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The last confessor Episode 51 & 52

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 51

“Prince Kalen was going to [email protected]£ me?” Isabelle asked, her voice suddenly cracked. She took her gaze from the floor and stared at the king.
“Yes and if I hadn’t found out on time, he was gonna carry out the plan as soon as you and Rayna step out of the palace gate.” The king said, with a bit of pride in his voice.
“But how did you know my king?” She asked.
“Jeffrey had overheard you and the prince talking and everything that transpired between the two of you.
I didn’t want to believe what he said because I believe the prince wouldn’t try such a thing especially with belongs to his older brother.
So, I wanted to have a word with him and ask him if it was true but on getting to his room, I suddenly heard him talking to someb©dy and I decided to eavesdrop on their conversations and that was when I found out that he was planning with his b©dyguard to [email protected]£ you when you and princess Rayna would be going to the field to practice archery.
I was stunned and so, I just left. And that was why I made sure you didn’t leave the palace. His b©dyguard is in the dungeon, being tortured and as for the prince, I’d deal with him later.” The king explained and sighed.
Isabelle was too stunned to speak. She was shocked and at the same time happy. She didn’t know what [email protected]£ over her and how it happened but she stood up and ran to hvg the king so ti-ght.
“Thank you so much my king, thank you.” She whimpered softly and the king found himself hvgging her back.
She regained herself back and quic-kly pu-ll-ed away from the hvg and knelt down. The king felt a little bad because he enjoyed hey warmth against him and he wanted the hvg to last.
“You can leave now. You nee-d to rest.” The king said in a soft voice.
“Thank you my king.” She bowed and walked out of his room.
The king walked to his [email protected] which was adjoined to his room. He too out a book and sat on his chair and started re-ading. He nee-ded to keep himself busy and distracted from thinking about the confessor.
“We want to leave the palace your highness! We want to st©p working for you!” Cries filled the king’s chamber as the maids cried miserably.
Sadly, few of the maids were dead as they couldn’t make it the following day because of how badly injured they were and that had angered the other maids more.
They were all bittered.
The king looked at the crying and angry Protestants.
“We can no longer work for you!” A maid screamed angrily from the crowd.
The king looked dumbfounded.
He realized that what he did was really callous but if he didn’t punish them, they wouldn’t say the truth if at all, the culprit was there.
But guess he made a terrible mistake because they were all innocent.
“What exactly do you want?” The king finally spoke up, after the shouts had come down.
“We want to leave the palace. We want to st©p working for you!” They chorused together.
“Then, your wish is granted.” He said simply and walked out of his chamber.
The maids sighed in relief but they couldn’t jubilate because some of their colleagues were dead and it pained them.
Sofia who had brou-ght out the idea of them coming together and telling the king they don’t want to stay anymore, she had died in the middle of the night.
The maids had wept bitterly and they wished she hadn’t die.
Roseline paced to and fro worriedly in her room.
It’s been days alre-ady and she hadn’t seen any signs of pregnancy yet. The medicine man had told her that, the fertility pills were gonna work in just two to three days time but it was more than alre-ady and she wasn’t pregnant.
If she’s pregnant, the king would tamper justice with mercy on her because he wouldn’t want to do anything that would harm his own child.
“Could it be that the king is impotent? He is infertile?” She asked aloud, with her hands on her [email protected]!st and her gaze on the ceiling.
She nee-ds the baby more than ever now because it’s only the baby that can save her.
She gat to find her way.
She doesn’t know what the king would do to her and she’s seriously scared of the unknown.
She hasn’t been re-leased from what she called her *house arrest.* She has not eaten too.
She was terribly hungry but the situation at hand was enough to make her loose her appetite.
She doesn’t know if the king would behead her, she doesn’t know what’s in that dark heart of his.
She has to do something.
She doesn’t want to die.
Naya was finally re-leased from the dungeon after she was severely dealt with. The king cut off her two index f!ngersfrom both hands – according to him, to serve as a reminder of the callous thing she did and not always teach her a lesson and be a reminder in case, she wants to do something bad.
She was s£nt out of the palace too and never to step a foot in it else, she would be beheaded.
And solemnly, Naya left in shame and guilt.
