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The unknown creature Episode 4 & 5

[ Who are they? 🪐]
💎 Ana’s pov 💎
We both walked out of the house,, I locked it and put the key inside my purse.
” Don’t you think it’s not safe traveling with this type of money?? ” I asked
” Am not dumb Ana ” She replied
She closed her eyes like she’s inspecting something,,, for like 10 minutes her eyes were closed.
She finally opened it,, she faced me and smiled
” Are you re-ady?? ” she asked,,, I nodded. I just have to trust her no matter what
” Good ” she said
” Close your eyes ” she said
Wait don’t tell me we wanna disappear,, I sigh and closed my eyes
” Open ”
I opened my eyes and [email protected] when I saw a big mansion before us,, I turned to her.
” What is this place?? ” I asked wanting an explanation
” I bought this house yesterday,, ” she replied and we started walking in. The house is a very big one, I can’t un-derstand Cella so I st©pped asking questions.
” But where are we?? ” I managed to ask
” We are in Mexico ” She said and I [email protected]
What??? From California??
This is like a movie,,
” Wow ” I said as we entered the mansion.
” Get yourself a room ” she said
I nodded and went upstairs,, the rooms are so large and amazing.
I found one and entered,, this is my taste I know
I dropped the few bags with me and la-id on the be-d,, I sle-pt off immediately
I opened my eyes when the sun hit my face,, wow I can’t believe I sle-pt for so long. The door opened and Cella [email protected]£ in,, I managed to sit up.
” It’s a good thing you’re awake,, don’t you ever starve the babies again,,, have this ” She handed over some pizza and a cu-p of milk to me
” Thank you Cella,, you’re the best ” I said and started eating
She watched me as I eat,, I finished the pizza and drank the milk.
She t©uçhed my tommy with a smile pla-ying on her face
” Do you mind coming down,, I set the whole house alre-ady ” she said
” What?? How can you do that alone? ” I [email protected]
” Do you have to worry?? I used my powers ” she said
I sigh and nodded,,
We both walked out of the room and went downstairs,, wow she really dressed the house beautifully.
” You’re really amazing ” I smiled
” Thank you Ana ” she replied
We sat down chatting for hours,, she’s really fun to be with.
💎 Cella’s pov 💎
” Cella!!!! ” I heard Ana screaming, I immediately rushed out of the kitchen and ran upstairs
I [email protected] when I saw her,, her water just broke. Oh no,,,
” Sorry Ana,, everything is going to be fine ” I said as-suring her
” Oh,,, my back hurt so much ” She screamed
” It’s fine,, you will be okay, trust me ” I said as we both walked downstairs.
I left her and rushed into the kitchen, I put off the [email protected] cooker and rushed back to her.
” Where did you go!! ” she yelled in pain
” Am sorry ” I said
We finally got outside, I dropped her into the car and entered,,, I drove out of the compound.
” We are getting there in 5 minutes trust me ” I said increasing my speed
” I can’t wait ” she said lowly
” No Ana,, don’t do this to me plea-se ” I said weeping silently
I keep on looking back to see if she’s okay,,, I drove into the hospital and shouted for the nurses to come out.
They ran out immediately and carried Ana into the ward, I wanted to follow but they refused
I was pacing round the hospital,,, nothing must happen to the babies or Ana,,, nothing.
” Calm down mam, she will be fine ” a nurse said
I nodded and continue pacing,,, I heard as she screamed and my fear aro-se again.
I hope she come out safely
The doctor [email protected]£ out,, I ran to him immediately
” How is everything?? ” I asked
” The babies are fine ” he said
” The Mother? ” I asked
” She’s also fine but she said she wanna have a word with you ” he said
I nodded and smiled out tears,, I rushed into the ward.
” Ana,, you made it ” I smiled and k!$$£d her hair
” Cella ” she called and I faced her
” plea-se,,,,,,, take,, care of my children,,, ”
” What nons-en-se are you saying?? We are going to take care of them together ” I said
” I wish so,, ” she said
I immediately took her hand
” Nothing is going to happen okay?? ” I said but then she re-leased her hand from mine
I faced her,, her eyes was closed
” Ana,,,, Ana,, ” I called but no response
” Doctor!!!!!!!! ” I shouted and ran out
” What’s happening?? ” the doctor asked
” I don’t know,, plea-se check her ” I cried
He rushed in and I followed, he attend to her and shook his head
” doctor,, how is she?? ” I asked
” am sorry,,, she’s gone ” he said and covered her face with the white clothes
” No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ana!!!!!!! ” I screamed shaking her,,, but its all the same
Ana!!! No!!!!!
But she’s really dead,,,,,,,
I walked in carrying the three babies in the baby carriers,,, a tear dropped from my eyes. It’s two girls and a boy,, they look so cute.
I promise you Ana, and my brother Harry. I will take care of them like they are my children,, you will never regret leaving them with me Ana,,
They will never know poverty in their life,,,, I wipe my tears and took them upstairs
Chapter 5
💄 Rainey’s pov 💄
” Riley,,, can you get thefu-ck out of the room right now?? We’re running late alre-ady!!! ” I yelled
” Am sorry, I will be back ” She shouted from her room
” Am off ” Reed said walking downstairs
” Don’t you dare leave us alone or you are in trouble ” I yelled
” Yell all you want,, I can’t continue waiting for you guys when I have my own life to live ” He said
” Reed,, don’t talk that way. They are your sisters ” Mom said
Finally Riley got out of the room,,, I rolled my eyes and went downstairs
” Bye mom ” we all said as we walked out of the house
” Stay away from trouble!! ” she called after us
” Don’t worry mom,, am the gentle type ” Reed said
” Reason why you always get bullied by Gavin and his gang ” Riley said causing us to laugh
” am only letting it slide because I know Rainey have a crush on him ” He said
” What?? Is that true? ” Riley asked.
