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Till death do us [email protected] Episode 20 & 21

TILL DEATH DO US [email protected]
Episode 20
Cathy [email protected] in be-d still feeling the mesmerizing hor-mones running in her. It had been long since the last time someone made her see the flowers. Though other people say you can’t manage a celibacy life even for a year, Cathy stayed for more than six years since her last encounter with Ram.
There is nothing sinister about managing going on without getting inti-mate. Though most people say that ladies can easily stay a longer period of time without intimacy, the reality is that even men can manage as long as they clothe themselves with self control which is a real deal to most men.
“I have to be going now” Cathy said to Morgan.
“Oh yeah, let’s go.” Morgan said.
“Let me just have some t©uçh on my appearance” she said.
Cathy stood up and went to look after which she got herself dressed up. She then did some t©uçh on her make up so that she could look on point. When she was set, she went to Morgan and told him to start off.
They then went to the car so that they could start off. They both entered the car.
“Cathy, I love you so much. I can’t wait to have you for the rest of my life” Morgan said.
“I love you too Morgan” she said.
“Come on, give me a k!ss” he said.
“And if I don’t?”
“Then I am not starting this vehicle”
“Morgan you are wasting time here. Let’s go”
“You are the one wasting time here. Just k!ssme and we will be as good as gone”
“You are so stubborn.” She said as she leaned in to k!sshim.
“Yes, we can now start off” Morgan said as he started the car engine.
Morgan dropped Cathy at the campus and headed back to his home. The purported visit to his uncle was just a way of ma-king Cathy go with him to his home.
“I am a sniper. I never miss my target. Cathy has now become my prey. I have to look for another fresh catch” Morgan said to himself.
He then cruised his car going home as he pla-yed ‘hit em up’ by 2Pac.
Cathy got to her room and found Hellen was not there. She quic-kly re-moved her diner clothes and went to the bathroom to shower. She went and stood un-der the cold shower as rays of thoughts [email protected]£ to her.
“I am really sorry that I didn’t get an opportunity to tell him about my status. I am sure he has now contracted the disease from me. But I tried to st©p him but he couldn’t listen.” Cathy thought to herself as she tried to suppress the guilty she had.
“Cathy!” Shouted Hellen.
“Hi…. Hello Hellen” Cathy answered coming out of her thoughts.
“I have been calling for long now. Is everything okay?” Hellen asked.
“Oh sorry, everything is fine though. I was just carried away in thoughts.” Cathy said.
“Okay, then hurry up we have something to eat” Hellen said.
“I had a great meal where I went so I see no nee-d of eating here.” Cathy said.
“Oh okay, hope that food won’t get digested in your b©dy so that you remain satisfied foe eternity.” Said Hellen.
“Of course it will.”
Cathy finished having a shower and got herself dressed up. She then got a bowl and prepared herself some cornflakes. She sat on her be-dspace eating as she logged on Facebook to re-ad stories on ‘The Scribbles Of Mphandika’ page.
“This man eish!” Said Cathy.
“Which man?” Asked Hellen who had come to join her.
“What has he done?”
“This is almost 19hours but he has not yet posted today’s episode.” Cathy said.
“If I tell you how I have been looking forward to today’s episode you might think am just exaggerating.” Hellen said.
“Don’t you have his line, we call him?” Cathy said.
“Eeeh you, even if I had his number or knew it, I wouldn’t dare give it to you.” Hellen said.
“The way your life is messed up, you might end up confusing his innocent soul.” Hellen said.
“Oh I see someone is digging on Scribbles”
“Look at you! And yes, you said that you won’t eat anything here because you had a scrumptious at an exquisite h0tel you went to,so what is your boove mouth musticating now” asked Hellen.
“These are cornflakes. Can you call the s eating?”
“Oh so that are you doing?”
“Facebook and pas-sing time”
“Mmmmm I see. Okay, I guess we can catch up on some issues now since we are waiting for today’s episode.”
