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THe last confessor 2 Episode 7 & 8

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
#season 2
Episode 7
“So princess Debby, tell me what is ma-king you so enthusiastic like this. What’s the course of this your enthusiasm that you can’t st©p grinning ever since I got here?” Sandy, princess Debby’s personal maid who’s also like her best friend, asked with a suspicious look.
Princess Debby grinned wi-der and fondled happily with her f!ngers, she looked so happy that even a blind man can tell that she’s so happy.
It was written all over her face. She was really so happy.
“Well, I’ll be getting engaged and soon, I’ll get married too. But just a king, but a powerful and mighty one. King Ceasar.” Princess Debby smiled and stared at Sandy who looked really anxious to hear what the princess would say is the reason for her happiness.
It’s very rare to see princess Debby smile because she [email protected] smiles. She’s always wearing a stiff face devoid of every kind of emotion and it even made the palace workers and other persons in tnr kingdom afraid of her.
She has the aura around her that makes people worsh!pand fears her. She’s just a young lady but she acts like a matured queen who’s up to thirty years and even above.
She’s very strict and [email protected] smiles too.
“Really princess Debby? Wow! That’s great.” Sandy beamed happily.
She was indeed happy for her princess.
Princess Debby, some months ago, had confided in her that she likes king Ceasar but she had also let her know that it was quite impossible for the king to marry her since he was alre-ady engaged to Roseline back then.
And besides, the king didn’t even spare her a glance during the [email protected] even until it ended.
But she didn’t completely loose faith as she continued to still admire king Ceasar even in her dreams.
But then, destiny has decided to help her and she would be finally getting married to him.
“But my princess…I wanted to ask you for a request.” Sandy bit her lower l!pnervously and twisted her f!ngersnervously like a child afraid to talk to the mother after getting into trouble.
“What is it Sandy?” Princess Debby asked keenly. Her smiling face had turned to that of worriedness. The truth is that, princess Debby likes Sandy so much and she doesn’t want anything to see her sad.
Despite the fact that princess Debby hates commoners, she loves Debby and even confide in her because Sandy is a little bit older than her.
“I want to go with you to the king’s kingdom, even if I’m maid a palace maid but all that matters is that, we are together.” Sandy said with a pout.
“Really Sandy? You shouldn’t have hesitated in telling me that you know. I thought of that too and I’ve agreed to take you along with me.” Princess Debby said, much to Sandy’s happiness. The truth is that, Sandy and princess Debby has been friends since childhood and her father was a very wealthy man.
But everything changed, when Mozana ( where princess Debby is from) and the kingdom where Sandy lived, had a serious crash and a war occured.
Well, princess Debby’s uncle, king Smith won the battle and many people lost their lives and king Smith took the survivors as slaves.
Among the people that died were Sandy’s parents and being an only child with no relatives, princess Debby pleaded with her uncle to bring Sandy into the palace but her uncle only agreed on the condition that Sandy would be a personal maid to her, and her uncle had even considered Sandy was because he loves and cherish princess Debby, and not having another option, they both agreed.
And since then, the both of them have grown really fond of each other and they’re best friends.
“Thank you so much my princess. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay your kind gestures towards me.” Sandy said emotionally with a smile.
“It’s nothing. What are friends for?” Princess Debby patted her back softly.
As the both of them [email protected]£ quiet with no words said between them, princess Debby remenised on what her uncle her told her.
She smiled when she remembered how she had jumped happily on her uncle and thank him over and over and over again because of the sweet offer.
But she hopes everything would work out fine and the king would marry her. She just couldn’t wait to be the queen so that people would worsh!pat her feet and adore her.
That would be great and she hopes for that day to come quic-kly – if possible, that very day and minute.
“”What happened? And you’re gonna tell me nothing but the truth.” King Ceasar asked Isabelle who sat gloomily on the be-d, with her empty plates of different kinds of vegetables delicacies, at the corner of the be-d on a small stool.
“Well, I overheard Ciara discussing with her two friends who are also chefs, that they were gonna set Choice, one of the chefs too, because of the reasons I didn’t know.
I barged in and confronted Ciara. But I saw her gently and calmly collect a small knife trying to stsb me with it. Her two friends ran away and soon,we started fighting.
She almost killed me and at that minute not being in my right state of psyche, I successfully took the knife and stabbe-d her with it and besides, she was gonna do that to me too.
It wasn’t intentional my king. I would never do a thing like that intentional.” Isabelle’s cracked as guilt filled her face.
She loved so innocent and she had a sad countenance on.
“Are you really telling me the truth confessor?” The king gro-an ed lightly.
“Yes my king.” Isabelle replied with a nod.
No words were said between them again.
“Do you believe me my king?” Isabelle asked, not even knowing what gave her the guts to even ask him such a question. But then again, her mind was troubled.
“That’s for me to decide. But don’t get your hopes too high.” King Ceasar huffed at her while she just nodded her.
Truly, she couldn’t get her hopes high because the king is unpredictable.
Ciara smiled to herself as the thought [email protected]£ into her mind. She was just laying lonely on her be-d,thinking about different mischievous act to use on the confessor.
She wasn’t willing to give up.
“Yes!” She jumped up happily but she screamed out in sharp pain because of the cut that she’s still healing.
She gro-an ed and la-id back on the be-d.
“But I’ll nee-d the prince help in this and I’m sure he’s gonna agree to it. Prince Kalen is gonna be a [email protected] of the plan.” Ciara did a lop-sided sm-irk, staring at the ceiling.
*Don’t get your hopes too high.*🥺🥺
Is the king still gonna punish Isabelle⁉️
What is Ciara planning to do that she has to think of involving prince Kalen⁉️ 🤔🤔
Episode 8
“Tell Ciara, the maid that I s£nd for her. I want her here in immediately.” King Ceasar ordered Draco.
