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The oath Episode 25 to 28

Episode 25.
“Cynthia’, Cynthia,” Miami was shouting as she tried to lift her up from Tunde. She suddenly turned and faced the crowd. “What happened to my daughter, what happened to my daughter?” Miami kept shouting.
“We don’t know o, we just saw her walking down the road, falling and standing. She managed to get to this place and then [email protected], that was when we noticed that blood was coming out from her nose, mouth and ears.
Tunde carried his sister and starts running to the hospital with Miami running behind her, her hands flying in the air. Luckily for them, there was a hospital nearby and Tunde quic-kly [email protected] and shouted for the nurses to help him.
Cynthia was rolled inside. Miami stood outside crying. Not long the doctor [email protected]£ out and asked for the patients relatives. Tunde and Miami ran forward to him.
Doctor: Well from the little we’ve checked , we can’t really say what is wrong with your child madam.
Miami: How do you mean you don’t know what is wrong with her. Someone is bleeding from both nose ears and mouths and you say you don’t know what is wrong with her.
Doctor: Yes madam, from the physical examination we’ve carried on her there is nothing wrong. We’ve even done a quic-k x-ray and scan to check for internal bleeding and crack or broken bones but everything seems to be okay. However we have taken a sample of her blood for test. When the result comes out we will finally come to a conclusion of what is really wrong. However we nee-d you to drop a deposit of 15,000 naira so that we can continue with the necessary treatment. So while waiting for the tests results I advice you go find us the money. Except you alre-ady have it here with you.
The doctor walked away back into his office leaving a confused Tunde and Miami. Tunde turned and looked at his mother before turning and walking away not saying anything. As he walked away, Miami runs to him and held his hands.
Miami: Tunde my son, I know you don’t have any money on you, by don’t you worry, I have 15,000 here with me. We will give it to them when they nee-d it. Don’t just leave me alone here plea-se.
Tunde was surprised at the manner with which Miami spoke to him. She has never been this nice to him. And so he replied.
” Mama I know you are afraid that if i leave you, I will go and kill you. But don’t be scared. I don’t have that mind. If I had it you would have been long forgotten. Don’t worry let me go and do some concrete carrying job I will try to raise up cash.”
“No dear, you don’t have to, I have some cash here and I will use it to pay plea-se my son allow me do this. I’ve been a bad mother to you, allow me prove that I can still be a good mother. plea-se my son, don’t leave me, stay here with me.
Tunde was surprised at the sudden change in Miami and as he still looked at her In shock, he heard someone [email protected] behind them. They both turned and it was Klein.
Klein: wow, it’s good to see you and your mom relating well. I am so envious of what I am saying. It’s good [email protected], you have tried. However I am afraid this your short peace reconciliation and settlement will be short.
Miami: what do you mean by that ru-bbish? And who the hell do you think you are?
Klein ignores Miami and kept talking with Tunde.
Klein: guy you fv¢k up, you fv¢k up real bad. It’s bad enough that you have refused to sacrifice your mom knowing fully well that all of you will eventually die. But going ahead to tell her is even worse. How could you do that?
Tunde: Klein plea-se tell your people I am re-ady to pay whatever price they want but they should stay away from my family. I won’t let you or nay of those blood su-ckers Lau thier filthy hands on my mom or siblings.
Klein bur-st out laughing for sometime. And after a while he spoke.
Klein: You are so foolish [email protected] You are not even qualified to be called [email protected] Do you think anyone will t©uçh you or your family? For this foolish act of your you will be the last to die. You will witness your entire family as they are completely wiped out and then finally you will join them.
Tunde attem-pted to rush him but
Klein was more powerful as he threw him down on the floor.
Klein: we have started with your sister, the next will be your brother and then your mom and finally you. By this time tomorrow your family’s name will be completely wiped out. Fool!
Klein turned and walks out of the hospital as a confused Tunde stood looking at him leave.
Episode 26.
As a confused Miami and Tunde stood watching Klein walk out of the hospital, a young man who was walking inside the hospital stood and st©pped Klein.
