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The last confessor Episode 57 & 58

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 57
“Hey, get up and wipe those tears away.” King Miley grinned with a stern voice.
Isabelle didn’t even move from where she sat as she continued to weep miserably.
She felt so angry at the king for giving her out to this monster – well, the truth is that, she doesn’t even know who’s more of a monster, is it king Ceasar or King Miley?
Both king’s were mean and heartless. They killed any offender as if killing is a thing of joy.
But she didn’t know why she preferred staying with king Ceasar to king Miley. Both king’s almost have same trait but she didn’t want to live with king Miley.
“Hey! I’m talking to you!” King Miley hissed angrily and [email protected]£d Isabelle r0ûghly by her arm.
“When I’m talking to you…” King Miley’s words were cut short as an unexpected arrow flew and hit him right on his che-st.
His eyes wi-den and he went down on his knees immediately. Blank blood dr!pp£dout slowly from the corner of his mouth.
Isabelle [email protected] and moved away from him, she turned and saw king Ceasar staring at them with a triumphant look on his face. And instantly, she knew the arrow had come from him.
He had actually deceived king Miley so he can have the opportunity to kill him. Her mind that was in turmoil, suddenly [email protected]£ relaxed as she stared at the king.
King Ceasar threw another arrow and it met king Miley at his back and king Miley gro-an ed in excruciating pain and fell heavily on the floor, with blood coming out from his mouth.
King Ceasar took slow strides towards them. He got to where king Miley la-id, almost unconscious alre-ady. He crouched in front of him and raised his head to stare at him.
“You… deceived…me and… sh0t…me…with…a poisonous arrow.” King Miley spat out blood with his face filled with anger and defeat.
“You should know I never loose and let go easily. You chose the [email protected] way and I gave it to you. You should have just accepted the money I was willing to pay you and all this wouldn’t have happened.” King Ceasar said with a triumphant sm-irk.
King Miley coughed out blood and gro-an ed in pain and in anger.
He couldn’t believe that he had been fooled by king Ceasar. He had doubted the fact that king Ceasar would just re-adily agree to hand the confessor over to him just like that.
But then, he had seen the seriousness and firmness in his face and he couldn’t help but believe that he was serious on giving the confessor to him.
He wasn’t wise enough to know that he planned something hvge for him.
“You… bastard!” King Miley gro-an ed with his voice ba-rely audible and with life sli-pping out of him gently.
“Eish! Even at your dying minute, you still talk a lot. Well, save your strength and words so when you get to hell, you’ll be able to say hi to devil for me.” King Ceasar sm-irked and with those words said, he drew out the arrow with f0rç£ and plunged into his heart directly.
King Miley coughed out blood and winced slightly.
Isabelle just stood, watching the scene before her eyes. She watched as her king killed king Miley right before her eyes without any remorse.
Her b©dy shook and all the hair on her b©dy stood still with fright.
She didn’t even for once in her confused state believe or think that her king would kill king Miley.
She had actually believed that king Ceasar had really handed her over to king Miley – but she didn’t know it was [email protected] of his plans.
She felt relieved and at the same time, scared because she was right there when everything was happening.
“My…men will…come after you.” King Miley said with a lot of difficulty as excruciating pains spre-ad around his b©dy.
“Gosh! You’re really strong huh? Say hi to do devil for me.” King Ceasar said with his eyes dark. He drew out his sword behind him and s£nt it straight to king Miley’s heart.
King Miley [email protected] as his breathing wavered and slow down.
Then, he took his last breath and just heart st©pped.
“Bastard!” King Ceasar spat out with disgusted look as he gazed at the bloody dead b©dy of king Miley whose eyes were opened even at death.
Isabelle felt nauseous immediately and she held her stomach and placed other hand, on her mouth.
King Ceasar turned to stare at Isabelle and he frowned lightly.
“Let’s get going alre-ady. You look sick.” He said and his face softened a little.
Isabelle just nodded her head and they both started for the door.
Outside, she met many of king Miley’s guards dead and she [email protected] out loudly.
“Where are the red sisters?” King Ceasar asked as he stared around the building.
“They’ve been taken away your highness.” One of the guard bowed.
The king nodded his head and walked towards were the carriage was alre-ady waiting for him. Isabelle climbe-d into the carriage too and sat beside the king, with her hands in between her legs and her head bowed.
The ride to the palace was a quiet one as none of them spoke a word to each other.
They haven’t gotten half way when Isabelle starting feeling dizzy and she started to doze off.
She would jo-lt awake if she dozes off because her head wasn’t properly balanced and there was no comfortable place or thing she could place her head on.
King Ceasar face crea-sed in a frown as he stared at the dozing Isabelle.
He observed that, she was a little pale and sick.
Isabelle’s head unconsciously fell on the king’s shoulder and immediately, she re-moved her head as she got to know.
She turned to stare at the king with tired eyes and flu-shed cheeks; she was embarras-sed.
