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The last confessor 2 Episode 5 & 6

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
#season 2
Episode 5
“Got it!” Princess Rayna beamed enthusiastically as prince Ainsley sh0t the fifth target without shooting outside the target for the fifth consutive times in a row.
Princess Rayna was awed and she had watched with keen interest as he shoot so elegantly and freely towards the target.
He had done it so effortlessly like it wasn’t even [email protected] a bit.
“Wow! That was so great prince Ainsley. You were so great and cute shooting so effortlessly at the target.” Princess Rayna beamed happily, staring dreamily at prince Ainsley.
“Thank you princess.” Prince Ainsley smiled at her and courtesy, and that made princess Rayna to grin even wi-der.
He was such a gentleman and every of his gesture made her heart swell with pride and so much enthusiasm.
“Let me try mine.” She said and took her stand while the prince gave her the bow and arrow.
“Sure. Let me see you try.” He gave her a thumbs up and smiled lightly. The princess heart fluttered more and it gave her the zeal to even want to shoot the arrow and make him proud of her.
“This is so annoying.” Princess Vida seethed angrily to her friend; princess Tamara.
“It’s really getting out of hand and we have to do something about it. We can’t just seat and fold our hands and watch a golddigger reap where she didn’t sow.
We’ve worked too [email protected] to get to this stage with prince Ainsley and princess Rayna can not just come in and destroy everything we’ve worked so [email protected] for.” Princess Tamara said with so much anger and coldness in her voice.
She was so vexed because she could feel the pain her friend; princess Vida was going throu-gh.
“You’re very correct Mara. You know how many days I nursed my injured arm and legs. I broke my legs countless times just because I wanted to learn how to ride a horse and my palm, gosh! It was almost [email protected] as a rock because of how [email protected] and long I practiced to learn archery.
I tried my best to learn everything so perfectly – everything prince Ainsley liked even though I didn’t like most of them. I just wanted to get his attention and I successfully got it but now, princess Rayna is trying to make all my efforts to be in vain and there’s absolutely no way I’m allowing that.
I know what I suffered to learn everything the prince liked. Something has to be done.” Princess Vida concurred with a lopsided sided sm-irk.
She had a pitiful countenance on to [email protected] victim. She really went throu-gh a lot learning those sports.
“Exactly! We have to come up with a plan for prince Ainsley to hate to princess Rayna and you’ll use the opportunity to get him back to your side.
We just have to come up with a perfect plan and the right time to carry it out without mistakes. With the way things are going between the both of them, I don’t know what to think anymore.
We nee-d to act fast.” Princess Tamara said in a low whisper so s third [email protected] wouldn’t hear what she’s saying even after eavesdropping.
“You’re sure really correct Mara…I nee-d to think fast and in no time, prince Ainsley would be mine again. I’ll make sure to put that golddigger in her right place.” Princess Vida sm-irked cunningly and la-id comfortably on her be-d, staring at the ceiling and smiling sheepishly to herself.
“Do you have any plan in my mind?” Princess Tamara asked, seeing the sudden happy look on princess Vida face.
Princess Vida turned to look at her and smiled mischievously and getting the signal, princess Tamara smiled too.
Isabelle sat miserable on the cold dirty floor with her knees curled up and her arms wra-pped around her curled up knees and her head in between her legs.
She was weeping profusely like a young widow. Her hair was disheveled and herl-ips were so pale.
For two days that she has been in the dungeon, she hasn’t taken her bath, had water and food. She had just been there, except when the guards come in to wh!pher till she starts to bleed.
Her b©dy were aching so badly that it felt like it would split into two. The pain was excruciatingly painful and she hasn’t been able to sleep for the past two days.
She has been so scared. The king has not even step a foot in the dungeon and it made her think maybe the king forgot that he locked her up in the dungeon.
Her voice was hoarse and cracked from crying.
Her chained legs were hurting real bad and blood stains were alre-ady on her ankles because of how ti-ght and heavy the chain felt on her, coupled with the beatings she received from the guards.
She could [email protected] feel her b©dy as all she felt was nothing but excruciating pains.
Her temperature was becoming so h0t and it was increasing ra-pidly. She was starting to fall sick and she knew but there was nothing she could do.
She was being punished severely without even having anything to drink or eat. She was totally weak.
But in her condition, she still thought of Ciara. She didn’t know if she was alive or dead.
But sincerely, she didn’t want Ciara dead – if not for anything, but for her punishment to reduce.
She was so scared – scared for the unknown. She didn’t know if Ciara was alive or if she didn’t survive. She was totally confused.
And her punishment, what will it be?
Will the king believe whatever she’s gonna tell him?
Will he even give her the chance to explain?
She was totally confused.
*Next morning*
“Good morning my king.” One of the king’s b©dyguard greeted with a bow.
The king sipped gently from his coffee and didn’t see a word. Even as early as the dawn, the king was alre-ady going throu-gh his written scrolls and attending to some things.
“Where’s the confessor?” The king asked gruffly after a few minutes had pas-sed. The b©dyguard cleared his throat and bowed again.
“She’s still in the dungeon as you requested my king.” He replied calmly.
“Bring her to me immediately.” The king orders coldly, clenching and unclenching his fist.
“Yes my king.” The b©dyguard bowed and left.
“Confessor!” The b©dyguard tapped Isabelle with f0rç£ as she la-id on the cold floor. She didn’t even stir.
He tapped her yet again but she didn’t even move.
He tapped her more with f0rç£ and turned her gently to face him but she just moved stiffly.
And that was when the b©dyguard found out that she was ba-rely even breathing.
#season 2
Episode 6
With full acceleration, the guard carried Isabelle who weighed nothing to him, in a bridal style.
