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Till death do us [email protected] Episode 24 & 25

TILL DEATH DO US [email protected]
Episode 24
Hellen then got into her slee-ping dress after which she got into her be-d. She was feeling over the moon with the most amazing feeling she had never had. She was busy smiling to herself as she slowly fell asleep.
That was one of the most peaceful nights Hellen had. The sleep was so soothing that she got to an extent of talking in her sleep.
“Lawrence….. Lawrence…. You are so funny” Hellen said in her sleep.
Cathy was hearing all this and nodded her head in dismay.
“This is the problem of knowing things when you are alre-ady an adult” Cathy thought to herself not wanting to wake Hellen up.
The relationsh!pbetween Hellen and Lawrence had developed a very good ra-pport. They got along well and usually checked on each other. Regardless of this, Lawrence had not yet said anything to Hellen about ma-king her feel special. This made Hellen wonder if he really loved her or he was just leading her on.
As their custom was, one late evening, Hellen and Cathy met at their bench near computer lab. They got chatting until lwarence got to the story.
“Hellen, I nee-d to tell you something.” Lawrence said.
“Okay, am all ears” she answered.
“For sometime now we have been spending some quality time together and we have built a very good chemistry. I don’t know about you but I feel something strongly building inside me for you and I would like to have it firmly placed in me. What I mean, I love you” he said.
Hellen was so happy to hear those words but she didn’t want to show her happiness for the sake of girl-power.
“Wow. Okay, am really grateful to hear that.”
“You are welcome. But what I want now is to make you my woman.”
“Lawrence, we have just been seeing each other for three weeks and we don’t know much about each other, we can’t be serious so soon”
“Yes we don’t know much about each other, so if we get into a special relationsh!p, we will know much about each as we won’t have limitations of what to know”
Hellen looked at Lawrence and saw the sincerity in his eyes as he spoke.
“I nee-d your hand in a relationsh!p” he said.
“I nee-d sometime to think about it” she said.
“No problem, you have all the time to do the thinking but I just request that your reply should put a stupid smile on my face”
“Hmmmmm” Hellen scoffed.
“You mean a lot to me”
“St©p flattering me Lawrence.”
“Ita not my fault that I feel this way about you. Let me express what I feel.”
“Okay, I will think about it.”
When Hellen got to her room, she was really happy and joyous.
“He has finally asked me to be her girlfriend” she said to Cathy.
“Wow. Congratulations” Cathy said.
“Thank you”
“Did you accept the proposal?”
“No, why in a hurry? I have to show my girl power.”
“Good. So don’t pretend who you are not to him. Be yourself. You won’t last long with him if you hide who you really are.”
“I hear you my guru”
“If when you are with your man, you are not comfortable as you feel like you can do something that might annoy him, then you will nee-d to relax and be yourself. If you can’t relax when with him, it would be better to find someone you are free with.”
“I am free with him”
“Okay good. Tommorow I want you to esc-rt me in town. I nee-d to get some groceries”
“Okay sure”
In the morning of the next day, Hellen and Cathy got re-ady for their program of going into town. They went to the shopping mall where they entered a supermarket to get their groceries. As they were busy getting their stuff, they met Morgan by the corner of the shelf. Cathy gave him that you-are-nothing-to-me look. Before he could say anything, Cathy walked away from him.
“Hellen, let’s go” she said to her.
Hellen followed her friend leaving Morgan standing there in awe. They continued doing their shopping until they got out of the mall and went back to the campus.
“Cathy that is not how you treat a human being. That was wrong of you to treat him like that” said Hellen to Cathy.
“So you wanted me to hvg and k!sshim then say, ‘hey Morgan it’s so wonderful to see my love’? Huh? Is that what you wanted?” Asked Cathy.
“No, I don’t mean that. Atleast you should have not shown your anger to him in public”
“Hellen you don’t fully un-derstand what he did to me. I will befriend again, over my dead b©dy.” Said Cathy.
“Anyway I don’t know what he made you feel but courtesy is very important.”
“My prayer is that you don’t get what I was made to go throu-gh.”
Cathy then went outside to st©p discussing the t©pic with Hellen.
Around 18:00hours of that day, Cathy and Hellen were sitted in their room watching a movie as usual. They then heard a knock on the door of their room.
