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The mermaid in love Episode 1 & 2

The mermaid in love ❤️ {18+}
[Two crazy fishes in love]♥
✨Episode 1✨
“You look beautiful, who are you?” I asked a girl standing in front me although she’s a b©dy woman…..
She smiled wi-dely and drew closer to me…
“Hey,, wake up, you’re over slee-ping” I felt a hand on my cheek.
“Gush,, who is this person now.?” I asked off my sleep.
“Jeffrey, what is it now?” I asked again ru-bbing my face.
“You’re asking me still on be-d. Check your time. I thought you said you have exam today?” Jeffrey remained me of my exam.. Today is Friday I don’t feel attending school but my exam.. Gush.” I said and quic-kly got up from the be-d and rushed to the bathroom to refreshen while jeff walked back to his room.
Jeffrey is my cousin brother but i took him as my blood brother.We are of the same age. He lived with us right from age 6 and we grew up together…
★Covetous to become a human★.
This guy is really handsome. I really love him. I wish I’m one of those human beings I would have him all to myself in a min but nevertheless I shall visit the earth soon..”Don’t think of that you’re nothing but just a fish” My thought sm-irked..
“And so?, you shut up and watch me. Jim is my love and i shall take him at all cost” I snapped it immediately and swam back the my chamber..
Yurka is the crowned princess of the mermaid who fell de-eply in love with Jim in the human world. She kept appearing to him in the dream…
“Sister, I so much love the human world.Most of all able guys. There’s one I met days ago, he’s very cute and I love to have him.” Said Chizara.
“Zara, likewise. I wish I was born over there.” I said and she laughed.
“Sister you’re thinking too far.. Will Father not help us?” She snapped and asked
“How?” I asked in frown.
“Maybe s£nd us to world for just someday” she replied..
“Well,, let’s try that but I’ve this feelings that he will turn down our request..” I said she sigh.
“Don’t conclude yet, lets go and try. It’s our de-sire. Remember he promised to grant our de-sires.” Chizara asked very straight in point. I nodded and we swam to his nook chamber.
“Welcome my princesses but my princesses look so worried. What’s the problem. Share with me.” Dad(king Lazio) requested.
“Dad! Don’t be annoyed. I and Chizara here love the human world so much and wish to go and visit there.” I said with my face down (bow)..
“Never, I will never allow my children to over to the wicked world of humans. Some of them there prefer our world instead. I see no reason you should love the human world” He yelled and Chizara changed her mood..
“Father plea-se” I said and went on my kneel.
“Dad remember you promised to grant our heart de-sires” Chizara added…
“Yes daughter but not a dangerous require as this.” He muttered and after so much pleading he agreed to give us the power to transform into human beings but to go over and live…. We thanked him and immediately I tried transforming and to my surprise I transformed into a beautiful human with good legs straight toes. I never believe I was so beautiful till that day…. “Now I can appear to Jim in my full form as human being..” I said to myself and Chizara also tried hers and it work out the same…….
I went inside and no one was in the sitting room.. I slump tiredly into the couch. I was tired school is stressful this days.. I said and some one laughed from behind…
“Hey,, won’t you mind ur business” cutting her short. She’s Sharon, my elder sister. She continue laughing walked upstairs..
I went to my room, took my shower and slumped to the be-d…
I rested for about an hour when she could me for dinner..
“Wow! Dad has returned without my notice” I said and they all laughed..
“Must you know when your dad return?” Mum asked and they all chorus “I don’t know!” I felt little shy. We started eating and after dine dad cleared his throat..
“Guys tomorrow is Saturday right?” She and we all answered “yes”
“OK,, so we shall visit the beach tomorrow” he said smiling and all screamed so loud in rejoice including my mum… Going to the beach is one of our happiest moment life time.. Although I can’t swim properly but mum and Sharon are best in swimming.. Jeffrey is the dullest in terms of that but we all love visiting the beach…
It’s really fun meeting new friends and catching funs and joking perfectly…
We all thanked and I went back to my room to check [email protected]£s on Facebook. I told my of my friends about our visit to the beach and some of them told me they will come over for fun.. I keep fantasising how I will swim at the shallow [email protected] of the sea… After a while, I sle-pt off..
“You [email protected]£ late, I’ve been waiting for you over an hour” a sweet feminine voice said from behind. I turned back immediately I saw a very beautiful lady standing. She look familiar . “Yea I’ve seen her before” I said to myself. But not in a full form as this.
