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The New girl Episode 1

{ She’s a trouble maker}🥴
Have you come across a trouble maker before ? Nah I don’t think you have met Skyler.
She’s a crazy trouble maker who has a thing for mischief.
Folks call her beautiful trouble.
Skyler Cortez is pretty trouble who derive joy in make trouble with everyone.
She is an award winning bo-xer.
She has gone to juvenile like countless times for ma-king trouble. her parents are tired of her.
Transfered from one school to another. Well south Korea [email protected]£ her last bus st©p.
Things changed when she got into trouble with Kim Taehyung school most handsome dude.
He never speaks to anyone, cold hearted not moved by anything he’s introverted yet feared by everyone except one person. SKYLER CORTEZ
She was the first person that got into his bad book. What will happen between this two.
Meet jungkook Taehyung younger brother, he’s the biggest wom-anizer in school.
Second most handsome dude after tae first meeting with Skyler was trouble.
He suddenly wanted to have her by all means..
Chapter 1🌹
I tied a rope to the bag of wax and tied the rope to Jake’s door.
Jake is my little brother and I love to prank him , he’s gonna cry all day.
I ti-p toe back to my room and ran to the bathroom.
Well I just resumed Hilton high today. Mom insisted I go else I hate going to school.
Oops sorry I forgot to introduce myself.
I’m Skyler Cortez popularly known as goddess of trouble.
It’s my blood I can’t st©p ma-king trouble.
Even the cops are tired of me.
I [email protected]£ outta the bathroom n-ked only to hear Jake’s screams
“Mom!!!!!” He yelled out loud.
I couldn’t control my laughter as I cleaned up and wore a rugged Jean and a baggy t©p…
Slide my legs into my sneakers and picked up my bag before walking outta my room majestically.
Mom had gotten a bike for me as compensation so I can go to school.
I went straight to dinner and pu-ll-ed out a chair.
Dad was seated re-ading a magazine but I acted like I didn’t actually see him.
“What’s your problem sky , didn’t you see your Dad?” Mom barked.
” Oh plea-se don’t ruin my mood Mom. Good morning Mr Cortez.” I greeted sarcastically.
Dad hates me so much so why should I respect him.
” Why did you put a bag filled with wax over Jake’s door huh ? Are you outta your mind or what? ” Dad lashed out.
” Hey Mr Cortez you don’t get to raise your voice at me. And secondly i don’t know what you talking about. ” I lied munching on my egg sandwich.
” Calm down honey, let me talk to her.” Mom said Calmly.
“Talk to who? Look Margret it’s either you take this thing back to wherever you picked her from cause I know she’s not my blood. My child will never be a holygan like this one seating here. ” He spat.
Mom was becoming sober.
” Look Mr Cortez it’s better you get comfortable cause this daughter of yours is not going anywhere. Bye. ” I said mockingly and took his own egg sandwich before walking outta the house.
Yeah that’s how messed up my family is.
I got on my tsunami bike and rode outta the house.
You know that feeling when your father hates you so much? Yeah that’s how it is with my family.
This school was so crowned with folks moving up and fro.
Gosh this Ko-rean girls look like dolls with too much make up.
I rode into the school as eyes were on me.
I saw a free parking lot and parked my bike and step down.
Just then a ugly looking dude parked his car and walked towards me.
“Hey you move the goddammn bike outta my sp©t.” He said proudly.
I re-moved the bubble gum In my mouth and placed it on his car Bonet.
Turns out there’s another ugly looking dude in the car.
In my eyes Ko-rean guys are never cute.
“Are you mad ? Do you even know who you’re talking to?” He yelled angrily.
Folks had began to gather around us.
” Do I look like I give a damn about you? Even if you’re the president’s son I’ll still [email protected] some s-en-se into your head if I have to. ” I sm-irked evilly as everyone [email protected]
The other ugly step outta the car , there was a striking resemblance I guess that’s his brother.
“You better watch that stupid ton-gue of yours or am gonna rip it off.” He growled angrily.
” Watch your ba-lls too or a gonna rip it off.” I moved closer and spat into my palm before ru-bbing it on his shi-t.
I could tell he was super angry and would b!ow up any minute.
The other ugly must be a dummy, he has been there since and not uttered a single word.
“Oh and one more thing, your six inches is not alive anymore.” I chuckled softly and brou-ght out another bubble gum.
” You’ll pay for this humiliation bit-ch!! You mess with Kim jeon jungkook and go Scott free. ” He muttered dryly.
” Nigga you can’t do more than a dead rat. By the way you smell like $h!t.” I win-ked and bounce off.
The crowd moved back as they kept murmuring things to themselves.
I guess they’re scared of those ugly people but am not.
Trust me have seen worst things than them. Their ugly face don’t scare me .
I better find the principal’s office.

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