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The mermaid in love Episode 5 to 7

The Mermaid in love ❤️ {18+}
[Two crazy fishes in love]♥
💎Episode 5💎
By: V»praise.✍️
Chizara held me back as yurka pu-ll-ed me forward to the door.
“What’s the meaning of this embarras-sment? Let go off me ” I said to yurka.
“You have no choice of your own here, so keep quiet and watch me take the rule.” She yelled at me ma-king things worst.
“Yurka!! Let my captive be or I will do the worst ever done here” she shouted on her voice.
“Hmmmm!!? Go ahead and do it” yurka replied wickedly.
The cracked and a beautiful woman dressed with Golden corral and a patch of silver blinking allose
I was sure she is their mother.
“What’s happening here between the both of you that you want to re-move the roof of this peaceful abode and who is this young man and what is his he doing here?” She requested yelling…
The sight of the woman s£nt me to a world fear and anxiety.
” Ma, it’s all yurka’s fault. She [email protected]£ here and distracted my immeasurable plea-sure” she said pointing at yurka.
“Immeasurable plea-sure indeed, ma, don’t mind yurka.” She snapped.
“Will you both keep shut before I insure the worst of your father on you?. Your answers didn’t answer my question. Who is this young man?” She requested again.
“He is my love ma” she said twisting her fist.
” No ma, he is my long awaited and hidden b©yfri£nd.” Yurka interrupted.
“Oh gush,, I’m sure you both are crazy. Now let go off this guy” she said and I began to tremble with more fear. I had a very short prayer In my mind not to be harmed.
Immediately they left me and she held my wrist. Her hand was so cool and heavy. As at then I began to shiver out of fear..
“plea-se ma, don’t hurt me I mean no harm”. I said as she took me to a very poky brilliant room.
She sm-irked and Said.
“You’re harmless and I’m harmful I hate human. A great thanks to my children for bringing a supper to I and my husband” she laughed horribly.
Then I realized I was gone for good. I started praying slowly in my heart as it beat fas-ter..
She left and ban-ged the door behind..
I began to shed tears and regretted ever seeing or coming to the beach..
Back in the human world suffered Jim’s parents..
Dad calm down we shall find him at all cost even if it requires human blood. I saw him wi-dely going into the sea with a fear lady beautiful,S-xy and well structured. I have this strong feeling that he isn’t dead but held hostage…
I consoled Jim’s father as he almost committed suicide..
“Son, I don’t believe he is still alive let me go and die as well.” He said crying.
“No father we shall find him.” I said.
Mean while I consoled the father his mother was sobbing very ha-rd .. Neighbor from far and near [email protected]£ as well to console them.
It was really a sad day to lose our beloved brother to no speculated insight..
“Good afternoon sir,. An old man Said pathing his back.
He raised his face up at the man but utter no response..
“You’re a man, plea-se st©p sobbing I will help you. I’ve a way out” he said at last.
” plea-se sir, voice out where can I get my son or are you kidding me?” Jim’s father asked.
” Not kidding just come with me and I will show a way if he probably went to the sea.” He said and immediately Jim’s father stood and ordered me to come with them…
We went to a corner of the house and he began.
“I’m very sure he was seized up in the sea, so I will take you to the only link to the sea. ” He said.
“A wizard or ……?
“Yes, a wizard plea-se don’t hesitate to come with me we shall find a possible solution before it becomes to late.” The man said and went to out of the compound..
I quic-kly jumped into the car and ignited. I drove out and get the both men in.
“I’m taking you to a shrine and I want you to be a man that you’re despite you’re a Christian to what ever she said just to seek your son’s whereabout..
“My dad nodded and I drove toward the east side.
I drove for about an hour in silence of grieve.
We [email protected]£ to a junction and He instructed me to take a U turn to the left of which I did and in while we landed in a very scary place.
It’s a shrine indeed. The place was designed with scary material beyond my explanation…
We [email protected]£ down and haste to the main room which was Whitely dressed and in a while an average age woman appeared dressed in with attires behaving like one who has drank to stupor..
She ushered us to seat and we did. She began with the narration of what brou-ght us to her shrine.
“You’re in the right place. The ground of solution.” She said and wi-nkled at us.
“Thanks eyes of the ancient. plea-se we nee-d it urgently.” My dad said.
After some enchantment she turned to us and laughed terrible..
