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The mermaid in love Episode 8 to 10

The Mermaid in love ❤️ {18+}
[Two crazy fishes in love]♥
💎Episode 8💎
By: V»praise.✍️
🔱 Jim’s.
Chizara [email protected]£ in with a basket that contained some fruits. I asked myself how she knew I was hungry..
I was really hungry then she hand over the basket to me and I startled and garnished up some of it.
I was enjoying it and same time confused because. She was dressed like one re-ady for war..
“Why are you dressed like you’re going for a war?” I asked b!tt!g an apple 🍎.
“Hmm, I’m not going for any war and besides no war is taking place here but soon the shall start if they refused to re-lease” she said and I saw how caring she was about me..
“Then why did you tied dagger to your [email protected]!st and your arm?” I asked.
“They are for your protec-tion and if you don’t want it, you can re-move them” she muttered…
Every blink her eyes s£nd spark into me.. she was really charming and attrac-tive. I remembered back in the room when I had her b©dy next to mine..
I looked at herl-ips and it curved into smile. Her ton-gue slide out to pinkl-ips crushed slowly over it .
I never wanted to get close to but I found myself covering the distance between us and put her into a ti-ght hvg…
Her b©dy was warm and I placed my mouth on her we-tl-ips..
Simultaneously I moved my mouth to her n£¢k and k!$$£d her collar bone..
She [email protected] ed softly and wra-pped her hands around my n£¢k and pu-ll-ed it ha-rder towards her b©dy..
The plea-sure was immeasurable I cli-cked to her urgency and slide down her ba-re shoulder shi-t..
I stood at the sight of a half n-ked b©dy of beautiful woman. Her b00bs were standing upright. I noticed she was nervous. So I decided to undress as well.
I quic-kly str!pped out of my short and the O-n£¢k shi-t that I wore earlier to the beach..
I carried her in my arm and [email protected] on the be-d.
Her was closed intact and I plotted a very long ro-mantic k!ssover her b©dy..
I saw her b©dy shaking.
I slide my hand in between her th!ghs and mas-saged it.
I could see her legs shaking and clinging her fist..
“plea-se don’t st©p. I nee-d more of you” she gro-an ed softly out of plea-sure.
I smiled and continue teasing her flawless skin with my ton-gue..
I saw her b©dy sweating and warmth. Our b©dy contact kept booming in response to each other..
In Addition to the plea-sure cli-cked to her standing b00bs and twisted the n**ples.. she [email protected] ed and gently [email protected]£d my hand and took it off..
I was sure it was her first time due to her behaviour.
I st©pped that aspect and moved further to stro-ke her .
She has gotten enough of the [email protected] gently positioned myself between her legs and spre-ad it agaped.
Gradually I mounted on her and began to stro-ke her gently. She shook, [email protected] ed, [email protected] and complimented.
It was immeasurable indeed.
I never felt so overwhelmed like that before. Though I have se-x 🍌 countless times but this was special.
I [email protected] to her on the be-d and covered our n-ked b©dy with the duvet..
She scent good and ro-mantic.. like a rose 🌹 scents.. I wra-pped my around her as she turned her back on me and I could sniffed in the scent of her curled hair.I was repla-ying the moment of love in my head when sleep took..
I was woken up by a soft voice. I thought it was Zara. I moved my hand over the be-d thinking to t©uçh her but to my surprise she wasn’t there. I quic-kly opened my eyes and saw another beautiful creature standing next to me on the be-d .
“Where has she gone to before I got awake and why? She is avoiding me now after we make love?” I asked myself. I don’t know was confused.
🏺Yurka’s 🎵
Now mum has finally agreed to take me to see Jim.
I was excited to see him..
I wanted him. I want us to talk face-to-face. Tell him how much I love him and why have been appearing to him in his dream..
I followed my mother. Gradually avoiding much sounds of my foot..
Finally she showed me the door the room and I excitedly went him and found him slee-ping peacefully.
A different scent filled the room I was sure Zara was here minutes ago. Maybe she disappeared as she noticed my pres£nce.
Well, I have not come for that.
“Hey, how are you? You’re looking good” I said mumbled.
He murmured something I couldn’t hear so asked again.
“Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. Why are you here? Have you come to kill me?” He asked and I was surprised.
Why would I kill him. Has anyone threatened to harm him?
I wouldn’t let that. “No one will t©uçh your hair as long I live” I as-sured.
“Then, why am I caged here? I won’t you let me go back to my parents. I’m missing them alre-ady.” He said.
