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Till death do us [email protected] finale

DEATH DO US [email protected]
Episode 30.
He couldn’t believe that he had been kept in the dark for such a long time without being told such a very important details in her life.
“Am sorry, plea-se” said Cathy.
“I don’t know what to say to you now. So what if I got inti-mate with you? What was your plan?”
“I didn’t intend to think of doing that. I was looking forward to telling you. It’s unfortunate I delayed till now”
“Anyway, right now I am disturbe-d. I don’t know what to do. Give me sometime. We will see what happens between us” he said.
After a while Cathy and her b©yfri£ndwent back to the table where Hellen and Lawrence were. Hellen noticed that something wasn’t well with her friend.
They then left after having their dinner.
Cathy and Hellen went to their room. Cathy narrated everything that happened on the balcony with her b©yfri£nd.
“You mean he was on his knees proposing when you told him about it?” Hellen asked.
“Yes Hellen”
“Iyeeee. Am really sorry. Anyway, if he was meant for you he will come back”
“But do you think I did a good thing by telling him that at that point?”
“You did absolutely well. He has to make a decision with this information about you.”
“I thought I made a mistake.”
“No, you didn’t. Am actually proud of you”
Cathy’s b©yfri£ndwent back to his relative’s home. He was so depressed with what he had heard from Cathy. He didn’t expect to hear what he had from her. It was supposed to be a memorable day for them as they would have been officially called fiances.
When he got home, he found his relative sitted in the living room watching highlights of Manche-ster city and Manche-ster United football match. His cousin lived alones he was not yet married as well. The cousin worked as a clinical officer at a government clinic in town.
“Oh hey Cousy, I hope you had a great time where you went.” the cousin said.
“Not really”
“What went haywire? Did she turn down your proposal?”
“No man, I just st©pped mid way”
“Sit down you tell me everything”
Cathy’s b©yfri£ndsat down and explained anything that happened at the dinner.
“I feel your pain man. So what your way forward?”
“I don’t know man but I can’t stand marrying someone I know is positive”
“Yeah that’s true. But if you really love her, there is still hope for the two of you”
“Okay, how?”
“I guess your main fear is getting infected by her. There is modern solution to that. You can be taking what we call ‘PreP’.”
“Okay what’s that?”
“It’s a medication taken by a negative [email protected] in a discordant couple. It make them resistant to HIV infection.”
“You mean no matter how much you do it live, the HIV negative person can not get infected?”
“As long he or she takes the drugs as directed, yes he can not get it throu-gh S-x”
“Wow. Okay. I will think about it though”
“Yes. And as your think about it also remember the love you have for her. You should also remember that some people get positive in circu-mtances they didn’t intend to find themselves in. And HIV is not that scary now like it used to be sometime back. These days people are so free talking abiut their status.”
“Thank you kaze”
Cathy’s b©yfri£ndknew that he had a lot of thinking to do before ma-king that decision.
The next day, Cathy’s b©yfri£ndcalled her to let her know that hr would be going back. He further asked to meet her before going of which she agreed.
They met at the bus station and stood somewhere a bit far from where there were a lot of people.
“Cathy I am really sorry for how I reacted yesterday. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I wasn’t just expecting that” he said.
“I un-derstand. If I were in your shoes I would have done the same”
“Thank you. About that ring I went back with, I am not sure of what to do next so I nee-d sometime to think throu-gh before I could decide. But always remember that you are still so dear to me. I still love you” he said.
“I love you too. And as you make that decision, do not make your decision out of pity for me, do it for your own good.i will take whatever outcome that comes because this is the condition am in and I can’t do anything about it but live like this” Cathy said.
The b©yfri£ndwas t©uçhed with the words which Cathy said. They then hvgged ti-ghtly as they bade farewell.
The b©yfri£ndthen got on the bus while Cathy went back to the campus.
Both Hellen and Cathy graduated from the University. Hellen was working for a lucrative media house in the city while Cathy was a civil engineer for a construction company.
Cathy was still with his b©yfri£ndwho had now turned into her husband. They got married shortly after her graduation.
Hellen and Lawrence were also busy with the preparations for their wedding which was in few days. Despite people saying that they had been engaged for a long period of time, their wedding was to be an evidence that a period of [email protected]!nghas no direct impact as per say but how those two relate and hold their relationsh!p.
Their big day finally arrived and it was so overwhelming to them seeing their close relatives and friends in audience. Dinah was so proud of her granddaughter who had kept herself pure until this very day. She wished all her other grand daughters did the same.
Whilst dancing, Cathy went to where Hellen was and whispered something into her ear which made both of them bur-st out loud laughing. Upto now we don’t know what they said to each other.
When the wedding reception [email protected]£ to an end, the new couple was driven to their prebooked h0tel room. That was where they were to spend their first night together.
They got to their room and each went to take a shower individually.
It was time for Hellen to experience what she had been hearing from people, watching in movies and daydreaming about.
“I know nothing about how it feels but I want it to be memorable.” She whispered into his ears as they went on preparing each other psychologically for the ‘[email protected] session’.
The lights in the room were perfectly dimmed in order to encourage the mood for the act. In a blink of an eye, they were both nûd£ as Lawrence slowly made her lie down on the be-d. He then slowly and perfectly made sure that no key of on Hellen’s b©dy was left unt©uçhed. This made Hellen get into ecstasy with the feeling.
Being satisfied with the prep, Lawrence slowly drew forward his ‘sword’ and slowly pierced into Hellen’s Oklahoma ma-king her fidget as the [email protected] s from her got inevitable.
After a while they were both in be-d [email protected] after reaching their targets.
It was a heavenly experience for Hellen.
“This was worthy waiting for.” She said as she grasped for breath.
“Indeed. Am glad you have enjoyed it” lawrence said.
“Yeah I really enjoyed. Can we go for another session?” She asked.
“Yes plea-se.”
“Okay but we have to wait for some time” he said.
“Okay. If this is how our marriage will be then I am blessed. I will now have to enjoy you this way TILL DEATH DO US [email protected]” Hellen said proudly with joy written all over her face.
Hope you enjoyed

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