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The last confessor 2 final Episode

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 19
About 8 months ago ✍️
When Tabitha and the other two confessors had gone out that faithful day, they were about to be abducted and in the process of trying to fight, the twi confessors were killed, leaving Tabitha to get fate.
The hefty men who were guards from og kingdom, king Mustaphar’s guards, successfully took Tabitha away who was alre-ady unconscious.
King Mustaphar had heard quite a lot about the confessors but he didn’t want to verge going into their den to get one of them.
The truth was that, king Mustaphar nee-ded a confessor in his kingdom so he would use her to achieve many things and make other kingdoms respect and fear him.
It wasn’t entirely easy but he was glad they were able to get a confessor.
But he was shocked and disappointed when he found out that the confessor, Tabitha was pregnant at the time she was abducted.
But before then, he had locked her power with the Rada’han and that was the reason king Ceasar had be free from being confessed.
King Mustaphar then decided to let Tabitha give birth to the child which was alre-ady known by the kingdom seer that she was gonna have a baby girl.
And confessors female children always take after their mother’s power. The confessors ba-rely have male children and they have female ones more and they would also be confessors.
That had been the king’s idea, until she out to birth, he wasn’t gonna have anything to do with her but cage her inside the walls of the palace.
Once she puts to birth, he intended to kill Tabitha and train up her child to be use her powers against his enemies.
But Tabitha had no idea why she had been in the custody for a whole 8 months if not more.
She missed her sister, she missed the king.
And when she got to find out that she was pregnant, she was overwhelmed. She was carrying Ceasar’s child and she had vowed to protect the child with all her life.
At the [email protected] few days ago, she had tried to escape but a guard had caught her and reported to the king.
And today again, she had tried to escape again but she was caught. She was frustrated as she nee-ded to escape and go back to her family whom she doesn’t know what had happened to them.
She was really sad.
But now, it seems more like a dream as she hvgged her sister ti-ghtly.
They both dis£ngaged from the hvg, wiping their tears away.
“What happened to you? We all thought you were dead?” Isabelle said as she ran her eyes all over her supposed dead sister, who had changed a lot. She look fatter and her belly was so big like she would put to birth a moment from then.
“It’s a long story Isa. You, what happened to you? You’re even pregnant.” Tabitha said, her eyes resting on Isabelle’s stomach.
And that was when it dawned on Isabelle. She was pregnant for the same man her sister loves so much.
They both had things in common – they were both pregnant and they had Rada’han around their n£¢ks.
Isabelle was ton-gue-tied as she didn’t know exactly what to say to her sister.
Was she supposed to lie to her?
“Are you married? Who’s your husband?” Tabitha asked curiously.
“I’m not married. I’m… pregnant… for king… Ceasar. I swear Tabitha, I didn’t mean for it to happen. I can explain.” Isabelle rushed her words, feeling so guilty. She doesn’t even know how Tabitha was going to take the news but she was re-ady to explain everything to her.
Isabelle narrated everything to Tabitha in tears and guilt washed over Tabitha. Her sister had been throu-gh a lot because of her and she felt genuinely sad and guilty.
And Tabitha too, narrated everything to Isabelle.
“I have a confession to make.” Isabelle sighed.
Tabitha didn’t say a word as she stared at her sister.
Her sister that she couldn’t st©p thinking of every single day.
“I’m in…love…with the king.” She broke the bombshell and Tabitha mouth went agape in shock.
King Ceasar was terribly angry when he saw Tabitha. He had almost strangled her if not for the intervention of Isabelle who broke the news to him.
“She’s pregnant with your child!” Isabelle had voiced out before the king would harm Tabitha. And it had worked on him as he let go of her n£¢k.
“What’s going on?” Mustaphar who looked really confused asked.
And king Ceasar took time and explained everything to him.
The king though he hated Tabitha, he couldn’t hate his child Tabitha was carrying.
And Isabelle wanted Tabitha to live with them in the palace. After Isabelle broke the news to her that she was in love with the king, they hadn’t really said a word between themselves.
Tabitha was still shocked and found it unbelievable.
“Now, you’re gonna promise one thing Ceasar.” King Mustaphar said as he ru-bbe-d his beards.
“What?” King Ceasar asked curiously.
“Since you said it’s just the child you want, once Tabitha gives birth, you would hand her over to me. And you can have the child.” King Mustaphar sm-irked.