“Yeah sure”
Hellen got milkit from their small refrigerator and then sat directly opposite to Cathy.
“What?” Asked Cathy seeing how Hellen was looking at her.
“Nothing, am just wondering how your [email protected]£ went on.” Hellen said.
“Oh yeah. It was great. We really had a great time.” Said Cathy.
“I can see you had a great time for sure because your face is glowing with joy. Anything special that happened?”
“Hellen, I just enjoyed his company that’s all” said Cathy.
“So you mean to say I will also glow when I spend some quality time with the one I will love?”
“Not only glowing, you will be so h0t” said Cathy.
“Okay Cathy. I heard what you have told me and I have been thinking about it. I feel it high time I have myself an opportunity to experience love.” Said Hellen.
“Wow. You are now talking” said Cathy.
“But unfortunately I don’t even know where to start from. So how can I find a man?” Asker Hellen.
“First of all, a lady doesn’t find a man. A man should find the lady. If you un-derstand this beforehand your [email protected]!nglife will be wow.” Said Cathy.
“But I have opened the doors to my love life, so why shouldn’t I find a man?”
“When you open doors, let a man enter into them and not you pu-lling him into your doors.”
“If you start looking for a man, you will come out weird, freaky and desperate. No matter how much you want a man, don’t you ever show him that you are desperately looking for a man. Desperate ladies are usually the easiest ladies to be la-id by men. The men know what they want and they also un-derstand that if they promise them what they want, they will do anything for it”
“For example, if you nee-d marriage, a man will promise you marriage just to get un-der yours dress. So the basic point here is no your worthy. Let a man find you.”
“Okay, so meaning I just have to sit back and do nothing?”
“No. What you nee-d to do now is clear up the room of [email protected]!ngyou have opened doors to. Prepare your mind psychologically for it. Look h0t and wear a trademark of every lady”
“Okay, but what is that trademark?”
“A smile. A smile is a trademark of every lady. A smiling lady is more beautiful that a hundred most beautiful women. No matter how beautiful you are but if you seldomly smile, you no more two steps away from a baboon in the eyes of men” said Cathy.
“Cathy! Look at you!”
“I am telling yo the truth. So prepare yourself. And remember that love is anywhere. Be re-ady for love at any time or place. You can find love within the campus here, at the shopping mall, at church even on Facebook. All you have to do is to be re-ady” Cathy said.
“Okay, I am sure my [email protected]!nglife won’t be difficult with you by my side.” Hellen said.
“Yeah but you will nee-d superglue for mending your heart though”
“Don’t worry about that”
“Iwe, do you know heartbreak? Anyway, I don’t wish you that because you might end up dying a spinster.” Said Cathy.
“Okay, so in case I find a man, I mean a man finds me, how can I show that I have accepted to [email protected]£ him? I am asking because I heard that a real cultured woman doesn’t use the word ‘yes’ to accept [email protected]!nga man” asked Hellen.
Episode 21.
“Hellen, who told you that there is a special way of saying yes to a man?” Asked Cathy.
“That’s what I heard from some people”
“Okay if there is such a thing, then I don’t know about that yet. All I know is if you also love the man who has shown interest in you, you simply tell him” said Cathy.
“So what is it that you liked most in Morgan for you to accept him as your man?” Hellen asked.
“Mmmmm I think the chemistry was good for us. I was so free with him and he really gave me the attention I seriously nee-ded.”said Cathy.
“Okay. I guess he is a darling to you”
“So much. I adore him”
“I wish to say that about someone.” She said.
“Don’t worry, you will soon”
Cathy and Hellen went on chatting until they they were about to sleep.
“I didn’t hear you saying goodnight to Morgan, ia everything okay?” Asked Hellen.
“He mentioned of going to visit his uncle. Am sure he is still there” answered Cathy.
“I bet you have absolute trust for him”
“I trust Morgan because he has never let me down. He tells me everything. All his plans. That’s why I really trust him.” Cathy said.
