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Till death do us [email protected] Episode 22 & 23

TILL DEATH DO US [email protected]
Episode 22
The moment Morgan saw Cathy entering the living room, he [email protected]£ uncomfortable as he knew that he had caught red handed.
Cathy tried to [email protected] cool but de-ep down her heart there was h0t molten lava of anger blazing.
“Eh.. hi” Morgan stuttered.
“Hello Morgan” said Cathy.
“Baby re-move the volume from the television so that you talk nicely to your sister” said the lady at which Morgan did as told.
“Morgan, plea-se tell me what is happening here before I bur-st out” Cathy asked holding back her tears.
“Listen to me Cathy. Let’s go outside we talk” Morgan said.
“No, let’s talk here. Am I your sister?” Cathy asked.
“I can explain Cathy” he said.
“Baby you mean to say she is not your sister?” Asked the lady.
“I am not his sister. He has been pretending extremely well to be in love with me until now. He was even promising to marry me.” Cathy shouted angrily as she let out her tears.
“So you mean you have been [email protected]#$ing this lady behind my back?” Asked the lady.
“No, baby I can explain” said Morgan.
“Okay, just wait” said the lady going to the be-droom leaving Morgan and Cathy alone in the be-droom.
“Why did you come here?” Morgan said.
“Like seriously you are asking me that stupid question? You have not been picking my calls and you didn’t call me back, so you thought that am that heartless to not come and check on your cheating bu-tt?” Asked Cathy.
“Listen to mecathy, you have alre-ady complicated things here. So don’t complicate them any further. If you know what is good for you, just leave.” Said Morgan.
Before Cathy could answer, the lady [email protected]£ out of the be-droom with her suitcase and in different clothes.
“My sister, i have no problem with you. He is the one who has pla-ying us around. I can’t stand a cheating person. He promised marriage to me. He engaged me, here is the ring” the lady said removing the ring from her f!nger.
“Morgan, continue with your cheating and we will see who will tolerate this.” Said the lady as she threw the ring to him.
The lady then left the house with her suitcase.
“Have you seen what you have done now? Why didn’t you stay at your campus?” Asked Morgan angrily.
“You unbelievable! You pretended so well to be in love with me when actually you were lying. Why didnt you tell me the truth that you are alre-ady engaged?” Asked Cathy.
“Cathy, I am not your type and I will never be. My fiance you have chased stays a bit away from this town, so I nee-ded you to lavish myself on. I can’t marry you.” Said Morgan plainly.
“Really?” She asked as another flood of tears run down her cheeks.
“Okay Morgan, am glad you have told me the truth. But I really [email protected]£ to believe that true love exist because of you. You made me feel head over heels but that was all fake. Anyway, I wish you all the best in your [email protected]!nglife. And don’t you ever call me again” Cathy said after which she left the house.
“Damn!” Morgan shouted as he hit the wall so [email protected]
He then started gro-an ing in pain after which he went to his be-droom.
He sat on the be-d thinking of what to do next.
Cathy got to the campus really sad. She entered her room and [email protected] be-d face down crying. She sobbe-d as much as she could because Hellen wasn’t yet there.
“What did I do wrong to deserve this?” Cathy asked herself.
A little while later Hellen [email protected]£ back from where she went to. The moment she saw Cathy lying facedown on her be-d, she knew that there was something wrong with her as it was her way of slee-ping whenever she was sad. Hellen went closer to her to find out from her.
“Girlfriend, what is wrong?” Hellen asked.
“Nothing is wrong with me. It’s him who is in a problem” Cathy said as she sniffed trying to clear her nose.
“What? Come on! Sit up you tell me everything” Hellen said as she helped her friend to sit up.
“Tell me everything” Hellen said after her friend sat up.
“Hellen can you believe it that Morgan is engaged to someone else?” Cathy’s said.
“What?!” Exclaimed Hellen.
Cathy then explained everything that happened from the time she left the campus until when she got back. She told her everything that happened at Morgan’s place.
“Can you imagine telling her stupid fiance that am his sister!” Sobbe-d Cathy.
“Am so sorry girlfriend that this had happened to you.” Hellen said trying to console her friend.
