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The oath Episode 21 to 24

Episode 21.
As Tunde stood looking at his mom snoring and slee-ping peacefully, he began to remember all the evil she had done to him over the years since thier father died. He wept bitterly as he recalled from one evil to another and how his mother had burnt his certificate.
The worse was how his mother had chased him because of food out of the house, and this was what led him to run into the road that caused him that accident that led to his meeting with Klein.
As he remembered, anger and hatred flooded his heart. And all he wanted was to throw the cloth around her and walk away.
” Don’t do it” he heard a voice say. Tunde was not sure he heard anything and so he prepared himself to do it but then he heard the voice very clear this time. ” Don’t do it”
Tunde raised his hands with the cloth and cries out loud, that Miami jumped from her sleep.
Miami: Idiot! What are you doing in my room, and why are you shouting and crying in my room at this time of the night?
Tunde fell on his knees as he kept on crying.
Miami: When did this nons-en-se start? So you left everywhere in this big house and decided to come to my room to disturb my sleep and cry. What is the meaning of this ru-bbish?
Tunde:( crying) Mom you are so wicked, you are so wicked, heartless and evil. You deserve to die.
Miami: It’s you that will die stupid. You will die because you are o no use in this life. Die so we all can have peace alre-ady.
Tunde: Miami, what did I ever do to you? Are you really my mother? Why do you hate me so much.
Miami: don’t ask me stupid questions, jut get out of my room before I do something I’d regret now.
Tunde: whatsoever mess am in right now mama you caused it. You pushed me into this problem.
Miami: I do not care whatever stupid problems you are into, just get out of my room.
Tunde: four days mama, I just have four days left.
Miami: Four days for what?
Tunde: Four days before I die, or you die.
Fear gr!pp£dMiami bad she suddenly lost her voice and stammered to manage to talk.
Miami: what what what are you talking about?
Tunde: Mama you have been a bad mother to me. You pushed me into the hands of evil men. And now I have to sacrifice you to them in four days time or I die.
Miami jumped up and ran to the corner of the be-d terrified and scared as she looks at Tunde. She looks at the door and saw that it was locked, she looked at the clock on the wall it was few minutes past 2am, there was no one she could call at that time of the night. Tunde stands to his feet and spre-ads the red cloth wi-de for her to see.
Tunde: All I have to do is throw this cloth over you and you will be gone, and I can finally have my peace and the money you so de-sire, but you won’t be alive to eat from it.
Miami on hearing this began to shiver. If she could, she would have melted into it.
Tunde: Miami, say something, have you suddenly lost your ton-gue? Why ain’t you talking?
Miami: Tunde plea-se!
Tunde: plea-se? Did I hear you well? Did you just say plea-se? Don’t you want money anymore? Don’t you want me to be rich and drive big cars and make you proud? Well the opportunity is now. All I have to do is spre-ad this cloth over you and the rest is history.
Miami: Tunde plea-se (soberly) plea-se don’t do it.
Tunde: I shouldn’t do it? Give me one reason, one very good reason why I shouldn’t do it.
Miami: I am your mother , will you really kill me for money?
Tunde: If the reverse was the case ,Miami you will kill me without blinking.
Tunde began to walk towards her with the red cloth raised up, as Miami began to scream.
Miami: Don’t come near me, don’t come here plea-se . Nooooooooooooo!
Episode 22.
“Help , help o, someb©dy help me o, Tunde wants to kill me o,help o.” Miami was screaming at the t©p of her voice as Tunde approached her.
“Shut up, shut up Mom, shut up your mouth, so you are scared , you don’t want to die, yet you know how to be wicked. You know how to do evil. You are here shouting help , help, who did you place out there to help you. Shout from today till next year nob©dy is coming to help you? Tunde concluded.
On hearing this, Miami knelt down and started begging and crying.
Miami: Tunde, my son plea-se am begging you, don’t kill me plea-se, I am truly sorry for everything, it’s not my intention but sometimes I just get frustrated at our long suffering and I have no one to pour out my anger on, it is easy shouting on you since you are the cool headed one that will never challenge me, it’s not that I hate you plea-se my son plea-se.