“I’m sorry my king.” She whispered drowsily and yawned lightly. She ru-bbe-d her sleepy eyes and yawned again.
Just then, she felt the king hand on her n£¢k, directing her head to stay on his shoulder.
Isabelle didn’t object but she let the king put her head on his shoes.
She smiled lightly. She was surprised and she was happy too. She felt so happy and comfortable with her head on the king’s shoulder.
When the king start being caring towards her?
She let her mind wander off at her breathing even.
The king surprised her again, by tucking her hair behind her ear. He stro-ked her hair gently and she felt a tingling s-en-sation in her stomach.
She felt bu-tterflies dance enthusiastically in her stomach.
“Sleep, you look tired.” She heard the king whisper to her.
She smiled and nodded her head.
And just as she drifted off to sleep, she felt a we-t k!sson her forehead and her heart fluttered at the realization that it was from the king.
Episode 58
The king continued to stro-ke Isabelle’s hair as she sle-pt soundly with just the sound of her breath.
King Ceasar can’t really un-derstand and fathom what exactly is going on with him these days, when he’s around the confessor.
Why doesn’t he feel that hate he felt for her when she just [email protected]£ his?
Why doesn’t he feel revengeful and angry anytime he sees her?
Why doesn’t he want to hurt her so badly again like he intended to?
Everything is so confusing and with a conclusion, he would visit the wise one at the neighbouring kingdom to get answers to his questions.
The ride back to the palace was a tiring one. Isabelle didn’t even move once as she seemed to be a de-ep sleep.
Finally, they got to the palace.
“My king…” One of the guards bowed, with his hands stretched out – in a gesture that he wants to carry the slee-ping confessor.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take her.” The king said plainly. The guard nodded his head and bowed. He moved back a little to give the king space to alight.
With Isabelle in the king’s hands, in a bridal style, the king walked slowly into the palace.
Surprisingly, she was as light as a feather.
And he carried her with ease.
Surprisingly, the king did not take Isabelle to her room but his.
As a guard opened the door of his room, Isabelle stirred gently and la-id comfortably on his b©dy, with her head on his che-st calmly.
She looked so innocent and peaceful as she sle-pt.
The king la-id Isabelle gently on his be-d and drew the duvet cover to her b©dy to cover her up to her che-st region.
She stirred again and yawned lightly. Then, she went back to sleep.
“She seemed really tired.” He mouthed as he gazed at her.
He tucked her hair behind her ear and left the room.
“You’re hereby made a commoner and you’re banned from stepping even a foot in this palace.
Two of your index f!ngersrespectively, would be cut off as a reminder of the abomination you committed.
Now, I’m sparing your life because of the innocent unborn child in your stomach,e else, you would have been hanged to death.” King Ceasar spoke out, with his face as [email protected] a rock and his jaw stiff.
Roseline wept bitterly as the king gave his verdict. She didn’t know why she was crying – if it was because of the minor punishment or for the fact that she was made a commoner and she wouldn’t be able to get married to the king and become a queen?
There were so many things for her to shed tears for.
“As for Jeffrey, your left hand shall be cut off and you shall leave the palace premises and not to step a foot in this palace.
And in seven days from now, the both of you are gonna get married in a very low-key!” The king declared and the council nodded their head in approvement – plea-sed with the judgement of the king.
“No, no…I don’t want to marry him. I can’t marry him!” Roseline cried out.
Marry a lowlife that can’t even fend for himself?
Jeffrey was quiet as pain, regret and guilt filled his heart.
His left hand is gonna be cut off and he’s gonna get married to Roseline – someone he doesn’t love and even regretted laying with her.
His life was doomed.
Where was he gonna start from?
He doesn’t have a job any longer and a baby is on its way.
“This is my judgement!” The king said, with so much Superiority in his [email protected] voice.
Roseline cried out and went on her knees.
The king stood up from his throne like seat and started towards the door.
He didn’t even spare either of them a side glance as he walked away.
The guards took the injured Jeffrey, whose b©dy was filled with de-ep marks that sure would last forever.
He was flogged and an h0t coal iron was pressed on his back.
He felt nothing but excruciating pains all because of a one night stand with the king’s woman.
He regretted ever knowing Roseline and most of all, he regretted ever complying to sleep with her.
But it was too late alre-ady.
“Tell the confessor I summon her.” The king said to the b©dyguard that walked beside him to his be-droom.
“Yes, my king.” The guard bowed and took another turn to the confessor’s room.
The king sighed and ran his f!ngersthrou-gh his hair.
Isabelle’s heart was in her mouth as soon as the guard delivered the message that had s£nt for her.
For the past two days after they [email protected]£ back from king Miley’s kingdom, she hadn’t seen the king as he seemed to be busy and he hadn’t called for her.
She had been so shocked to have woken up the next day to find herself on the king’s be-d but he wasn’t in the room at the time she had woken up.
Had the king brou-ght her to his room himself? And why?
From ma-king her sleep on his shoulders, he made her sleep in his room and on his be-d without even tou-ching her.