“Your son is in a safe hand. All you nee-d now is to go back home and I shall consult with his hostage. But surely he’s with the sea inhabitants. Returned here in the next three days and I shall tell exactly what happened.” She muttered in conclusion and continued her chattering and incantations..
She made sign for us to leave and we exit..
💎Episode 6💎
✨ Chizara.
How could she invade my privacy?
It was such an immeasurable plea-sure. He was very perfect at the [email protected] I have never felt such plea-sure before..
She interrupted and now mum has taken him away.
Who knows where she has taken him to…
I promise them one thing that if a pinch is [email protected] him, I will destroy this kindom with my last breath..
She vowed.
I sat at the edge of the be-d and I couldn’t figure anything out.. I was thoughtless..
I think I should do something fast and help him. People here are dangerous..
I was still half n-ked so I quic-kly slide into a Pinky go-wn and packed my hairs in a ponytail and Left…
I nee-d to talk to my father.
I rushed to the throne chamber he must be there..
I decided to take a swim that would be fas-ter than walking hence I’m not used to walking..
I swan very fast to his chamber and met him and my mother having a serious conversation.. she was seated in a armchair beside the king. (Lasio)
I transformed into a human then walked towards them gently..
“Greetings father” I said and bowed to him.
“Welcome daughter. What brou-ght the sad look on your precious face?” He asked in a frown..
So mother hasn’t tell him yet. I looked up at my mother and she has a questioning look on it.
Like “What?”
I un-derstood the look and began to look at the floor as if I was looking for something. I was nervous.
I never spoke of a man in my father’s sight.
“Daughter speak up, I’m all ears. What is it that bothers you?” He asked again.
My father has this soft tone that can take away all your anxiety and fear.. I like him very well but on the other side his very mean. He can kill with a blink of his red eyes. He’s strong and poisonous..
I cracked my voice to speak but I got short of words to say. I was taken way by his angelic voice.. I kept silence for while and a confuse look appeared on his face.
My interrupted the silence.
“My Lord, your daughter here claims to love a man and brou-ght him into your kingdom.” She said bad intense.
“A man? From which of the clan of this kindom? Is it from our enemy kindom or our friendly ones.?” He asked showing curiosity..
“Hmm,, she paused. My Lord a Man from your enemy kindom. The human to be precise” My mother mumbled.
“I will pretend as if I don’t here you.” He said and turned to me. “Daughter is what I just heard true or just a prank?” I asked Looking directly into my eyes.. I don’t know what do say.. I just nodded..
“Huh? How dare you daughter? Have you forgotten they are our enemies and very soon we shall take our revenge on them? Don’t dare me” he said with much anger burning in side face..
I haven’t seen him so angry. Not even at my mum.
Stepped down from his throne and covered the distance between us. He [email protected]£ closer and I could felt burning fire 🔥 approaching..
I quic-kly fell to my knees with my face bent to the ground…
He saw my reaction and turned away immediately facing my mum..
I don’t know what he was thinking but I knew he meant harm..
What will be of Jim? I regretted ever bringing him here..
“Why should you regret? You love him then portray what your heart de-sires” my thought whispered..
Yes I have to fight for him..
He’s my love I love him. Not even father can st©p that. I thought to myself.
“Where is the young man?” He asked.
My mother wanted to reply but I interrupted her.
“Mother ceased him. She hide him with her spell. Father plea-se don’t harm him. I love him” I was shocked by my own words. I spoke so bold . I never done that..
He turned at me and stared.
“Love? Who is taking about love?” He skrie-ked.
“You’re are a mermaid. I mean a half fish b©dy. You can’t get married to a man so st©pped deceiving yourself..” He chuckled.
I don’t know why he said that. At least I have my legs. I can walk. Besides he just made me felt in a way I never felt before. He k!$$£d me. He t©uçhed the most s-en-sitive [email protected] of my b©dy between my th!gh. Is it that I can’t reproduce?
“Yes you can’t reproduce except a [email protected] spell is broken. Which destroying the human race” he snapped as if he was re-ading my thought.
I knew he had such power but he never utilised it.
“Father plea-se don’t harm him. I…….I ..I so much love him” I said and looked at my mother as if I wanted her to help me beg father.
Why will she? She was the one who caused this owe thing..
“Now woman take me to where you hide him” he commanded.
My mother smiled and took the lead..
