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Till death do us [email protected] Episode 18 & 19

TILL DEATH DO US [email protected]
Episode 18
The girl who was [email protected] went to the matron to report what had happened to her. The matron was really angry seeing how the girl bled. Without asking much of the questions, she administered first aid to her. She then sat down with her to hear more of the situation that led to that.
“What happened? Who did this to you?” Asked the matron.
“Its Hellen” said the girl.
“You mean the same Hellen we know?”
“I was joking with Cathy then she beat me up” said the girl.
“, Okay, stay here.” Said the matron.
She then s£nt for Hellen and Cathy to come. After a few minutes, Hellen and Cathy went to the matron.
“Hellen, why did you as-sault your friend?” Asked rhe matron.
“Madam, Cathy was telling me about her condition and this girl was overhearing our pri-vate conversation. She then [email protected]£ and started mocking Cathy for her condition.” Said Hellen.
“Is that so?” the matron asked the girl.
The girl didn’t say anything but kept quiet.
“She should have beaten you more. How on Earth can you mock your friend this way? Do you know that you can be expelled from this school for this? Let me warn you, I shouldn’t hear of anything of this mockery anymore. The day I hear of it you will be in de-ep trouble. Are we together?” Said the matron
“Yes madam”
“,Go now and dont do that again” said the matron.
“,Hellen am so proud of you for always protecting your friend. Keep it up! But let me advise you, ita not always a good way of settling issues using violence. These [email protected] you offer people will land you in problems one day. Try controlling yourself. Is that clear?” Asked the matron.
“Yes madam. Am sorry I just couldn’t hold myself seeing her abusing my friend.” Said Hellen.
“I un-derstand but beware”
“Okay madam”
“Cathy, don’t mind that girl. We have such stupid people in life whom we have to deal with. So in your condition, the first step to healing accepting. The moment you accept no mocking will affect you. But the more you don’t want people to know about it, the more you will be putting yourself in a prison without walls. So be strong my girl” said the matron.
“I will madam. Thank you” said Cathy.
“Okay, you can now go. I nee-d to do some other things” said the matron.
Hellen and Cathy left the office. Cathy was so proud to have such a wonderful friend who would do anything for the sake of her friend.
Their bond went on so strong until they wrote their grade 9 exams.
Hellen and Cathy were now grown up ladies who were in their early twenties. They were both in their second year at the same university pursuing their dream careers. Due to her eloquence in speaking and her pas-sion for talking, Hellen went to do a bachelor in journalism and mas-s media. Cathy who was a mathematics giant went for civil engineering and archtecture.
Just like there prayer was, they both stayed in the same room at the University. This made it possible for them to catch up on different issues. Most people at the University thought they were blood cousins seeing how close they were to each other.
Cathy [email protected]£ back from taking a shower and was there clad in a bathing towel as she applied lotion. Hellen was typing something on her [email protected]©p.
Cathy was singing a ro-mantic song as she went on doing what she was doing. She then re-moved her towel being completely nûd£. Hellen looked at her and just shook her head. Cathy saw her shaking her head.
“What is it Hellen?” asked Cathy.
“Ah nothing” sais Hellen scoffing as she went typing.
“If I [email protected] you, your entire generation will go deaf. Tell me what you are scoffing about here” said Cathy getting close to Hellen still completely nûd£.
“Cathy look at yourself. You are completely without anything on you and you are so comfortable.” Said Hellen.
“Oh what can make me uncomfortable here?” Said Cathy as she did catwalk going to the mirror.
“You are luck I don’t have a SpongeBob because I would have [email protected]£d you alre-ady.” Hellen said.
“Look at someone who is talking of [email protected]£. You couldn’t have even managed to do it.” Cathy said.
“Why are you so sure?” asked Hellen.
“I know. See, since we have been friends, I have never heard of you having any b©yfri£ndor getting in a relationsh!pwith any boy. So it would have been the same even if you were a man” said Cathy.
“You are right Cathy. I don’t want a man right now. I will have one when I plan on getting married.” Said Hellen.
“My friend, let me tell you the truth. If you plan on having a man when you plan on settling, your marriage will be pathetic” said Cathy.
“Let me explain. These b©yfri£nds we have now before we even settle down, are like a training to us. They make us un-derstand the male specie and how we can relate with them. The more you [email protected]£ the more you get to un-derstand who men are as a creation” said Cathy.
