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Till death do us [email protected] Episode 26 & 27

TILL DEATH DO US [email protected]
Episode 26.
Hellen was surprised with the reaction she got from Lawrence. He was such a gentleman and out of nowhere, she was so angry. She was really heartbroken that her b©yfri£ndmade it clear to her that if she doesn’t want to get inti-mate then their relationsh!pwas no more.
Hellen didn’t know what to do next. At that moment she wished she wished Cathy was there so that she could share what had happened with her. With a lot of hate and sadness, Hellen retired to be-d.
The next morning was so different for Hellen. The reality of Lawrence being out of her life seemed like a nightmare to her. She enjoyed the feeling of knowing that there was someone who kept her special.
She got prepared and went ro attend a lecture. When the lecture was done, she headed back to her room. Just then her male course mate [email protected]£ to her.
“Hellen, you don’t seem fine today, is everything okay?” He asked.
“Oh, Ali-ck, am fine”
“You are not fine. Even the tone of your voice says it all. Is it because Cathy is out or you fought with your prince charming?”
“Ah no, we didn’t fight”
“Why has your answer foccused on him and not Cathy? I s-en-se something. Let’s go there we sit and talk”
“No, am fine”
“I won’t let you go until we talk. Cathy won’t spare me knowing you were living sad here”
Ali-ck insisted until they went and sat on the moulded benches.
“Tell me everything. I promise that whatever we talk about here will be between us” he said to her.
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Hellen looked at him and wondered if he was the right person to talk to. The sincerity in his eyes encouraged her to talk to him.
“Ali-ck, I just nee-d to find out something from you.”
“Would you break up with your girlfriend if she doesn’t want to get inti-mate with you?”
“It depends”
“If I have spent a lot of her, I will definitely have to have a piece of her [email protected]!st. If I [email protected] spend on her then why cry foul if she doesn’t want?”
“So you mean to say whenever a man spends on you there is S-x attached to those spending?”
“Listen to me. We men are like investors. In whatever we spend on, we expect to reap. So if a man is spending on you, be rest as-sured that he wants something from you in return.”
“Which is S-x?”
“Not always. Sometimes it could be that he is spending so that he gets a wife from you. So if a man is not spending on you such that you even call him that he has ‘penguin hands’, it’s not that he is stingy. He doesn’t see any reason why he can spend on you because he can’t reap anything from you.”
“So re you saying that when a man spends on you they have an expectation?”
“Absolutely. An expectation of either you as a wife or S-x”
“So what of a man who has [email protected] spent on you but is busy demanding for intim-acy from you?”
“In such a situation, the man has no love but sees you as an object of his satisfaction. A man will always provide something for his woman no matter how poor he is. It is in our DNA to help and provide a woman we love.”
“These are useless fools who want to just lavish on women”
“But you can st©p it”
“By not allowing him have access to your b©dy. ”
“But you men are so difficulty. You have a lot of tricks to make a lady give in”
“Listen to me,we men see if a lady wants us to do it or not. Foe example, if a lady doesn’t want to do it with you, she will avoid secluded places with you. Now let’s say she calls his guy to her room and she is alone, what signal are you giving to him?”
At this point, Hellen felt like he was talking about what she did by inviting Lawrence to her room when she was alone.
“Okay Ali-ck what happened is that yesterday my guy [email protected]£ to my room and I st©pped him from doing it. He got angry and said that we are done”
“Oh okay. You mean he was in that re-adiness to do it and you st©pped him?”
“No wonder he got annoyed. Do you know how it feels to nurse an angry SpongeBob who has been st©pped to hammer? If feels like there is an eight inches Oriental block between your legs. Its so painful.”
“But can that necessitate breaking up?”
“Not really. But if it feels bad. Let me tell you what happened. I made an arrangement with my then girlfriend to meet so that we can do it. I even carried CD’s I re-adiness for anything. She then switched off her phone before we could me as I waited for her. Do you know how I felt when going back? I felt like a biggest stupid ugly monkey. And the c0nd0ms in my pocket felt so heavy like a 50kg pocket of dangote cement. If pains man. You are even luck that after getting in the mood he st©pped when you said st©p. If it was me, I would have pancreatically [email protected]£d you.”
“Look at you fool!”
“Yeah. It feels bad but if he really loved you, he will calm down and get back to you.”
“If he doesn’t?”
“Then he was just after your b©dy and nothing else like love”
“Okay. Thank you Ali-ck for your time”
“You are welcome dear. And I case he doesn’t come back to you, I can help out in giving you some k!sses and hvgs before you find another guy”
“Ala!” Said Hellen hitting him on the shoulder as they laughed.
Hellen then went to her room to have something to eat.
