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The unknown creature final Episode

( lights and darkness )
Chapter 15
# semi finale
💎 Rainey 💎
” Are you crazy? They are going to kill me!! ” I yelled
” They can’t kill you Rainey, they will only get hurt if they get closer to you” he said and the others nodded in agreement
” and you think it’s really gonna work on them? ” I asked fearfully
” am very sure Rainey,, you always trust me right? So trust me this time also ” He said and I nodded
” wow,, okay what are we going to do right now?? ” Janie asked
I faced Gavin,, he Sigh and looked away,, is he avoiding my stare right now??
” Guys there is trouble ” Yona spoke up
” what trouble are you talking about?? ” we asked at the same time
” Rainey is no more dangerous to t©uçh ” she said and I felt a light smile on my face
” What do you mean?? ” Gavin was the one who asked
” like this ” she said and t©uçhed me,, to my surprise, nothing happened
” OMG!!!!!!! ” Reed shouted and hvgged me
” Am so happy,,,, I won’t hurt people again ” I said
” But,, it can only happen whenever she’s angry,, so you must learn how to control your anger ” She said
” Don’t worry,, Rainey never gets angry,, she’s cool” Reed said and smiled at me
” So,, what is going to happen now?? ”
” In order to save us,, she have to become angry no matter what ” she sighed
” But,, is there any reason to get angry?? ” I asked
” Think about what will make you get mad ” she said
We suddenly heard noises,,,
” They are here!! Run!!! Rainey,,, you have to think about something to get you mad!!! ” Yona yelled
” Rainey, we don’t have much time!! ” Reed shouted while others only watch
” Reed,, am still cool. You’ve got to help me,, I can’t get angry!! ” I said in tears
” Rainey,, think about how I called you a murderer!!! Think about it,,, think about how you were not able to [email protected] people!!! ” Yona yelled and I suddenly [email protected]£ angry,,,
” That’s not enough” Gavin said
” Okay,, Rainey,, remember Riley is with them,, they took our sister and we have to revenge,,,or do you want them to take me also?? Listen sis,,, I know you have a crush on Gavin and right now these people are gonna take him so,,, ”
” St©p!!!!!!!!!! ” I yelled and that was all I could remember.
💎 Gavin 💎
” Listen sis, I know you have a crush on Gavin and right now these people are gonna take him so,,, ”
” St©p!!! ” Rainey Yelled and we all [email protected] at what happened,,
🔥 Fire was coming out of every [email protected] of her b©dy,, her hair [email protected]£ white in color,,
” Reed,, are you sure she’s okay?? ” I asked looking scared
” Don’t worry she’s fine,, ” he smiled and we all moved backward as the creatures got to where Rainey was.
” I hope this go right” Rafael whispers
” don’t you think we should support her from here?? ” I asked Reed
” you’re getting even worried than me,, she will be fine, you don’t have to worry about her ” He replied and I scoff
We all watched as they all approached her,, she stood up since she was on her knees before,, I [email protected]
Her eyes were red,, damn, this is not Rainey. She shouted and her voice alone caused a lot of damages,,we wasn’t left out,, we all fell to the ground.
She killed everyone of them and the blood was all over her b©dy,, we were about running to her when another one [email protected]£ out of nowhere,,
Omg,, it’s Riley
” Oh no, We have to st©p them,, we have to st©p them,, they will hurt each other,, ” Yona cried
” But,, they can’t even recognize each other right now ” I said getting more scared
I really won’t take It if something bad happened to Rainey .
” Reed!! Do something!! ” I yelled
Suddenly more of those dark souls rushed out,,
” now there is no way out ” Linda said as tears rolled down her eyes.
” We nee-d to make Riley remember who she is,, that’s the only way ” Yona said
” And Rainey nee-d to come back to her normal self ” she added
” I will take care of Riley,, Gavin,, you should take care of Rainey ” Reed said and I nodded
We both ran out of the hiding place and ran toward them,, Reed went to Riley while I stood behind Rainey.
” Rainey ,,do you remember me?? It’s me Gavin,,, plea-se try to come back ” I said starring straight into her red eyes
She laughed out with no emotions,,
” Stay away or am gonna hurt you,, stay away ” she looked away
I shook my head trying to think about what to do,,,,
I immediately [email protected]£ up with an idea,,,
I gr-ab her hand and pu-ll-ed her closer,,, I k!$$£d her f0rç£fully since she was struggling to get out of my grip .
I felt her calming down and I left her,,, she was back to normal. She seems shocked,,,
I was about saying something when Reed interrupted,,..
” Riley is back ” he said,, Rainey immediately hvgged her
” am so sorry,,, I caused all these troubles for you guys ” Riley cried
” it’s fine ”
We faced the creatures coming closer to us,,
” Reed,, you have to come in unity with your sisters,, hold each other. That’s the only way to conquer them all.
I moved away from them as they hold hands with each other,,, there was a loud thun-der and fire at the same time.
We all closed our ears because of the noise,,,
Soon,, everywhere [email protected]£ calm and we stood up,, they are all gone and everywhere looked like a desert,,
” wow!!!!! We did it!!!!! ” Yona shouted and we all shouted happily
A wi-de door opened before us and three people [email protected]£ out,, they were all putting on white,, who are they?? Two women and one man
” mom!!! ” Reed and his sisters shouted and ran to hvg one of them.