“Go and get the knock Cathy”
“Hellen remember am older than you, have respect”
“Respect to someone just months older?”
“Go and get it”
Hellen went to open the door and behold, Morgan was standing there.
“$h!t!” Shouted Hellen then closing the door.
“What is it Hellen?”
“Come and check who is here”
Cathy went to the door and found that it was Morgan. She [email protected]£ furious with his sight.
“If you what is good for you, just leave this place”
“Cathy I just nee-d a minute with you”
“A minute to make me your sister again? Leave!”
“I won’t let until I talk to you”
“Really? Okay wait”
Cathy went into her room and got a whistle. She then opened the door and found Morgan still standing there.
“You are so stubborn”
Cathy then started b!owing the whistle and shouting “wa [email protected] kuno, wama [email protected] kuno” (someone spraying [email protected] here) while pointing at Morgan. Few people started getting out of their rooms. Morgan knew that there would be no time to explain and something fateful would happen to him.
“$h!t!” He said as he turned back and started running to the car park.
Some few students started chasing him.
“What are you doing Cathy?” Asked Hellen.
“The world is so easy if you know what to do” Cathy said going into her room.
TILL DEATH DO US [email protected]
Episode 25
Hellen stood there holding her mouth failing to un-derstand what had just happened. She prayed that nothing bad happened to Morgan. She then went were her friend who was getting undressed was.
As Morgan went on running a few more students joined the chase. He ran as fast as he could knowing very well that once caught, his explanation would fall on deaf ears. Fortunately, the adrenaline supercharged into his b©dy and his running skill made it difficult for the students to catch up with him. The students were lagging behind him in about 30 metres. He got to the car park and before they could cover that 30 metres difference, he sped off in his vehicle. That was his luck fate!
“Cathy, do you know that you have endangered the life of Morgan?” Hellen asked.
“Yes I know. And do you know that he also endangered my life by disappointing me? I would have died. The he has felt that’s how I felt” Cathy answered.
“This is not fair by the way”
“Why are you protecting him? Don’t make me think you are eyeing him!”
“What? Why?”
“Then join my side of punishing him”
“I believe in talking things out. I suggest that you talk to him and make it clear that you are no longer interested in him anymore.”
“I have made it clear alre-ady. If he doesn’t have s-en-se, he will die now”
“You are being too emotional”
“Listen Hellen, when you are starting your relationsh!p, it has to be built on trust. See what he did. He lied to me, he pretended to and made a monkey out of me. How could our relationsh!pthrive even if we start it again? Cheating and lie in the first stage of a relationsh!pis a red flag”
“Anyway I don’t have much experience, what can I say”
“Good. And good night”
Morgan never made an effort to meet or talk to Cathy again. He could have been clearly given a signal that she was no longer interested in him by the chase from the campus. It was time for him to look at different places for love.
This is what happens when someone wants to [email protected] the feelings of those who love them. Morgan had a fiance who loved her. He also went into ma-king Cathy fall for her of which she loved him genuinely. The moment his cheating escaped got ba-red out in the broad daylight, he lost both of the woman. It’s true that ‘cimbwi ofuna kukonkha zonse njira pa njiramamphindwe opezuka pakati’ (a hyena who wants to take two routes at a junction at the same time gets torn [email protected]). Indeed, he who fights for two ends up with nothing. Be warned.
“You should take good care of yourself for me. I don’t want to hear that anything bad has happened to you” Cathy said.
“I will and you should take care of yourself too” Hellen said.
Cathy was going on a field trip to do some research on her engineering as-signment with her fellow students. They were to be out for three days as they were going out of the town.
“Have a safe journey” she said as she hvgged her.
Cathy got into thw university bus and sat on a seat beside the window. They waved with Hellen as the bus started off.
Hellen went back to her room to work on some stuff she had left. She knew that she would be lonely without her confidante. The only consolation was the pres£nce of the sweet Lawrence.
That evening Lawrence called her so that they could meet.
“This is when I am about to take a shower. Let me call you when am done” Hellen said.
“I can’t wait any longer. Can I come and wait for you at your room?”
“Aaaah I…..”
“Come one just say yes”
“Okay come you will find me in the shower so just enter the room.”