Her breathing was so low and she wasn’t even moving, not even a single f!nger. She just la-id motionlessly in his big and strong arms.
As the guard ran to the king’s room in a haste to get there, he made sure he didn’t hit her in any [email protected] of her b©dy so it wouldn’t wors£n her condition.
Isabelle was la-id comfortably on her be-d after the royal doctor had administered drugs and herbs on her.
He was quic-k to revive her and he found out that it was because she was on an empty stomach for days and no ventilation in where she had stayed and that had made her pas-s out.
But he told the king that she would be fine as all she nee-ded was enough rest in a quiet environment without any disturbance. And before she wakes, a well garnished vegetable soup should be prepared for her so as to regain get strength.
“Your highness, most importantly,she nee-ds rest. Her b©dy is becoming weak because of what she has been throu-gh in less then three months.
If she didn’t have a strong system, she would have died because she’s very vulnerable now and even shock can kill her.
plea-se your highness, let her rest – enough rest so that she can be strong and back to her feet in few days.” The royal doctor had said before leaving.
And the king had given him his words that he was gonna do as he had said.
Now, the king sat beside Isabelle on the be-d, staring intently at her pale face. Her face was white as if she wasn’t having any blood in her b©dy. She looked sick and frail.
The king didn’t know what prompted him, but he found his hand [email protected]£ss!ngIsabelle’s hand softly.
“You’ve been throu-gh a lot alre-ady and I don’t even know who to blame. I don’t know if I should still punish you when you’re finally awake and strong.
You’re just too weak and vulnerable but you keep on getting on my nerves and ma-king me punish you.” The king gro-an ed lowly, still [email protected]£ss!ngher hand affectionately.
“I don’t know what I would do to you.” He added gruffly and frowned de-eply, and his jaw line thickened.
He sighed lowly and withdrew his hand from hers but continue to stare intently at her.
Ciara gro-an ed lightly with her palm on her forehead as if checking her temperature. Her head felt so heavy and she felt an excruciating pain in her lower abd0m£n and it st©pped her movement as she gro-an ed loudly.
She la-id back gently on the be-d and sighed de-eply.
See what she had gotten herself into all because of jealousy.
If only she hadn’t tried that useless mistake of trying to kill the confessor, then she wouldn’t be in such condition.
Now, instead of the confessor, she was the one feeling the pains. She felt so stupid and angry that she hadn’t successfully stabbe-d the confessor to death.
She so much hate her guts.
“Hey,Ciara gently.” Jenny cooed softly and ran to meet her on the be-d as she made to seat on the be-d again.
Amanda shook her head sadly and walked towards Ciara on the be-d.
Jenny supported Ciara and helped her seat gently on the be-d, with her back rested gently against the pillow.
Ciara winced loudly at the sharp pain on her abd0m£n and held it lightly and gro-an ed.
The pain was too much but she knew she had to bear it because there was nothing she could do, but wait for the injury to heal.
No matter what, her next plan must be carried out successfully without even a tiny mistake – she would make sure of it.
But for the mean time, she was gonna apologize to the confessor and make friends with her and gain her trust before carries out her plan. Nothing’s gonna st©p her from bringing the confessor down.
“How are you feeling now Ciara?” Jenny asked after a brief silence between them, with nob©dy saying a word to each other but with just their eyes moving and doing the talking.
“Better than yesterday but I’m still in pains.” Ciara replied with her face scrunched up in anger.
“Don’t worry, you’d be fine in no time. Just think of how to recover and you will recover even quic-kly.” Amanda said calmly.
“Yeah, hope so.” Ciara just shrugged.
What was in her mind wasn’t on how to recover on time and fully, but on how to bring the confessor down.
She will she it’s a must.
“You’d be going to king Ceasar’s kingdom and I expect you to be in your best behavior. Don’t forget all I’ve taught you this past few weeks.
Make sure you’re of good conduct and make the king like you so much and trust you.
I don’t want anything from you that would make the king s£nd you away just like he did to his former fiancee. I trust you not to let me down.” King Smith, said to his niece, princess Deborah who listened with ra-pt attention, her head swelling in pride.
When her uncle, king Smith had told her about her getting married to Almighty king Ceasar, she had been so enthusiastic that every night, she dreamt seeing herself in the kingdom and in the king’s arms. She had even fantasized in the name of dreaming that the both of them would cudd-leeach other and the king would cherish her.
Truly, princess Deborah is a very young and pretty princess and the only child of her parents. She’s nothing but a proud peac0ckeven if she has good morals just like every princesses should have.
She knows all the etiquettes and as she is, she behaves like a real royal blood.
But she’s very spoilt and arrogant because of how her mother had brou-ght her up.
She has really been so excited and she couldn’t wait to get married to the Almighty Ceasar. She longed to see him.
She has only had the opportunity to see him once at a royal [email protected] and at the instance she saw him, she fell in love with him but she knew they wouldn’t work out since he was alre-ady engaged.
But now, it seems everything was working in her favour.
She couldn’t wait to finally get to the palace and finally become the queen.
Definitely, the king would love her and if perhaps he doesn’t, she will make him fall for her.
No sane man can resist her charm.
“I’ve heard everything you’ve told me uncle and I promise to do them all and make you proud.” Princess Deborah said with so much boldness and confidence and that was what her uncle likes in her.
A very determine lady.
“Very good Deborah. Then, get re-ady, in two days time, you’d be going to king Ceasar’s kingdom.”
Will princess Deborah be a pain in the n£¢k to Isabelle or will she be nice towards her⁉️
What would princess Deborah’s stay in the palace be like ⁉️ 🤔😒

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