When Cathy [email protected]£ back from her field trip, Hellen was so happy to see her friend again. She knew that they were to catch up on different t©pics. Hellen had not told Cathy anything about what happened between her and Lawrence. She wanted to speak to her in person.
“Yeah so that is what happened” said Hellen after narrating what happened between Lawrence and her to Cathy.
“Did you say he even t©uçhed your carburetor?” Asked Cathy.
“Which carburetor?”
“I mean your turbo booster”
“Where are you getting these terms from?”
“Hellen they are jargon. I am talking about if he t©uçhed your h0ñ£yp0t”
“He just felt it but before he could proceed I st©pped him”
“Wow. Hellen you are a giant. I admire you so much.”
“Yes. If it was me, just tou-ching my th!gh, I would have realised what would have followed later after seeing the bu-tterflies. plea-se keep it up and God will really bless you”
“Amen and thank you”
“Welcome. So has he called since that day?”
“No, he hasn’t”
“He is wicked. He just wanted your four stro-ke engine and nothing else. If he doesn’t get back to you, then he was not meant for you. Don’t you call him.”
“Why? I was almost Calli him”
“You will be the one wrong if you call him. Let him realise his mistake and call you. If you start apologising when you haven’t done anything wrong, even if you get married, you will be the apologiser. No your stance” Cathy said.
“Good. Now let me tell you about my trip”
Episode 27.
“Okay tell me about your trip”
“Nothing much but there was this fool from another university who was ma-king me feels bu-tterflies in my tummy when I saw him” Cathy said.
“Don’t tell you are falling in love again”
“I am not falling in love Hellen. He was showing some signs of falling for me.”
“In just two days?”
“It’s possible to [email protected] foundation of love in two days my dear”
“This is so soon Cathy. You nee-d to give yourself time to heal from your disappointment.”
“Hellen its not that he got my [email protected] and heart after the break up. I am still the real me. I can fall in love any time I feel like.”
“Mmmmm this courage of yours will land you in trouble. You should let time pas-s before getting into another relationsh!p”
“Okay, so according to you, how much time should pas-s before I fall in love? Huh?”
“I am not sure but allow time to heal you”
“I have allowed time alre-ady. Let me get with someone, by that I can fully heal”
“I don’t know much about relationsh!ps anyway”
“Listen my dear, as long as superglue is k2 no man will break my heart. We fix”
“You are unbelievable. You have a different personality because as for me, if Lawrence doesn’t come to mend his ways with me, it will take time for me to be in another relationsh!p.”
“Let me tell you something Hellen. In this [email protected]!ngcircus, you don’t have to take everything that happens personally. Others are there to teach us a lesson while others come to make us feel what we have never felt. So know your stance.”
“See Cathy, you are enjoying while I am languishing in solemnity. I think keeping this vir-ginity of mine is of no use if it makes me lose someone I love.”
“Are you even listening to yourself? Don’t be foolish!”
“Don’t be foolish! Don’t be foolish! but you are busy enjoying the intimacy”
Before Cathy could say anything her phone rang.
“Oh it’s him, let me talk to him” said Cathy as she stood up.
“Hello” she answered as she left the room.
“Oh I didn’t expect the call. It’s a really a plea-sure to hear from you” she said slowly closing the door.
Hellen just sat there as she shook her head in dismay.
“One can’t get into another relationsh!pso soon.” She said to herself.
Lawrence had not called or texted Hellen to find out anything about her. It [email protected]£ evident that he was really done with her.
Hellen was slowly getting depressed with the fact that someone who was ma-king her feel cherished was no longer caring about her. What made it even worse was the fact that her friend was slowly developing love with another man she met at the field trip. She was also so worried because since the incidence with Lawrence, they didn’t talk to each other till then.
Hellen felt there was nee-d to talk to Lawrence and get another confirmation if they were really done.
“Cathy, are you sure that it’s right to still wait on Lawrence to talk to me first?” Hellen asked her as they prepared to go for their afternoon lectures.
“Believe me Hellen, he will call if he really cares.” Cathy said.
“But if he doesn’t make an effort to talk to me, what next?”
“Then forget him”
“Cathy, he is the first man who I have been in a relationsh!pand my love for him is still strong. I still nee-d to talk to him. I can’t just let him go without atleast having a talk.”
“Hellen, issues of love are really trick. I am not dictating you what to do but I was just sharing my idea. You can do what your heart tells you to do. But be careful with whatever you do because I don’t want your momma to come and inject benzathine in my eyes as punishment for not looking after you” she said as they laughed.
“Thank you Cathy”
“Anytime. Let me rush out lecture is starting in 15 minutes.”
“Okay, mine is starting in 45 minutes. We will meet later”
Cathy left to attend her lecture. Hellen remained trying to figure out what to do in order to talk with Lawrence.