Tunde sits on the be-d watching his mother. At a time he wanted to laugh because he still found it [email protected] to believe that his mom who was a die [email protected] strong headed woman is begging for her life up to the extent of kneeling down. He took another look at her before he finally sat on the be-d. He was quiet and still for about five minutes before he raised his head up. Miami saw he was crying and [email protected]£ confused.
Tunde: Miami see what you caused, you caused all of this. All my life you’ve never shown me love. All you’ve done is push me, insult me, abuse me and so all sort of evil to me, I took all of it without complaining. The worse thing you could do to me we burn my certificate, mom how could you? You burnt my certificate. You frustrated me out of the house , you pushed me to the hands of evil men.
Miami tried to talk but Tunde shut her down with his hands.
Tunde: Just because I took little of your garri, very small, you chased me out and made me run into a car. I wish I had even died that day it would have been better, because that encounter alone had changed my life. Just because he took care of me and rescued me in the hospital I am now in his debt.
He said the money he spent on me, the food he gave to me and the clothes he gave to me has tied me to him and now I am alre-ady in a covenant with him. An oath I took unknowingly.
Miami tried to speak again but Tunde hushed her down for the second time.
Tunde: it’s all your fault Miami, it’s all your fault, if you had given me a little of your love, just an atom of your love, I’d you had cared just a bit, if you had supported and encouraged just a bit I wouldn’t be in this mess.
Miami: (crying) Am so sorry my son, plea-se forgive me, I am truly are my son and I love you, am just too frustrated from our suffering that is why I treated you the way I did. plea-se forgive me, plea-se.
Tunde: (smiles sadly) Mom, you are only saying all this because you are scared I want to kill you.
I want you to know that if I want to kill you I would have killed you since. Long before now, but you are my mother and despite all the hatred you’ve shown to me I still love you, my conscience will never allow me do it. My love for God will not let me do it and lastly my father’s warning to me will never let me do it.
Miami starts crying so [email protected] She wants to hold Tunde but she is scared.
Tunde: Now I have to die. Mom I have two days left to kill you or I die. They told me that even if I die, you and my sister will still die, and I am really confused, I don’t know what to do. I have begged them to kill only me but they wouldn’t. I don’t want any harm to come to you nor my siblings, I am re-ady to die but they won’t let me . They won’t let me.
Tunde falls on the ground and continues crying with Miami still on the floor. Crying and scared.
Episode 23.

Miami wanted to hold her son but she was too terrified to move from the sp©t where she was. She had told Tunde the whole truth. She didnt know that she had pushed him this far.
She had felt that Tunde was a Superman and felt nothing.she . knew she was harsh on him but she felt she was pushing him to be [email protected] and strong.
She didn’t burn his certificate, how could she do that, but she lied to him that she burnt it so she would see how he would react, and when he didn’t act, she felt he was not serious after all and was not re-ady to work with the certificate.
She felt if he really wanted and nee-d the certificate he would have acted more. All she wanted was for him to man up. Speak up as a man and act as a man. She didn’t realize that she had gone too far.
She didn’t hate her son. How could she? She only wanted to motivate him. But she got used to the harsh words and treatment she was giving to him and she didn’t know how to just st©p anymore.
She sat on the floor crying. How was she going to make things right because things seems to have gotten out of hand. How was she going to win her son back now. Besides, he just told her he had few days to live if he refuses to kill her and then her daughter will die and eventually she will die too. She was not re-ady to lose two of her children thesame time neither was she re-ady to die.
But right now it seems she had no choice and a decision has to be made fast. Her life for the wealth of the family and the life of her children or she chose to live and they all die. She wept even more as she thinks of it and after some minutes she finally makes a decision.
Slowly she gets up and moves to him and held his hand.
Miami: Tunde my son I am so sorry, I never realized how far I have gone with you. The truth is I was only trying to push you to be a better person plea-se forgive me my son. I never knew nor un-derstood the gravity of what I was doing. It was not my intention to drag you into this mess you are in now.
