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The unknown creature Episode 3

🖤 The Unknown
Creatures ☄️
( Who are they?? )
Written By SUMMER GOLD. W 🖊
[Few weeks later]
🔱Ana 🔱
” I am getting fed up alre-ady,, we really have to find these people or we are getting fired for not doing our job rightly ” Felix said sadly
I bite my bottoml-ips, should I tell Felix about Harry?? I hope he won’t do any harm to him.
” Felix?? ” I called.
” What is it? ” he asked starring straight into my eyes
” I have something I nee-d to tell you ” I said with a sigh, I wish it go well
” Am listening ” he said..
” I know one of them ” I broke the shell , he moved away from me a little
” What do you mean by you know one of them?? ” He asked
” He’s my damn b©yfri£ndand I love him so much,, plea-se don’t hurt them. They are innocent, they are only attacking the humans because we were the one who doesn’t even want them ” I said in tears
” What the heck are you saying?? I can’t do that,, am gonna kill him when I see him, I promise you that ” he said, standing up
” Then you will have to take me down first ” I said
” Can’t believe you are on our enemy’s side,, I don’t care. I will kill him, trust me ” he said walking out
” Felix!!! ” I called but he ignored him
Am so stupid, I should have kept quiet, now how do you face Harry right now? How will I tell him that I alre-ady expo-sed his secret,, I thought Felix is gonna un-derstand but I was wrong,, now what do I do.
I trust Felix, he won’t give up unless Harry died. Damn, I should have kept quiet. What do I do right now??. I gr-ab my bag and ran out of the office, I really nee-d to see Harry right now.
I was really running not minding if I get tired, I finally got to the wood. There was a loud thun-der and strong wind, what’s going on?? Is Harry okay???
” Why did you do that?? ” I heard a voice behind me,,, I turned back but I could not find any one.
” Where are you?? ” i managed to ask
” I asked a question, why did you betray me!! ” Another thun-der and I fell on my kneels getting scared
” Harry am sorry, show yourself. You’re scaring me ” I said in tears
” You can’t see me right now ” He said
” plea-se ” I pleaded
” Look up ” I looked up and he was standing just in front of me
” Am sorry,,,, I regret ever telling him. I never knew he will be like that ”
” Don’t t©uçh me,, you will get hurt ” he said and I stood still immediately
” I missed you Harry,, can you just calm down so I can t©uçh you?? ” I asked sniffing in my tears
” Am trying to calm down but I can’t,,,,, I can’t believe he’s planning some stupid stuffs on his head ” He said angrily again
Another lightning but this time a large tree was f0rç£d to uproot
” Go home now ” he said
” Harry ” I called and that was when I discovered that I was in my room alre-ady.
I [email protected] on the be-d in tears,, Felix. Am never gonna forgive you, trust me.
Cella’s Pov :
I watched as he keep on destroying things,,, he’s trying his best to calm down but it’s not working.
” I warned you Harry,, I warned you to stay away from that human girl ” I said
” Am in love with her Cella ” He said in his angry voice
” So what are you gonna do now?? ” I asked
” I don’t have a choice,,,,,I don’t want to hurt anyone ” He said
” So you Won’t attack back?? ” I asked in surprise
” I won’t ”
” He’s gonna kill you!!! ” I yelled angrily
” I don’t care!!!!! I have to make sure he doesn’t hurt Ana!!! ” He yelled
” So what if he hurt her?? I don’t care,, I love you,, you’re my only family,, I can’t watch you die ” I said alre-ady in tears
” Cella,,,, Ana is more important ” he said
” How?? ”
” She’s pregnant!!!! ”
” What??? ”
” Ana is carrying my children,,,, ”
” Children?? ”
” Not one ”
fuc-k!!! The tears rushed out more. The moment my tears t©uçhed the ground, there was a loud thun-der. I immediately wipe it off and hvgged him.
” You really do love her so much,,,, am sure our parents will be happy with you ” I said
He hvgged me back,,,
” Am turning myself in,,, tomorrow ” He said and I nodded
” I will always support you Harry ” I said fighting the tears coming down from my eyes,, I knew this was gonna happen. That was why I warned him against ma-king friends with Ana in the first place.
[ Next Morning ]
💎 Ana’s Pov 💎
I woke up feeling heavier than usual,,, morning sickness or what?? I got out of the be-d even though I feel tired,,, I walked into the bathroom and had a quic-k bath.