“I kept myself from [email protected]!ngfrom the time RAM abused me. I kept myself safe and waiting for a serious man only to bu-mp into the pretentious scoundrel called Morgan. Hellen, you are right in the way you lead your life. Not falling in love is the best life ever. No drama, no tears, no fuss. I will never fall in love again” said Cathy as she ru-bbe-d the tears running down her cheeks.
“Don’t say that Cathy. You are the person who made me believe that true love is possible on this wicked world. I know there are ups and downs in this love arena. You just have to be strong and get over this which am sure you will” Hellen said.
“I know I will but it’s just so [email protected] for me to believe that our love story with him has been shuttered just like this”
“All will be well”
“Yes. Hellen, let me warn you that you shouldn’t fully trust men. They are so cunning that you might end up having your life ruined” she said.
Hellen held her friend consoling her.
Hellen was sitted on the moulded chairs in the yard of the university where there was a lot of shade from the trees. She was there are she wanted to use the WiFi from the computer laboratory which was nearby. She went on browsing several pages as she listened to country music pla-ying in the background.
She then saw the gentleman from the [email protected] with spectacles on coming towards her. Hellen tried to pretend like she didn’t see him but de-ep down her heart, she was praying that he [email protected]£ to meet her.
Just like an answer to her prayer, the guy [email protected]£ directly to where she was sitted.
“Would it be so rude of me if I sit next to me?” asked the guy.
“I don’t sit next to people who I don’t even know their names” answered Hellen teasing her.
“Are you always this re-ady to reply to any question with an element of teasing?” He asked as he sat next her.
“Are you all always this rude by doing things without being given permission?” Hellen asked back referring to his sitting down.
The gentle guy laughed softly ex-posing his white teeth which glowed in the eyes of Hellen like the fresh fallen snow on Mount Everest. Hellen didn’t look directly at him as she felt uncomfortable for the reasons she didn’t know.
“Okay let’s start afresh now. My name is Lawrence” said the guy.
“Okay its a plea-sure knowing you Lawrence. But where did you meet me before?” She asked.
“Oh it’s true that mtaya makoko saiwala.” Lawrence said.
“What do you mean?”
“You did something which I didn’t forget”
“Okay, what was that?”
“Sometime back you [email protected] a boy when you went for debate”
“Iyeee, you saw that?” Asked Hellen as she covered her face.
“Saw?! I received that [email protected]” he said.
“plea-se, am so embarras-sed right now.” She said.
“No, you don’t have to be because that [email protected] meant a lot to me” he said.
“Yeah. You proved that you are a principled girl. From that time, it has been my prayer to meet you. When I saw you in the [email protected] I almost jumped out of excitement.” He said.
“Really? Thank you” she said.
“Welcome. Actually am heading to my room, can we link up this evening for catching up on our history?” He asked.
“Of course we can, as long as you promise to behave so that I don’t [email protected] you again” Helen said as they both laughed.
“Okay, key in you line so that I can call you” Lawrence said handing her the phone.
Hellen dialed her line after which Lawrence saved it.
“See you”
“Okay, see you”
Hellen watch where Lawrence was going. When Lawrence turned to look at her, she quic-kly looked at the [email protected]©p.
When Hellen was done, she went to her room to share what had happened with her friend.
“Cathy, this guy is so amazing” Hellen said after telling her how they met.
“That’s good to hear” Cathy said.
“But there is one problem” Hellen said.
“Whenever I see him, my heart skips a beat. I feel like there are some tingling things walking all over my b©dy. When I talk to him, the feeling is just so amazing. I don’t why now” said Hellen.
“That is what we call falling in love. If you feel that when you see a man, just know that you are getting in love.” Cathy said.
“But this can’t be love, it’s too soon. We haven’t even talked about such thing yet.” She said.
“Okay. But remember that that nice feeling when you are falling in love, it also mean that common s-en-se is coming out of you” Cathy said.
“What do you mean?”
“Love with your heart and your [email protected] as well. Your [email protected] will help you a lot.” Cathy said.
“Okay my guru. Am going to meet him this evening, what should I wear?”
“Is it a [email protected]£?”
“I don’t know but he said chatting”
“Just go there casually. Unless if it was at a dinner, i can’t recommend anything to wear right now”
“Okay, let me go I start preparing” said Hellen going to the bathroom.