“Hmmm,, I will let you out of only you would trust me. Believe me if I said I love you. Does it not bothers you to ask why I do appear to you in your dreams.” I questioned.
“Yeah,, that reminds me. Why do you appeared to me and how do you do it? ” He asked curiously.
I love that question. I have waited for him to ask. Without hesitation
“Yes I do because I so much love and cherish you. I care for you. I have Vowed to protect you with all my strength. I have said on one occasion when you involved in a fatal accident. Do you bother to ask why you are the only one that survived the accident?. I love you JIM.” I said.
“Why do you save me? Why do you love me? Don’t you know my heart belongs to someone else? plea-se u don’t nee-d your love.. pack it aside” he mumbled.
Why is he avoiding me. I have at least done something tangible for him..
Am I not beautiful? I angrily left and ban-ged the door behind..
I most know the reason he hate.. I guess Zara is manipulating him.
💎Episode 9💎
Yurka’s 🍑
I can’t be dejected by Jim. A poor but handsome not because of that wicked witch so called my sister.
I’m older than her and I will show her.
If Jim dare turns down my request this time I will make things misarrable for her and Jim..
I nee-d to talk mother..
I swam to her chamber.
Without knocking I bounced in..
“Mother I can’t take this anymore.. can you believe he refused to even talk to me? I won’t let Zara talk him from me.. mother plea-se help me” I yelled out falling to her feet crying.
“St©p crying daughter calm down. I will handle that. It’s nothing to me..”
“Mother how are going to do it. I can’t afford to loose him to my wicked sister.” I cried louder..
“No problem..let’s go to him.. I will capture his heart for you”
“Yes” she replied and we left for his room..
We entered and saw him sitting on the be-d looking more handsome and happier. I wondered what made him that happy..
Long ago, the mermaid was believed to exist but non has visited them to know how they live, behaves, feed and reproduce.. It just an imaginary believe. But here it comes a young dude who is un-der the captive of them..
Jim knew yurka loved him but he doesn’t want to show it.. He first met yurka and was drove away by her beauty.. He has an atom of love for her but as he has for Chizara had taken over his heart..
Jim’s 🔱
This is not the best time for me to think about who loves me.. I don’t I should love wicked creature ad of this kindom.. I should hate them not love them. Not either of them..
My parents,my sister, my one only cousin. Jeffrey. They all must have missed me now. They have felt a lot pains because of me..
I caused it all. I shouldn’t have agreed to swim with her.. she deceived me with her beauty.. How do I get out of here now?
“Chizara….!! Chizara!!” I called her name as if she was close to me..
Just then she appeared from a thin air..
I froze seeing her stood beside me in a blink of an eye..
“Yes love. You called me.” She said smiling wi-dely.
Wait, did she heard me called her? She must be something else not as I thought..
“Do you hear me calling you?” I asked surprised.
“Yeah,, I know you nee-d be your side and I nee-d you by my side too. I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” She muttered.
“Sure? I want to ask you”
“Hmm,,” she sighed.
“You just appeared from no where. Can you really disappear and reappear?” I asked with skipping tone.
“Oh, yes.. that’s one of my power.. I can even teach you as long as you keep your mind focus.” She replied.
I don’t want to learn her evil powers. All want now is to go back to my parents. My home.
“Why don’t you take me back to my home? My family” I said and tears gathered in my eyes..
“I wish I could but I can’t do as much as leaving this kindom. It has limit and it’s limited within this kindom.” She mumbled turning away from me.
So what do I do? I nee-d to leave this place as soon as I can. The expression on Yurka’s 🎵 face earlier doesn’t speak good but danger..
“Are you scared of staying here?” She asked as if re-ading my mind..
“Do also have the powers of re-ading people’s mind?”
“Yes I do but you haven’t answered my question” She said clocking her eyes over myl-ips..
I couldn’t say I was scared but I was. I decided to use another way to answer it
“Hmm,, are my parents here? Why should I not be worried?” I asked.
“That doesn’t answer my question. Your parents are not here and I promise to give you all the parental care you nee-d.” She muttered and I chuckled.
“Parental care? Can you do that? Do you know how my mother loved me? ” I said folding my hands abase my che-st..
“Jim,, look at me. Believe me when I said I love you. Every second In my life now is a worry all about you. When ever I closed my eyes to think of something straight, you come in like a bomb and blew my thoughts away. I felt the feelings with you. The feeling I never felt. The feeling of love that scare my anxiety away.. Jim, you are all I craved for. The moment we met. I knew you are that man.. plea-se Jim do you love me?” She asked and my mind got melted at her says..
