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The hearts Episode 17 to 20

(He’s her idol💋)
Episode 17
By: Tofunmi Nikky💜
💎Patsy’s pov💎
I was about to run out when a knife pierced my back
“Arrgh”I yelped and looked back to the him laying on the floor with a sm-irk
I ran out feeling great pain, I ran so slow towards the road,, am putting on just a shi-t but I don’t care
Soon,I got to the road and st©pped, I’m feeling like I could die any moment from now
There was no car or a person at sight,,
I crushed to the floor,I couldn’t take it anymore,I fall flatly on the road and…
_______NEXT DAY🌸
🌸Carl’s pov🌸
“Am sure you’ll be buying his whole mall “I said,,they went on picking as many stuffs as possible
” Calm down Carl, why don’t you just join us “Max said and they both laughed
” Omg”we heard a familiar voice and turned to see Jenna,, what the heck is she doing here
” I can’t believe you guys are here”she said and hvgged me,,,I unlocked from the hvg immediately
“Yep,we [email protected]£ here for something “Roy said and I sm-irked
Like she cares,,,,
🚻We want Amy🎤
🎤I love Jay,,he’s great🚻
The screaming from the TV caught our attention,,
📷The person who would be joining the Rockbands are;Amy Morgan and Jay Wilson📷
” Wow “Jenna suddenly jumped on me,,
🍭Amy’s pov🍭
Mrs Morgan and I ran into the hospital, tears streaming down her face
She was called that Patsy is at the hospital
“What’s wrong with my daughter “She said to the nurse me on the way
“Calm down ma’am, you’ll see her” The nurse said
“I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to you” Mrs Morgan said cu-pping her cheek,,she la-id on the sickbe-d
I just stood by the doorside,,thank God she’s fine
” plea-se excuse us mom,, I wanna have a word with Amy “Patsy said and looked at me
” Ok,,Stay fine for me “Her mom said,,Patsy nodded and she walked out
” Come here Amy “she said slowly and I went to meet her
“I’m sorry “She said
“I’m sorry,,I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you,I’m sorry I do make jest of you,for all the wrong have done, Amy”she broke into tears
“It’s okay you’re still my sister”I said and she smiled
“What do you wanna do”I asked when she took her phone
“I wanna delete his damn no”she said and suddenly [email protected]
🔥I want Amy💓
Episode 18
🔥Amy’s pov🔥
📷The person who is going to join the Rockbands are;Amy Morgan and Jay Wilson📷
“Don’t tell me that’s you”she said and I couldn’t express how I’m feeling
Oh heavens
” Yeah”I said and jumped I’m excitement
” Ouch “she [email protected] she tried to stand up,,I quic-kly help her to sit upright
” I can’t believe my sister is now a celebrity “she win-ked and I laughed
“Seriously!!”i said and hit her shoulder
” Geez!! “She yelped and we bur-st into laughter
📞Ok dad
“I wanna talk to him”Patsy half yelled on the be-d
We brou-ght her home alre-ady, though she’s still feeling slight pains
I shook my head and went to give her the phone,, who knows what she wanna say,,
📞Hello dad
📞Don’t mind her dad,I’m feeling better alre-ady
📞Don’t you trust me?I can carry a mountain right now
📞hmm dad,I nee-d you to let me start going to school with Amy, plea-se
Seriously,, this girl
📞plea-se dad,,I know you can do it
📞Wow,thanks dad,,Bye
She hanged up and win-ked at me
“How do you find that?”she win-ked and dropped the phone beside her
” Crazy!!! “I said and she rolled her eyes
“Come on Amy,I was there “Sandra said running after me,I walked into the clas-s and took my seat
” Amy “She called as she took her seat,,,just then the teacher walked in
” Good morning everyone “the teacher said,,and walked to the front of the clas-s
” Good morning “we all chorused,,and someone threw a paper at me
💌I was there when you were singing,, I should have joined you in the stage so you can see me. So,st©p behaving like a Rockstar💌
I smiled and wrote mine on the paper;
💌Bald headed💌
I threw it at her and she smiled,,,
🚻Wow,,,The Rockboys🚻
🚻Damn,my favourite🚻
🚻Come and seat with me,,handsome🚻
I looked at the back to see the Rockboys walking in,,they look so cute
Carl was at the middle,,they are all wearing white shi-t
I faced my front and someone sat beside me,,I looked to see it’s Carl,I gulped
🚻She’s the new Rockgirl🚻
🚻They look cute together🚻
🚻I love him🚻
I looked at Carl who wasn’t even looking at me,, they just keep on bluffing
Episode 19
🍭Amy’s pov🍭
“Sir the result is out and I…”
” I know,you really tried “he said,,gosh I’m blu-shing
” thanks sir “I said and hr fixated his gaze on his phone
After some minutes,the teacher dropped her maker and faced the clas-s
” There will be a practical and I will call everyone’s [email protected] on Thursday,, have a nice day “she said and walked out
I looker beside me but couldn’t find Carl,, I stood up immediately
“Hey Rockstar”Sandra called and I shook my head
That’s when I saw Carl and Rockboys walking away,,I have to see him
“I’m coming “i said with a wi-nk and she nodded,,i ran after them
” Sir!!! “I shouted and they st©pped,,i quic-kly walked up to them from behind
” Good morning,Sirs”i said [email protected] heavily,,i raised my head to look at them
Their gaze fixated on me,,,
” Why are you running?”Roy asked,i looked at Carl who just looked away
” To meet you “i said
” i hope you know it has been announced “Rockboy Max said
” Yes ”
” I thought you weren’t in clas-s,you’re now a Rockgirl “Max said
We all started walking away,,with me beside Roy
” As a Rockgirl there are times you should skip clas-ses “he added,,,my eyes wi-de-ned
So we call skip clas-ses?wow!!
