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The last confessor 2 Episode 17 & 18

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
#season 2
Episode 17
By: Kebby NG
Jeffery looked around his new house, it was still a surprise to him and he still haven’t gotten over the shock after Roseline took him to a beautiful bungalow saying it’s theirs.
He was speechless and he didn’t even know what to say.
“I know you’re shocked. My parents accepted me back – as their daughter and they gave us this house as our wedding gift. As their first and only daughter, they want the best for me and they wouldn’t want to watch me suffer.
So, this is it.” Roseline explained with a small smile as she stared at Jeffery who was still be-dazzled by the beauty and every single decorations of the house.
It looked like paradise.
[email protected] from living in the palace, he hasn’t really lived in a really fancy and beautiful place like this house that was alre-ady his.
“And Jeff.” Roseline called calmly.
“Huh?” Jeffery turned to stare at her, giving her his full attention.
“I have a confession to make.” She sighed and twitched herl-ips.
“Okay?” He sounded so curious.
“I ain’t pregnant – I wasn’t pregnant. I had gone for a termination but I was told that I wasn’t pregnant. I’m sorry.” She sighed lowly and stared at her feet. She couldn’t even stare at him because she was scared and uncertain of how his reaction would be towards her.
He has every right to be angry. But [email protected] of her doesn’t want that.
“It’s fine.” Jeffery shrugged like it’s nothing – but it was something.
This last few days, Roseline had really changed and he found out that he liked her – very much. If she wasn’t pregnant, there’s nothing he could do. Perhaps, they would be able to make a baby when the time comes.
“You aren’t angry at me? I expect you to be yelling at me right now and burning with rage that I lied and deceived you.” Roseline said truthfully.
“It’s fine, really.” He nodded his head with a small smile.
“And Jeffery, I want to give us a chance. Little step at a time, we can start off as cool friends.” Roseline bit her lower l-ips hyly. She didn’t think she’d ever blush this [email protected] like a schoolgirl in front of Jeffery whom she hated – or who she thought she hated.
“Thank you Rose. I’ll try to be the best, if not perfect. Thank you.” Jeffery said with a wi-de smile and hvgged her affectionately and she did hvg him back.
Isabelle suddenly started to perspire despite the cool breeze of the night. Her heart was thumping really fast and she felt so nervous.
“Answer me Isabelle!” The king thun-dered. She shivered more. Her mouth [email protected] to say something but they close back because she was speechless.
How the hell the king know?
Choice didn’t tell him, did she?
“The healer told me. He had to run some tests on you and he found out that you were pregnant. So, tell me Isabelle, who’s responsible?” The king asked gruffly
Why would he ask her such a question when he’s been the only one down her legs?
He even deflowered her and yet, he was asking her who was responsible? Did he think she’s been slee-ping around?
“Why would you ask me such a question! You took my vir-ginity! You’ve had countless S-x with me! You’ve been the only in between my legs and no man has ever seen my nudity except you. You’ve had countless S-x with me and you didn’t use protec-tion and I didn’t take an after S-x pill too. You’re the father of my baby.” Isabelle bur-sted into tears.
She didn’t even know what gave her the guts to yell at the king but she just couldn’t hold herself.
She was alre-ady in tears and she was nervous too. What would be the king’s reaction?
She avoided his gaze because she couldn’t bring herself to stare at him.
“Huh? Are you saying the truth?” The king asked calmly.
“Yes. You’re the father of my baby. I’ve never had S-x with anyone except you.” She cried even ha-rder.
“Shush!” The king surprised her by pu-lling her into a warm hvg, patting her long fallen hair.
“St©p crying okay? It’s not good for your health.” He cooed calmly.
Isabelle thought she was hallucinating because it was too good to be true. She never expected the king to react this way.
She didn’t even know how he will react.
“I’m sorry okay? I just wanted to be sure I was responsible. I wasn’t gonna deny it.” He replied calmly, pu-lling gently away from the hvg.