“My name is Joseph and I have been s£nt by the Almighty God to tell you this, I will trouble them that trouble my people”
Klein: And what does that have to do with me? Do I know your Almighty God, what business does he have with me.
The young man turned and points to Tunde. “That young man over there is His business, and from the day you decided to give him trouble you decided to sign a business with our Almighty God.
Klein: you are talking nons-en-se, get out of my way you hungry man.
Joseph: I will trouble them that trouble my people, says the Lord of host. Beware from my PEOPLE. Beware I say, beware!
KLEIN ignores the young man and walked away. the man turned and went to meet Tunde where he was standing with his mother.
Joseph: my name is JOSEPH and I was s£nt to you.
Tunde: Me? Who s£nt you?
Joseph: The Lord God of [email protected] Isaac and Jacob.He said I should tell you that your strong will not to to succom to the pressure of this world has melted His heart and He has decided to hear your cry.
” I have heard your cry” says the Lord of host. I will save you and deliver you.”
Tunde was quiet as he stared at the young preacher.
Joseph: Take me to your sister. Her time of deliverance is now.
Miami quic-kly stood up as she led the strange man to where Cynthia was admitted. The man place his hand on her fore head and started speaking in other ton-gues.
Tunde knelt down and raised his hands towards heaven as he wept and prayed silently.
Miami also knelt down and all she kept on crying and saying was “Lord Jesus plea-se forgive me and have mercy on my family.”
After a while, Cynthia sneezed and opened her eyes.the young preacher smiled at her big she was too weak to smile back.
Joseph: welcome back young lady, my name is Joseph. And I nee-d you to answer me. “You have gone astray , you have forsaken the God whom your father taught you about. You have wandered far, and you are lost. Lost but not forgotten. The devil is about to take you forever but God is giving you a second chance only if you are willing to take it.
“Are you re-ady to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour and forsake this path of sin and death that you have chos£n?”
Cynthia was too weak to speak so she nodded her head weakly.
Joseph: You have to say it out loud. Are you?
“Yes……..” She managed to answer weakly. “Yes I will”
The pastor jumped up excitedly as he began to sing and dance to the Lord.
Episode 27.
Pastor Joseph sang and prayed for hours. He was sweating profusely. Tunde was there and Miami was there. After two hours of praying. The strange man of God told them that it is settled and God has alre-ady given them victory. He also as-sured them that Cynthia will be healed and made whole completely. Before he left, he prayed with them again and told them he will visit them the next day.
Miami decided to go home to get some things for CYNTHIA and also food. She asked Tunde to stay with his sister. When she left Tunde sat by the be-d side thinking to himself. It was the tap on his shoulders that brou-ght him back to reality.
When he turned he saw Klein and the other members of the brotherhood. They all stood round him and his sister. Out of fear Tunde shouted.
“Jesus, blood of Jesus, blood of Jesus”.
Klein: shut up [email protected], shut up. After everything I did for you, I picked you up from the gutters, dusted you up, cleaned you up from your messed up life, rescued you from your wicked mother. Just a little sacrifice to seal up the oath you took you decided to destroy it all.
Lord Spiritual: Young boy, you cannot eat your cake and have it all back. You tasted and ate from this brotherhood. You signed an oath with your blood. A deal is a deal. You were to sacrifice your mother but you chose to pay with your blood. And now the time has come for you to pay up your debt.
Tunde: buh buh buh, I owe you nothing. Everything Klein did was on his own. I never asked for anything from him and he never told me anything. How can I enter into an oath without knowing. Is that how your brother hood operates?
Lord Spiritual: it doesn’t matter, you have to pay all your debts.
Just then Miami steps into the room with his other son. They were shocked to see the strange men all dressed in black and red. She quic-kly ran and held onto Tunde.
Tunde: Mom they are here for me, they want to kill me.
“Kill you? For what na?” That was Tunde’s younger brother asking.
Miami: Never! I say never, you will not take my son. I have not given you that permission.
Lord Spiritual: your son failed to fufil his [email protected] of the oath he took. And for that he has to die.