Do I say I love her. I can’t say that.. it might result to something inelocution..
“Love ❤️ you’re quite.. don’t you love me.? Am I too ugly to be loved.? Answer plea-se.” She said.
I just nodded my head in disagreement..
I couldn’t say I love her though she was beautiful. But I can’t entrust my heart with a strange being I met not quit long.
Ever since I cam here, I was it has been long but I never I experienced night fall nor day break.. I kept thinking when her question drew my attention..
“Are finding things difficult in this our kingdom?” She asked..
“Yes I do.. many things happens different unlike our world, Sun 🌞 usually rise and sun 🌞 do set. Does it happens here?”
She smiled and sat close to me on the be-d..
“I can see you don’t want to answer my question.. you’re just about things happening here… Well,, it dose happen here but once you are in this castle 🏰 everything natural st©pped happened.. would you like to go aside the castle?” She asked..
I un-derstand. Here is like a coven for witches.. I would like to see outside the castle and feel some cool breeze probably…
“Yes plea-se take me out.” I replied without hesitation and quic-kly got on my feet re-ady to go.
“Hmm calm down,, I can see you’re excited about that …No problem but on one condition” she muttered with happy expression.
“And what is the condition of which you will take me out.”
“Simply if you agree that you love me” she said and bur-sted into laughter.
She is was ma-king jest of me.
“Love you? No problem. Now I know you don’t love me.” I said trying to know her intention.
“Why not.. I love you with all my heart and that is why I want to take you out..” she replied.
“if you claim to love me then you must do what ever I wish without conditions attached to it” I said.
“Not like that,, I so much love you. I just wanted to know if you love me too” she said in a calm tone.
She is the type that has tiny and teasing voice..
While we were talking we began to here footsteps out coming towards the room..
“They’re here.. I will be back soon. Don’t be a bit Scared I love you” she said and walked towards the corner of the room.
“And where are you going?” I asked and before I could get a reply she vanished into a thin air..
I must I was scared. I felt must comfortable with her. I love her company. At least she has let me know her better. Her powers and how things happened in this castle..
Then the door cracked opened..
Yurka and the Queen.
What are they doing here?
Kill me because I refused talking to her..? They stared at me red eyes like a flame of fire 🔥. Bad expression like a hungry lion 🦁 and I couldn’t concentrate my thought on any single. I shivering and very thoughtful ban-ging with different ideas.. I’m dead here as In logical.
💎Episode 10💎
Yurka could not concluded that she hate Jim because he refused to accept her at first.. She loves him but she couldn’t get him herself. She nee-ds the help of her mother.. With her she hasn’t lost hope..
🌀Yurka’s 🍑
We walked along the quite wall of the castle leading to where mum has hidden him..
She thought nob©dy could get to know where she hides him but Chizara knows with the help of her magical powers..
We entered into the room and the aura of Chizara filled the innocent air.
“She was here minutes ago.” I whispered.
I looked at my mother eyes and I could tell she was angry.. Her clear green eyes turned sudden colourless
That tells she was more than annoyed.
She clenched her fist in addition.
I patted her shoulder as she stared at him with anger..
Now that she was so much angry, I don’t want her to loose it out on Jim. She might loosed it on him in a wrong and awkward way of I don’t want..
I must do something to calm her down..
“Calm down mother, I know how angry you are but handle it in a motherly way” I said and continued pathing her shoulder..
Her eyes gradually changed to normal and I was excited to see that. I shouldn’t be but I was..
They both stared at each other as if they wanted to eat from their bodies..
” Young Man, I am sure you are enjoying your new abode”she asked politely.
Jim didn’t utter a word but nodded.. I saw fear and discomfort in his eyes. His b©dy shaken and his hand trembled to rest on a single place..
Mother’s pres£nce scared him..I guess..
“Hmm, I see. Do you nee-d something to eat?” She asked again..
He just nodded in refusal.
Why is not taking? He yelled at me hours ago..
He should be scared because mother’s sight terrifying..
I have to gr-ab this opportunity and talk to him once again. Probably he might accept that love him.
“Jim so you are saying now that you are not hungry. Have eaten?” I added asking..
He just kept his gaze down upon nothing..
“Sorry for everything that happened here. I promise it shall be well soon” I apologized. Yes I was sure he will surely find rest here. He will get to know this kingdom better..