“You mean I can’t get to know my future hubby by [email protected]!nghim before marrying?”
“You nee-d to [email protected]£ different men. By that you will know who suits you. In carpentry they say ‘measure as many times as possible but cut once’. This same applies to [email protected]!ng, [email protected]£ as many times as you want but marry once. So give yourself an opportunity to experience love.” Said Cathy.
“Right now my love is my career. Let me sort out my career and when I achieve my dreams, I will then find a man” said Hellen.
“That is where most women lose it. You don’t decide when to marry as a woman. You just have to be re-ady, men are the ones who decide when to marry. Okay let’s say you achieve your dreams you want and then you plan to marry, where are you going to find a man you want to marry? Chances are there will be no man to marry you then because they might not be re-ad. You will end up being desperate. My point is you as a woman un-derstand the fact that you can’t time when you want to marry. Just be re-ady for marriage.” Said Cathy.
“So what you are saying is I should be re-ady for marriage now when am still at the University?” Asked Hellen.
“What I mean is open up now. Get in a serious relationsh!pwith a guy and you might marry later. It’s difficult to find men in service. Look, the age at which we are, we are everyone’s de-sire to marry. See our beauty! The point we are at is where we now have reached the peak of our beauty, you know why we have this beauty?” Asked Hellen.
“No, why?”
“So that suitors can notice us and marry them. The moment we leave this peak of beauty, we will fade and end up getting married to refluffs if we don’t find marriage [email protected]” Said Cathy.
“So you mean if I grow I can’t find real love?” Asled Hellen.
“No, what am saying is if you get to your thirties without getting married, do you think there will be single men to match to your age in this country we are in? No. Find a serious love [email protected] now. Discuss on your future plans and stick to them” said Cathy.
“Okay” said Hellen looking at the wall trying to sink in what Cathy said to her.
“As you can see, am now re-ady for a [email protected]£. I will find you.” Said Cathy about to leave.
“Take care of yourself. Don’t be foolish there” said Hellen.
“Of course I can’t be foolish. My Calabash now is worthy more than what is in the reserve Bank of Zambia. And think about what I have told you seriously.” Said Cathy.
“No problem, I will and enjoy too” said Hellen.
.TILL DEATH DO US [email protected]
Episode 19.
After saying that, Cathy left to go and meet her [email protected]£. Hellen remained in the room as she went on thinking what her friend had just told her.
It was true that Hellen had no time for [email protected]!ng-as she grew up extremely independent and had no room for b©yfri£nd. From birth till this time she got into university she had never had any b©yfri£nd, infact, she was a first clas-s vir-gin. She never ro-mantically hvgged nor k!$$£d any man in her entire life.
“I think Cathy might be right on this one. I nee-d to open up myself so that I can experience this thing they call love” Hellen said to herself.
She then decided to think over it once more and ask for some ti-ps from Cathy who looked so expertised in this category.
Cathy went to the car park of the university where her b©yfri£ndwas waiting for her. Her b©yfri£ndhad come to pick her up in his vehicle.
Cathy and her b©yfri£ndhad been seeing each other for two months then. It was a lovely relationsh!pas they seemed to un-derstand each other.
“Hey babe” said Cathy as she got to the car park.
“Hey honey” the b©yfri£ndsaid to her as they hvgged each other.
“I am really excited to see you today. I have been looking forward to this day.” Said Cathy.
“I am happy too. And you are looking and smelling so good” said Morgan, the b©yfri£nd.
“Oh thank you so much babe” Cathy said.
Cathy always made sure that wherever she was she was smelling good. Each person has got a natural scent which has to be reduced or re-moved. That is why Cathy never took chances in this area. She knew that a simple cologne or perfume was a must for a lady. Men get attracted to looks but most especially how a lady smells. Despite looking gorgeous, if the scent is like that of a garbage truck, a man will never find courage to love that lady.
“Let’s go now” said Morgan as he opened the car door for her.
“Thank you” she said entering the car.
“Anytime” he said.
Morgan entered the car and drove off to the place where they were to have their [email protected]£ from. As they drove, some ro-mantic songs pla-yed on the sound system in the car.
“I am really glad that I have you in my life Cathy. I can’t imagine living without you now” said Morgan.
“Then make me yours forever” Cathy said.