“I promise.” King Ceasar said without hesitation and Tabitha felt like crying.
Does he really hate her that much that he doesn’t want to have her close to him for a long time?
She felt really hurt.
The both king shook hands and king Ceasar left with the two pregnant sisters.
“Are you really sure of what you’re about to do?” Xazix, the head council said with a sigh.
They were in a council meeting as king Ceasar wanted to put an end to killing confessors like he intended to.
The reason (s) was best known to him.
“I’m very sure Xazix. It’s my decision and my decision should be respected.” King Ceasar said coldly and it was right there, that it was stamped and signed and sealed.
Confessors are not be killed and seen as enemy. They would be accepted as long as they don’t use their power for evil.
The king smiled as he achieved what he wanted.
“It’s time to take off this Rada’han off your n£¢k.” King Ceasar said with a smile – something that he has come to like to do always.
Isabelle had tears in her eyes as she stared at the king.
“But I thought you hate me.” She sniffed in her tears with a smile on her face.
“I don’t hate you Isabelle. This past few weeks,I don’t know but I suddenly started having this weird feelings towards you. The feelings overshadowed all the hatred and vengeance I once had for you. This feeling was ma-king me do things I wasn’t supposed to.
You’re just too pure and innocent.
I’m sorry for the pains I’ve caused you and I’ll try my possible best to make it up to you.
You know what? I finally found out what that weird feeling was – it’s called love.
As impossible as it seems, the truth still remains. I love you Isabelle.” The king said sweetly and Isabelle couldn’t help but shed more tears.
She didn’t know what to say or do – she was just crying.
Did the king really say all that to her?
Did the king just tell her that he loves her?
This feels like a dream but yet, she didn’t want to wake up from it.
“It’s real Isa. You’re not dreaming.” The king said with a warm smile and held her tender hands in hers.
“You’ve changed me without knowing Isabelle. I was supposed to kill Tabitha the moment I saw her, but I just couldn’t because your pleading eyes wouldn’t let me.
I love you Isabelle and I’m being sincere. [email protected] from my parents, I haven’t said the L word to anyone before. You’re the first woman I’m telling that to.
That should tell you how sincere I am.” King Ceasar said desperately.
He was getting scared that Isabelle wasn’t saying anything but just crying.
“I love you too.” Isabelle bur-sted into fresh tears and hvgged the king as much as her b©dy could permit her.
King Ceasar sighed in relief and wra-pped his arms around her [email protected]!st.
“St©p crying will you? You’re getting too emotional. St©p crying or you will drown our baby.” King Ceasar tea-sed in a low whisper that made her shiver.
She laughed heartily and buried her head on his shoulders.
Episode 20
“Of course I won’t.” Isabelle laughed ha-rder and slowly, they dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“I love you. I never thought I would say the words to someone but here I am saying it like it’s so easy for me.” The king gro-an ed pla-yfully.
“It’s fine. And it’s okay to be shy my king.” Isabelle tea-sed and they both bur-sted into laughter.
King Ceasar drew Isabelle closer to himself with his arms still wra-pped around her [email protected]!st. He tilted his head and placed hisl-ips on hers.
They k!$$£d h0tly and pas-sionately. They k!$$£d like two teenage lovers.
Isabelle couldn’t be more happy.
She was glad everything was working out fine, the way she never thought of even dreamt of.
Tabitha had to accept the fact that she had completely lost the King to her sister. She couldn’t do anything about it.
Tabitha and Isabelle [email protected]£ the best friends they used to be. They were glad to be with each other again and they spent every moment that had together as if there was no tomorrow.
They treasured every of the time they spent together.
Isabelle and the king bond grew more stronger each other and Isabelle couldn’t help but fall more de-eply in love with him. And king Ceasar wouldn’t st©p appreciating her pres£nce in his life.
One month later✍️
“Push!” The midwife ordered and Tabitha pushed so [email protected] with the little strength she was having.
She was in labour alre-ady and it’s been hours and she was getting too tired and weak.
She didn’t know child bearing could be this painful and difficult.
“Okay, that’s it… Breathe in, breathe out.” The midwife instructed calmly and Tabitha did just that.
Beads of sweats were dripping down from her forehead down to her face.
On the outside, Isabelle was worrying herself almost to the point of death and not even the king could pacify her.
She was worried sick about her sister. She had wanted to go in but the king held her,restricting her from going.