“Yes my king.” Draco bowed his head.
“And don’t forget, you’re gonna fill me in on everything about Muzana kingdom – their latest indulgent.
I want every accurate details.” The king said.
“Alright my king.” Draco bowed and walked out of the [email protected]
The king stood up from the chair he was seating on and walked around the [email protected], staring at the [email protected] like it’s his first time being in there.
The truth was that, he wasn’t really staring at the [email protected], but he was actually in a de-ep thought.
He went to the shelf and t©uçhed the big books, raging from history, supernatural and other kinds of books.
He was really a fan of re-ading, even right from his childhood days. He had always preferred re-ading than training with his father with sword or even archery.
He never really liked any of those, but being the next king, he had to learn them – and good for him, he learnt it dutifully.
His hand settled for a supernatural book and he gently withdrew it from his shelf. He dusted off the dirt; which wasn’t on it.
He opened the first page and the picture he saw captivated him.
Still staring at the book, he sat down back on his chair and fli-pped open the second page and then, he started re-ading, with all seriousness.
“The king s£nt for you and he wants you now.” Draco said to Ciara who pretended to be feeling pains.
It looked so real that Draco was almost f0rç£d to even pity her. She was really a good actress.
But just as she heard what Draco had said, her head made a loud ban-g sound.
What! She nearly screamed out in shock but she was quic-k to to clamp her mouth shut.
“Let’s go. You wouldn’t want to keep the king waiting and make him upset.” Draco’s voice jo-lted her out of her reverie.
She felt so nervous and her head was alre-ady spinning with different thoughts flashing throu-gh her psyche.
“Alright.” She breathes out at last and stood up from her be-d, so feebly.
She slowly wore her sli-ppers and started toward the door, with her heart beating ra-pidly against her che-st.
She didn’t know why she was entirely so scared and nervous.
The king wasn’t gonna harm her, was he?
“Do you have any idea why he s£nt for me?” Ciara f0rç£d herself to ask, as if felt like it was difficult for her to speak.
“No, he didn’t say.” Draco replied with a shrug.
Ciara sighed and ru-bbe-d her sweaty palms together.
She had to increase her steps to catch up with Draco who was a bit ahead of her.
He’s just gonna ask of your well-being – who knows? Her mind whispered to her and that seems to do the trick as her mind relaxed a little.
As they drew nearer to the king’s room, her heartbeat increa-sed and she felt like running away.
The king dropped the book he was re-ading quietly on his table.
Draco had informed him that Ciara was alre-ady here in his room.
He stood up elegantly and as he walked out of his [email protected], his kingly regalia flowed along with him, giving him that aura of superiority and power.
“You can leave now Draco.” The king said lowly and Draco without hesitating, bowed his head and walked out of the room leaving the king and Ciara.
“My king.” Ciara bowed immediately they were alone. She tried as much as possible not to be nervous but bold. After all, she didn’t commit any crime.
Maybe the king was just gonna ask after her well-being and her healing wound.
She exhaled softly and stared at the king.
Suddenly, she felt a stinging [email protected] on her face and her eyes almost popped out from it’s socket because of the shock.
Her hand went to her [email protected] cheek and she nursed it soothingly, with her eyes dilating in shock.
“Don’t you ever look directly into my eyes except you want a death wish.” The king said lowly but his voice was so cold that it s£nt shiver down her spine.
“I’m…sorry…my king.” Her voice cracked as she continued to soothed her cheek that would probably have gone red by now.
Not wanting to receive another stinging and painful [email protected], she kept her gaze on the floor.
“Now, you’re gonna tell me everything that transpired between you and the confessor that led to you being stabbe-d.” The king threw at her, with his face devoid of every kind of emotion.
Cold shiver ran down Ciara’s spine and she shivered in fear.
Was she to lie to the king?
“You had better not lie to me.” The king added gruffly.
Did the king re-ad her mind?
She was so shocked and speechless – she had not expected the king to interrogate her but punish the confessor instead for almost trying to kill her.
She really so confused on what to say.
She felt another stinging [email protected] again – but this time, it was deafening and very painful from the first one.
She [email protected] in pain and then, tears rolled down her cheeks.
She took a quic-k glance at the king and she was overly frightened by his cold and [email protected] look.
“Start talking if you don’t want your ton-gue out of your mouth!” The king sma-cked at her.
Knowing the king wasn’t blabbing, she felt more scared that she even felt like peeing on her [email protected]
“Well… Isabelle started it first…” She began with a loud gulp, her head faced down with tears streaming down her face and putting on the most innocent look she could put on.
Jeffery sat un-der the big almond tree with the wind b!owing gently.
He stared at the sky which was grey. He looked sad and one could tell by just looking at him.
His mind was troubled and filled with different thoughts.
He placed his hand on his jaw as he continued to stare at the sky which was free of birds.
“Hey, what are you doing outside alone?” Jeffery shuddered and turned to see Roseline standing behind him with a scrawl on her face.
He sighed and didn’t reply her.
“What is it?” She asked calmly, seeing his full look.
It was the first time she was actually caring about him.
She doesn’t even ask about his well-being even if he is in a dull or sober mood but today was different. She didn’t know why she wanted to know what was troubling him.
Still, he didn’t reply her but drew invisible lines in the ground with his legs.
“Find if you don’t want to talk!” She hissed angrily and made to walk away when Jeffery’s question made her stand rooted at her sp©t.
“Did you terminate my baby?”
Okay, what’s Ciara gonna tell the king ⁉️Would she lie or say the truth⁉️
And what would be Roseline answer to Jeffery⁉️ 🤔
And why didn’t she tell Jeffery she wasn’t pregnant all along even after knowing the truth? What was really her reason for doing so⁉️

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