“I will definitely do that. I just want to wait for you so that you go a bit further with your school. Marriage can inhibit your education somehow.” Morgan said.
“Inasmuch that is true, i don’t think marriage could derail me.” Said Cathy.
“Just wait and see how you will be swept off your feet one day” said Morgan as he pu-ll-ed over at the car park of a h0tel.
They went inside where there was an alre-ady reserved table for the both of them. A little while later rhe waiter [email protected]£ to get their order. They ordered their meal which was served in a split minute.
“So if it happens that you want to have kids, how many kids would you like to have?” Asked Morgan.
“I am not sure but I feel two would be enough” she answered.
“Any specific reason?”
“Not really but the world keeps on getting a different shape. Things are getting expensive and women are also getting busy with careers. So I feel a small number of children will give an opportunity to the mother to look after her children and career simultaneously without much chaos.” She said.
“Okay, I see. That is really true. A smaller number makes it manageable.” He said.
“Yeah, and what about you, how many kids would you like to have?” She asked.
“I wouldn’t mind having 8” he said.
“I am just kidding”
“Mmmm I almost got hypertension.” She said as they both laughed.
“Okay, as for me, the amount of resources I have can determine the number of children. If I can support ten children why limit myself to three?”
“So your number of children will be determined by what you will have to support them?”
“Okay, that’s lovely. Now what happens if I just want two children and you want ten?”
“In such a scenario we could both compromise our wants so that we come to the middle number” he said.
“Okay, i see”
Cathy and Morgan went on chatting on several issues until it was time to leave the place. Morgan settled the bill and they went to the car.
They got into the car and drove off. Morgan was to drive Cathy back to the campus but he [email protected]£ up with an idea of ma-king her go to his home.
“She has never visited my home since we started [email protected]!ng. This will be an opportunity for me to take her to my home.” Morgan thought to herself.
“Cathy, let’s drive by my home so that I can get a jacket. I want to visit my uncle after dropping you. Its getting cold and I don’t know when I will be back.” said Morgan.
“Honey, it’s alre-ady 18hours and i have to be at the campus.” Cathy complained.
“I won’t take long at home. plea-se” he pleaded.
Cathy kept quiet foe sometime and then accepted.
When they got to Morgan’s home, he lured her into entering his home. Cathy was wowed with the way the home was furnished. It has almost anything in it which made her admire it so much.
Morgan went and got his leather jacket and [email protected]£ to the living room where Cathy was.
“You have a beautiful home” she said.
“Oh thank you. Let me quic-kly show you around.” He said.
“No, we will do that later.” She said.
“Come on, we won’t take long” he said pu-lling her to make her stand up.
Morgan started showing her around the house. When they got to the pas-sage going to the be-drooms, Morgan stood and looked at Cathy in the eyes.
“What?” Asked Cathy.
“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much” Morgan said.
“I love ….”
Before Cathy could finish what she wanted to say, Morgan went in for a k!ss. She also reciprocated until they got to French k!ssing.
“I love you so much. I will never leave” Morgan was saying in the middle of k!ssing.
He then started [email protected]£ss!ngher slowly in her dinner dress. Cathy wanted to st©p him but the feeling was so heavenly s£nt to her. He then slowly started dragging her to the be-droom.
“Morgan st©p this” Cathy said weakly.
“I know you ladies say st©p it to make yourself look like you don’t want when infact you really want it” Morgan thought to himself as he continued doing what Cathy said he should st©p.
They were in the be-droom as they both got high breathing rates due to the hor-mones supercharged in them.
“Morgan, we can’t do this” said Cathy.
“Why now?” He said still k!ss!ngher.
“I nee-d to tell you something” said Cathy.
“You can tell me later but not now” he said pushing her on the be-d.
There excavation of each others phenotypic makeup covering went on until they were both completely in Adam’s suit. Morgan drew his muscular b©dy close to Cathy.
“He will marry me, i don’t see any problem with him doing it with me” Cathy thought to himself.
“Okay Morgan, do you have protec-tion?” Asked cathy.
“Forget about that. It gives me allergy.” He said.
After a great session of smashing they both [email protected] in be-d each trying to catch breath.
“So this is what those homoS-xuals miss? Over my dead b©dy” Morgan thought to himself as he gave Cathy a [email protected]ûghty smile.
Watch out for episode 20.

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