Miami: what oath? What stupid oath? An oath to kill me? My son is not a killer and that is why he will not kill anyone.
Lord Spiritual: a debtor has to pay his debts and your son has to pay for his debts. He has to die and die he will
Miami: Never! He is not dying. Non of my children is dying today. And Tunde owes you nothing. Jesus has paid all our debts we owe you nothing.
The Lord Spiritual stretched out his hand to his members and one after the other they held thier hands together and started chanting some incantations.
Miami on seeing this quic-kly held unto her younger son and turned to Tunde and said
Miami: give me your hand. (Tunde stretched his hand to her and she held it and also held unto Cynthia who was on the be-d.)
Miami: Dear Lord Jesus, this is my family , and these are my children. I have made mistakes and my children have also made mistakes and today I have asked for Mercy, my children have also asked for your mercy and I know you have forgiven us. Now we have no one to help us but you. Your servant who left us just now said you have given us the victory. Jesus plea-se it is time to prove yourself.
I stand as the mother for my children today. I stand in one heart, one love, and in unity with my children and together we say prove yourself. Fight this battle and let this victory be made manifest for all to see.
The men in the brotherhood seemed lost to all Miami was saying as they all started b!owing white substances into the air. A scared Tunde and his brother held on ti-ghtly to thier mother who seemed fearless as she stood in thier front shouting.
Miami: These are my children and I do not re-lease them to you. And so you can do them nothing. I stand on the gap for them and I say I am not re-leasing any one of them. We are United and together we are saying no to you. No to your oath. No to you and no to your oath.
Whatever it is they were cha
nting was no working. As the Lord Spiritual kept trying and trying but nothing seemed to be working.
Klein: My Lord, what is happening? Why is he still standing?
Lord Spiritual: shut up KLEIN, just shut up.
Klein: But my Lord. What is happening? plea-se tell me.
Lord Spiritual: I don’t know, his spirit is no longer un-der our control. A strong f0rç£ has broken it free .
Klein: how do you mean?
Lord Spiritual: Because of the depth of love he has for his mom and siblings and the love his mom has finally opened herself to, they are now un-der the protec-tion of the white one.
Klein: what? What does that mean?
Lord Spiritual: it means we no longer have him un-der our control. And this is all your fault Klein. You brou-ght this fool into this brotherhood without proper investigation. It’s your fault and now you will be the one to pay for his sins.
Klein: what?
Lord Spiritual: yes, an oath is an oath and today a sacrifice has to be made, and since we can no longer get him, you have to pay for his sins. Prepare yourself for tonight you die!
Klein: What?
Lord Spiritual: Guys let’s go.
Klein: no wait! What? What are you saying? Me ? I can’t die na. Wait plea-se.
As Klein was there shouting, the men disappeared right before thier eyes. A confused Klein sits on the ground crying.
Thank God for victory. It is good that Klein was chos£n to pay. Owner of evil load.
See what love can do. Tunde and his family are all delivered from the hands of their enemies.
God is too faithful to fail
Episode 28.
Season Finale.
The rate at which Cynthia responded to treatment was alarming as she had alre-ady started jumping around. She apologised to her brother right there at the hospital and she promised never to go back to her wayward style of life.
The doctor discharged them and certified her strong enough to go home. Pastor Joseph [email protected]£ visiting and as they all prepared to leave. Miami narrated all that happened the previous day to him. He was calm and didn’t seem surprised at all.
Joseph: I alre-ady know all of this. I knew what was going to happen even before I left.
Tunde: You knew? So why did you leave? What if things didn’t go the way they did, what would have happened?
Joseph: Tunde, the ways of God is not the way of man. God wanted your mum here to confess his love openly , because only with love would you overcome.
Tunde:so Miami really loves me?
Miami: of course my son, I love all of my children. But the love for money and the things of the world made me bury that side of my life and I am truly sorry.
Joseph: God is Love, and Love cures all sicknesses and heals all wounds and overcomes all trials. This is the reason you have been able to overcome. God wanted you to realize that without him, without love you will be doomed. (He turns to Tunde) It was your love for God , your fear of Him and your love for your mother that made you say no when your friend asked you to sacrifice her.