” You are not gonna believe this guy right?? ” I rolled my eyes and we all went into the car
Anyway,, we are the TRIPLE R. We are triplets,,, I, Riley and Reed, we are one of the riche-st kids in our school. Riley and I look really beautiful,, many guys have a crush on us but we never looked at them.
Mom warned us to stay away from guys and that’s what we’re doing.
Reed is not left out,, almost all the girls want to have him. He have too many enemies, because they believe he’s getting more attention from girls.
He’s worst enemy is Gavin,, he always wanna get on Reed anger. He never fight back though, and I wonder why.
We attend one of the best school here in Mexico,,, we are living really well but am still curious to know who our father is. We dare not ask mom anyway
We got down from the car and as usual,, we got the attentions. We walked side by side with Reed in the middle,, even though we act silly sometimes.
I know we all love ourselves so much, no one can ever get between us.
Reed and I walked into our clas-s while Riley went to hers,,, she’s in a different [email protected] Riley and I deal with science, but she prefer Art.
I sat down,, I don’t have any friend anyway. All the girls hate me thinking am stealing their b©yfri£nd,,
I don’t know when they will grow up from that,, I don’t even care about love for now.
The teacher [email protected]£ in and I was a bit relieved,,, I brou-ght out my text and listened as the teacher say his things.
I carried my backpack re-ady to walk out of the clas-s,,,
” Hey Reed,, let’s go ” I turned to him, he was struggling out of the grip of a popular girl called kit
How can she think of having my brother when she hate me
” Kit, st©p. I’ve told you am not interested in all these,, just leave me alone ” I heard Reed
I fold my fist and moved closer to them,,
” What the heck is happening here?? Didn’t you hear him telling you to leave him alone??? ” I yelled
” Rainey,,, calm down. I can handle this ” Reed said
” Leave her and let’s go this minute ” I yelled
” Are you Reed?? You disgust me ” She said and push me
I rushed to her re-ady to smash her,, she’s lucky Reed [email protected]£ to hold me
” Rainey st©p,, let’s go ” he gr-ab me and we walked out of the clas-s
I turned back and point my f!nger at her,
” I will get you ” I said
” Rainey!!! It’s okay!!! ” Reed yelled
” Am trying to support you,, ”
” I don’t nee-d it,, you’re over reacting ” He said and walked out
” What’s going on?? ” Riley asked running to us
” None of your business ” I snapped and walked into the car
The driver starts the car and drove out of the school compound,, the drive was a silent one
We got home,, I left the car and went into the house. Good thing mom is not home yet, she would ask different questions. I hate it when I am trying to help and they don’t appreciate it,,,
💎 Riley’s pov 💎
” What is with the two of you this time?? ” I asked Reed
” She’s always taking things more than she should,, she would have hit Kit if I didn’t st©p her ” He replied
” I don’t know why she’s always like that,, but you should know she’s only trying to protect you. She’s hurt right now ” I said
” I will just make it up to her,, but not now ” he said and entered his room. I sighed,,, they always argue, I hope it st©p soon,,,
I also entered my room and ban-ged the door,,,, these kids are getting on my nerves alre-ady.
❤ Rainey’s pov ❤
I got out of my room and decided to check on Tally,,, my dog. It ran out waging his tail the moment he saw me,,, I smiled and carried him up. The dog [email protected]£ motionless,, what’s happening???
I shook it gently but it won’t move,, I placed it on the ground and it stood still. No, I don’t want to believe Tally is actually dead.
” Tally!!!!!!!!!! ” I shouted in tears
” Rainey, what’s happening?? Why are you screaming like that? ” Riley asked moving closer to me
” Riley, it’s Tally ” I said choking on my word
” What happened to him?? ”
” He’s dead Riley,, I don’t know how. I just carried him and he died,, how can that happen ” I asked and rou-ghed my hair
” It’s okay Rainey,, maybe it’s just a coincidence for it to die in your hand ” she said and hvgged me
” Tally!! ” I cried on her shoulder
” It’s okay Rainey,, don’t cry ” she said patting my back softly
I wipe off my tears and we both went upstairs,, but I feel really weird about this. Am sure I saw him feeling well, it was after I carried it that it [email protected]£ motionless. I can’t just think straight right now,,
I decided to go out so I could clear my head,, I put on my hood and a trainers. I walked out of my room and went downstairs,,,
” Where are you going?? ” Reed asked dropping the cu-p of water on the table
” Do you care? ” I snapped and moved closer to the exit
” Am sorry okay?? I was just thinking,, you acted too much,, am sorry ” he said
I turned to him and smiled
” Okay ” I said and walked out of the house
I walked on the silent road,,, the sun was set alre-ady. Everywhere was silent,,, the trees were still and suddenly feel scared. I started running until I get to the city,, I st©pped [email protected] ha-rder. I saw a coffee shop, I immediately entered and sat down.
After resting for some minutes, I stood up and walked to the man selling the coffee.
” h0t chocolate plea-se ” I said
” Okay ” he responded and asked me to wait.
He faced me and hand over the cu-p to me, our hands met in the process. He immediately started shaking that the coffee fell from my hand,,,
I watched as the young man [email protected] on the ground and died,, oh no it’s happening again.
Firstly it was my best pet,,,, what is happening to me?
Why can’t I t©uçh anything without getting the person hurt?
I heard the police coming, I nee-d to run for my life or I will be done for. I ran out of the coffee shop immediately rushing home
Now the story begin

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