However what is done is done and a decision has to be made now. I cannot allow you or your sister die. Even if I am wicked enough to do it , you said those evil people will still kill me. So right now I have made a decision
Tunde: What is it ? What decision have you made Miami?
Miami: (crying seriously) Don’t worry, I will willingly allow myself to be sacrificed . You still have two days right? Just allow me put some things in order. Right my wrongs. Give me one day to clear off my mistakes and tomorrow night, you can do what you have to do. But you have to promise me that you will take care of this family when I am gone, just as I have taken care of the family when your father left
Tunde was surprised at what the mom was saying.
Tunde: Miami are you okay? What are you talking about? I should give you one day to right your wrongs then I should kill you? Is that what you are saying?
Miami: Let me prove to you that I do not hate you. Let me make up for all my wrongs to you. Yes that is what I am saying.
Tunde: Mom who told you I am angry at you. If I was i would have killed you a long time ago.
Miami: Even if you don’t. Let me use this to change the story of this family.
Tunde looks at his mom like she has gone mad. He knew she meant all that she was saying and he wasn’t in the mood to argue anything. And so without saying a word he picked up the red cloth and walks out of the room.
Episode 24.
Miami didn’t sleep the whole night, she cried all throu-gh as she thought of how cruel she had been to her son. She does not hate any of her children. She loved them all equally. She never un-derstood the gravity of all she’s been doing. And the thought that her son chose to die instead of killing her despite all she’s done to him, the thought alone was killing her.
Towards the early hours of the morning, Miami sle-pt off and had a dream. There she saw her husband. “Baba!” Like she normally calls him. He was dressed in white and looking younger than he was when he was alive. He was looking extremely handsome. But he looked very sad.
Miami: Baba, you are alive, oh my husband, how I have missed you. Everything has changed since you left us, things have gone sour. Oh how I am so glad to have you here.
Miami runs to him and tried to hvg him but he shifts backward.
Miami: why are you moving away from me? All these years and you don’t want to give me a hvg.
But baba kept walking away, when Miami looked closer at him, he saw him shedding tears.
Miami: why are you crying my love? What bothers your heart? plea-se talk to me.
Baba: You have failed me. My wife you failed me.
Miami: How do you mean baba?
Baba: you failed Miami, thx family I left in your care you destroyed it. My children whom I left in your care you scattered them. You turned them against each other.
You turned my beloved daughter into a white, jumping from one man to the other because of your selfish aims, you turned my son into a criminal. Committing all sorts of atrocities just to plea-se you and make you happy. My beloved Tunde who is the only one that remembered the good things I have taught ,byou turned against him, you maltreated him, you treated him with hatred, you despised him, you made him a laughing stock, you turned against him, your own son. You destroyed the Ray of light that was left in him.
Miami broke down in tears as she listened to her husband.
“Because of the good virtues I la-id down in him and the love he has for you, our son is re-ady to die for you to stay alive. I do not know how you forgot so soon that this boy is our little boy whom you loved so much. But the love for money overpowered the love you had for him and money made your heart go cold”
Miami: Am so sorry, plea-se forgive me my husband. I never knew the gravity of what I was doing. I never knew I have gone lost this far. plea-se forgive me.
Baba: it is not me whom you seek forgiveness from. But your son whom youve pushed into the hands of evil men. This is a battle you have to fight and. Only by true repentance and love will you be able to win this battle.
Turn to God, He is the only one that can save you now. Tunde must not die. ”
As the words echoed in her ears she jumped and woke up. Then she realized she has Ben dreaming.
The sound of people shouting and wailing flooded her ears as she ran to the sitting room. She also saw Tunde rushing from his room and they both met in the parlour.
Tunde: Miami what is that noise? What is going on?
Miami: I don’t know I just woke up.
Together they rushed to the door and opened it. And there she la-id with blood gushing from her nose, her ears and her mouth…
Tunde: Jesus! Jesus! (Tunde rushed at his sister and carried her)
To be continued

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