I really nee-d to see Harry before going to the office,, I walked back in and was shocked to see a figure standing with her back facing me. Her hair look longer than normal,, who is she?? And how did she get into my room??
She turned slowly and I [email protected],,, Cella??? I immediately covered my mouth with my palm, what is she planning to do with me?? She never liked me for once,,,
” Am not here to hurt you Ana ” She said softly and sniff in,, wait is she crying??
” what’s,,, what’s,, wrong?? ” I managed to ask
” Harry is turning himself in to the press ” She said and my eye got wi-de immediately she said that
” What do you mean?? ” I asked again
” He’s turning himself in!! ” She shouted and broke into tears
There was a loud thun-der and she immediately wipe her tears
” No!!!!! ” I shouted and put on something casual before running to the exit, I nee-d to st©p him right now
” It’s late Ana,,, he did that to prevent war ” She said and I faced her in tears
” Because he love you so much,,, and his children ” She said
” What??? He have children?? ” I asked
” You’re pregnant Ana,,, you’re pregnant for my brother ” She hvgged me
” I nee-d to see him,, for the last time,, plea-se do something ” I cried on her
” Okay,, close your eyes ” She said
I closed my eyes
” now open ” She said again
I opened and saw the station just in front of me,,,, a b©dy was lying on the ground without moving.
” Harry!!!! ” I screamed and rushed to him
Two hands [email protected]£d me,, I struggled to free myself but they are too strong.
I watched as they took his b©dy away like he’s some animal,,,
” Harry!!!! ” I screamed again in tears
Just then there was a wi-de wind,,, it swept the two people holding me away
It was so strong that I pas-sed out immediately,,
I woke up feeling as tired as fv¢k,, a tear dropped from my eyes when I remember what happened to Harry. My first love,,, I still find it [email protected] to believe. I will never forgive Felix for this, I promise.
Cella [email protected]£ in with some luggage,, what is she doing??
” What’s going on?? ” I asked with a confused look
” Get re-ady Ana,, we are leaving first thing tomorrow morning ” She said
” What?? where are we going? Where are we gonna get accommodation?? I don’t have any family if that’s what you want ” I said
” Why are you so dumb?? I don’t know how my brother fell in love with you ” she said and hissed
I started weeping,, she walked to me and hvgged me
” Am sorry,, I didn’t mean to hurt you ” she said and wipe my tears
I nodded
She opened the bags she brou-ght in,,, I [email protected] and moved backward.
” Ana, where did you get these??? Money?? ” I asked trying not to shout
” I made it disappear,, you don’t have to worry because nob©dy is gonna find out. We nee-d money to take care of the children when you give birth okay?? ” She said and closed them back
I still can’t believe this,,, four bags of money??
I stood up and walked to my wardrobe,, I took some clothes. I left the rest,,,
” It’s okay,, come and eat ” she said and walked out of the room
I sigh and smiled,, I t©uçhed my tommy,,, I will protect you guys. Nothing is gonna happen to you trust me.
I opened the door and went into the little dinning room,, I sat down and watched as she dished out the meal. She gave me mine,, I smiled and mouthed a thank you.
She nodded and sat down,, we both eat in silence.
I was f0rç£d to ask something,,
” Cella?? ” I called
She faced me with her brow raised up
” I wanted to ask,, maybe my children are going to possess superpower ” I said
She smiled and drank a cu-p of water
” Of course,, they are from Harry. What else are you expecting?? ” She asked
I nodded and smiled,, am glad. Nob©dy will be able to hurt them,, I love them so much
After eating,, Cella took the plates and washed them. I only stood there watching her doing everything, I wonder why she suddenly become nice.
” Am nice because my brother love you and because you are carrying his children ” she said
I forgot she re-ad minds
” Am glad you don’t hate me anymore ” I said and smiled
We left the kitchen and walked into the room,
” Are you going to be okay if we sleep together? Or I should just sleep somewhere else ” she asked
” No,,, let’s sleep together. Am getting scared these days ” I replied
” You have nothing to be scared of,, he will protect you ” She said and t©uçhed my hair
” Thank you Cella ” I smiled and closed my eyes turning my back to her
I felt her sleep beside me,, tomorrow is a beginning of new life,,,
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