I slowly went down and sat beside him on the floor and [email protected]my managed to [email protected] hand over his shoulder..
He just kept looking down to his hand. As if finding something.. I felt what I never felt. His b©dy jezzed to my t©uçh. His warm b©dy made my head spined and my heart raced..
“Are you sad you’re here? plea-se don’t be sad. I promise never to hurt and soon you shall find things going better” I said and tears dropped from his eyes. He was crying why?
He sniffed and I looked at my mother she was smiling. I wasn’t sure if she was the one who manipulated him to re-lease his b©dy and mind.
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“I must leave you guys now” she said smiling wi-dely and exit..
This time I was roaming my hand over his back and I noticed him constract and relaxed..
🛡️Jim 🔱
Her mother left and I felt a kinda comfortable. She was scary. Her eyes, her eyes, her voice were scary and terrible.
She talking to me but I didn’t reply her . I just kept nodding and nodding in response..
First she was mas-saging my back and later traced her pat up my n£¢k with her and palm and I was wondering what she was using. They were soft,cold and [email protected] I moved my b©dy in plea-sure..
She st©pped and then adjusted herself and leaned on me..
Placing her on my shoulder and her hand on my che-st this time I felt different.. she continued mas-saging and I de-ep my hand in hair and fondled it..
I was loosing to her. Her b©dy h0t.. herl-ips tempting to k!ss. Her skin flawless skin stunning..
I got tem-pted to t©uçh her but I st©pped myself..
I nee-d to ask some questions.
“He…llo” my voice shook.
“Feel free to talk to me. I’m not hurting” She as-sured..
I shrugged and spoke.
“For how long have I stayed here?”
“Hmm,, you must be surprised. A day here in our kingdom is like a month in your world. The human world.” She responded shying away..
“Now how many days have I spent here?”
“Just two days” she responded smiling.
Two days? That means I have spent too month here.
Gush!! My parents must have worried too much. Why should I be the one to caused them so much pain.. they’re hurt now. I was sure.
“Your parents are gradually forgetting about you” she said balancing her head on my che-st..
How could she angered me? Telling me my parents has forgotten me hurt me. Tore my heart [email protected]
I just shoveled her head off my b©dy and she got surprised looking straight at my eyes.
“Damn that.. My parents hasn’t forgotten me. They still want me. They’re missing me and I have missed Them too..” I snapped pushing her ha-rd ..
“Hey, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to upset you. plea-se forgive me. I still love and your parents wants you” she apologized and I got plea-sed with her look. She has soft tou-ching voice. Her crying tone melted my heart..
We just stared at As she cried.
“Have you forgiven me?” She asked still weeping.
I couldn’t help than to nod my head In approval.
I used my thumb and cleaned her rolling tears.
She paused then smiled.
She held my face in between her hand and herl-ips curved into smile. I felt like k!ss!ngher and knew she wanted to get k!$$£d.
She drew her face closer and was about pressing herl-ips on mine, Chizara 🗡️ appeared from no where.
Does that mean she has been watching us?
Oh, Lord what have caused.
Anger was written over her beautiful face. Her emotion changed to sadness
She pu-ll-ed her sister up and threw her on the be-d..
She was still carry those two sharp daggers..
“Don’t dare move else I shall tear your skin into piece and feed it to dogs 🐕” Chizara 🗡️ threatened.
Yurka chuckled.”do you think you can do that? Kill me if you want” She muttered..
I started fighting pu-lling over each other on the be-d.
I wanted to separate them but it was too tough for me to get closer to them..
“Hey st©p” was the only thing I could say..
Suddenly I could hear sounds of footsteps reaching from outside.
It was like that of soldiers going for battle.
The door flung opened and two guards [email protected]£ in.
That was the first time I saw other people than the princesses, Queen and the king..
The st©pped immediately they saw them.
Does guards bowed them.
“The king want to see the both of you now” one of the guard spoke.
They left without a word or looking at me.
I was confused staying with those guards.
One of them [email protected]£d me and I didn’t utter a word.
He dragged out. The other one took the lead and they kept walking. After I while we reached a very big hall.
And in the hall has door to different room.
They opened one of the door and threw me inside a dark room..
Oh God, dark room? What have I done to deserve this punishment. I’m the cause of their fight..
Now I’m in a dark room with out light nor be-d.. how do I get out. Am spending the rest of my life here..??
Oh, Lord..!!!
Will Jim get out of that room? Beside back to his parents? Find out in the next episode.

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