Hellen then [email protected]£ out suddenly which even made Cathy afraid as if she was running from something.
“What is it?!” Cathy asked .
“What aboutl-ipstick? Can i use it tonight?” Asked Hellen.
“So that’s why you can out running?”
“Yes, i had just remembered thatl-ipstick should not be worn anyhow. So should I put it on?” Asked Hellen.
“Hellen, you can apply on yourl-ips even black shoes polish, lavender or peanut bu-tter if you want.” Cathy said standing up going to the refrigerator.
Episode 23.
Cathy was pissed with her feino question as they looked so frivolous to her. She was busy trying to make ends meets with her life after being outrightly being disappointed by Morgan.
“No problem Cathy, I now get it. I will apply mayonnaise on myl-ips” Hellen said laughing as she went into the bathroom.
Though Cathy was feeling so low and had even lost hope of being love ever again, she was really happy that her friend had changed her mind regarding [email protected]!ngcircles.
Hellen [email protected]£ out as she sung along to the song pla-ying on her Bluetooth speaker. She sung the song confidently with worng lyrics as she got dressed.
“I can see that you are really geared to meet this guy” Cathy said.
“Of course I am” Hellen said.
“But plea-se don’t let that nice feeling make you lose all the common s-en-se you have”
“No, that won’t happen”
In the evening on that day, the atmosphere was cool and the sky was clear with a full grown moon shining above. Since the campus was well lit, the impact of the shinning moon wasnt felt much.
Hellen was wearing her denim pair of trou-ser and a nice cotton t©p which fitted on her well. She had no [email protected] inside her t©p which made her well pointed round brea-sts get a motuhwatering shape. She had also applied make-up sparingly which made her look so natural. She also wore a special Italian scented cologne which made her smell well.
Hellen sat there with her phone in front waiting for the call from Lawrence. After a little while she checked on the screen of her phone to see if there is a message or not. Cathy was noticing this and knew that she had to offer a free lesson to her.
“Hellen, so what can you do if he doesn’t call?” Asked Cathy.
“What? Why shouldn’t he call?” Hellen asked.
“There are things which can cause him not to meet you.”
“Then that’s it. What can I do if he doesn’t call? Nothing” she said.
“Okay Hellen. I have noticed that you have alre-ady fallen in love with him before he has even said a word to you concerning [email protected]!ng. That’s the mistake many ladies make. You put yourself in a relationsh!pwhich a man has not put himself into.”
“I am not in any relationsh!p”
“Yes you not but right now you are acting like you are in a relationsh!palre-ady. Leave room for your love to grow. Don’t rush anything. If you get head over heels for him, he might not even ask you out. He will just lavish himself on you and at the end of the day ask out someone else. And when you complain, he will remind you that he didn’t say any words asking you out. Take your time girlfriend”
“Okay but it’s not my fault that I am behaving like this.”
“Okay there is a difference between love and infatuation. This could be infatuation.” Said Cathy.
“Infatuation? So how do I know the difference?” Asked Hellen.
“There a video I downloaded from website which talked about the difference between love and infatuation. Infactuation is based on what you feel while love is based on what you know” Cathy said.
“So if you feel so much fond of someone but you [email protected] know anything about that person, then you are just infatuated. True love is based on knowing the personality and the real character of the person. Infatuation takes no time while real love takes time to grow. So if you get to know him very well and you still feel the same way about him, then it could be true love.” Said Cathy.
“That’s lovely. I didn’t know”
“That’s why am here to tell you what I know. The beginning of the relationsh!pis very important. You will build the foundation of your relationsh!p. You have to [email protected] [email protected] strategy. Make it a bit difficult for a man to have you. If you [email protected]@rd to get, he will value you when he finally gets you but if you are easily taken, he will treat you like garbage. The secret is make yourself worthy it for him” Cathy said.
“Okay but how now?”
“In the early stage of the relationsh!p, do not, I repeat, do not appear desperate no matter how much you like the guy. Guys enjoy challenges. It’s his duty to do everything possible to have you. Act like you don’t really want him but this shouldn’t s£nd him away by being disrespectful.” Cathy said.