During the torture, she had a miscarriage. She knew it was from one of the guards that the king had ordered to [email protected]£ her.
She didn’t even know the exact father and she was glad she lost the baby.
She had lost everything; she wouldn’t have been able to take care of herself and not to talk of, a child.
Where would she get the money from?
And before Naya left, she asked Isabelle for forgiveness and Isabelle gladly forgave her, then, she left.
All the maids in the palace had left too and the king had ordered for new ones.
A week and seven days later, the councill all gathered at the hall as the king was about to pas-s his judgement on Roseline.
Roseline was seriously scared and she was held like a criminal.
She was weeping profusely and feared the worst.
“This would be my judgement, Roseline would be…”
Episode 52
“You’re hereby str!pped off from every royal title and there’s not gonna be any marriage between us and you’re to return to your parents house tomorrow!” The king declared and a loud cry broke out from Roselinel-ips.
She fell on her knees immediately and wept bitterly.
“Oh no! My king, plea-se don’t do this to me. You know how muc I love you. I can’t live without you, plea-se I’m begging you.
I’m sorry for hurting the confessor and lying to you, it would never repeat itself again.” Roseline wept and she was restrained from going forward to meet the king at his throne like seat.
“Yeah, it won’t repeat itself because you’d be leaving the palace anyways.” The king scoffed.
“My king plea-se. What would people say about me? We’ve come a long way alre-ady my king. plea-se, I’m really sorry and I regret every of my actions.
I can’t go back to my parents house, they would be mad and disappointed at me. It’s gonna be a shame to them. plea-se my king, have pity on me.” Roseline cried more.
The king huffed and stepped down from his seat. His regalia was flowing freely on the floor and about three guards were beside and behind him respectively.
He ignored the wailings of Roseline and started towards the door while the council’s just shook their head.
None of them could utter any word because they know better than to keep shut if they don’t want to be dealt with or beheaded.
Even if most of the counsellors where far more other than him, thru feared him greatly because he was a powerful and strict king.
He wouldn’t hesitate to have them locked up and beaten to death for any word wrongly said.
“My king!” Roseline screamed in tears but the king was alre-ady out of the door.
“$h!t! fv¢king $h!t! Why the he would the king suddenly st©p them from going ehdn everything was alre-ady well planned out!” Prince Kalen yelled in frustration as he stared at the dark cloud – it seems it was gonna rain, but that wasn’t the prince concern.
The guard who had come to deliver the message stared at the prince.
“Where the hell is Dan by the way? He promised to be here in few minutes but it’s an past hours alre-ady and he’s not here.” Prince Kalen gro-an ed in frustration.
He was inside the forest that the [email protected]£ plan was supposed to be carried out.
Since the king had ordered for Dan to be dealt with, he couldn’t meet the prince and tell him of the latest development.
“I haven’t seen him all morning my prince.” The guard, Jay bowed.
“What the heck? Let’s get going to the palace. I swear, I would chop of Dan’s d!¢k and feed it to him to eat for not keeping to his words. How dare he make me wait without telling me the latest development?” The prince growled angrily as he walked out of the forest with Jay.
Jay and Dan are prince Kalen most b©dyguards and they are friends too. Jay was also involved in the plans but it was just a minor role for him to pla-y.
The king doesn’t know he was aware of what the prince planned on doing to the confessor, else, he would have also asked for his arrest and torture.
And the prince is lucky that Jay had come to inform him that the king had ordered Isabelle and the princess not to leave the palace.
Who knows? The prince would have waited all day alone in the forest, waiting for Dan and the confessor.
As the prince and the guard walked home, the prince was boiling with rage.
He was very furious and he felt like punching on something or someone to re-lease his anger.
He was alre-ady well prepared for the confessor and he had planned on having her over and over again till she pas-s out cold but unfortunately for him and fortunately for the confessor, the king had ruined everything.
He wouldn’t just give up yet, he would find another day to get the job done with.
He must have his way with the confessor and he doesn’t care if it has to be by f0rç£.
King Ceasar leaned on the wall and watched Isabelle as she sle-pt soundly on the be-d.
His arms were crossed un-der his che-st and he looked relaxed as he stared at her.
She was slee-ping and so, she didn’t notice the king pres£nce in her room.