“I can see the baby head. You’ve come a long way Tabitha and you can’t allow this child to die, would you?” The midwife asked.
“No.” Tabitha shook her head negatively.
“So, you’ve got to push [email protected] with all your strength so the baby doesn’t die.” The midwife instructed a little harshly and Tabitha just nodded her head lightly. She was alre-ady too tired and weak but she was determined to bring forth her baby alive.
“Now push!” The midwife yelled and with a loud cry and all her might, she pushed out her child.
“Congratulations Tabitha. It’s a baby girl.” The midwife smiled happily but Tabitha was too weak and life was starting to sl!pout of her gently.
“Her…name… is… Izna, meaning…light. help me… tell…Isa…to…take care of my daughter and let…her…know that I love her so much.” Tabitha smiled sadly and k!$$£d Izna forehead.
And then, she took her last breath.
“How’s she and the baby?” Isabelle asked worriedly as the midwife [email protected]£ out from the room.
“She had a beautiful baby girl. But I’m sorry my king, Isabelle, but she couldn’t make it…she’s dead.”
Epilogue ✍️
Seven years later ✍️
“Mommy! Tell Danny to st©p calling me a dun-derhead.” Six year old Danielle whined to her mother, Isabelle.
Daniel and Danielle are king Ceasar and Isabelle twins.
Daniel is very pla-yful while Danielle is just an exact opposite of her brother.
Isabelle sighed tiredly and ruffled her hair pla-yfully.
“I’ll talk to him okay hon. Just go back to your room.” Isabelle smiled at her beautiful daughter.
“Okay mom.” Danielle smiled and walked away.
“Mommy!!” Izna screamed,startling the living hell out of Isabelle.
“Hey Izna, you startled me.” Isabelle feigned angry face.
“I’m sorry momma.” Izna pouted and blinked her beautiful golden brown eyes innocently.
“It’s fine hon.” Isabelle smiled and carried Izna up.
It’s being years alre-ady.
The king had proposed to Isabelle and she had gladly accepted his proposal. And in a month’s time, they were wedded in a grand style.
Their marriage was the talk of the seven powerful kingdoms for weeks as it was so grand and elaborate. And Isabelle was crowned a queen and it was the happiest day of her life.
And a few months later, Isabelle had her twins children.
She had gotten over the death of Tabitha and she vowed to take care of her child like she would do to hers. And really, she had been taking care of Izna like her own child – they both see each other as mother and daughter.
But Isabelle said when Izna would be old enough, she was gonna tell her the truth she wasn’t her mother.
But Izna loves her so much and she too in return, loves Izna. She treats her three children with equal love.
Jeffery and Roseline alre-ady welcomed their second child – they now had a boy and girl. And they were happy.
Daniel and Danielle wouldn’t st©p bickering at each other all the time and Isabelle is really tired from sperating their little fights. Even if Izna is just few months older than the twins, she acts more matured. They see themselves as triplets and they act like one – to them, they know they are triplets because their parents made them believe so. They had no idea that weren’t really triplets from the same mother.
But when the time is right, they would eventually know the truth.
Isabelle and get triplets ate dinner without the king since he wasn’t around.
Isabelle re-ad them be-dtime stories and tuck them into their various be-ds.
“Goodnight momma. We love you.” The triplets chorused enthusiastically and they took turn in k!ss!ngIsabelle cheeks soundly.
“And I love you so much my cutie pies.” She smiled and k!$$£d them respectively on their chubby cheeks.
She turned off the be-dstand light.
“Goodnight lovelies.” She smiled at them and locked the door gently.
“I’m sorry babe. I didn’t expect to take so much time.” King Ceasar apologized sweetly and planted a soft k!sson herl-ips.
Isabelle smiled and k!$$£d him back before he could withdraw from the k!ss.
They k!$$£d h0tly and r0ûghly like two hor-nyteenagers.
“Let’s make another baby huh?” King Ceasar gro-an ed and k!$$£d her ear-lobes.
“No way! Those three are a handful.” Isabelle protested.
“Yes way!” King Ceasar smiled and tumbled them over the sheets and used the duvet to cover them.
Soon, Isabelle [email protected] s filled the room.
“I love you my queen.” The king said as he drilled her like he couldn’t get enough of her.
“And I love you too my king.” Isabelle [email protected] ed out in ecstasy.
The End.
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