvgged her immediately crying my eye out
” Rush changed to me, he’s no more the same Rush who always care for his sister. Can you imagine him getting mad at me just because of a mere joke ” I cried more
” It’s okay sis, everything will be fine. Just be patient ” she said
” are you sure? ” I asked
” yes ” she replied and k!$$£d my hair
After some minutes, she left me while I sleep soundly.
🌹 Luna 🌹
I can’t believe Rush can do this to his sister while he flir-t with an ordinary girl who is not even his family.
I entered his room with f0rç£, he moved out of be-d immediately looking shocked.
” what are you doing here ” he asked and I handed him two h0t [email protected] ma-king him speechless
” so are so shameless, how can you plan to hurt your sister just because of a stupid change ” I shouted at him
” how dare you [email protected] me? ” he said looking angry
” so what, are you going to bite me? Go on and bite me ” I said and move my hand to his mouth
” what are you doing ” he said calmly
” why did you do that to your sister ” I asked
” Am sure if she find out about me, she will leave me ” he said and I [email protected] him again
” Luna st©p it ” he shouted
” then what about the girl? You have faith in her right? ” I asked
” that is none of your business, don’t you ever try to control me again. You are nothing, and you see that girl. I love her so much ” he said angrily
” Really? ” I asked silently
” Yes, now get out of my room ” he said and pushed me out of his room
TBC 😘😘

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