He wiped her tears and stro-ked her hair affectionately.
“I’ll take responsibility for it okay? I’ll try my best to give you all the support you nee-d.” The king said, surprising her the more and leaving her speechless.
Isabelle just nodded her head and grinned.
“My king.” She called lowly. She looked so vulnerable and innocent.
“Huh?” He answered and st©pped stro-king her hair.
“I want you to feed me apples and carry me like a baby for an hour.”
“You really lack manners you know?” The king said lowly, glaring at princess Debby.
She was standing before him with her head bowed.
“You couldn’t even apologize even after you uttered such downgrading words to Isabelle. You even went ahead to push her down the stairs.
Did your parents not teach you morals? You lack moral upbringing.” The king further said and sat on his be-d.
Princess Debby twitched herl-ips and she was almost f0rç£d to roll her eyes.
“I’m sorry.” She said like she was f0rç£d to say it.
“You know what? Arrange your belongings, you wouldn’t be nee-ded here again. I’ll s£nd a letter to your uncle, king Smith and you’ll be returning to your kingdom tomorrow.
My carriage would take you and your personal maid. You’re not qualified in any way to be the future queen and my future bride.” The king said, like it was nothing.
“My king…” Princess Debby was shocked to get bone. Was the king really s£nding her away? She hasn’t even spent a week in the palace and she was alre-ady told you leave?
Oh God! What exactly was she going to tell her uncle?
Her disappointed will be be towards her.
“You can leave.” The king dismissed her.
With shame and guilt, princess Debby bowed and left.
The king had really fed Isabelle with four apples and carried her like a baby : in s bridal style until his back was starting to hurt.
She really weighted a lot coupled with the fact that she was having another life growing inside of her.
She had added some weight too – he had noticed too.
He felt sincerely happy that he was going to have a child, it doesn’t matter if it was from someone that was supposed to be his enemy.
He doesn’t hates her and he has finally come to accept the fact.
He would do anything to protect her and her unborn child.
Now, they mean a lot to him.
Prince Kalen had to back off with the plans he had intended to carry out on Isabelle the moment he knew she was alre-ady pregnant for the king.
He wouldn’t want to get himself killed by hurting Isabelle, who clearly now looked like the king’s woman.
Isabelle could [email protected] recognize herself after the maids were done with her makeup.
She was going to a royal [email protected] with the king and she wasn’t going as a slave.
The king had ordered for a beautiful and we’ll designed go-wn for her and her hair to be [email protected] beautifully.
Even without the makeup, she still looked really pretty but she had to wear a little makeup to compliment the go-wn and her beautifully styled hair.
This past few weeks had been the best days of her life. The king treats her very well and the royal council and the royal family alre-ady knew she was pregnant but she doesn’t know yet on their intake in the matter.
But she cared less, in ad much as the king accepts the baby, she’s fine with it.
But then, there’s only one thing troubling her.
She wants the Rada’han to be taken off her buy what she doesn’t know is if the king would re-move it off from her n£¢k.
She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard bewildered [email protected]
“Wow! You look really beautiful Isabelle. You look like a queen.” A maid praised. Isabelle blu-shed lightly and smiled.
“Thank you.”
She stared down at her baby bu-mp and ca-ressed it gently. Her baby bu-mp was alre-ady visible and surprisingly, it was a little too big for a five months old pregnancy.
She sighed and smiled.
Time to start going, the king would probably be probably be waiting for her. Due to her condition, she had to wear a sandal but it still looked good with the go-wn.
“I want to use the bathroom.” Isabelle whispered to the king.
They were alre-ady in the [email protected] and the king was busy attending to some other people she didn’t know.
At first, the kings were really surprised to see her dressed, not in a slave uniform but in a beautiful ball go-wn that even made her baby bu-mp more visible.