“I have hear you well madam”
“Good, now let’s watch a movie as you wait for him to call” said Cathy said bring her [email protected]©p close to Hellen.
Though Hellen’s eyes were on the [email protected]©p, her mind was on the phone. She then slowly gor absorbe-d in the Tyler Perry movie they were watching.
Her phone then rang. When looked at the screen, it was a new number. Hellen immediately got the phone in order to pick it up.
“Don’t pick that call” said Cathy.
“Why? It could be him”
“Yes it could be him. If you pick it immediately he will know that you were eagerly waiting for his call and that will reduce your value in his eyes. Make him know that other than him, you still have life to live. Let him get worried so that he feels like you won’t pick it up. By doing this, it will be a point for you but of course you don’t have to do this always. You can pick it now” said Cathy.
“You are unbelievable” said Hellen to Cathy.
“Hello” said Hellen picking the call.
“Thank goodness! I thought you won’t pick this call.” The voice said.
“Oh sorry I was doing something on the [email protected]©p and my phone was a bit far from me” lied Hellen.
“Oh okay, anyway never mind that. I am waiting for you where we agreed to meet” the voice said.
“Okay, I will be there shortly” Hellen said as she hung up the call.
“Did you see how eager her was to hear your voice? You have just scored a point on him. Don’t be desperate to him. So now, give yourself three minutes before you leave this room.” Cathy said.
“It’s a duty of a man to wait for a lady. That what they have to do. Make him wait a bit and that will make his yearn to see you grow.” Said Cathy.
“Mmmm okay your majesty” said Hellen.
“When you get there just give him a smile. No matter how mad he was for ma-king him wait, the moment he sees an astounding smile with alittle stupid sorry from your mouth, his heart will melt and make him forget about the waiting. If he still remains mad, then who would want to [email protected]£ an Adolf Hitler? Nob©dy” Cathy said.
“Okay can I go now?”
“Of course you can. Take care. Remember to smile” Cathy said.
Hellen walked down the pavement going to the preplanned rendezvous. She found Lawrence standing a telephone booth as he scrolled on his phone.
When Lawrence looked up, he saw Hellen walking towards him. The beautiful smile and the well fitting clothes Hellen had on made her look so lovely in the eyes of Lawrence. When she got near, Lawrence couldn’t help but admire the nice and well shaped ba-lls of eternal plea-sure on Cathy’s che-st being mystically hidden un-der her t©p.
“Am really sorry for keeping you waiting” Hellen said with a great smile.
“Oh no, I have just arrived.” Lawrence lied to her though he had waited for almost ten minutes since he called.
“Okay thank you” Hellen said.
Hellen remembered what Cathy had told her about it and it simply workers wonders.
“It’s a bit crowded here, can we go to the bench where we met during the day?” Asked Lawrence as she still stole some glances on her che-st.
“That will be fine” she said.
They walked to the bench near the computer laboratory and sat on the bench.
They started chatting as they tried to get to know each other. Their chat ranged from the courses they went to do, their school life to different perspectives on several issues. The chemistry between them was awesome.
When the checked on time it was past 11pm. They didn’t even notice the silence of people as they were at a secluded place.
“I am now dosing” Hellen said.
“Yeah, i guess we can go and rest now.” Said Lawrence.
They walked down the pavements heading to Hellen’s room as it was being a gentleman to esc-rt a lady at that time of the night. When they got to the door of Hellen’s room, Hellen gave him a hvg which they both enjoyed.
“Thank you for esc-rting me and for the chat” said Hellen.
“You are welcome and thank you for your time.” Lawrence said.
“Welcome. Let me know when you get to your room safely” she said.
“I will surely do that” he said.
Hellen entered their room as Lawrence headed back to his room as well.
“Wow. That ti-ght hvg felt for heavenly.” Hellen said softly to herself not knowing Cathy heard what she just said.
“You are in ecstasy with a hvg only, what more kalanganding? You will go mad with the sugar” said Cathy still covered in her be-dsheets.
“Cathy you are not slee-ping this time?” Hellen asked.
“No, am busy dreaming right now” Cathy said.
“You are mad” Hellen said laughing.
Watch out for episode 24.

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