“You nee-d to be careful with people who seem too open. They could be hiding aome filthy stuff from you.” Hellen said.
“Yeah I know that but I don’t think Morgan can do anything that would betray my trust on him” Cathy said. Shared on whatsapp by Martino
“Okay, that’s go fortunate of you” she said.
Cathy then took her phone and dialed Morgan’s number. The number went throu-gh but after ringing for sometime, it went unanswered. Cathy called again but it went unanswered again. She tried foe the third time but went unanswered too.
“Cathy, calling more than twice doesn’t makethw phone ring louder than normal. You are just being ignored, so just r spect yourself” said Hellen who was covered in her be-dsheets.
“Hellen, why are you so negative about Morgan? I guess he is but or away from his phone. He will call me when he sees the missed calls” Cathy said.
“Okay, goodnight”
“Goodnight girlfriend”
During the early hours of the next day, catuy checked her phone to see if there was a missed call from Morgan but there was nothing. There was not even a single message from him.
“What could be wrong?” Cathy thought to herself.
“Let me call him” she said to herself.
Cathu tried calling two times but the phone went unanswered. When she tried the third time, the phone was off.
The morning of that day, Cathy was worried as she had not heard from Morgan since the time he dropped her at the University. What made it even difficult foe her was the fact that his phone kept on ringing without him picking.
Cathy decided to visit him at his place if they would not communicate by 2pm that day.
On that day, Hellen went to the [email protected] after attending a lecture. As she sat on her table and chair, she just saw a guy in spectacles stealing some glances at her. Several men used to steal glances at her but she didn’t pay attention to them due to the fact that she never had any space in her life to [email protected]£.
Hellen looked at the guy who gave her a [email protected]ûghty smile. Hellen sat and started getting notes from the book which she wanted. When she was done, she got her notebook and left the [email protected] As she walked in the pavement, she heard a gentleman voice behind her.
“Excuae me, how are you?” The guy said.
Hellen noticed that it was the guy who was eyeing her In the [email protected]
“Hello, fine how are you?” She said.
“I have likened you to someone.” He said.
“Are you by any chance Hellen, the debator from Banani?” Asked the guy.
“Yeah that’s me. Who are you?” Hellen asked.
“I am one of those who closely followed your debating.,”
“Oh really?”
“Sorry I can’t remember you, who are you?”
“Okay, next time we meet I will tell you my name” said the guy as he proceeded walking.
“Like seriously?”
The guy looked at her and nodded in agreement as he went on. Hellen looked at him as he went on.
“If this I what I will be going throu-gh because of [email protected]!ng, I won’t last long because I will kill someone” Hellen joked with herself as she also proceeded going to her room.
Around 3 pm Morgan’s phone was still going on unanswered. This made Cathy so worried that she decided to go to his house and check on him.
Cathy booked a taxi and went to Morgan’s home. When she got there she found Morgan’s car parked outside his home. This was an indication that he was home. This also made Cathy to calm down a bit as-suming his beloved man was fine as she was dead worried.
When Cathy got to the verandah, she heard some chatting and laughing coming from inside. She knocked on the door at which a lady opened the door. The lady was wearing a spaghetti and a bu-m short.
“Hello, how are you?” The lady greeted her.
“Am fine how are you?” Cathy answered still surprised with the dress code at her b©yfri£nd’s home.
“Am fine. Oh you have come to see your brother?” The lady asked.
“Who? Which brother?” Cathy asked confused.
“We haven’t met before but Morgan showed me your picture that you his sister. The other time I saw you in town with himas he went to buy you groceries” said the lady.
“Me? His sister? Groceries?” Cathy kept repeating things like a broken record pla-yer.
“Come on sister in law, don’t pu-ll a prank on me. Come inside” said the lady.
“Honey, it’s your sister” said the lady talking to Morgan as she entered the living room.
Watch for episode 22.

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