After the hvg,, they moved closer to us.
” The lights are so proud of you all,, you all acted [email protected] ” The man said
” you shall be rewarded with a double portion of your powers ” The woman said
After the whole thing,, they disappeared again,,,
We suddenly find ourselves in the school again,,
” Wow,, we are back,,,, am so happy” Lily smiled and we all nodded
It was really a long journey but we won,, they all walked off one after the other,,,
I sighed and took a breath in,, I was about leaving when I felt a hand on my shoulder,, I turned and was surprised to see Rainey,,
” Hey” she said
” Rainey,, am so sorry about what happened. It’s the only choice I have,, don’t be mad, am so,,,, ” she interrupted me by k!ss!ngme,,,
She smiled,,
” wow,, I thought you will be mad at me ” I said and rou-ghed my hair
” why will I get mad when my crush k!$$£d me?? ” she sm-irked
” I always tried to stay away from you then,, because I don’t want you to get hurt,, but I really do like you alot ” she said
I immediately gr-ab her and k!$$£d her again,, more dee-per this time.
Chapter 16
# finale
💎 Reed 💎
I smiled as I watch Rainey and Riley pla-ying around,, am glad they are back to their normal self,,,.
I sighed out,, I can’t believe I really missed Yona so much,, is she that dumb that she still can’t remember me??
” hey Reed,, you don’t have to think [email protected] about it. When the time comes, she will know ” Rainey patted my back
” thanks ” I said and pe-cked her cheek
” am still here ” Riley pouted
” Jealous freak girl ” Railey mocked her
” Am going to deal with Gavin instead,, ” Riley sm-irked
” Idiot ” Rainey laughed
” Hey Reed,, you have to pe-ck me to st©p this argument ” Riley said
” Okay,,, ” I said and pe-cked her
My phone beeped
” Guys shut up,, it’s Yona” I whispered to them
” OMG,, pick the call immediately ” Riley said
” okay ”
I cleared my throat before picking up,,
📲 Hey Reed
Her tiny voice [email protected]£ up
📲 Hi
I replied curiously
📲 Are you busy?? Can we meet up??
📲 Text me the address and I will be there
📲 Take a car here, don’t use that power of yours
I laughed at her joke
📲 Okay, I promise to come with the car
📲 I will be expecting you
I hang up and faced Rainey and Riley,,
” she want us to meet up somewhere ” I spoke up
” OMG!!! ” they jumped on me
” what thefu-ck,, are you two planning to kill me right now?? ” I gro-an
” oh,, sorry ”
They left me and I breath out,,,
” I will inform mom before leaving ” I stood up the moment Yona texted the address
” don’t worry, we will do that ourselves ” Rainey said with a wi-nk
” I can’t trust you Rainey,, you are wicked in this type of thing ” I said
” awww, that hurt” she laughed
” don’t worry,, I will do it ” Riley win-ked
” now tell me the difference between you two” I raised my brow
” Trust us bro,, you know we love you ”
” Okay,,, don’t you dare do anything stupid ” I said and took my car key before rushing out
” don’t die before getting to her!! ” they shouted
Those silly [email protected] always on my nerves,,
I entered the car and drove out of the compound,, I checked the address again and scoff,,
But why a garden of all places?? Girls can be funny sometimes,,,
💎 Yona 💎
A tear dropped from my eyes as I continue starring at the picture I drew,, am I this stupid???
Am just a goner,, I did not even realized that he’s the one I’ve been searching for,,
I remember him always asking me back in school if I know him but I was a fool,,
I immediately put on a nice dress, a short one though. I put on a snickers and applied a little makeup,,, I took my small fashioned bag and walked out of the room.
I met mom in the living room,,
” Where is my baby going?” she asked
” To see,,,,, my, b©yfri£nd” I said and ran out not waiting for what she’s going to say.
I got into my car and drove out
I got to the destination and I [email protected]£ out,, am sure he’s there alre-ady,,,
I walked in and a smile escape myl-ips,, he’s there alre-ady.
” Reed” I called in my silent voice
He turned back with a smile
” Hi,,,,, wow,,,, you look,,,,, beautiful ” he complemented
My face turned red immediately
” Thanks ” I said and moved closer to him
” So,, why did you call me here? ” he asked
” Am sorry Reed,,,,, ” I bur-st into tears
” What?? Sorry?? For what? ” he asked
” You knew about this all along that it was you,,, but you kept it from me, why?? ” I asked still in tears
” I wanted you to find out yourself ”
” but it’s too much,,,,,, it’s really too much,, I missed you so much,, ” I said and hvgged him
” am so happy you remember,, I almost gave up thinking you don’t want me ” he sighed and k!$$£d my n£¢k
” are you kidding?? Who wouldn’t want you?? ”
” wow,, can’t believe I just blu-shed ” he said
I smiled and unlock from the hvg and stare straight into his eyes
” What are you waiting for?? k!ssme ” I said shyly
” Really?? ” he sm-irked and cu-mpped my face in his palm,,,
He smiled and k!$$£d me,,,,
THE END ::::
And they lived happily ever after

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