The king left the wall and started towards her be-d. He sank himself quietly beside her on the be-d and he didn’t know why he felt like smiling.
He can’t even remember the last time he smiled and suddenly, he just felt like doing it.
He t©uçhed her hand and she j£rked, still slee-ping.
“No, no, plea-se I’m sorry. I’m not Tabitha.
I wasn’t the one who confessed you and made you kill your father.
plea-se my king…it hurts!” She whimpered softly, still asleep. She was throwing her head sideways and tears rolled down her cheeks.
She was having a bad dream even in the day time! And it hurts king Ceasar that he’s the reason for her bad dream.
For the first time he stared at the confessor, all he felt was guilt. His conscience was pricking him so badly.
He patted her head softly and she st©pped whimpering and relaxed.
Suddenly, she j£rked awake and hvgged the king so ti-ght, with her eyes filled with tears.
She wasn’t fully conscious and aware of what she was doing.
“plea-se, I’m sorry. Don’t punish me again. It hurts all the time.” She cried softly on his shoulders.
The king heart sank and felt terribly bad and guilty.
“It’s okay. You can go back to sleep now.” He found himself ma-king soft cooing sounds as he stro-ke her hair.
It wasn’t even night and she’s having terrible bad dream like this. What about night?
The nightmare would be sure worst than this.
From the first day she was brou-ght to the palace, he never thought of her feelings, how she felt. Revenge clouded his head and all he wanted was vengeance and by so doing, hurting Isabelle’s feelings.
Isabelle went back to sleep and the king la-id her back on the be-d gently.
He stood up from the be-d and covered her b©dy. He gazed at her for a long time before leaving her room.
He nee-ds sometime alone, to think and reason properly.
His conscience was judging him too.
“My king, the new maids are here alre-ady and they all pas-sed the test. They are in their respective rooms.” Jeffrey announced to the king, with a bow.
“Okay. And they should start their work immediately. I wouldn’t want to find fault in any of them.” The king said simply, with his gaze never leaving the big historical book before him on his desk.
He was so engrossed re-ading it.
“Okay my king.” Jeffrey bowed and walked out of the king’s room.
“How could you Kalen? You know she’s mine and you went ahead ma-king advances towards her and even planned on ra-ping her? What kind of a brother are you?” King Ceasar gro-an ed angrily and sma-cked his palm on the table loudly ma-king everyone of them frightened.
The royal family were eating dinner in peace, not until the king decided to interrupt, thinking it’s the right time to address the issue.
“Oh! You’re talking about your slut?” Prince Kalen said sarcastically.
“Don’t…you…ever…dare…call her a slut.” The king counted every of his words slowly but sternly.
He meant every of the words.
“Sorry bro.” Prince Kalen said with a bit of sarcasm in his voice and the king noticed it too but he chose to ignore it.
“What! You planned on ra-ping the confessor?” The queen yelled, looking at the prince disbelievingly.
“Well, I just wanted to have a taste of her and feel how good she is and what the king is enjoying.” He said sardonically and rolled his eyes.
“I’m gonna have you locked up and dealt with!” The king sneered.
“You would do no such thing!” The queen flared up angrily.
All this while, princess Rayna was just quiet and thinking of princess Vida birthday that was just a few days away.
“Mother?” The king called in surprise.
“You aren’t gonna punish your brother because of that stupid confessor. Just forgive him and let bygone be bygone.” She admonished.
The king hissed angrily and stood up from his chair and without saying another word, he left the dinning room.
“Thank you mother.” Prince Kalen win-ked at his mother.
The queen s£nt him a long glare and hissed.
Everyb©dy in the palace watched as Roseline was being esc-rted out of the palace.
“My king, I’m sorry. plea-se.” Roseline fell in front of the king with her hands clasped together pleadingly.
“Don’t waste any more time Roseline.” The king said perfunctorily.
“If you don’t want to forgive me, then plea-se for the sake of your unborn child, plea-se forgive me.” Roseline voiced out, with tears pouring out from her eyes.
“What!” The king asked in shock, his full gaze on her.
“What did you just say?” The king asked.
“I’m pregnant for you my king.” She repeated in a cracked voice.
Is Roseline being

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