She was too stunned.
Why’s the king suddenly being nice to her?
Isabelle had bonded well with the new maids and cooks and she liked them, vice versa.
They acknowledge the fact that was the head and they talked like they’ve known each other for long.
Isabelle felt her legs wo-bble as she got to the king’s room. Before she could even knock, she heard the king’s voice, telling her to come in.
She nervously opened the door and went inside.
“My king.” She bowed in obeisance.
“str!p and get on the be-d.” He ordered at once, not even staring at her.
She gulped down and started taking off her clothes one after the other.
Finally, she was nûd£ before the king and with shaky legs, she walked to the king’s be-d and climbe-d on t©p of it.
She dug her face in the pillow and she grew more nervous when she felt the be-d lowered and she felt the king’s pres£nce behind her.
King Ceasar made Isabelle to lie directly to face him. He was still clothed and Isabelle noticed that, he wasn’t wearing that cold expression he usually has anytime he wants to have S-x with her.
His expression was cool and calm.
The king went for her b©©b s and squee-zed it lightly. Isabelle [email protected] ed out at the feeling.
Then, the king took one b©©b s in his mouth and su-cked [email protected] from it.
The king k!$$£d her pas-sionately and she didn’t hesitate to k!sshim back. Her hands moved freely to his hair as she dug her hands in it. The king didn’t push her hands away and she was glad.
As he k!$$£d her h0tly, his hands found it’s way to her b©©b s and he fondled with them.
He wasn’t rou-gh with her like the other times when he’d be so [email protected] on her and she’d be in tears and feel nothing but pain with just little or no plea-sure.
The pains were always overwhelming and he doesn’t do [email protected]ç£too.
The king [email protected] her legs and he went in between them. He trailed k!sses from her cheek down to her shoulder and it made her shiver.
He was ma-king her feel things she hadn’t felt.
His f!nger sli-pped gently into her v*gina and she let out a light [email protected] .
He used the f!nger to ru-b her cl!t. Isabelle couldn’t hold her [email protected] s and so, she let it out.
He made it two f!ngersand he continued to ru-b her cl!t, and encircling it too.
Isabelle didn’t feel too much pains as plea-sure overwhelmed her.
He k!$$£d her pas-sionately and then, su-cked on her b©©b s like a hungry baby and it made her [email protected] out.
Slowly, he took of his own garment and he was left with just his brief, leaving Isabelle rather shocked.
The king had never undressed while he’s fv¢king her, but today was different
Isabelle’s eyes travelled down to his [email protected]!st level and her eyes almost bulged out as she stared at his hvge £r£¢tion inside his brief.
It was so big and thick and the sight made her shiver.
The king finally took off his brief and she quic-kly look away. He chuckled softly and he couldn’t even believe he had made the sound.
He k!$$£d her feverishly, with his ton-gue mating with hers and so slowly, he slid half of his length inside of her – like he was afraid to hurt her.
She [email protected] ed out in ecstacy as the king plunged into her gently. And then, he pushed in his full size and that made Isabelle full.
“Hum…ha…” She [email protected] ed out as he rode into her fas-ter.
He wasn’t treating her like she isn’t human to feel pain, but he treated her like someone with feelings.
He su-cked on her b©©b s as he rode into her. Pain mixed with plea-sure rushed throu-gh her and she couldn’t help but [email protected] loudly.
The king himself made guttural sounds as he plunged into her.
Finally, they both reached their cli-max and the king re-leased all his seeds inside of her.
He pu-ll-ed out of her and their breathing filled the room.
Isabelle was alre-ady tired and totally drained and all she wanted was to sleep.
She couldn’t even close her legs properly because it hurts – the king had ridden her many times but she had enjoyed it.
She felt the king stand up from the be-d but she was too weak and dizzy to turn to his direction.
Dizziness slammed throu-gh her and she couldn’t fight but finally gave in to nature to sleep.
“What do you mean?” Roseline rasped angrily, running her f!ngersthrou-gh her hair.
“You’re not pregnant.” The herbalist said again like he had said before.
“What do you mean I’m not pregnant? I did feel the signs and symptoms, so why are you saying that I’m not pregnant?” Roseline was starting to get infuriated.
“With the test I ran on you, you’re not pregnant. You have pseudocyesis and that’s because you badly want a child.
You’re not pregnant.” The herbalist said firmly.
Roseline felt doomed.
She lost virtually everything because of the false alarm that she was pregnant.
Too late to cry when the head is off.
She wouldn’t have concluded just yet that she was pregnant without conducting a test to be sure.
She felt so stupid and angry at herself.
She wasn’t pregnant, yet she lost everything.
“There’s no nee-d for the herbs that would have helped me terminate the pregnancy.” She groused at last, standing on her feet.
The herbalist just nodded his head and with bitterness in her heart, she walked away.
With her own hands, she destroyed herself…
Roseline wasn’t even pregnant 😳
The king and Isabelle made love and not for revenge😋😋
End of season 1

The last confessor 2

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