Hellen went to take a quic-k shower. When she was done she [email protected]£ and started applying lotion whilst covered in a bathing towel.
Lawrence [email protected]£ at this point. Whatever that ran in his mind, he didn’t want to get in directly. A little devil in him told him to prep throu-gh the keyhole on the door to see what was inside.
When started peeping, he saw Hellen in a towel only applying lotion on her b©dy. She then dropped her towel remaining completely nûd£. Lawrence could see all her back [email protected] He couldn’t help admiring the smooth flawless skin and her well built behind.
“plea-se turn around.” Lawrence pleaded within himself.
In line with his wish, she slowly turned around ex-posing her most temptations [email protected] to Lawrence. The nice firmly positioned round brea-sts on her che-st, a slim tummy and we’ll shaped girdle made Lawrence’s SpongeBob get full of blood as it violently [email protected] His eyes were strongly glued to the sobotolo menentenesi of Hellen.
“Oh my goodness!” He said to himself.
Hellen then got herself dressed up. As she was coming to the door, Lawrence knocked. She opened the door.
“I was wondering why you weren’t here alre-ady.” She said.
“Oh I got tied up a bit thats why I have delayed a bit.” He lied.
“Okay can we go to our usual sp©t” she said.
“Why don’t we watch a movie today?” He said.
“That would be a great idea”
“We will watch it from here because my room is really busy. My roommate is busy with friends doing their project.”
“No problem, come in”
They sat on Hellen’s be-d as they discussed which movie to watch. They finally settled on watching an Indian movie ‘i hate love stories’. During the course of the movie, Lawrence held Hellen close to himself. As the movie was more than two hours long, the time it finished the whole campus was dead quiet as people had retired to be-d.
“It was a nice movie” he said.
“Yeah, i like it so much”
“Hellen you are so beautiful. I love you so much.” He said looking into her eyes.
“I love you too Lawrence”
He then bent in k!ss!ngher softly. The k!ss!ngwent on until it [email protected]£ a pas-sionate one. The breathing rate of both of them started increasing as the hor-mones started racing in them preparing for anything. As they went on k!ss!ngLawrence re-moved her spectacles, put them down, resumed k!ssing.
This went on until he made her lie down on the be-d as they went on k!ssing. Lawrence then started running his hand along the legs of Hellen. He then slowly started advancing upto her th!ghs. Since Hellen was wearing a flared dress, it was so ease for him to start [email protected]£ss!ngher th!ghs. He then slowly moved his hand towards her h0ñ£yp0t. He could hear her breathing rate increase. At that point, Lawrence’s weapon of mas-s destruction was re-ady to ruin any place it could have been launched on. Before he could t©uçh the Calabash, Hellen pushed him away.
“Enough!” She said.
“What do you mean?”
“We can’t do it”
“Hellen what’s wrong?”
“Let’s wait till we get married. I want it to be special.”
“Hellen look at me, do you really want to leave me this way? It’s not that I will get your honey pot, No. We will just lock them together for a few minutes and afterwards each will be with his or her items. Let’s not make a big deal of this.”
“I am not re-ady.”
“Are you afraid that I might run away after we do it?”
“No. We are still knowing each other”
“Yes, and this is the other [email protected] we have to know each other. What is I can’t satisfy, will it be fine if you discover it in marriage and be miserable for the rest of your marriage life? What if my device is too big for you, will you have to put up with it just like that? We have to know each other on these categories as well”
“No, I can’t do it. plea-se leave now. We will talk about it later”
“Hellen this is now the third time you are refusing me to do it. So what the ess£nce of being in this relationsh!pif we can’t get inti-mate? Do you just want we chat, hvg, k!ssand then leave me mu mwamoneni? (Suspense) huh? Tell me”
“It’s not that Lawrence”
“Okay when you are re-ady to start an inti-mate relationsh!pwith me, you will let me know. Other than that call whatever we had history. We are done. If you want relationsh!ps were you won’t get inti-mate go to Zeeworld and meet Karan, Raj, Prithvi, Sedat and all those. Us here is Africa we doda. Nons-en-se!” Said Lawrence leaving the room and ban-ged the door behind him.
Watch out for episode 26.

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