“But we do have pri-vate clas-ses”Roy said and I nodded,I thought as much
We got to where a car is parked and st©pped
“Come in”Roy said,Max and Roy entered the front seat
” You mean I’ll be seating with her?? “Carl said,looking shocked
“Come on Carl,she isn’t going to swallow you “Max said from inside and i laughed
He rolled his eyes and we finally got inside,,and we zoomed off
After a long silence,the car pu-ll-ed to a halt and we all stepped out
They walked off and i just stood like a statue
” Come on,Amy “Max said looking back,,i hurried behind them
” Wow “i mumbled inwardly as we sat on a round table with,Carl beside me
We were the only on at the restaurant,, I think they order them to do so,,
“Good afternoon “a lady walked up to us and dropped glas-ses of drinks on our table
She walked away after that,,
“This place is nice “I said with a smile
“Sure,, it’s a cool place”Max said
I took my glas-s of drink
“You will be living with us as from today”Roy said and swears I choked on my drink
Episode 20
🍀Amy’s pov🍀
“What’s it,Amy? “max asked and I shook my head
“Um nothing,Why?”was all I could say
” That’s the rules,as soon as you join the band,, you will have to live with us”Rockboy Roy said
” but I will have to convince my parents,, I don’t think it will be possible “I said,feeling so nervous
“Carl will come to your house tomorrow, he’s gonna ask for permission, isn’t it Carl?”Max asked,,
,,as we all faced him
” Yeah “he said simply and I smiled
” Thanks ”
Jenna’s pov:
” Ever since that girl arrived, have been feeling uncomfortable “I said and gulped down my drink
” She’s a pain in the a** this time around, Jenna “Rose said and I sm-irked
” She’s the one getting all attention and now,,she’s now a Rockgirl “Sara said and that [email protected] makes me boil with anger
” Who is she?Who the heck did she think she is??? “I half yelled
” A bit-ch “Rose said and they both laughed
” it’s high time I show you Amy Morgan,that no one messes with me “I said and stood up
I have to make her see the bad side of me!!!
Amy’s pov:
” When is he coming “Patsy said and sat beside me,, after pacing around for a while
” Calm down Patsy “Mrs Morgan said
” I’m really going to miss you all “I said frowning a little
” Same here,dead “Mrs Morgan said and settled down on a couch
” Anyways, I’m coming to your school tomorrow “Patsy said and I scoffed
” There is dogs in our school “I said to scarce her off, but she wasn’t moved a little
” Even the dogs will be scared when they see me ” She uttered and tuck out her ton-gue at me
A car screened to a halt in the compound and we all stood up
I think he’s here,,
” He’s the one,, OMG!!! “Patsy screamed and ran outside
Mrs Morgan and I walked out to meet him,, we stepped out to see him just coming out of the car
” Good afternoon ma’am “He said and Mrs Morgan walked up to him
He was putting on white clothes and look so cute
“Oh heavens”Pasty walked up to him
“I’m Patsy, Amy’s sister”she said and stretched her hand for a handshake
“Carl”he said and took her hand
“Come,.let’s go in”Mrs Morgan said and we all followed behind her
“Sir”I called and he st©pped,, Patsy walked in alre-ady
“You really [email protected]£”I said with a smile
“Yeah,, let’s just hope she accept”he said,, I can’t believe he talking with me
“Sure,,you’re a Rockboy”
Love you all

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