Their eyes were practically eye fv¢king her but the king gaze told them to back off and they obeyed because they wouldn’t want to get on the bad with king Ceasar.
“Alright. Just walk throu-gh the hallway, turn by your left and you’d see the bathroom.” King Ceasar answered.
She nodded her head and slowly walked away.
“No! Let me go! Let me fv¢king go plea-se!” Isabelle stood rooted at her sp©t as she heard the female voice cry out.
That voice…
She would never forget it in a hurry, not even in her dream or when she’s asleep.
A voice that she had wished to hear for months now.
Episode 18
“You didn’t even spent up to a week there Debby. Even after all I thought you, is this what you intended to bring to me – shame and embarras-sment?” King Smith yelled angrily at princess Debby. It was actually the first time he was raising his voice at her.
He had traveled to London for an urgent meeting and he had just returned after two months of being away, only to see princess Debby at the palace, not married; back to being single.
“I’m sorry uncle. I just wanted to get rid of the confessor by all means. I didn’t know the king cared so much about her. I just didn’t want anyone in the way between the king and I.
I saw her as a threat and I wanted to get rid of her.” Princess Debby sniffed in sadly and wiped her tears.
“Really? Did I teach you any of that huh?” The king gro-an ed out and ran his hand throu-gh his hair exasperatingly.
“Just leave okay? Just seeing you is gonna make me so pissed at you, so just leave.” King Smith grunted.
Princess Debby bowed her head and ran out of the king’s chamber in tears.
She was badly hurt. Her uncle had trusted her so much to tame the king’s heart but she had let him down.
“Tabitha?” Isabelle called out lowly as she tried to listen if she could hear the voice again and probably trace it and find it’s owner.
She could swear that it was Tabitha’s voice but the most confusing [email protected] was that, Tabitha has been dead for months now.
But the voice…even in her sleep, she would still be able to identify that voice as hers, anytime and anywhere.
As she tried to walk further, she felt a hand grip her by her forearm. She shuddered in fright but she relaxed when she inhaled the king’s smell.
This [email protected] aura that hovers around him anytime he’s near her.
“I thought you wanted to use the bathroom?” The king gro-an ed.
“Oh! I’m sorry. I just got carried away.” She sighed softly.
“I’ll take you there.” The king said and before she could protest, he was alre-ady pu-lling her gently towards the direction of the bathroom.
“Are you okay?” King Ceasar asked worriedly as he stared at Isabelle who wouldn’t st©p gro-an ing.
“I’m not. My back hurts a lot. I just wanna go to my room and sleep.” Isabelle mouthed tiredly.
“Alright. We’d soon be on our way home. Just exercise a little more patient.” He said.
The [email protected] ended quite well and they all dispersed to their various kingdoms.
As they rode on the carriage home, Isabelle rested her head gently on the king’s shoulder.
“You can go ahead and sleep.” The king stro-ked her hair gently.
“Thank you my king.” She exhaled de-eply and closed her heavy eyelids.
As the king watched her sleep, he moved his hand toward her bu-mp and ca-ressed it gently.
A life was growing inside of her?
A life they both made together?
A small smile curved on hisl-ips and ca-ressed the baby bu-mp gently.
Isabelle sle-pt soundly throu-ghout the ride back to the palace which was quite a long journey.
As days flew by, Isabelle and the king grew more fond of each other. He wasn’t this frowning and wicked king she knew before – he was caring and sweet towards her.
She didn’t know how, but she found herself falling helplessly in love with the king.
She didn’t know if it was right but she just couldn’t st©p herself from falling in love with him.
She couldn’t help it.
“Do you mind?” The king asked softly, pointing at her shi-t that few bu-ttons were alre-ady out, as he la-id lightly – not putting his whole weight on her.
Isabelle got the signal and she nodded her head shyly. The king has never taken permission to have S-x with her but today, he was asking her, in a gentle manner.
Two months ago when he found out that she was pregnant, he hasn’t had S-x with her but they’ve smooched and that was all.