I followed them and she st©pped on her track.
“Don’t follow us. Get back and get lost” she muttered.
She didn’t turned back but I knew she was referring to me..
I angrily left them and swam back to my chamber.
💠 Yurka’s
I smiled wi-dely looking at my beautiful face in the large standing mirror in my room. I t©uçhed my long blonde feeling the sansation.. I knew the handsome Is mine alre-ady..
Hence mother is in control I’m in charge.. I don’t know why I so much love that guy. He’s too charming. Looking at his torso back in Chizara’s room, it tempt tou-ching it. I felt like running my fist across it..
I think I have to check on mother.. she might have a plan for ceasing the guy..
I left for room and couldn’t find her so extended the walk to the throne chamber and I saw father yelling at Zara. What has she done? I couldn’t remember the last time he yelled us..
I watched them from my hidden place and my cheek flu-shed as I saw her went on her knees..
After I a while they started walking towards my direction and I teleported myself back to my chamber to avoid them sighting me.
✨ Chizara’s.
I hate mother too much. Yurka is always her favorite and either of them didn’t like me.
I won’t give the chance to [email protected]£ my feelings Jim is the one love no else except him..
I must help him out. I am sure he must be hungry now.
I knew where more hide him so finding isn’t a problem.
The matter now is how do I sneak and take food to him?
I will learn some of my powers tonight.. I will help him out.. I promise.
I left to make some food for him..
💎Episode 7💎
🔱 Jim’s.
I looked around the wall of the room and horrible creature were designed on it..
One like, A man carrying the head of another beared man in his hand..
I felt scared and turned away immediately.. they look real but they weren’t..
After a while, I heard footsteps from outside the room. It sounded so loud like it was many people. I jezzed and my heart st©pped beating..
“Now they have finally here to kill me. What have I done to them to deserve this?Why will a thing like this premature death before me?” I thought to my myself as strolled down my eyes..
Finally the door opened and behold a very tall dark handsome man appeared..
His long hair curled to his shoulder.. His red shone which made me felt worried and sick at same time..
He’s cute but I haven’t seen the eyes type before..
He wore a dress like robe.
Yes, a very expensive one and a crown 👑 on his head..
He dressed like a King.”Hmmm,, I sighed. He’s the king. I was sure of that from his looking..
He look like Zara.. the resemblance of face and b©dy features tell he was the king..
Behind him, was the woman I saw earlier. The woman who locked me here.. The Queen..
Maybe they have come to devour me just like the she earlier..
I looked up at him and saw smile wi-dely spre-ad on his face..
“What a handsome man from the human world.. the world of my worse enemy. Welcome to my kindom..” he said laughing horribly.
” A great thanks to Chizara for bringing us such a palatable meal.” The woman who stood behind him added.
My liver extorted..
I’m doom!!. Why do I followed her here.? Was the only question in my mind.. It hit my head countless times..
“Oh, yes. Indeed a great meal.” He added..
He just said enemy.. Have I done something wrong to him? Does he know me?
“plea-se your highness, to what ever wrong I have done to you, forgive me and spare my precious life” I pleaded..
He laughed and spoke after waiting for some minutes.
” What an angelic voice you have.” He complimented. I like the way he does that..”You did nothing of your own but your ancestors does.. ” he said still laughing wickedly..
“My ancestors?” I was confused
He squatted to my level on the floor and raised my jaw in his hand..
“Well,, I won’t harm you now but I as-sure you that I will return for vengeance.” He said and stood up to his feet..
I shrugged and remain quite.
I watched as they leave and I sighed in relief..
At least I will see another hour of the day..
“I was sure I have spent much time but I experience not night fall.. Is it that night or day don’t break?
Hmmm” I shrugged and rested my head on the wall which I [email protected]
There was a large size be-d. The king size for family.
It was neatly dressed with white sheet.
It looked tempting to [email protected] but I was scared.
I felt my stomach ache..
I was actually hungry.
I haven’t eaten anything. What would they have here fit for my consumption? Besides they’re not Human being..
But what baffles me was that they do appear in human form..
I sighed and rested back on the wall..
🎵 Yurka’s 🏺
I walked to mum’s chamber and saw seated on her armchair felt relaxed.
“Hey mother„ I rushed to her and pu-ll-ed her into hvg. It was usual of us hvgging.
My mother was my favorite. She did what ever I request.