“You look amazed anything cool?” She asked walking closer to me.”yes you beautiful,cute and your sweet smell drives my s-en-ses. You look like a princess” I said and this she cut me up in a stand. Herl-ips look so we-t. She beat it s£dûçt!velyand before I let out a word off my mouth, she placed herl-ips on mine and began to k!ssme I reciprocated immediately. He hands runs over my back and she later brou-ght down to my power house (d”ck) and I shivered in response..
💎Episode 2💎
This guy is really crazy, just look at how this idiot k!ss!ngthe pillow.
I guess water will help solve this madness..
I rushed bathroom get and water sprinkled it on him..
“$h!t!!” He yelled and jumped up immediately..
“Guy you’re such chump person. Just look how you mess your be-d up” I said pointing to the we-t be-d..
“What’s the meaning of thing now? I know I’ve messed my be-d but you shouldn’t used water on me.” He bellowed and walked down the be-d.
“That serves you right, but guy this is so strange of you. we-tting the be-d precisely.” I said and he turned his face down in shame..
“She appeared to me again. This time she was k!ss!ngand R0m-ncing me” he said and face dropped.
“Who is this lady disturbing you? It’s really bad having such nightmare.. Don’t you think you tell it to dad?” I asked curiously..
“Not at all.. Just forget about I can handle it.” He said with his face still down..
“Common!! Don’t by too shy. I’m your brother and I un-derstand your feelings but you really nee-d prayers to over such demonic dreams,OK?.”
“Ok bro thanks for cheering me up” he said trying smile..
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“Yeah,, are you re-ady for the beach.?” I asked and he nodded negatively.
“OK then, get refreshen mum will soon call us for breakfast.” I said and he smiled wi-dely. We shook hands and I left his room…
💎 Jim✨
This is so embarras-sing. Look at how my b©dy is we-t..
Gush..❗ What if he went about telling others that I do mess my be-d.? Well,,I believed Jeff can’t do such a thing..
Come to think of this girl that normal comes to me in dream. I’ve never met such girl before. She is extraordinary beautiful. Why did she want me. Why did she always k!ssme ma-king me to be-d we-t… “Yurka” that’s her name. She told me last night.. Her sound strange and scary. Nevertheless God knows why she want me. But do I love her? O asked myself.
“Who is talking about love here” my thought blasted..
“Yea.. I don’t love her. ” I said. “Then forget about her and get focused” it replied..
“Jim come for your breakfast” Sharon yelled from outside.
I exhaled and walked to the bathroom..
I love re-ading book about the humanity “The kindness of human” written by Queen Asher ancient Queen.. I was re-ading in my nook when I began to hear voices so loud that I got disturbe-d and lost concentration in my re-ading.
“I got excited and My heart to beat fast as I began to hear people’s voices at the seashore.. Wow! The human have a [email protected] here today.. I’m so much happy because I’m gonna get a lover today. Hence I can transform to be like them, they won’t distinguish between I and real human.. So I will finally get someone who will ban-g(fv¢k) me and message my n!ppl!s.. It has been long Ivry (My fiance) gave it to me beside this will be from an able real and agile human.. I can’t wait” I said smiling as I swam to the water surface to get a fv¢ker probably.
After breakfast, we all got re-ady to leave.
“Now listen everyone, we are about visiting the beach a lot of people we come there likewise and have fun. Catch fun around but don’t step your feet into the sea. It’s dangerous except for I and my wife. Jim and Jeff precisely I know too well that Sharon can swim. I don’t want guys to step into the water for any reason OK?” He asked and I and Jeff chorus
“Yes sir”
Smiled wi-dely and hand over the car keys to me.
“Take the drive” he said still smiling. Without hesitation I collected it drove off the house..
“Why is it that every time we are visiting the beach dad won’t let me swim. At least let me give a try but he resist with no specific reason. I hate such damned ideal.” I said to myself while driving. Meanwhile Sharon was busy fantasising how she was going to swim putting everyb©dy into laughter, I didn’t laugh but just a smile..
We landed at the beach and to my surprise a lot of people were all over the place. Some were swimming, others were dancing while some sat on the shallow parr of the sea. My eyes quic-kly cut a very beautiful lady. The best among those in water. Her hairs were dark as charcoal, long as a [email protected] thre-ad for mechanical work. A browned skin and a pointed nose type. Blue eyes and pink paintedl-ips.. She waved me and I smiled…
I didn’t react because mum and dad were still standing beside me.
I hope to react and get her to myself when I’m left alone. She look super beautiful I’ve nor seen such beauty before except in my dream.. “Yurka” but is she the one.?
re-aders answer the quest… she Yurka or Chizara..
TBC ❤️

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