Despite all she did to you and how she treated you, you still loved her. You loved her but your faith was not strong enough. You loved God but didn’t have faith in him. You didn’t know when to drop everything at His feet. You wanted to do things your own way. Of which you would have lost. Tunde you nee-d to learn to trust more and have faith more. When you do that you will triumph.
Tunde: thank you so much sir. God s£nt you to my family at the right time.
Joseph: The Lord showed you to me in a dream and asked me to come to you. Your tears have reached up to heaven. He took pity on you and decided to show you mercy, your mom kept asking for Mercy and the Lord heard you and saved you.
Miami: Thank you so much pastor, thank you. (She held her children and they all knelt down and thanked God, she suddenly stood up and held Tunde) my son I want to use this opportunity to ask once again that you forgive me for everything. I want you to also know that I never burnt your certificates.
Tunde: you mean my certificates are intact?
Miami: yes son, I kept them and I’d give them to you as soon as we get home.
Tunde could not contain his joy as. He broke into a dance that made everyone laugh.
Just then Klein bur-st the door opened and knelt before him gr-abbing his legs.
Klein: [email protected] help me, plea-se help me plea-se, I don’t want to die, plea-se, plea-se , whatever you did to overcome the Lord spiritual plea-se help me plea-se
Klein fell on his face and wept like a baby.
Tunde turned and looked at Joseph who urged him to go ahead.
Tunde: Klein my friend, the bible says there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end is destruction. For you to be saved you have to accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour. Denounce the brotherhood that is bent on destroying you, let go all the blood gifts and money you acquired throu-gh them and surrender your totality to God alone. Are you re-ady to do that?
Klein: [email protected] I am re-ady to do anything that will keep me alive. I don’t want to die. plea-se.
Joseph smiled as they held Klein and prayed with him. He confessed all his sins and accepted Jesus into his life. Just as soon as they finished the Lord spiritual and other members of the brotherhood appeared in the room. Klein ran and stood behind Tunde shouting “don’t let them take me , plea-se don’t let them take me”
Lord Spiritual: Klein it is time to pay for all that you have enjoyed. Your soul belongs to us.
Joseph: No his soul belongs to God and he is free from your bondage.
Lord Spiritual: He sold his soul to the devil when he killed his mother.
Tunde: And Jesus has forgiven him and accepted him back as his own. He is there
fore free, for now there is no more condemnation for them that are in Christ Jesus.
Lord Spiritual: We have not set him free so he has to pay
Joseph: He who the Lord sets free is free indeed. No more chains are bounding him.
Lord Spiritual: Klein we are here for you , you have to pay for all your debts and that of your friend, it is time to die.
Joseph: Jesus paid all of his debts on the cross of Calvary, he owes you nothing. And so he cannot die.
The Lord spiritual blew a powder at Klein who suddenly started coughing blood, but Joseph raised up his bible to heaven and called on Jesus.
There was a flash of lightening that got the men scattered. There was a terrified look on the face of the Lord spiritual.
Lord Spiritual: Klein so this is how you want to pay us after everything.
Klein: I am sorry but I can’t pay you with my life.
There was a loud cry of pain from the men as Joseph, tunde and everyone pres£nt continued praying. The men could not stand the pain as they disappeared one after the other.
Joseph: it’s over. They that put thier trust in the Lord will always be victorious.
Klein: so they won’t come after me anymore?
Joseph: so long you don’t go after them and you flee from anything that looks like sin.
Klein: I will never go back to my old ways. Even though I know it will be difficult, I know as long as I have [email protected] here to guide me , I will just be fine.
He turned to Tunde.
Thank you my friend, thank you so much for saving my life.
Tunde: its not me bro, only Jesus can save.
Miami: thank God we’ve all realized ourselves, I pray that God continue to help us not to fall back to the ways of the world in Jesus name. Amen. Let’s go home.
Together they packed thier things and headed home, appreciating God for all he’s done for them.
The End!

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