She never want to see me sad. I am sure she will do this one for me.
“Daughter, I can see you are excited and other side worried. Are you alright?”.she asked politely smiling as usual.
“Mother like you said. I’m good but inside worried.” I replied with a frown.
“Then tell me what makes my princess,my pride worries and sad? Or is it because of the handsome guy?”
She knows my mind.
Yes I was worried about Jim. ma-king him mine disturbs me.
“Yes mother” I replied immediately.
“Forget your worried. I am In control. I knew you are much in love with him.”
She knew it she can use her magical powers to re-ad thought..
“Yes mother.. I …..I really love him” I said.
” He is yours alre-ady” she said.
” How mother? How is it going to be possible.?” I asked curiously.
“Hmmm, daughter relax. Like I said I knew you love him so I did what I did to keep him away from her ‘Zara’ and give him to you. You’re my pride and you deserve the best. That man is really handsome. He fit you. Remember you’re the crown 👑 princess so you can take a man before your sister.. despite she has powers more than you. He’s yours alre-ady” she concluded and my heart flattered.
I gave her a warm hvg.
“Thanks mother” I said.
“Don’t mention my pride” she said and myl-ips curved into a smile..
Mother really love me..
Yes, I’m the crown 👑 princess but she possess more powers than I. I hate that fact. She can do any silly thing with her powers..
Well, let me not go to that now..
I gave her another hvg.
“But mother can I see him?” I requested.
“Yes indeed, you will surely see him but I’m tired i nee-d to rest now” she said and sat lazily at the edge of the be-d..
I frown and later smiled because she has as-sured me..
I can’t wait. I nee-d to talk to him pri-vately.
⚔️Chizara 🗡️🛡️
I’m not sure he can eat what we eat here and I can’t go to the freshwater and get some fishes for him.
I gathered some fruit in a basket..
If it’s war they want I shall give it to them.. she can’t st©p me from having my heart de-sires..
I am a good fighter and more powerful than they thought of me..
I quic-kly some ti-ght wear and a boot and pick two dagger. I tied one to my left arm and tied another around my [email protected]!st.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I looked like a warrior re-ady for war..
I dashed out of my room and walked to where he was hidden..
The reached the door steps and noticed the door was locked..
Gush!!! But that won’t st©p me. I performed some magic and the door fli-pped opened..
I went in and I saw him seating on the ba-re floor resting his head against the wall..
He trembled as I entered..
I never mean to scared him but was f0rç£d by the magic..
“Hey, I’m sorry for what happened I never I thing like this would occur.” I apologised and went to seat beside him. I saw fear in in his eyes. I kept quiet as he stared at me..
“Have you come to kill me?” He asked in his angelic and polite tone.
Why would he say such?
“No, never I can’t hurt you. Besides I brou-ght something for you to eat” I said and his eyes wi-de-ned.
“Something like what. Human flesh?” He asked with surprise.
“Not at all, I don’t eat human but my parents does. That is the main reason we should leave here this place. Well, eat first I brou-ght fruits. I hope you will like it.. ” I said bring out the fruits from the basket and offered it to him.
He accepted with delightment. I am sure he was hungry..
It was all my fault..
I stared at him as he de-eply bite and shew some apple 🍎..
He paused as he noticed me..
I turned away from him to hide my face from.
“Why are staring at me like you’re tasty of blood?” He asked .
His words hurt me.
“I don’t eat people plea-se st©p saying that. I just Love yourl-ips wish to have k!ss” I found myself staring back at him.
He’s pinkl-ips drool..
“k!ss? Not again,, plea-se take me out of here . I’m sure I have received some punishment for my stupidity for following you here” he skrie-ked.
“You’re not did it out love. ” I kept my eyes on hisl-ips .
He st©pped an inch and [email protected]£ closer.
He leaned on me and pressed hisl-ips ha-rd ly against my n£¢k.. He was really good. It s£nt shivers down my spine..
He knew what I wanted. I threw my head backward giving him more access to k!ssme. I never felt like that before. He’s warmth took over me..
He moved hisl-ips upward to my jaw and then ended on myl-ips..
I was flattering me with his ton-gue..
Our ton-gue met each other and they faught over each other..
I moved his hand over to my [email protected]!st and loosed the dagger and further he moved it back to my shoulder and str!pped down my shi-t..
TBC 👉❤️

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