The king hadn’t moved any further. He was afraid of hurting her and her unborn child.
“I’ll be gentle okay?” He k!$$£d herl-ips tentatively with a small smile. She nodded her head and smiled reas-suringly at him.
Slowly, he pu-ll-ed off her clothes – something he has never done before. He undressed her carefully and gently until she was nûd£ un-derneath him. His probing member t©uçh her th!ghs and it made her shiver.
Just as much as the king craved for her, that’s how much she wants the King inside of her. Strangely enough, she missed those feelings.
She missed [email protected] ing and screaming out her lungs.
The king undressed himself too.
His hand ca-ressed her baby bu-mp and be placed a soft k!sson her belly.
He trailed k!sses over her b©dy and bit the hollows of her n£¢k, leaving hic-keys on her n£¢k. He took herl-ips in his and k!$$£d her fully and pas-sionately.
The king moved in and out slowly like he was afraid of hurting her. Isabelle [email protected] ed helplessly as he drilled her, but he was extremely careful and Isabelle couldn’t love this man any less.
King Ceasar decided to visit a fellow king, that he hasn’t seen in almost a year. Their kingdoms are miles [email protected] and it takes hours to get to his kingdom.
King Mustaphar, king of Og kingdom had anyways, attended the royal [email protected] but he didn’t really talk with king Ceasar since they were both busy.
King Ceasar decided to take Isabelle along with him. He finds it really good to take Isabelle anywhere he’s going.
“Are you sure you’d be okay? I don’t want you stressing out baby.” The king asked.
“I’ll be fine my king.” Isabelle insisted. King Ceasar had wanted to change his mind not to take Isabelle because of her condition, but she insisted on going.
“Alright, if you say so.” The king sighed.
“I say so.” Isabelle win-ked at him.
“Long time.” King Mustaphar hailed the king as he walked into his chamber.
“King Mustaphar the great.” King Ceasar smiled lightly.
They both sat down after exchanging plea-santries.
“Wow! Who’s this young beautiful lady? She’s so pretty.” King Mustaphar sma-cked hisl-ips as he stared lvstfully at Isabelle who felt rather uncomfortable.
“per-vert.” Isabelle muttered un-der her breath.
“She’s someone you shouldn’t know Mustaphar.” King Ceasar glowered at him, signaling him to back off.
“Calm down Ceasar, I mean no harm. I was just trying to admire this beautiful goddess next to you.” He laughed and did his hand in a surrender like way.
“Better.” King Ceasar said.
“How many times have the king warned you never to try to escape huh? What the hell is fv¢king wrong you, you fv¢king c*nt!” A manly voice cussed loudly.
Isabelle st©pped on her track and strained her ears to listen.
She had heard Tabitha’s voice again and she was dam too curious. What exactly was wrong with her?
Why was she suddenly hearing her supposed dead sister’s voice?
“You even tried to escape at the [email protected] huh? Such temerity.” The voice which sounded so cold yelled again.
Isabelle hid behind a pillar when she heard the door open and close and a guard walked out of a room.
Isabelle was just walking around while king Ceasar and king Mustaphar discussed.
With so much curiosity, she too toed quietly and looked around to see if anyone was coming but she couldn’t find anyone.
She got to the room and peeped throu-gh the key hole and found a girl, she couldn’t see clearly, on the be-d. She decided to see if the door would open and luckily for her, it wasn’t locked and do, it opened and she walked in gently.
The room was pitched dark and a girl was lying face down on the be-d crying.
Suddenly, the girl turned and their eyes met.
Wait! What?
She couldn’t be possibly dreaming right?
And in a swift moment, the two sisters were hvgging the hell out of each other,forgetting their condition, with tears of joy in their eyes.
“Tabitha… Tabitha…” Isabelle couldn’t to chant as she wept ha-rder, hvgging her so ti-ghtly like she would never let her go.

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