She decided to call him so that she could arrange meeting with him.
“Hello Hellen” answered Lawrence.
“Lawrence I would to meet you at the bench if it’s fine with you” she said.
“Is it an emergency?”
“No, there is something I nee-d to talk to you”
“I am a bit tied up maybe around 17hours.”
“I will also be attending a lecture shortly. So that time is fine”
“Okay sure”
Before Hellen could say ‘bye’ Lawrence hanged up the call. This gave a signal to Hellen that he was really still angry with her.
When someone calls, the one who makes the call is supposed to hang up. Hanging up a call you didn’t make is being rude. The caller is the one who is supposed to hang up unless otherwise.
Hellen prepared herself and went for a lecture.
During the lecture she was abs£nt minded trying to beat time so that she can go and meet Lawrence.
At the appointed time, Hellen went to the bench behind the computer lab to wait for Lawrence. She sat there and stayed for about 15 minutes without seeing Lawrence coming. She started thinking he has changed his mind about meeting her. She then gave herself 5 more minutes to wait and if he still didn’t come, he would be gone.
When three minutes [email protected], Lawrence popped up coming to where she was. There was no smile on his face but a moody phenotypical face. He went and sat next to her though leaving a space in between them.
“Am sorry. I was helping my roommate pack who is not feeling okay. He is going home” Lawrence said.
“Don’t bother about that.”
There was a little bit of silence as Helen gathered some courage to start the t©pic.
“Mmmmm you called me here” he said.
“Mmm yeah I did. Lawrence we were at the peak of our relationsh!pand now we feel like strangers. I just want to talk things out with you. Are you really done with me because of what happened?” She asked.
“Okay that is what you want to know?”
“If someone has a smartphone but he is not able to access Internet with it, of what use is it to him? It’s useless so he better throw it away. What am trying to say is I don’t find any more reason to keep staying with you because you cant do it with me” said Lawrence frankly.
“Okay. Let me tell you something. If there is something I have kept with pride is my vir-ginity. I have specially kept this for my husband. I want him to be the first man to have a feel of it.”
“So are you saying you don’t see a husband in me?”
“No, i didn’t say that. What I am saying if the moment you become my husband, everything on me will be fully yours and you will be authorised to do with it as you plea-se. Actually am doing it for you.”
“So what happens if for some unfortunate incidences you lose it before your husband?”
“What do you mean?”
“If you get drun!kand someone does it or you get [email protected]£d, what will be there for your husband?”
“That will be unfortunate but I will be proud knowing that I have willingly first given to my husband.”
“You have a good will of keeping your vir-ginity but let me tell you something. While you are here keeping your vir-ginity, have you ever thought of what your future husband is doing now wherever he is? He is enjoying himself and he will feel nothing special about you even if you give him your vir-ginity. So open your eyes. It’s better you both meet when you are all expertise.”
Hellen kept quiet for sometime as the words sunk into her.
“So Lawrence, if I don’t sleep with you, it means we are done?”
“We are alre-ady done and we will remain that way”
Hellen kept quiet and looked at him. The love for him in her at that moment grew so heavy in her.
“If keeping my vir-ginity will drive him away from me, of what use is it if I live a miserable life without him?” She thought to herself.
“Okay, Lawrence, since you said your roommate has gone home, can I come to your room this night?” Asked Hellen.
The eyes of Lawrence brightened up at hearing that. He didn’t expect that she would make such a wonderful pronouncement so sweet to his ears.
“What?” He askedfailing to believe.
“Can i come tonight?”
“Of course. Am lonely”
“I will call you before coming” she said.
Hellen then stood up heading to her room. Lawrence looked at the rear view of her as she walked. In that sight of admiration for Hellen, Lawrence heard a song singing in his heard.
‘i gat a feeling…. That tonight gonna be a good good night..” the song rung in his head.
He limped with joy heading to his room. He had to prepare everything to make sure that the first night of rebooting Hellen could be memorable. He clean up the room and arranged things well. He even sprayed a good fragrance in the room. After that he locked the room so that nob©dy could mess it. He then went to take a good bath. He changed clothes and wore a good cologne to make him smell good.
At around 20hours of that evening, Lawrence received a text to go and pick Hellen at their rendezvous. Lawrence happily went to pick her up.
They walked to his room and entered. Lawrence locked the door behind them and turned on the Bluetooth speaker as some slow ro-mantic music started pla-ying.
After several moments of chatting, they started putting themselves in the mood for the [email protected] session. They slowly k!$$£d as Lawrence started running his hands all over her b©dy. She also reciprocated by starting to run her hands over him. It was evident that Hellen was re-ady to have her balagidios and sobotolo menentenesi [email protected] by him.
Watch out for episode 28.

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